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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/19/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Reva drops the suitcase full of money in her room right in front of Josh. He sees the money, but tells Billy and Reva that he’s just there to get her to sign the divorce papers. She tells him she’s looked at them, but not signed them as yet. Josh sees his picture on the table and Billy excuses his self from the room.

On Main Street, Cassie phones Blake and tells her she wants a girl’s night out. Blake isn’t at home. She then phones Harley and again, no answer. Cassie phones yet another person, then another, then another. Tammy being one of the ones she phones, but no one answers. She runs into Mallet and Frank and asks to take them out for some beer. They look at her very funny. She realizes she is on her own.

In Jeffrey’s room, Dinah giggles and tells him that she has forgotten how good meaningless sex is. He asks her if she is mad at him for ruining her wedding and she tells him no. Suddenly, Blake walks in as Dinah goes to the next room. Blake pours herself a drink and tells Jeffrey about the article done on her today. She tells him that she is now the heroine for middle aged moms. Blake is incensed about that. She moves closer to Jeffrey and starts to kiss him. Then, Dinah emerges from the bathroom as she brushes her teeth. Blake looks shocked. Jeffrey tells the two women that he must go and promptly does. Blake tells Dinah that she works fast and she replies, “I’m efficient”. Blake asks her if she has no shame.

On Main Street, Coop tells Ava that something is in Olivia’s past and wants to figure out what it is. She ignores him. He tells her that they are caught in the middle. Ava tells him there is nothing they can do. Coop takes her to his car in the garage and tells her that they can travel the countryside. She asks what he’s doing. He tells her they’ve not had a chance to hook up. She tells him that she cannot leave for Emma is so sick. He tells her that she doesn’t need to be here. Coop explains that Olivia almost pushed her over the balcony. Ava tries to tell him that yes, Olivia hates her, but she can handle it. Coop rolls his eyes and tells her that he trusts her. Coop walks away.

At Cedars, Olivia continues to tell Buzz, “Never again”. She suddenly bolts from the room and paces in the hallway. She remembers her mother’s last words, “I told you to never trust men and now you are in a world of trouble”. Young Olivia asks her mother to help her. Her mother tells her that she is too young and selfish to raise the child and the child will only suffer for it with her as the mother. Young and pregnant Olivia says sadly, “Don’t worry. I’m not keeping it”. Buzz finds Olivia and she tells him that she cannot do it again. He asks her what all of it is about. She stammers and doesn’t say anything coherent. She keeps saying, “Never again”. She tries to explain that Phillip took Emma and she cannot do it again. He tells her that she needs to sleep. Olivia says, “Never trust them”. Buzz asks her if this is about her mother.

Back on Main Street, Cassie finds a waiter and asks for a glass, no a huge glass of wine. Billy waves from afar. Dinah walks up and tells her that Billy can buy them a drink. Cassie says, “Great”. Billy walks up and tries to chit chat with the two and he tells them he gets it, “no boys allowed”. He leaves and Cassie tells him it is good for him to go. Dinah asks what that was all about and Cassie evades the question. Dinah asks about Josh and Cassie tells her that she should not have gotten so far into it. She tells Dinah that they are not going to talk about men tonight and she agrees. Cassie asks for a pitcher of wine and the waiter tells her they don’t do pitchers of wine. Cassie and Dinah agree that men are very unhealthy.

At the lighthouse, Josh asks Reva, “Why here?” She tells him it seemed like the right place to be. Sadly, Josh says, “For a divorce”. She looks at him and tells him the divorce papers are signed. He takes them and she asks him isn’t he going to give her a chance to tear them up again. He tells her they are past that now. She tells him that, yes, they are going to say their goodbyes. They hold hands and he tells her it is not the end, but an end to the pain so they can be kind to each other again. She tells him that she is rooting for him and they will not be one life again. Josh tells her that they have two wonderful children and a lot of love, happiness and tears. He tells her their life was a good one and he thanks her for it. Reva tells him that it is hard, and then she stops. She finally tells him that he was a good husband and never tried to break her. She tells him that he gave her beautiful children and thanks him for it. “Always”, she says. She suddenly begins to cry and tells him that there is something he really needs to know. She says, “I hope that some day, you will understand why I had to do it this way”. He tells her to tell him now, not some day. He begs her to tell him what she means. She cries and tells him that he needs to know things will not be the same and they must move on. She hugs him and cries on his shoulder. She says, “Goodbye, Joshua”, and leaves. Josh cries and says, “Yeah, goodbye, Reva. I love you, too”.

Olivia walks to a garage, gets in to a car, and starts to take a drink from a flask. She realizes it is empty. She cries and pounds on the steering wheel.

In Blake’s room, she opens the door for a breathless Mallet to enter. He asks her what the emergency is and she asks him if she looks good in the dress she is wearing. He stops and asks why she called him over and she tells him they have to help Dinah. He asks why she cares about Dinah and that his saving Dinah days are over. He realizes that she wants to “shack up with Jeffrey O’Neal”. She finally tells him that yes; she wants Jeffery, but wants Dinah to have someone, too. She tells him that Ross would want her to be happy and he would want Dinah to be with Mallet. He relents and leaves the room.

Back to Cassie and Dinah, they continue to talk about losing men. Cassie tells her to turn around for a hot guy just walked in. She does and realizes it is Mallet. Cassie makes her go to Mallet. She does. Reva walks up to Cassie and says, “Hi, sis”. Cassie looks shocked. Cassie starts to tell Reva that she did Josh wrong when Reva tells her that she signed the divorce papers. Cassie is skeptical. Reva tells her that she needs to call Josh for she makes him happy. Cassie is still skeptical and tells Reva not to mess with her head. Reva tells her that her life is over with Josh. Cassie tells her that Reva will only take him back when she gets lonely or bored. Reva shakes her head and tells Cassie, “Don’t blow it”. Then, Reva walks away and lets Cassie ponder these words. Dinah tells Mallet that she and Cassie were having a good time until he showed up. Suddenly, he leans in and kisses her. He tells her that they were real and she bailed. He tells her that he is over all of it and walks away. Cassie and Dinah look sad and start to talk, once again, about men. They both decide it’s time to go home and walk their separate ways. Cassie takes out her cell phone and looks at Josh’s number.

At the cabin, Josh looks at his phone and sees zero messages. He dials the phone and leaves a message for Marah. He hangs up the phone and makes another call. “Yes, it’s Josh Lewis, is he there?” he tells the person on the other end. He realizes it is too late to talk to that person, hangs up the phone and leaves the cabin. After he walks out the door, the phone rings and it is Cassie finally calling him.

At Main Street, Company II, Olivia staggers up to the bar. She asks for wine and Ava asks her how much she’s had to drink. Olivia tells her never mind for she will drive to the liquor store her self. Ava chases after Olivia and says, “Like hell”. She chases Olivia into the garage and yells at her. She tells Olivia to get into the car for she will drive her home. Olivia relents and does as Ava asks. She realizes she doesn’t have her bag and starts to go get it. Ava tells her no, that she will get it and leaves Olivia in the car.

At Cedars, Frank and Coop find Buzz. He hugs the two and tells them he’s had a day. Coop tells Buzz that they need to talk to him. Coop says that he isn’t trying to start trouble, but Olivia could have killed Ava. Buzz makes him stop and tells him that Olivia is worried about her daughter. Coop turns to Frank and tells him that he wants Olivia away from Ava. Frank tells Buzz to let him know how he wants to work this out, and then leaves. Buzz tells Coop not to get a restraining order for it will upset the family. Buzz makes Coop be quiet.

Back in his room, Jeffrey walks in to find Blake sitting on the bed. He pours a drink and tells her that he will still beat her come election day. Blake walks up to him and starts to passionately kiss him and says, “Not a chance”. She walks out of the room.

At the lighthouse, Reva stands alone and talks to G-d. She tells Him that she let Joshua free. She adds that she gave Cassie a push in Josh’s direction. She says that she is furious at Him and that she hopes they have an incredible life. She cries and says, “I could use whatever help you can hand down here, too. I think you owe me one”.

At the garage, Olivia says, “I can’t wait for you because I have to get back to the hospital”. She moves into the driver’s seat and sees Ava walk back to the car. Suddenly, Olivia starts the car and guns the motor, the car lunges at Ava as she falls.

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