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Guiding Light Update Monday 9/11/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Cedars, Beth finds Rick. He tells her that she looks great. Beth giggles and tells him that she just came back from the spa. Rick kisses her on the cheek. She tells him that Alan sent her to the spa and that now she is out and wants to know what she missed at the hearing. Rick says, “You’ve got to be kidding? You don’t know?” Beth asks him, “What?” Later, she is upset and tells Rick that she cannot believe Lizzie married Jonathan. She tells him that she knows that Lizzie wanted to get away from Alan. Beth tells him that she has forgotten how to be a good mother. Rick tells her that she is a good mother and asks how he can help her. Beth hugs him and tells him that he is doing more for her than he realizes.

In their room, Jonathan talks with Lizzie and contemplates how to escape the room. Lizzie tells him that honeymooners don’t normally leave their room the first week of marriage. He tells her that he is keeping her and the baby safe, but that’s only half of his job. He phones Tammy and Lizzie tells him that Alan is probably bugging the phone. He tells her to trust him. Tammy answers and asks where he’s been. Jonathan tells her that he is with his new bride and that “family” might be involved when she picks up the phone. Tammy understands the code language and asks non-specific questions about him and Lizzie. Jonathan tells her that he needs some stuff from their room. Tammy grins. Jonathan asks her when a good time to meet is and she should call. They continue to talk in “code”. Lizzie receives a phone call as Jonathan hangs up with Tammy. Lizzie tells him that Beth called and is freaking out about the wedding. She tells him they need to go see Beth and convince her that the marriage is real. She promises him it will not be bad and when Tammy phones, he can leave. Before she leaves, she looks at his phone on her table, but leaves without getting it.

At the lighthouse, Josh helps Reva up from the floor and tells her that he will take her to the hospital. Reva protests and he tells her that they need to know what’s wrong with her. Reva is silent.

Meanwhile, at Company, Cassie tells Tammy that it is amazing what one phone call from Jonathan has done for her appetite. She tells Tammy that she is worried about her and the weird threesome thing. Tammy tells her it will not always be easy, but she loves Jonathan.

Back at Cedars, Josh tells Reva that he will find a resident to help her. She is mad and tells him he has no right. He tells her that he doesn’t want to fight with her, but needs to know what is going on. Rick walks up and tells Reva she looks pale. He quizzes her about symptoms and Billy walks in. He assists her to a room. Josh asks Rick to let him know what’s going on with Reva. Rick goes into the room with Reva. Billy turns to Josh and tells him that he needs to leave for Reva only needs him (Billy). Josh is shocked at these words. Inside her room, Rick asks Reva if she has had chest pain, while outside the room, Josh asks why Billy is acting this way. Billy tells him that he’s trying to do the best thing for Reva and will call him if need be. Josh tells him to just save his quarter. Billy tells him again that it is hard for Reva now and that if he really loves her, he will go home. Josh is irate, but leaves.

At the mansion, Lizzie and Jonathan arrive. She looks for Beth. Jonathan tells her not to take too long looking for Beth for he needs to be somewhere. After Lizzie leaves, Beth walks in and tells Jonathan that she is looking at an annulment. He tells her that they missed her at the wedding. She tells him that if she had been there, she would have stopped it. Jonathan tells her to forget about an annulment, for he and Lizzie have had sex. She gets in his face and tells him that she will do something. He shows her pictures of her and Rick and tells her that if she does, he will plaster the pictures on a billboard downtown.

Outside Company, Josh tells Cassie that he got kicked out of the hospital by Billy. She asks why he was there and he tells her that Reva fainted at the lighthouse. Cassie is concerned. Josh tells her, sarcastically, that Billy says it is nothing. He goes on and tells her that he’s glad she’s there to be mad, too. Cassie stops him and tells him that she cannot be that person for him anymore. Josh looks crushed. He asks her if they are still friends and she tells him they need to figure out how to be ‘just’ friends. He asks, sarcastically again, should they communicate by notes and emails. She gets defensive and tells him they need some distance. He asks her where they would have been without each other the past few months. He tells her it was all without sex. He adds they are there for each other and are great friends. Josh walks away and leaves her standing alone.

Back at the hospital, Rick tells Reva he cannot find anything but low blood pressure. Billy suddenly walks in and tells Rick there is something wrong with Reva, but they didn’t want to say anything because of Josh. Reva tries to stop him. Billy lies and tells Rick that Reva went drinking and has a hangover. Rick asks her why she didn’t say anything and she lies and says she didn’t want Josh to know about it for he’d give her and Billy grief. Rick asks if she and Billy are together and Billy says, “Bingo!” Rick tells them he isn’t shocked and lets Reva leave.


At Outskirts, a drunken Josh picks a fight with a patron. The man tells Josh that if he doesn’t shut up, he (Josh) will be on the floor. The bartender phones Reva and tells her that Josh is getting drunk. She starts to go to Josh and sees a very dejected Cassie outside Company. She tells the bartender that she can’t come, but she knows what she has to do now.

Back at the mansion, Lizzie and Beth hug and Lizzie tells Jonathan that they have worked everything out. Jonathan hugs Lizzie and tells Beth goodbye. In the hallway, Lizzie asks if he found Tammy and tells him she didn’t hear his phone ring. Jonathan looks for his phone and realizes he doesn’t have it.

Meanwhile, Tammy is at her room and tries to phone Jonathan again. She tells Remy that she cannot figure out where he is. Remy tells her to go for dessert with him. At his room, Jonathan phones Tammy, who has just left with Remy.

Back at Outskirts, Josh tells the man that his step-son owns this place and he better step away. Josh continues to taunt the man. The man punches Josh in the face. Cassie suddenly arrives to see this and goes to Josh. He tells her to leave. Cassie tells him that she is going to take him home. A drunken Josh tells her that he is on his own. Cassie tells him no and she and two men lift Josh to his feet. Josh asks her why she is doing this and she tells him that he needs a friend, a great friend and she is there for him.

Outside Company, Reva receives a phone call from the bartender who tells her that Josh is okay. Reva immediately phones Billy and tells him that Cassie came to Josh’s rescue and he can quit looking for Josh. He tells Reva that Cassie will take Josh home and tuck him in. Reva tells him that is the plan. She ends the conversation and says, “You do things that make you feel good. It’s just that’s not how it is this time”. She sits down on the bench…..alone.

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