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Guiding Light Update Friday 9/1/06

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Written By Suzanne

Olivia sees Reva at the hospital; they both agree that the other looks like hell. Olivia says that her daughter is in a coma and asks what Reva's excuse is. Reva suddenly apologizes, saying she had no idea. Olivia tells her not to bother acting nice. She says that she did Josh a favor and that it was about time he traded her in. Reva's mouth drops open, and she looks angry. Later, Billie finds Reva in a hospital bed with an IV. She tells him that she's just getting fluids. He is disappointed to learn that she did not tell Josh about her cancer. She tells him that she intended to, but she saw Josh, Cassie, and R.J. together as a family. She realized that he wanted Cassie there in the biggest moment of his life. She saw the connection that they had, just like Josh described. Billy says he's sorry. Reva says that it really hurt her and wore her out. The nurse comes in and asks her if she has any questions about hospice. Billy quickly ushers her out, but Reva tells him not to take it out on the nurse. She asks him to go find the doctor that took over for Colin, so he does. She leaves the room after he does.

Josh and Cassie are about to kiss when they are interrupted by the phone. They are told the car service is there. Cassie worries that they will miss their flight. He mentions that check-out time isn't until noon. She knows that he's suggesting they stay, but she reminds him that she told Tammy that she would be there for Lizzie's hearing. He agrees that they have to get back to reality.

Jonathan is dressed up in a suit, getting ready to go to court. Beth arrives, dressed in a suit, so he says, "ho, ho" but then keeps on saying it, like he is calling her a "ho". He asks what took her so long and that Tammy and Lizzie are already at the courthouse. She tells him to move because she doesn't want anyone to see her with him. He teases her about Rick. She tells him that it is too dangerous for her to testify against Alan, but she has papers that prove everything Alan did to Lizzie. She won't give it to him unless he promises not to tell anyone where he got it. He agrees and takes it. She wants him to go first so the are not seen together. After a minute's argument, he does (very hilarious scene between the two of them!). She takes a drink, hoping that the baby takes after Lizzie. As she walks out, Alan is there, asking if there's something she wants to tell him. She tries to lie her way out of it, but Alan doesn't buy it. He asks if she doesn't agree with him that Jonathan should not be raising the baby. She says she agrees, so he asks why he just saw Jonathan leaving with a grin on his face. She lies that she paid him off and smiles wickedly. Alan is glad to hear it but doesn't think that it will work. She tells him that she paid him to stick around and make trouble for Lizzie. He still doubts her, asking if he should phone the bank to see if there is a large withdrawal, but she says that she paid cash. Alan tricks her into going into the bathroom, then he locks it. He tells her that if she's going to lie, she should do it with conviction. He puts on the TV very loud so no one will hear him yell. She pounds on the door and screams.

Mel tells Tammy and Jonathan that they can come into the courtroom now. Mel can tell Jonathan is up to something, so he says that Beth is going to do the right thing for everyone. Cassie and Josh arrive, so Jonathan gets in their faces and says this is a closed courtroom. Cassie tells him that she is there to support her daughter, so she's not going anywhere. He says they're not welcome here and advises Josh to go find his wife. They have an argument over it, with Jonathan saying that having her mom there, who is going after her sister's husband, is not going to make them look good. Josh gets in his face and says that normally he would be having words with him, but since this day is about his child, and she needs all the help she can get, he will leave. Then he walks out. Cassie follows and tells Josh that he doesn't have to go. He says it's ok and urges her to stay for Tammy. Cassie asks what she can do for her, so Tammy tells her to go after Josh, saying that she would do the same thing. Cassie hugs her and leaves. Jonathan tells Tammy that he's sorry. She wonders why he's fighting Reva's battles. They argue a little about Cassie, Josh and Reva, until Tammy asks Jonathan what she doesn't know about Reva. He is evasive. Lizzie eavesdrops on their conversation, so she rushes in to ask for Tammy's help from the press (to distract Tammy from her questions). Jonathan and Lizzie go into the courtroom while Tammy handles them. He thanks Lizzie but says she didn't have to do that. He wants to tell Tammy, but then he knows she would have to lie to her mom. Lizzie wonders what's up with Reva and Josh. Jonathan asks if she's ever known two people who don't belong together but are blind to it. She nods that does and tells him that she it "for us". She quickly amends that she meant her and the baby. She feels that she owes him for protecting her from Alan. Jonathan takes out the envelope with the papers that Beth gave him.

Cassie and Josh go to the Cross Creek cabin. She hesitates, but he tells her that he phoned to make sure Reva is not there. He gets her some water. She looks at the pictures of him and Reva on the mantel. He says that if she wants to go back to the courtroom to be with Tammy, he'll understand. She takes down a picture and says that they will never have this. He tries to convince her that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, but she is not so sure. They discuss their relationship, how hard it is and whether it's worth it. He hugs her as he tells her how she deserves to be happy. She doesn't think they are "easy". He thinks she sounds like she's saying goodbye. They look at each other. Cassie says that maybe someday they can be together, when things are less complicated. He smiles and they kiss. She goes to leave, but he kisses her again. He says regretfully that he had more he wanted to say to her, but she leaves. They are both upset, with the door between them.

Reva goes to her mother's grave and puts flowers on it. She talks to her about all the stupid little things she's been worrying about. She tells her mom that she's dying and she's not ready. She wants her help to make things right before it's too late. Reva rants on and on about Josh and about dying. She talks to God as well, saying she tried to do the right thing. She says she tried to be unselfish for a change and look where it got her, so she whispers, "Screw you!" to the sky. She tells her mom that she knows she'd better watch who she mouthed off to. She kneels on her mother's grave and talks about Cassie. She knows she's a good person and says she deserves someone just like Josh. She wonders if maybe it's a good thing she didn't tell Josh because now he could follow his dreams. Reva remembers that her mother advised her to figure out what the easy choice was and then to pick the other one. Billy arrives and wonders why Reva is there, so she replies, "Picking the other one". Reva tells Billy that she needs him to let go. He cries, saying he can't do that. She tells Billy that she doesn't want Josh to know she was sick. She wants him to have happiness, even if it means he's with Cassie.

The hearing starts. Alan's lawyer starts her speech about why he is petitioning the court for custody of her baby. The prosecution questions Alan-Michael, Rick, and then Alan. Mel questions Alan, too. She mentions that Alan was bringing his petition because he felt Lizzie was paranoid and unstable. Alan agrees, so she gets him to remember that a year ago, he was locked up in an institution. She also gets him to admit that he paid off a coroner to fake his son's death. She hands him the list of men that he paid off to follow Lizzie. Alan claims that they were security guards he hired to protect her. Mel goes on to point out the receipts for a high-security nursery in his home. Alan protests weakly, but the judge tells him to step down. Alan's judge gets some papers delivered to her, so she jumps up and asks permission to call another witness. The judge allows it, so she calls Tammy to the stand. Everyone is stunned, but Tammy has to go up there. The lawyer asks if she is part of a "threesome" involving Lizzie and Jonathan. Tammy corrects her, saying that they are living together to help Lizzie raise her baby. The lawyer asks if Tammy is the stable or most moral one of the bunch. Tammy tries not to answer. The lawyer asks Tammy about the conversation she had with Lizzie right after Alan was shot. Two nurses have given their deposition about their conversation, so the lawyer has Tammy read it. This is the one where Lizzie admits she purposely shot Alan, knowing it was him. Tammy looks like she ate something bad. Jonathan looks thoughtfully over at Alan.

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