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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/31/06

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Written By Suzanne

Olivia, looking very tired, apologizes to Emma for what happened to her. Emma is still asleep. She is sorry that she ever trusted anyway. Buzz comes up and says that she doesn't really mean that. Olivia says this is what happened when she left her with Ava. Buzz protests that Ava is a good kid and this could happen to anyway. He urges her to be fair, but she asks if this is fair, gesturing to Emma. She insists that she cannot forgive Ava and knows that she did this deliberately to get back at her. He tells her that the Coopers are best at rallying around people in trouble, so she should let them do that for her. He comforts her in his arms. She talks some more about how she can't depend on anyone because history has taught her that it's a bad idea. She intends to teach Emma that same thing. He tells her that is "hogwash" and that he loves her. He wants to work hard to accept that she is worthy of love, but he won't leave her no matter what. She is shocked to learn that Frank is going to arrive.

at Co-2, Ava is on edge, waiting to hear when Emma will be ok. She and Coop are fixing up a delivery order. Her phone rings and she yells at the person that their order is ready and they should come down to pick it up. Coop tries to get her to relax and tells her that Emma will not die. They argue.

Blake asks Alan-Michael why Spaulding has not endorsed her yet. He does not answer but flirts with her. She talks about how she has to re-invent herself now, thanks to the Springfield Burns video. He suggests that she come back when he can see her new potential. She assures him that she will never do anything to get back on that website. They wonder who could be behind it.

Olivia realizes that she does have a grudge against Ava and that it's not doing anyone any good. When Coop drops by, she asks him to call Ava so she can talk to her. Buzz and Coop exchange a surprised glance. Ava is also surprised when Coop phones her. Frank arrives with a stuffed bunny for Emma. Olivia thanks him for being there. He tells Emma that she's going to be okay. Coop thanks Buzz for whatever he said to Olivia. Buzz and Coop hug, agreeing to make up over Olivia and Ava's mess. Ava shows up and is glad to see them together. Coop gives Ava a quick kiss and then leaves to cover for Ava at work. Olivia comes out and shocks everyone by ordering Frank to arrest Ava. Buzz is very disgusted. Ava protests that what happened was an accident. Frank doesn't think a crime has been committed. Olivia gets upset and attacks Ava. Buzz pulls her off. Frank asks Ava if she's okay and then suggests she leave for now. Ava leaves in tears. She runs into Alan-Michael, so she cries on his shoulder. Later, Buzz tells Frank that he thinks Olivia will come around. Frank advises Buzz to look after her, and Ava, and himself. Buzz kisses Olivia but quietly tells her that she can't use her family that way or try to turn them against each other. Then he goes to get her dinner.

Alan-Michael gives Ava some coffee and aspirin, then he comforts her. Ava rants and raves about Olivia. Alan-Michael confesses that he once baby-sat Lizzie in Arizona. She fell off the bed and hit her head on the table. It doesn't make Ava feel much better. Alan-Michael says he will get a world-class pediatrician to help out, so Ava is happy to hear it. He advises her to call him if she needs anything. Later, he tells her that the doctor will be flying in soon. Ava is glad that he sometimes uses his power for good instead of evil. She has heard a lot of bad things from Marina but wonders how much of it is an act. Olivia spies the two of them hugging.

Mel goes into Outskirts for a meeting. She is on the phone with Rick, who wants to meet her for coffee, but she tells him that she's too busy. He tries to change her mind, but she blows him off and hangs up. Alan-Michael and makes a comment about how it must be nice to have such a stable relationship. Rick says that Alan-Michael should be able to find someone. Alan-Michael says Rick is lucky for not having a folder on the Springfield Burns website. Rick looks nervous and goes to leave. Alan-Michael makes a bad joke about Rick going off to meet his girlfriend, so Rick stops in his tracks. Alan-Michael laughs and says he was just making a joke. Rick phones Beth to see if she is free. She says she's been shopping but was hoping he would call. She is walking in the door at home and asks him to give her an hour. He makes a joke and they both agree that they feel like they are in high school (sounds like they don't mean that in a bad way). He hangs up and asks himself what he's doing.

Jonathan gives Mel the folder of dirt on Alan that Reva gave him. Mel is not optimistic about Lizzie's case because of Alan's power and because of Lizzie's erratic behavior. Lizzie asks what she can do, so Mel recommends that she stay away from Jonathan. He gets annoyed at that idea, but Mel reminds him of all of the trouble he's been in with the law. Lizzie literally stands by Jonathan (next to Tammy), saying that her baby is not going to grow up without her father, and the three of them need to stick together. Mel tells her that they testimony from anyone she can think of to testify on Lizzie's behalf. Lizzie leaves to get names. Mel advises Jonathan not to do anything more questionable. Jonathan has an idea, so she stops him and asks him what it is. He says he has some detective work to do. Tammy adds her two cents that she trusts him, so they kiss. Jonathan leaves. Mel knows that Jonathan will probably get into trouble, so Tammy agrees that's probably the case. Mel wonders why she seems ok with Lizzie and Jonathan having a baby Mel is still trying to figure out her own marriage problems, so that's clearly why she is asking Tammy about her relationship. Tammy says that it's not ok that they slept together, but she loves him and wants him to know his child. Mel asks where she would draw the line and walk away. Tammy replies that she would never consider it. Mel is surprised when Tammy says that if you love someone, you can make it through anything.

Lizzie is at the hospital when Coop comes by with a delivery. He wonders why she's there, but she doesn't reply. Instead, she asks him why he's there. He says he's there visiting Emma and why. She surprises him by saying how hard it is to be a mom, how you can't take your eyes off them for a minute. He is further surprised when she doesn't blame Ava. He says that he thinks she's going to do okay as a mom. Lizzie smiles. Later, Lizzie asks Lillian for help. Lillian is skeptical about the amount of work it takes to raise a child. Lizzie reminds her that she practically raised herself when they were in Arizona. Lillian sticks up for Beth, saying she did the best she could. Lillian thinks that Jonathan is like Carl (the man in Arizona), based on what Beth said about him. Lizzie says that he is nothing like that and that he understands her. She goes on and on about how great Jonathan is. Lillian asks her if she's falling in love with Jonathan. Lizzie protests that she wouldn't do that to Tammy, but then she goes on and on more about how wonderful Jonathan is. She admits that she wants him and is in love with him. Lillian wonders what she will do. Lizzie replies that she will do nothing because she can't have him. He and Tammy love each other and are so good together. Lillian hugs Lizzie compassionately. She can understand because she once loved someone she shouldn't have. Lizzie knows she'd lose not only Tammy but Jonathan if she tried to go after him.

Jonathan snoops around at the hotel. He sees Rick visiting Beth at their secret room. Rick has flowers and they kiss passionately. Next we see them getting dressed after having sex. Rick says that he feels like he's 17 again. She agrees. He asks if being with Alan isn't so wonderful. She reminds him that they're not supposed to talk about their spouses in there. She suggests that they go out to see a movie sometime, but he reminds her that they can't. She quickly agrees. He kisses her and goes to leave. She says that what they have shouldn't affect the rest of their lives and shouldn't hurt anyone. He agrees but seems a little doubtful. She thanks him for the roses and he goes out the door, but then he turns and they kiss some more. He is reluctant to leave. Jonathan takes a photo of them together with his cell phone camera, then Rick leaves. Jonathan knocks on the door. Beth answers and is surprised to see him. He asks if this is where she plays doctor. He walks in as she quickly closes her blouse. Jonathan shows her the pictures he took and makes comments about how she looks. She demands to know what he wants, so he tells her to destroy Alan's case or he will blow the photos up and put them on a billboard. Beth protests that she loves Lizzie, but Jonathan is not deterred. She asks, frustrated, how she will do this. He reminds her that she's done a good job of hiding her affair.

Later, Remy asks Mel if Lizzie really has any chance. Mel is doubtful. He wonders if she took this case as a favor to Rick, but she denies it. She says that if what Lizzie says about Alan is true, then he's the sick one so he shouldn't be raising her baby. Rick sees them and walks over to say hi. He thought she didn't have any free time. She says she didn't earlier. She hands him his wallet, which he lost earlier. Remy advises him to be more careful with his valuables. There is an awkward moment because of he said, which seems to have multiple meanings. Tammy comes up to say hi and gives them coffee. They fill Rick in on the case against Lizzie. He is surprised to hear that Mel is their attorney. Rick agrees to testify on Lizzie's behalf and against Alan. Tammy is surprised to hear that, since he's close to Beth. Rick says he would like to do that, not only for Beth but for Tammy. Later, Rick thanks Mel for helping Lizzie. Mel does not blame Lizzie for what Phillip did. Rick starts to ask Mel for a fresh start, but Lizzie interrupts. They talk about Emma's accident. Tammy comes up and gives Rick a hug, telling Lizzie that he will testify on her behalf. She hugs him, too. Tammy takes Lizzie aside and asks who else she found to testify on her behalf, but Lizzie says she couldn't convince anyone, even Lillian, to support her. Coop comes up and asks if she saw Emma. Lizzie says no, but she saw Ava, who looked really upset. She adds that Alan-Michael was consoling her. Coop is not happy to hear that. Jonathan comes up and grabs Tammy, swinging her around. He yells that they will be getting married soon. He is very excited and tells them that the world will soon know that Lizzie is not crazy. He hugs Tammy while looking at Rick with a grin, saying that things are looking up.

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