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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/5/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

In the cemetery, Billy asks Reva if she is going to tell Josh about the cancer. She tells him no and that she wants Josh to be happy with Cassie. He asks her why she doesn’t want to be happy and Reva tells him that it is her time to die and wants to do the right thing. Billy starts to cry. Reva tells him that Josh and Cassie have found each other now and have moved on. She tells him that at least with Cassie, Olivia cannot get him and he is in good hands. She winks at him.

On Main Street, Josh watches Cassie from afar and literally runs into Vanessa. She asks him how things are going and he tells her not good. She asks him about Reva and he says, “Not good”.

In court, the prosecuting attorney submits evidence from two nurses who overheard Tammy and Lizzie discussing the night Alan was shot. Tammy has to read aloud, “I knew it was my grand dad; that’s why I shot him”. Tammy tells the court that Lizzie wasn’t thinking straight. The prosecutor tells the court that Lizzie is either unstable or an attempted murderer. Mel objects and the attorney withdraws the question. Tammy tries to explain that Lizzie isn’t a murderer and the judge tells her to be quiet. During recess, Alex walks in and asks Alan what she missed. Meanwhile, Mel asks Lizzie why she didn’t tell her about this. Lizzie tells her that she didn’t know anyone heard, then, she admonishes Tammy for the testimony. Lizzie runs from the room and Alex follows. She tells a very distraught Lizzie that all will be okay. Lizzie begs her to help her. Inside the courtroom, Tammy tells Jonathan that she didn’t mean to mess up things. He tells her that he knows. Cassie arrives. Tammy tells her mother that all she wanted to do was help the guy she loves.

Back on Main Street, Vanessa and Josh continue talking. He asks does she remember giving up on Billy. She laughs. Josh looks sad and tells her that it feels as if a door is locked behind him and cannot turn back. She asks if he is seeing someone when suddenly Reva walks up. The two women embrace and Vanessa excuses herself. Reva asks him about New York and makes small talk. He asks her what the meeting is all about and that he doesn’t understand what is going on. She very quietly tells him that she has been thinking about him needing someone to lean on. She adds that she knows that person is Cassie. She tells him that she overreacted about Cassie. He tells her it really doesn’t matter anymore. She tells him she wants to talk and he says, “Why did you walk away from me?” Reva turns her back to him and listens as he asks her why she walked away from him during one of the most important moments in his life. She turns around and says quietly, “I was trying to protect you”. He tells her that he is still waiting and wants her to explain why she walked away. She falters and tells him that she doesn’t know if she can. Josh listens. She tells him that they really never dealt with the problems of last year and that they were still living with drama in their lives. Josh tells her that it is funny to him for he didn’t see the situation as the same. He tells her that he thought they were going to fix things. Reva tells him, “Well, things got in the way and we get blindsided”. Josh finally asks her, “Was it Billy? Did you just run off with my older brother?” Reva stares at him.

Meanwhile, back at the cemetery, a very upset Billy sobs and talks to Sarah. He tells her how stubborn Reva is and that the cancer is killing her. He begs Sarah to help and that he doesn’t want to let Reva go. Billy goes to a bar and eyes the bottles on the wall. Vanessa walks in and sees him looking at the bottles. She walks up to him and tells him he doesn’t look happy anymore than Josh does. Billy asks if she saw Josh and she tells him yes and Reva, too. Billy asks why she is in town and Vanessa tells him that she is there for Dinah and her problems. She tells Billy that it looks like he needs her more than Dinah does.

Back outside the courtroom, Jonathan asks Mel to put the nurses on the stand and tear them apart. She tells him that she cannot for it was the truth. Lizzie is beside herself with worry that the court will take away her baby. Meanwhile, Alan walks out of the courtroom with the psychiatrist. Alan hands the man a large sum of money and the man looks at Lizzie. Jonathan tells him that if the elevator doesn’t get there for him in a second, he will throw him down the stairs. Lizzie is very frightened as the psychiatrist waves goodbye to her. Inside the courtroom, Alexandra tells Alan that he is not going to take another child away from its mother. Alan says, “Who is going to stop me?”

Court returns to session and everyone takes their place. The prosecutor tells the court that Lizzie cannot take care of herself or her baby. She tells the court that Lizzie and the baby are alone and begs the judge to allow the family to take care of her. Mel stands up and starts her summation when suddenly, Jonathan whispers into Tammy’s ear and jumps up. He interrupts Mel and asks the judge permission to speak. Tammy has a very uncomfortable look on her face.

Back at the bar, Vanessa and Billy share a glass of iced tea. She tells him that he doesn’t look so well. She asks about his bad day and he tells her that he doesn’t want to burden her. She tells him they are friends and to tell her. Billy tells her that it’s about a woman who is a friend. He tells her the woman is married and has been having trouble. Vanessa asks if the burden of the woman is big and he tells her it is huge. He tells her that no one can help the woman except him but doesn’t know if he can handle it.

Meanwhile, back on Main Street, Reva asks Josh if he thinks she and Billy are together. As she turns her back to him, her face changes and she says, “I guess it’s pretty obvious, huh?” Josh asks her if that is a yes and Reva tells him that she became bored while he was working on the project. She tells him that Billy was there. Josh tells her not to give details. Reva looks at Josh sadly. She tells him that she doesn’t think she could get through everything without Billy. Josh point blank asks her if she is having an affair with Billy. Reva stops and says, “Yes, Billy and I are having an affair”.

Back at the bar, Vanessa asks Billy if he is in love with the woman and he says it really doesn’t matter for she doesn’t feel about him like that. Vanessa tells him that he is underestimating himself for he can be so supportive. Vanessa tells him that she can see he has changed. Billy looks embarrassed with these words. She tells him that he will not let this “friend” down. Vanessa tells him that if he ever needs her to just whistle. She also tells him to be careful with his friend. Billy tells her that he thinks he can keep on. They hug and she tells him she loves him. Billy tells her the same.

Back on Main Street, Reva tells Josh that she is glad it is all out. Josh tells Reva that he and Cassie are not together. Reva is shocked and asks why. Josh tells her that he really doesn’t want to talk to her about this. He walks away and leaves Reva to ponder these words.

At the courtroom, the prosecutor objects to Jonathan, but the judge allows him to speak. He tells the court that he didn’t want the child and that the child is a product of a one-night-stand. He goes on and talks about his relationship with his abusive father, but things have changed and regardless, he is going to be a dad. He tells the judge that he will do his best. The judge asks about Lizzie and Jonathan tells the court that Lizzie is rich and spoiled, but she loves the baby and will be a good mom. He tells the court that Lizzie is trying to protect her and the baby from Alan. Lizzie looks upon Jonathan so tenderly. Jonathan tells the judge that it isn’t true that no one will take care of Lizzie and the baby. Tammy listens intently. The judge asks what he means and Jonathan tells the judge he will prove it as he looks at Lizzie and says, “We need to raise this baby just you and me. Will you marry me?” The courtroom erupts as an elated Lizzie exclaims, “Yes! Yes, yes, yes I will marry you!” She hugs him as Tammy looks on the two.

At her room, Reva looks sad. Billy walks in and asks how the meeting went with Josh. She tells him, with long sighs, that she had to make sure Josh believed her and finally told Josh that she was having an affair with him (Billy). Billy doesn’t say a word. Billy finally giggles and asks her if this means they can sleep together. Reva laughs and tells him that he is bad.

Back at the courtroom, Alan jumps up and tells the judge that Jonathan doesn’t mean anything. The judge tells Jonathan that they are here to determine if Lizzie is a threat to her child. Jonathan tells him that he can and will make her feel safe. He tells the judge that yes, he and Tammy are very close, but they decided that his future would be with Lizzie and the child. Tammy nods in agreement. The judge tells Jonathan that if this proposal isn’t legitimate, he will not like it. Jonathan tells him that he and Lizzie will get married tomorrow. The judge tells him that he isn’t convinced. Tammy suddenly stands up and asks to speak. Jonathan turns and looks at her very skeptically. Tammy tells the court, as she looks at Jonathan, that she knows Jonathan and that he wouldn’t say this if he didn’t mean it. She tells the judge she loves Jonathan enough to let him go. She adds that she has seen the connection between Jonathan and Lizzie grow. The judge finally tells her she makes a good argument. The judge rules and says that it would not serve the court to place Lizzie in protective custody except with her husband-to-be, Jonathan. He admonishes them that if the marriage isn’t legitimate, there will be consequences. Alan protests as the judge bangs the gavel. Lizzie tells Jonathan thank you and he whispers, “You know this is just for show”. Lizzie tells him that she knows. Jonathan looks at Tammy as she walks out of the courtroom. Cassie follows her and finds Tammy in tears. Josh watches as Tammy tells her mother that she let Jonathan go for she loves him.

Meanwhile, back in the courtroom, Lizzie grabs Jonathan’s arm and tells him they need to plan a wedding. Alan tells Jonathan that he will be watching him 24 hours a day. Jonathan says, “Knock yourself out for we have a wedding to plan”. Jonathan and Lizzie get on the elevator. Tammy looks at Jonathan. With sadness in his eyes, Jonathan looks at Tammy. The elevator doors close.

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