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Guiding Light Update Monday 9/18/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Cedars, Olivia asks the doctor about Emma’s coma. He tells her that she is stable now. Buzz hugs her and she tells him that she cannot take much more. He asks her to get some sleep and she tells him that she cannot for Emma might….he interrupts her and tells her not to think like that. Finally, he talks her into going to get something to eat at Towers.

Meanwhile, at Towers, Remy and Ava talk. He asks if she is afraid that she will get sucked into the evil Spaulding empire and she tells him no. She tells Remy that she feels badly about Emma. Suddenly, Olivia walks in and Ava asks her how things are going with Dr. Waller. Olivia asks her how she knows about him and Ava tells her that she had something to do with getting him on Emma’s case.

On Main Street, Cassie kisses Josh and he tells her to slow down. She continues to kiss him and tells him that she is sorry for everything. She kisses him again and finally, Josh relents to her kisses. He finally stops her and tells her that it is great for her to kiss him like this. She tells him they have many obstacles to overcome, but now that Reva signed the papers, she doesn’t feel like she is betraying Reva. Josh stops her and tells a shocked Cassie that Reva didn’t sign the papers and adds, “Reva and I are still married”. She backs away from him and tells him the divorce will not happen. He tells her that it will happen and that Reva knows the writing is on the wall. He tells her that he and Reva will always love one another, but that love is about things in the past, not the future with each other. She asks him how he can be sure and he tells her that he just is. Cassie looks so sad. Finally, he takes her hand and tells her to come on. She stops and tells him that it is a bad idea. He tells her that no, it is a good idea and that it isn’t wrong and is worth it. He says, “Just come with me” and they leave.

At her room, Reva looks at the divorce papers. She tells Billy that she cannot give Josh a divorce until she can come up with the money to pay for her medical expenses. Billy tells her that he has an idea for this. Billy tells her that he knows of a roaming poker game with high stakes. He tells her that the game is close. She asks him does he think she could win enough money to pay the medical bills and he tells her, “And, then some”. She says, “Gambling to divorce the man I love” and adds, “Luck be a lady tonight”.

At Tammy’s room, Dr. Baker barges in on Jonathan, who is in bed. Dr. Baker yells, “Gotcha, Randall. Smile”. Lizzie and Jonathan yell as the doctor takes their picture. He asks them why they are in Tammy’s room and they tell him that they are married. Dr. Baker looks around the room as Tammy hides in the closet. He asks if anyone else is in the room and Jonathan sarcastically says, “Do you see anybody else?” Lizzie tells Baker that he isn’t allowed to be in the room with them. He asks why they are in that room and both reply, “Sex”. Tammy looks anxious. Dr. Baker tells them that Alan will not let this go as long as he thinks Lizzie’s baby is in danger. Jonathan makes the doctor leave.

Tammy comes out of the closet and Jonathan asks how Dr. Baker knew he was in the room. Suddenly, Lizzie looks weak and tells them that she is dizzy. Tammy has a funny look on her face.

Back at Cedars, Coop listens as Buzz whispers to Emma. Coop tells him that Ava feels terrified and guilty. Buzz tells him that Emma will come out of this. Coop asks Buzz if Olivia went home and he tells him that no, she went to Towers. Coop has a startled look and tells Buzz that he has to get to Towers right away.

Meanwhile, back at Towers, Olivia tells Ava that she doesn’t want anything from her and that she is just grandstanding. Ava tells her that the Coopers think well of her, but she (Olivia) needs to think about what they think of her. Olivia laughs in her face. Ava gets in her face and asks her why she does this. Olivia reaches back and slugs Ava in the face.

Billy takes Reva to the poker game. The men in the room are wary that a stranger is there to play and don’t want her there. Reva starts telling the men they are Nervous Nellies. She opens a suitcase full of money and the men say, “Well, a spot just opened up there”. They ask her what she plays and she tells them, “Texas hold ‘em for that’s the only one I had time to learn on Celebrity Poker on TV”. They are amused that she learned to play watching TV.

Meanwhile, back at Tammy’s room, Jonathan asks Lizzie how Dr. Baker knew he was in the room. Lizzie thinks back on when she phoned Dr. Baker and told him to try and catch Jonathan. Jonathan is concerned about Lizzie and tells her he will take her to the hospital. Tammy starts to leave with them and Lizzie tells her that since Dr. Baker is in the hallway, she shouldn’t go. Tammy is disappointed as Jonathan and Lizzie leave the room. Tammy looks through the peep hole and sees Baker lurking in the hallway. She makes a phone call and tells the person she really needs his/her help.

Back at Towers, Olivia storms from the room and on the balcony. Ava follows her and asks Olivia why she hates her so. Olivia yells and tells her that she almost took her daughter away from her. Ava screams at Olivia and tells her that she doesn’t know her. She asks does she know what her worse memory is. Olivia screams at Ava. Ava tells her that her worse memory was when her mother died in her arms. Suddenly, Olivia has a flashback as a young girl and the fight she had with her own mother the day her mother died. Ava continues to berate Olivia and yells, “Why don’t you let me help you?” Suddenly, Olivia goes berserk, grabs Ava and the two fight as Ava teeters on the edge of the balcony. Coop suddenly rushes to the balcony and pulls Olivia off of Ava. Coop yells as Olivia and tells her they are sorry about Emma, but this doesn’t excuse what she is doing to Ava.

Olivia finally calms down and walks away. Coop starts to follow her and Ava tells him no, don’t follow.

At Cedars, Jonathan and Lizzie arrive. She tells him that she feels fine now. A woman walks up to them and tells them she is Mrs. Vaughn from children’s services. They ask why she is there and she tells them she is there to find out if the child was injured due to the mother’s actions. Meanwhile, at the Beacon, Remy walks up to Dr. Baker and tells him he has to leave the hallway for they have had complaints regarding a stalker. Baker leaves and Remy goes to Tammy’s room. She tells him thank you for coming and they leave.

Back at Cedars, Jonathan tells the woman that sometimes Lizzie over does things. The woman tells them that Lizzie climbed out of a window. Jonathan stops her and tells her that she, too, is on Alan’s payroll. He threatens that if she doesn’t leave, she will regret meeting him. Tammy and Remy arrive and ask if all is okay. The woman leaves. Tammy tells them that they got Baker out of the Hotel. Jonathan pulls Tammy aside and tells her that he hates doing this to her. He tells her it is getting more complicated everyday and that he thinks the two of them need to cool it for a while. Tammy looks shocked at these words. She tells him they have been managing and could be fun. He tells her up to now, yes, but it is a matter of time before they get caught. Jonathan is afraid for his baby and Tammy listens to his rationale. He tells her the only way to keep the baby is to make the marriage real as possible. Tammy asks to go back to the room and he tells her they can’t for talking about it is a risk in itself. She asks how long and he tells her he doesn’t know and will get a message to her lager. She agrees. Jonathan and Lizzie leave together. Remy hugs Tammy. Lizzie tells Jonathan that what he did was incredible. He looks so sad; they hold hands and leave together.

At the poker room, the men tell Reva she needs to give up now. Reva tells them that she is just getting warmed up. One man asks her what her story is. Reva says, “Not much since I was diagnosed with cancer”. They don’t believe her and she continues and tells them it isn’t good. She looks at the man for him to play and he asks her if she is terminal. She tells the men that she is there to try and win enough money to pay for her treatments. She stalls and tells them she hasn’t told anyone and wants to beat it on her own. She shoves her chips into the pot and says, “I’m all in”. The men look at her suspiciously. Billy grins. Everyone stares at the other in silence. It is down to Reva and one man. The man says, “I fold”. She is very excited and says, “Thank you”. She scrapes the chips to her side and the man asks her what she had. Reva shows him her cards and the man says, “You were bluffing about your cancer treatment money?” She tells him, “No guts, no glory”. He asks her if she is really sick and she tells him, “Nah, I’m as healthy as a horse and a lot richer, too”. The man tells her that she is good and next time she is in town, to come play with them. Billy and Reva leave and she tells him that she has enough to give Joshua what he wants.

At Reva’s room, Cassie and Josh walk in and it’s empty. Cassie finds a picture of Josh and she says to him, “It’s obvious, Josh. She hasn’t given up on you”. Josh tells her that doesn’t prove anything. Cassie protests that statement. She tells him that she cannot move forward with all of this and leaves him in the room.

At Cedars, Olivia stops and remembers her last conversation with her mother. “Stop judging and trying to change me; all I want is a life of my own”, she tells her mother. Olivia comes back to reality and walks into Emma’s room. She asks the doctor about the tests and he tells her they cannot do much for Emma. He tells Olivia that the tests didn’t have good results and the treatment options are limited.

He tells Olivia the best hope is if Emma is strong enough to come out of the coma on her own. Olivia sobs and Buzz tells her that she will pull out of it. Olivia has another flashback of the conversation with her mother….”All that matters is what you want for you are so selfish”, her mother tells a very young Olivia. Young Olivia stands up and is obviously very pregnant. She tells her mother that she might not have everything figured out, but knows that she doesn’t want to be her (mother). Her mother looks at Olivia’s pregnant belly as Olivia tells her, “Go ahead and cry mom. You don’t love me. You never have. I already care more about this baby, my baby and its future way more than you ever cared about me”. Olivia comes back to reality and tells Buzz, “I can’t lose another baby; not again”. Buzz looks confused and sits beside her on Emma’s bed. Olivia continues, “I promised myself never again. Never again”. She sobs and rests her head on his chest.

Back at Towers, Coop tells Ava if he hadn’t arrived….she interrupts and tells him that Olivia wouldn’t have pushed her from the balcony. Coop tells her that they need to find out about Olivia’s past. Ava asks him what good that would do. Coop tells her that it might help to understand Olivia’s quirks. He asks her what was on the Springfield Burns site and she says, “Springfield mom…not putting her family first”. Coop tells her it means something to Olivia.

Billy and Reva go back to their room. She tells him that now she can sign the divorce papers. They go inside and see Josh standing in the room. Reva is startled, Billy asks what he is doing there; Reva drops the suitcase full of money and spills the money on the floor.

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