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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/14/06

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Written By Suzanne

Beth drags Rick into her house. His shirt is half-buttoned and he worries that they will get caught. She suggests that they use the story about his checking on James, who has a fever, but Rick reminds her that his fever has already gone down. They laugh and kiss. He tries to leave, saying he has to go home. She tells him that Alan will be gone for another day, but he reminds her that Mel won't be gone. Right after he tucks in his shirt, Lillian opens the door. She is surprised to see Rick but says she has a surprise for them. She ushers in Mel, who marches in, looking annoyed. She announces, "This has gone on long enough", so they look shocked. Rick tells Mel that it's a nice surprise to see her, but Mel wants to do her job with Beth and Alan. They are not sure what she meant, so she explains that she is talking about their case against Lizzie. Beth covers, saying she was up all night with James. Mel softens and asks about whether he is doing better, so Beth tells her that he is, thanks to Rick. Beth offers to get her coffee, but Mel refuses and stops her, asking where Alan is. Mel has a cease-and-desist order for Alan and his watchdogs, including Dr. Baker. Beth tells Mel that she doesn't approve of the way Alan has been behaving. Everything they say is fraught with double-meaning because of Beth and Rick's affair. Beth tells Mel that she is planning to have Jonathan and Lizzie over for brunch, so Lillian invites Mel and Rick to stay. Rick tries to shake his head subtly, but Beth is stuck.

Tammy and Elizabeth are in her bed, but he has to leave in case Alan's watchdogs are following him. He laughs that she seems to enjoy the sneaking around. He throws her back down on the bed, and she talks about how this is like when they were first together. He kisses her some more.

Dr. Baker comes up to Lizzie, who is getting food in Main Street, and asks if she's lost her dog. She says that Roxy is home in bed, but he tells her that he was talking about Jonathan. He wants to know if he slipped his leash and wandered into someone else's yard. Lizzie maintains that Jonathan is also back home, waiting for her to bring back breakfast. He insists on carrying her pastries back with her, much to her dismay. Dr. Baker wants to go in with her, but she doesn't want him to come in. She is relieved when she opens the door and finds Jonathan there with Roxy. Jonathan makes fun of Baker, but he warns Jonathan that he will screw up sooner or later. Lizzie laughs after Baker leaves that Jonathan is great. Jonathan says with no worry that he is too slick for him. Lizzie asks Jonathan to come to brunch at Beth's with her. He has plans to meet up with Tammy, but Lizzie thinks it will help their case with Alan if he goes.

Cassie is inside the movie theater, where they are playing "chick flicks" all day. A woman behind her cries copiously, so Cassie hands her some Kleenex. The woman sobs that "love is so painful", so Cassie mutters, "Tell me about it". Tammy comes in with a soda and sits down next to her mom. She asks if all this helps her get over that certain guy, so Cassie replies that it only helps for a little while. When the movie ends, Cassie is glad to see the happy ending. She asks Tammy if she wants to stay for another one, but she doesn't. Cassie doesn't know how Tammy can stay so upbeat, since her boyfriend just married someone else, who is carrying his child. Tammy knows that it's not a real marriage, and she talks about how Jonathan loves her and that she believes in what they have. Cassie laments that she used to be that hopeful. Tammy tells her that she is meeting up with Jonathan later and whispers their plans to her. Dr. Baker lurks nearby, listening. Later, they walk in main street. Cassie asks if she can treat Tammy to some chocolate cake, but she says she'd better go home and get ready for Jonathan. Tammy jokingly warns her to stay away from the chick flicks and chocolate. They argue about whether Jonathan is there for Tammy or not.

Josh nurses a bad hangover at home and is not happy when someone knocks loudly on the door. It's Reva, and she comments with a smile that he doesn't look so good. She inquires about his hangover. He stumbles, and she has to help him stand up. He moves away from her, not wanting her help. She jokes with him about his hangover cure. They talk about how he and Cassie are no longer seeing each other, but he doesn't want to talk about it. She says she just came by to pick up some things. He says it's her house, too, so she can stay there if she wants. She says she won't be there long anyway, so he wonders what she means. She covers quickly by saying she's already gotten a room at the Beacon. He asks if she's alone, so her mouth drops open. He takes this to mean that she is moving in with Billy. She asks if she can take a particular knick-knack, trying to change the subject, but he still wants to know if she's moving in with Billy. She says philosophically that they have always had trouble letting go. He suggests that maybe she and Billy can move in there, since there's only one of him. She says that could change and besides this is his family's home that moved all the way there. He reminds her softly that he did it for her. She goes on to say some more about how he could hook up with someone else who will do things for him and love him the way he deserves to be loved. Billy arrives to help Reva move. Josh laughs that they act like nothing's changed. Billy points out that he is still his brother. Reva says it's very simple and asks him if he wants to keep fighting. Josh suddenly seems to change his attitude and tells them to just fax him over a list of what Reva wants, and he'll have Wanda send it over. He agrees that they don't need to make things more complicated than they have to be. Billy agrees and leaves with Reva. Josh sits down, looking sad. Outside, Reva also looks shaken. Later, she tries to eat when they go out, but she doesn't have much of an appetite. She tells him how hard it was being there at the cabin. She had hoped Josh and Cassie would reconnect. He says that the two of them may not get together, no matter what she does. She wonders if her death will get them together, or if they will be really mad at her. He changes the subject, suggesting she eat the chocolate cake since she is going to croak anyway. She laughs and talks about how she gave Jonathan a hard time about marrying Lizzie as an act to fool everyone, and here she is doing the same thing with him. Billy says that it doesn't have to be an act, so she gives him a funny smile. He reminds her that he loves her. She tearfully thanks him for all of his help and support, but she doesn't think it would be fair of her to do this. He tells her in a heartfelt manner that he wants every day she has left to count and to be filled with love. They laugh together.

Alex hugs Lizzie when she walks in for brunch with Jonathan. Jonathan jokes around with Alex and Lillian. Lizzie is grateful that they are there, putting in an effort. Jonathan tells them seriously that he plans to make sure that Lizzie and her baby are very happy, but then Alex starts joking with him again. Lizzie goes over to talk to Beth. Alex tells Lillian that something about Jonathan reminds her of Lujack. Mel is still there with Rick and tells Lizzie that she is there with the cease-and-desist order. Lizzie is glad to hear it and comments about Dr. Baker being so awful. Mel tells Lillian that she can't stay because she has to meet with a new client, and Rick adds that he can't stay, either. Lizzie begs Rick to stay, and they all try to talk him into it. Rick takes Mel aside and asks her if she really has to work because he wants to take her out. She says she does have to work, but she's free for dinner tonight. He is surprised but happy to hear it. He kisses and thanks her. Mel leaves. Alex makes more jokes and then toasts the newlyweds. Jonathan toasts to happy couples everywhere, especially ones that no one approves of. He taps his glass against Beth's glass as he says this, which makes her eyes go wide and Rick look suspicious. Beth takes Jonathan outside for a chat and chews him out for his insinuations. Jonathan, who is munching on celery from his bloody Mary, tells her that this brunch is not what he wants from her in return for keeping her secret. He tells her that she is going to have to do a lot more. She argues with him, but he doesn't back down. Jonathan realizes that Beth really cares about Rick and that it's not just about sex. She says that Rick makes her happy. He knows that's why she wants to keep it all a secret, because Rick will run back to Mel and she'll lose both her "boy toy" and her "sugar daddy". She threatens him. He tells her that he wants her to tell Alan to keep Dr. Baker away from them. Lizzie comes out, wondering what's going on. Jonathan tells Lizzie that it turns out that he and her mom see eye-to-eye on quite a few things. He keeps calling Beth "Mother", which annoys her. Jonathan sits around and jokes with everyone about how he could used to this life, but Alex kicks him when he puts his feet up on the coffee table. She and Lillian make suggestions about his marrying Lizzie for her money. Lizzie reminds them that they got married for the baby. Jonathan replies to them that they can't all have "grand passion" like Rick and Mel, or Beth and Alan. Alex laughs at that last idea. Jonathan asks Alex when she last got all hot and bothered over a boy. She says that it wasn't that long ago. Jonathan turns to Lillian and asks if she ever lost all reason and all of her clothes. She and Rick exchange a look, so Jonathan laughs, surprised, saying there must be a story there. Lillian retorts that he won't hear the story, but she does say that it was a disaster and a lot of really good people got hurt. Jonathan points out that is why they should be supportive of him and Lizzie, who got married for the right reasons. He maintains that it's no joke and just as real as every other marriage in their family (Ooh, nice one!). After Jonathan and Lizzie leave, Alex tells Lillian and Beth that she thinks that Jonathan honestly does want to take care of Lizzie and her baby. Lillian teases that she always did like the bad boys. Alex replies that it's better than having a penchant for married men. She gives Lillian a little "gotcha" high five as she says that. Beth thinks that Lillian is being judgmental and suggests that she get off Lizzie's back. Lillian points out that Lizzie is in love with Jonathan, who doesn't love her. Beth jokes that they should just get rid of Tammy. She says seriously that she is very concerned about Beth, but she points out that history is not repeating itself. Lizzie and Jonathan are not Maureen and Ed Bauer. Lillian just knows how awful it is to be in love with someone who doesn't love you back. She tells Beth pointedly that she is not just talking about Lizzie.

Cassie visits Josh and babbles on about their work. He stays quiet, looking at her like a puppy. She says she knows that they are no longer an item, but the project is still important to her. He just goes over and kisses her, and she responds. Then she stops him and says she can't do this. She doesn't want to let herself hope. She knows that Reva will always come first with him. He wants to know what she will do if he can change that. She wonders what he means. He tells her that he can get another copy of the divorce papers and go through with it as originally planned. He tells her that he already called his attorneys. She sits down, shocked. He says that he will be free to be with her. she is stunned. He gives her the papers she brought in, thanks her, and tells her that he will see her tomorrow, when he will be a free man. Then he kisses her one more time.

Tammy sits in bed at home, wearing high heels at a pink negligee, wondering where Jonathan is. She tells herself not to panic.

Jonathan and Tammy go to Tammy's room. Dr. Baker is not there, so Jonathan is elated, thinking that the court order worked. He happily says that he can go be with Tammy now. Lizzie spies a camera in the hallway and suddenly puts on an act about how she knows that he wants to help Tammy get through her pain, but they just have to let her alone to get through this. She moves her eyes so he can see the camera, too. He agrees, and they leave.

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