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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/7/06

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Written By Suzanne

Reva talks to Billy about how she feels, like she's already dead. She talks about how she feels like a ghost, finding out what would have happened if she wasn't around. Scenes of the various characters are shown as she talks about it. They go to the top of the lighthouse to get some perspective. She realizes how much wasted time we have on earth and all the pain we inflict. She says the moments when you are really happy are life's small miracles. A preacher leads a small tour up to the lighthouse to talk about its history. Reva is touched by what the preacher says about souls being eternal. She wishes she had his faith. Billy wonders if they should go home, but she wants to stay there by herself for a while. She tells him that she'll meet him at Cedars when she goes to pick up her meds. He assures her that she'll be okay no matter which ways this turns out. Billy gives her a kiss on the head and then leaves. Reva wishes things could be different; then she sinks to the floor.

Reva awakens with her hand on Buzz's shoes. He tells her to be careful because the shoes were hand-crafted at 2,000 Euros apiece. She gets up, drowsily wondering why he looks so different (wearing a suit and his hair slicked back). He asks why she keeps calling him "Buzz" because he is F. Achilles Cooper, her ex-husband. She replies, "I guess" and he asks why she's sprawled out on his properties. She is confused. He picks up a sign that says "Cooper Industries" and asks her if she knows where she is.

Reva goes to Company, where Alan is a cook, wearing a tank top and hairnet, carrying dishes and spitting, yelling "One Al Royale coming up". Reva watches him through the window, laughing. She wonders how Buzz got Alan to do this. He insists that they go inside so she can sit down. Alexandra is there in a pink waitress outfit (looking like Flo in the old TV series, "Alice"), chewing gum, wearing too much makeup, big earrings, and her hair up. She asks them what they'll have. Reva laughs at the menu, which has a dead fly on it. She can't believe the menu, which has "Philip fries", "India Wrap" and "Super Spaulding shake". Reva looks aghast at Alex, who sticks her gum in her cleavage. Buzz orders coffee and pie. Reva thinks Billy must have set this up. Olivia, dressed as a nun, comes over and gives them a flyer. Reva laughs out loud. Buzz wonders what's wrong with her, so she quickly says that she must have hit her head. He makes a joke about her getting arrested by the cop who walks in. it is Alan-Michael, who has a donut and a big gut. Alex asks "Little Al" to get some pie, since he is off-duty. Buzz asks for the pie to go since he wants to get back to the mansion. He leaves and Reva wonders when she will wake up. She closes her eyes and then opens them again, telling herself that when she awakens, things will be back to normal.

When Reva opens her eyes, she is in the Cooper Mansion, where Gus is the butler, wearing thick glasses and carrying a feather duster. Buzz comes in for a drink and tells Gus, "that will be all", so he leaves. Reva is glad that if she's hit her head and is hallucinating, that he is happy, too. He stops him from saying something obscene, adding that she has to be "prim and proper" now. She wonders what he means, so he informs her that she fell into the fountain and proclaimed herself "The Saint of Springfield". She laughs at the idea. Marina comes in, dressed up and acting a lot like Lizzie or Paris Hilton (with her own dog). Buzz asks if she knows about a sex video of herself being posted on the internet, but she doesn't know anything about it. She talks about a new "toy" she bought (a car). Coops comes in, looking very preppy, with a fawning Ava on his arm. Ava flirts with Buzz as well. Coop suggests they go off to Paris on the jet, so Marina tags along as they leave. Frank comes in, with a cell phone on his ear, telling someone that no matter how much Warren Buffett is offering, the answer is still no. He dressed in a really great suit (like Philip might wear). He hangs up when he sees Reva. He calls her "Marian the Librarian" and wonders why she's there. Reva replies that she was wondering the same thing. Buzz tells him that she fell and hit her head at the lighthouse. Frank asks in an offhanded way if she can move her head and other extremities. She replies that she can and thanks him for caring (even though he doesn't seem to care much). Harley comes in, looking kind of slutty and speaking in a weird sexy whisper. She figures that Reva fell on Cooper property so that she could get a quick payoff. She takes out her checkbook and asks how much she wants. Reva tells her that she doesn't want her money, but Harley doesn't believe it. Reva tells them that they can all take her checkbooks and shove 'em. She starts to faint, so Buzz catches her. Buzz insists on taking her to the hospital and suggests that Harley call the lawyers.

Reva goes to the hospital, where Lizzie is a nurse. Lizzie says that even though the pay sucks and the hours are long, just knowing that she's helping people makes it all worthwhile. She hopes to go to the doctor. Reva can't believe it and asks if she has a pulse and if she's alive. Lizzie tells her that she's in luck because the most gifted doctor is on staff today. Jonathan comes in, wearing a doctor's outfit, with his hair pulled back. Reva's mouth drops open as he asks what the problem is. He has her follow a light with her eyes and asks her some questions. She admits that she's been seeing and hearing things. She finds out that she herself has many degrees and raised Jonathan from the time he was a baby, pushing him to excel in school. He tells her that he was in Princeton and Harvard. She says quickly that where she comes from, she turned him into an angry young man. He says in a puzzled manner that she comes from Oklahoma. He sits down and tries to figure out why she fainted. She says it must just be something that happens when you get close to the end with cancer. He doesn't know what she's talking about and tells her that she never had cancer. She is shocked that she's not dying of cancer or sick. She asks him if he's absolutely sure, and he is. She hugs him gratefully and says that she doesn't ever want to go home. Lizzie comes back in, and Jonathan jokes that Reva needs Prozac and electro-shock therapy. Reva suddenly realizes that Jonathan and Lizzie are a couple. Lizzie says they're happy as ever, and they kiss. Lizzie, still pregnant, reminds Reva that she's going to have a grandchild soon. Reva asks if she can take them out for a beer to celebrate. Jonathan asks in a surprised manner, "On a weeknight?" Reva looks disappointed. They hear a motor noise; Jonathan excuses himself. Outside, Jonathan talks to someone on a motorcycle, dressed all in black. The black figure takes off her helmet. It is Tammy, wearing too much make-up and chewing gum. Jonathan chides her for coming there. She tells him, "Oh, honey. I tell you what to do". She grabs him and they kiss. Reva comes out and is shocked to see them. Jonathan worries about people there seeing them. Tammy says he's just like his mother--always worrying about what other people think. Jonathan says that he doesn't want to hurt Lizzie because she's so sweet and kind. Tammy adds that she's "so boring" and notes how boring sex with her is like. Tammy sits back on her bike and says that she'll go find someone else to ride with her. Jonathan starts to stop her, but Reva comes up and says hello. Jonathan asks Reva not to tell Lizzie about this, so she agrees. Tammy asks Reva to hop on her bike because she needs her help with something. Jonathan says archly, "My mother is not going to get on your motorcycle", but Reva counters that she is as she hops on the back. He can't believe it. Reva puts on the spare helmet.

Reva and Tammy ride away and go to Outskirts, which Tammy owns. Tammy explains to Reva's question that she and Cassie bought it for her. Remy comes in, looking and talking like a gangster rapper. Reva can't believe how different he is. Tammy tells her that Remy is her bouncer. Tammy and Remy hug, and then Tammy grabs his ass. Rick walks in, looking like a bum, asking Reva for a beer. She wonders what happened to him. Remy says that the Bauers have always been a curse on this town. Remy wants to toss him out, but Tammy says he can get a beer and then sweep up the porch. Rick agrees and flirts with Reva. He knocks Josh off a barstool. Josh is really drunk and wants to fight with Rick or anyone else in the bar. He throws a punch but misses because he's so drunk. Reva crouches down on the floor next to him and asks him what he's doing. He yells that she's the moral conscience of Springfield. He claps and yells her name. Reva is shocked and disgusted, looking like she's not too sure about this new world after all. She pulls him up, saying he's a mess. He blames it on her. He accuses her of looking down her nose at him, like he's still the gardener's son with his nose pressed up against the screen door. He drinks some more as she tells him that where she comes from, he is the kindest and most wonderful husband that any woman could ever want. Josh laughs at her calling him "husband", saying that Reva Shayne of Shayne Cosmetics would never stoop to having a husband like him. He adds, "My daddy dug dirt for yo' momma". He gets on a table top and says, "This is who I am". She says she's so sorry, but he says that she has nothing to be ashamed of because she went to college and go out. She says that she always loved him, so he wonders why she never showed it. He went from job to job, and married her sister and her mother, but it was always her. Cassie comes up, looking more slutty than usual, so Josh hugs her. They are clearly together. Reva says that she needs their help to get home. Cassie tells her that she has stomped his heart too many times and advises her to call 911 if she needs help. Josh tells her goodbye and asks Cassie to take him home. Reva sits at the bar and laughs. Jeffrey comes up, wearing a ghastly red Hawaiian shirt and a silly hat, pouring her a drink (he looks like a Jimmy Buffett imitator). He doesn't know her but says that Josh is a "negative ion in a world badly in need of some positivity". She laughs and asks him if he thinks it's possible for your whole world to turn upside down. He replies that anything is possible. She postulates that she is looking to change her own problems, but in the process everything else turns backwards. He states that she would then have a whole new set of problems. She agrees and asks if that sounds crazy. He says that it's not but advises her to just "go with the flow".

Reva wanders around, wondering how she would get home. Dinah comes up, dressed like an activist/hippie. She wants Reva to help her save the lighthouse. She thinks Reva can help, since she was there. Reva informs her that she fell and hit her head, so she needs to get back to the Springfield she knows and loves. Dinah, not understanding, says she loves this Springfield, too. She rants and raves about how the Coopers have to be stopped from tearing down landmarks and building malls and condos. Dinah keeps arguing with her about dying lobsters while Reva tries to reason with her about her own situation. Dinah doesn't want to hear it and goes off to her protest, hoping that Reva will be there. Dinah gives a speech at the lighthouse and presents a distinguished professor, H.B. Lewis (Billy), who gives a speech about why they shouldn't destroy the lighthouse. Reva is surprised to see him. He is dressed up in a suit, wearing glasses, and speaks very well in his speech, like a professor might. Buzz arrives with his family, and his lawyer Mallet, to stop the protest. Dinah argues with Mallet, saying he used to be a public defender, one of the good guys. Harley tells Dinah that the rally is over. Buzz declares that the lighthouse is coming down tonight. A big fight ensues. Billy comes over to Reva and asks why she's not taking sides because that's not like her. She tells Billy to be himself because she needs his help. He figures out that she is talking about a parallel universe, so she asks how she can get back. He says he assumes that she'd need to get back through the same portal that brought her there. She figures out that it's the lighthouse. He figures that's because of the 15,000 lights and the mystery surrounding it. She worries about the Coopers tearing it down. Billy tells her that the Coopers are supposed to buy the land next to the lighthouse tonight. She asks frantically who owns it. We see that Josh owns it and prepares to sign the real estate deal right now. Reva bursts in and tells him not to sign it. He tells her that he's doing it. She offers to buy it, but he doesn't want her money. They argue. He plans to leave town with Cassie. He tells him that she's not enough for her. She can hear her own words echoing back to her. She goes on about their relationship, but he doesn't understand her. She says that if he sells the land, they will both be trapped there. She keeps yelling at him and tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself (she is really yelling at herself, though). Cassie walks in and wonders what's going on. Josh gets his stuff and leaves.

Reva goes back to the lighthouse and stands up there again. Billy joins her and asks if she saw Josh. She says she tried to talk sense into him, but she doesn't blame him for not listening since she never did. Jeffrey, Dinah, Jonathan and Lizzie come up to stop the destruction of the lighthouse. They plan to chain themselves to the lighthouse. Billy tells Reva that he's sorry because he knows she wants to get back to own time and space. She says it's ok because she still has him and Josh, and there's no cancer. Billy is surprised to hear that she was dying of it in her universe. She tells Billy that the one constant in both worlds is love. Jonathan asks her if she wants to be chained up with the rest of them, so she agrees. They hear the bulldozers approach. Reva thinks that Buzz would never actually hurt people, but the others argue with her. Josh arrives and tells them that he decided not to sign because of what Reva said. They all go to celebrate after unchaining themselves. Billy kisses Reva goodbye, thinking she will probably go back to her own time and place. Reva says she's almost afraid to leave, but he wonders who is leaving. He reveals that he heard her say that she loves him. She agrees that she will always love him, no matter where she goes. They start to kiss, and Reva goes back to her own universe. Josh finds her lying there and wakes her up. He asks her what's wrong and if she's sick.

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