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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/6/06

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Written By Siri

Lizzie – Inside the Light

“Speak Now….”

At the wedding ceremony, Jonathan and Tammy look at each other tenderly. She is dressed in a beautiful wedding gown. She slowly reaches for his hand and Lizzie steps up and takes his hand. Tammy has a perplexed look on her face. Jonathan smiles at Lizzie and they kiss passionately. Suddenly, Tammy wakes up and realizes it is a dream. Jonathan asks her if she is okay. She gets up and gives him a ring box containing a wedding band for him. They kiss and she asks him if he is nervous. He tells her no, for it is just a stupid plan to keep Alan from taking Lizzie’s baby. They kiss some more and Tammy looks sad.

At her room, Lizzie talks to Roxie and tells her that today is the day they all become a family. She tells Roxie that she knows Jonathan is in love with Tammy and that Tammy is a better friend than she deserves. She looks far away, smiles then says, “Sometimes, things happen for a reason”.

Back in their bed, Tammy tells Jonathan she wishes this moment would last forever. There is a knock at the door and it is Lizzie. She tells them that if she had been Alan, they would have been busted. Lizzie tells them she knows this isn’t a real marriage and tells Tammy that she can hold the ring at the ceremony, thereby backing up the story told in court. Tammy looks strange, touches her own engagement ring and takes it off. Jonathan takes the ring and places it on a chain. He places the necklace around Tammy’s neck and kisses her. Jonathan asks both girls if they are in this 100 percent. Both tell him they are. Jonathan tells them that Alan will not know what hit him. Lizzie tells Tammy thanks for doing this for her and the baby. Tammy leaves and finds a delivery man who gives her Lizzie’s wedding dress. She takes it to Lizzie’s room and places the train on her head. She stares in the mirror as Alan walks in and sarcastically says, “What a shame it isn’t yours”. Tammy quickly puts down the train. He tells her that this must be hard on her and she tells him that she will get through it. Tammy adds that all of this is the right thing for her, too. Alan tells her that the bond between husband and wife will only get stronger. Tammy tells him she hopes it will. Alan then tells her that Lizzie will give Jonathan a child and she will never be able to do this. Tammy tells him to quit messing with her head. Alan gets one final dig in and says, “If this is a real marriage, I’m certain they will have to consummate it. See you at the ceremony”. Tammy looks bothered by these words. Alan smiles with malice and leaves the room.

At Outskirts, Reva asks why Jonathan is setting out drinks. He tells her there will be a wedding between him and Lizzie. Reva looks shocked and tells him that isn’t good. He tells her that it is worth it. He takes a box of drinks and asks her if she will be there. Reva tells him she will, but what if Lizzie gets used to this idea. He tells her there is no chance and leaves.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lillian prepares Lizzie’s hair for the wedding. She tells Lizzie that Alan told her this whole thing was an act for the judge. Lizzie doesn’t answer and Lillian tells her that she thinks it really isn’t an act for her (Lizzie). Lizzie tells her that it is all for the baby.

At the mansion, Jonathan walks into the sitting room and tells Alan that he has come to pick up some of Lizzie’s things. He takes a cigar and tells Alan that they now can share a cigar since they will be family. Alan is less than pleased and tells him that he can smile all he wants for all he sees is dead man walking. Jonathan tells him that all will work out. Alan tells him that he will catch Jonathan sneaking out to be with Tammy. Jonathan tells him that he will not sneak out anywhere and cannot wait for the honeymoon. He also tells Alan that he doesn’t need to worry about getting Lizzie pregnant for he’s already taken care of that. Jonathan leaves Alan to stew in these words.

Meanwhile, at the site of the wedding ceremony, Cassie asks Tammy if she is sure she wants to do this. Tammy says yes. Cassie is worried about Tammy being the maid-of-honor and that it is asking a lot of her to do this. Tammy tells her that she loves Jonathan. Lillian and Lizzie walk up and Lizzie asks her grandmother where Beth is. She tells Lillian that she does know what she is doing and she wants all of this for the baby. They hug and Alan-Michael walks up. Lizzie very curtly hugs him. Jonathan walks in and yells, “Where’s my bride”. Lizzie giggles and hugs him. Jonathan hands her a gift. She opens it to reveal a pearl necklace. He tells her he went shopping at the Spaulding mansion. He tells her she looks great and adds that he and Tammy will always be there for her. Meanwhile, Tammy watches as Jonathan and Lizzie hug. She touches her necklace in silence. Marina walks up to her and asks if she is out of her mind. Tammy tells her that Lizzie has changed and she is ready to do what’s right. She adds that she and Jonathan are stronger than ever. The audience gasps at the beautiful bride, Lizzie. Tammy walks up to Lizzie and tells her she looks amazing. Lizzie tells Tammy thank you again and that she isn’t used to having friends. Tammy tells her that she needs to give her something new or old. They discuss this and finally Tammy tells her she has something borrowed. Lizzie asks what and Tammy tells her, “Jonathan”.

The wedding music begins and Jonathan waits on his bride. He sees Tammy and stares at her. Tammy walks down the aisle as Alan stares at Jonathan, a grin on his face. Lizzie walks out and everyone stands. She is smiling from ear-to-ear. Jonathan looks from Lizzie to Tammy. Alan walks to Lizzie and she asks him to please don’t. He tells her that someone has to walk her down the aisle and asks to do so. Lizzie tells him that nothing would make her happier. They walk towards Jonathan. Alan tells him that Lizzie is all his and adds, “For now”. The clergyman starts the ceremony and asks if anyone has just cause to stop the wedding. Many in the audience have pensive looks on their faces, but no one says a word. The clergyman starts again. Jonathan and Lizzie have written their own vows. Jonathan goes first and tells her that he will do all he can to make her and the baby safe. Lizzie tells him that he is her hero and that he taught her how to respect herself. She adds that she is so glad to know him and so glad he is her baby’s father. Jonathan looks uncomfortable. The clergyman asks for the rings and Tammy falters, but finally gives them to him. The clergyman asks Jonathan and Lizzie if they take the other to death do they part and each say yes. Jonathan continues to stare at Tammy. Alan-Michael whispers to Alan, “There goes the neighborhood”. Lizzie continues to smile throughout the entire ceremony. They end the ceremonial vows, place rings on each finger, and the clergyman pronounces them, “Man and wife”. Jonathan kisses Lizzie as the clergyman proclaims them married. Tammy looks upon this and appears very uncomfortable. Jonathan kisses Lizzie long and hard. Alex tells Alan that Jonathan has won the battle and he replies, “But, the victory belongs to me”. Jonathan and Lizzie walk down the aisle and he looks for Tammy. Jonathan takes Lizzie behind a partition and tells her that he must find Tammy. Lizzie protests and he tells her to tell others that he went to the can. Jonathan finds Tammy and kisses her. He tells her that he knows this was rough and it sucked. He tells her that she knows he loves her and she tells him she knows, but Alan is watching him. He tells her to meet him at Outskirts later. He kisses her again. Meanwhile, Alan finds Lizzie and asks about Jonathan. He tells her that she is a beautiful bride and he hopes it is all she dreamed of being. Back to Jonathan and Tammy; they are kissing and Alex walks up. Tammy tells her she was just congratulating Jonathan. Jonathan grabs two champagne glasses and tells Alex it is time to get the party started. She holds out her hand for a drink and Jonathan downs both.

Back at the party, Jonathan tells Lizzie that he will impress her and all her rich friends. Cassie walks up to Lizzie and tells her that this whole thing is not a family and none of it is real. Lizzie tells her that she knows that. Meanwhile, Jonathan talks with a reporter and tells her that he wasn’t nervous at the ceremony. Jonathan and Lizzie cut the cake; feed it to the other, kiss, and dance. Tammy watches all of this and looks very sad. Cassie consoles Tammy. Lizzie throws the bridal bouquet and Tammy catches it, much to her surprise. Alan grins at Jonathan and Jonathan winces. People take the couple’s pictures and Tammy finally leaves the festivities as Jonathan and Lizzie stand at the reception line. Lizzie grabs Jonathan to come with her and takes his mind off of Tammy.

In their room at the Spaulding mansion, Jonathan carries Lizzie across the threshold. He takes off his tuxedo and asks her if she will be okay alone for he is meeting Tammy. Lizzie tells him that she thought they would be together tonight. He tells her that it is just for appearances sake. As Jonathan opens the door to leave, Alan asks, “Going somewhere, son?”

At Outskirts, Tammy walks into the room and doesn’t find Jonathan. She looks very sad and touches her ring.

Back at the mansion, Alan asks Jonathan if he was going to leave his bride alone. Lizzie sneaks an ice bucket to Jonathan and he tells Alan that he was going for ice. As Jonathan starts to leave, he sees the psychiatrist lurking in the corner. Jonathan tells Alan that it is his wedding night and please send up some ice and maybe some strawberries, cream and chocolate for he and Lizzie have a long night ahead of them. Jonathan walks back inside the room and Alan tells the psychiatrist to stay in the hallway. Alan tells him that he wants to be sure they make it easy for Jonathan to leave.

In their room, Jonathan tells Lizzie that Alan is preventing his leaving. Lizzie pours a drink and tells Jonathan that they have survived their fake wedding. Jonathan pours another drink and downs it whole. Lizzie holds up a sexy negligee as Jonathan drinks; he ignores her. At Outskirts, Tammy sits alone. Back at the mansion, Jonathan continues drinking as Lizzie waits in bed and stares at him.

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