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Guiding Light Update Friday 9/15/06

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Written By Suzanne

Lizzie and Jonathan go to a movie; Lizzie kisses him outside in case anyone is watching. Once inside, Jonathan tells her that he has a date with Tammy, who is sitting further down in front. He goes down there and at first, Tammy is cold to him, but he explains that he couldn't go see her last night because of the security camera outside her door. She was just teasing him, though, as she shows him by grabbing his hand. Meanwhile, Ashlee comes in and sits next to Lizzie, asking where Jonathan is. Jonathan and Tammy make out, which Ashlee notices. She tells Lizzie, who says that he is just consoling Tammy for marrying her. Ashlee realizes that Jonathan only married Lizzie for the sake of the baby. Lizzie denies it, but Ashlee keeps on until Lizzie yells at her to shut up. Jonathan and Tammy hear her and stop kissing. He slumps down and stays away from Tammy while Lizzie keeps working on Ashlee. She says that this whole situation must be killing Tammy and that she thinks it will kill her feelings for Jonathan. Jonathan tries to make Tammy feel better by saying that at least they're together, but she doesn't answer. Jonathan goes up to where Lizzie and Ashlee are sitting. He tells them that he tried to cheer Tammy up, but he doesn't think it worked. He asks her if she's ready to leave, so they go outside. They spy Dr. Baker outside, so they put on a show for him. Tammy comes out and sees them, which makes her look unhappy. Ashlee comes out and tries to say consoling things to Tammy about getting over Jonathan, but it just makes her feel worse.

Jonathan and Lizzie go home. Jonathan goes out the window and climbs down to Tammy's room and into her window. He surprises her, but it is a happy surprise. They kiss. She is upset about his displays with Lizzie. He laughs that she can't be jealous of Lizzie. He works on her to help her feel better and hope for the future. They kiss. Dr. Baker gets a mysterious phone call telling him to go to Tammy's room to catch her with Jonathan. It is Lizzie using a voice-changing device. She says to herself that she needs Jonathan there with her tonight. Jonathan and Tammy are in bed together, but when Dr. Baker walks in with his camera, Jonathan is with Lizzie, not Tammy. She looks annoyed at his interruption.

Cassie is on a balcony (at Towers?), thinking about what Josh said yesterday about being a free man. She gets a phone call from Marah, who asks about her parents. Cassie is nervous about what she wants to know. Later, Mel asks if she's okay. Cassie is troubled by what to tell Marah. She didn't tell her anything yet and is not sure she should do it. Cassie bristles when Mel points out she is involved, but Mel tells her that she is not judging her. She adds that she has her own problems, but she won't elaborate to Cassie. Mel does ask Cassie how she and Josh stand, but Cassie would like to know that, too. She talks to Mel about her feelings. Mel's daughter Leah shows up and asks her how her dinner with Rick went. Mel replies that it was fine, which disappoints her. Leah tells Cassie that when Rick came home from running the other day, she could feel his heart beat and it reminded her of Richard. Cassie is glad to hear it. Leah is grateful because she wouldn't have been born otherwise. Mel also adds that she is very grateful to God and to Richard for saving Rick's life. Leah walks away and congratulates herself for putting on the show.

Billy comes in to Reva's room, asking what she's doing. She is writing a letter to Marah. He urges her to drink some water, take her pills, and rest. Billy keeps working on Reva to try to get her to be more than just friends. Reva talks about getting Josh and Cassie together. Josh drops by. Billy tells him it's not a great time. Josh tells them it's never a great time to sign divorce papers. Billy leaves them alone. They talk about the divorce and reminisce a little about the time they tore up the papers. It is very quiet and awkward between them, since both of them are having trouble with the idea. Josh mentions telling the kids, so Reva has trouble with it. She knows it will be a lot for them to handle, especially explaining about the two of them with Billy and Cassie. Josh is very fatalistic about the whole thing, whereas she is very trouble. He says he will leave the papers there for her to sign, then he leaves. All she says is, "Bye, Joshua". Later, Billy asks her if she's signed the papers yet. She hasn't yet, so he replies that she knows how hard it is for her. They discuss the situation and whether Josh and Cassie will be getting together. She gets the pen and goes to sign them, determined to set Josh free. She gets upset about the papers because she realizes that the financial part means that Josh will know she spent lots of money on cancer treatments. She gets upset as Billy tries to calm her down. She declares that she can't sign the papers. Reva phones the bank but finds out that she can't move any money out of her accounts without Josh or his lawyers seeing it. Billy suggests that he take the money out of his account, but she doesn't want his money.

Rick and Beth meet again at the hotel room. She asks him how his dinner with Mel went last night. He replies that it was civil. She figures it didn't go that well or he wouldn't have wanted to meet her there. She puts the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door while she tells him that neither one wants to stop this. They are interrupted by a room service cart. They are both wondering what's going on because they didn't order it. The waiter leaves the cart for them. Beth comes out and points out to Rick that there is nothing to worry about, but then they hear and see a camera going off, so they both rush back in to the room. Rick worries about their picture being on the Springfield Burns website. She thinks it's just more blackmail from Jonathan. He is shocked to hear that Jonathan knows, so she is forced to explain. This makes Rick even more upset. Rick wants to rush out to tell Mel himself, before she finds out from someone else. She stops him, and they argue. She is worried that Alan will find out. He promises to help her with that, but he insists on leaving and does. She hurriedly gets dressed and follows. In Main Street, he tells her to stop following him. She still tries to talk him out of spilling the news to Mel, but he tells her that Mel will be there any minute. Mel comes up and asks if she is interrupting. Beth lies that she was telling Rick that she needs him to look at James again. Rick tells her that his priority is to be with his wife. Beth yells at him that this isn't right, so Mel is curious as to why she is so upset. He says this is about him. Beth interrupts them by dragging Leah over to them. Mel says she figured they should spend a day together with their daughter. Beth leaves them alone. Rick is surprised but happy to hear about Mel's change of attitude. Mel tells Rick that Leah tricked her into thinking about Rick's heart transplant, so she realized she didn't want to lose him then, or now. He tells her that his news can wait. They all go out to their happy little lunch while Beth watches with great relief.

Josh phones Cassie to tell him that his marriage is over and that he hopes to see her soon. She is amenable to the idea. They make a date to meet on Main Street. Josh stops by Reva's again to get the papers but is surprised to learn that she hasn't signed them yet. She says she wants to make a few changes. he is not happy to hear it because it delays his relationship with Cassie. Josh gets angry and almost gets into a fight with Billy, who is trying to defend Billy. Reva pledges to call Josh soon. He is very frustrated and annoyed, but he laughs and then leaves, slamming the door on his way out. Billy consoles her with a hug. Billy tucks Reva into bed. He goes to leave, but she asks him to stay. He is glad to stay.

Cassie meets Josh at Main Street. She is late because she picked up baklava to remind them of their other date at the Greek festival. They joke around about it. He is amazed at how much more upbeat she seems. She is happy that he is a bachelor. He tries to stop her, but she kisses him.

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