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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/13/06

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Written By Siri

Dinah – Inside the Light

“Cross Over the Line”

In her room, Dinah sleeps. Harley arrives, wakes Dinah, and tells her that she did a table dance last night for Jeffrey’s cronies. She tells Dinah that she needs to get Mallet back. Dinah looks hung over.

On Main Street, Mallet looks at the Springfield Burn’s website and sees Dinah. He is still angry about the night before and slams down the cover.

Later, Dinah tries to create an email to send to Mallet when there is a knock on her door. It is Mallet who is angry. He pulls up the Springfield Burn’s website and shows her where she kisses Jeffrey. He asks her if she slept with Jeffrey last night and she just asks him if he is jealous. She tells him that they are over and he admits that she is right. His phone rings and so does hers. They both react negatively to the phone call and say, “No, no, that was canceled”. At the same time, they both yell at the other, “YOU forgot to cancel the reception?”

At the scene of the reception at Towers, Mallet and Dinah yell at a man and demand their money back. Dinah tells him there is no wedding. Later, she tearfully tells the man a sob story, but the man tells her he cannot refund the money. Mallet also tells a heart-wrenching story to the man and is told, “No refund”. Mallet and Dinah later tell the other they will pay for half. She tells Mallet to quit whining and that she will just throw herself a reception celebrating her independence. He tells her that since he paid for half, he will have a celebration of the breakup, too. They both agree to this. Dinah tells him they can have guests on separate sides of the room and neither will cross over the line.

Later, at the reception, Vanessa and Matt arrive and ask Dinah what is“anti-party”. Dinah tells them that she and Mallet are celebrating the break-up. Harley arrives and tells Dinah that she needs to tell Mallet how she really feels, but Dinah is too upset and tells her that she cannot marry a man she cannot trust. Marina walks in and tells Mallet she has information about the website and he tells her to throw away the pictures. Later, Buzz crosses over the line and tells Dinah he needs a “pig-in-a-blanket” for his kid. Dinah tries to make him choose which “side” he is on and disgusted, Buzz walks back across the line. Blake arrives and tries to convince Dinah that she needs Mallet. Alan –Michael finds Coop and asks if he saw Ava’s new wardrobe. Coop tells him, yes, for she modeled the clothing for him. Mallet flirts with a waitress and Dinah seethes. She then talks to a waiter and makes him dance with her. Mallet looks at this and is irate. He slowly walks towards Dinah and makes the waiter take his hands off Dinah. She taunts Mallet who suddenly picks her up and heaves her over his shoulder.

Dinah shouts at Mallet and tells him that he cannot tell her what to do. Dinah announces to the guests that she didn’t invite Mallet to “her” party. Vanessa whispers to Matt and tells him it is time. Suddenly, a screen lowers and video of Mallet and Dinah starts. The guests giggle and watch. Even Dinah and Mallet smile at the video. At the end of the video, Mallet and Dinah are laughing as the guests applaud. Mallet looks at Dinah and tells her they had some good times. She cries and agrees. She tells him that she liked all the good times and that she never expected a man to run into a burning building for her like he did. She tells him that she doesn’t feel like arguing anymore and he agrees with that. Mallet moves closer to her and tells her that he has an urge to hear her say, “I do”. Dinah looks at him so tenderly.

Outside on the Towers balcony, Mallet asks Dinah what she’s thinking about. She tells him that she doesn’t want to screw up what she thinks he said. He laughs and tells her that he wants to marry her. Dinah turns to him and asks does he want to be married right now and he tells her, yes. She asks if he’s ready for this and he tells her that he has gone crazy the past few weeks without her. She giggles and tells Mallet that she has missed him, too. They laugh and tell the other how MUCH they’ve missed each other. Dinah kisses him and tells him that she misses his touch. Mallet kisses her and she tells him, “YES, I’ll marry you”. Mallet takes her hand and they return to the guests. Mallet announces that they will be married and everyone applauds. Vanessa tells Dinah that she didn’t come empty-handed and hands her the bridal gown. Dinah is so happy and everyone encourages her to get dressed. Later, after she is dressed, Dinah tells her mom that she misses Ross and never thought he wouldn’t be able to walk her down the aisle. Vanessa laughs and tells her that Ross is “here”. Vanessa admits the video was her idea, too, and that she thinks Mallet is just right for her. Dinah tells her mom that yes, this is it.

At the wedding scene, Vanessa announces that everybody is ready; the clergyman is present. No one can find rings and Matt and Harley take off theirs to substitute. In the elevator, Dinah hears the wedding march begin and starts to walk in the room. Jeffrey stops her as she gets off the elevator and tells her that they need to talk. Dinah tells him, no, for she will be late. He says, “Well, then, you will be late”. She tells him that she is being married and he tells here she looks nice. She asks him what he wants and he tells her they have trouble. Jeffrey tells her that she needs to do something for him and she has no choice. Waiting on Dinah, Mallet asks Frank what could be wrong. Mallet walks out of the room and sees Dinah and Jeffrey get on the elevator. Jeffrey tells her that someone from the agency showed up and has threatened to turn over everything to Spaulding. Dinah tells him she doesn’t care. He tells her that the information is at the Spaulding house and arrived there an hour ago. She tells him she will do it after she is married and he tells her she has to do it now for Alan-Michael is at the wedding now. He tells her that she will do this or go back to prison. Dinah tells him, no, and that she will tell Mallet. Meanwhile, Buzz asks Mallet if he found Dinah. Mallet looks apprehensive.

In the elevator, Dinah tells Jeffrey again, that she will tell Mallet everything and Jeffrey tells her that since Mallet is a cop, he will turn her in. She tells him that she is innocent and he tells her that if she is innocent, why is she afraid of going to prison. Dinah cannot answer that question. Jeffrey tells her again that she is the only person who can help him. Dinah looks defeated. The elevator doors open and Dinah tells Mallet that she needs to talk to him. She tells him that she needs to take care of some things and will be back. He is shocked. She tells him they can get through anything together and he needs to trust her. Mallet looks at Jeffrey and asks Dinah to tell him what is going on. Crying, Dinah tells him that she cannot go back. Mallet asks her what she is afraid of. He adds, “If you walk out that door, the whole thing’s over”. Dinah kisses his cheek and through tears whispers, “I’m sorry”. She gets on the elevator as Jeffrey holds the door for her. Mallet looks as if the life has drained from his body. Frank and Harley walk up to Mallet and Harley asks where Dinah is. Mallet, sad and dejected says, “She’s gone. You can send the minister home”. Inside the elevator, Dinah crumples to the floor and cries, “Oh, baby, what have I done?”

At the Spaulding mansion, Dinah, still in her wedding gown, searches through papers on Alan-Michael’s desk. She finds something and places it in her briefcase. Suddenly, she hears Alan –Michael say, “Hey there run-away bride; what are you doing?” She asks him why he is there and he tells her that the wedding got canceled. He asks what the bride is doing there. She tells him that he caught her and that she is a work-aholic bride. He laughs and tells her that he doesn’t buy it. He asks the real reason why she walked out on Mallet and she tells him that she hates it when Mallet gets popcorn in his teeth; she says, “I can’t marry a man like that”. Alan-Michael tells her that he is sorry and tells her to go home.

Meanwhile, in the garage below Towers, Marina gives Mallet a beer and turns on a portable TV so they can watch the White Sox play. He tells her that “it” wasn’t supposed to happen like this. She tells him to shut up and watch the game.

At Jeffrey’s room, Dinah arrives and hands the papers to him. She starts to sob and beats her self, then falls to the floor. She is utterly heartbroken. Jeffrey tells her that he is sorry and she tells him that he isn’t sorry for anything. Jeffrey tenderly tells her that he is sorry for their past and their lives the way they are. She stops crying and looks at Jeffrey as he speaks. He tells her he wishes she could have the life she has always wanted. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve this good life either. As he rises, Dinah grabs his hand and tells him that she needs him tonight for she doesn’t want to be alone. He tells her no. She tells him that he got what he wanted but she didn’t. She asks him to be with her just this once and kisses him. He responds. They kiss passionately and he places her on the bed, Dinah still dressed in her wedding gown….

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