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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/30/06

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Written By Siri

Reva – Inside the Light

‘What Price Freedom”

At the cabin, Reva phones Josh. He and Cassie are in her room. They kiss and begin to get passionate. He receives the phone call from Reva and says, “Hello, Reva”. Reva says, “Come home, Joshua”. She tells him to come to the cabin. Cassie asks if Reva is back and Josh tells her that Reva wants him to come home. Josh tells Cassie that Reva didn’t say what she wanted. Cassie says, “It’s obvious…Reva wants you back”. Josh tells her that he plans on telling Reva what she (Cassie) means to him. He adds that he is just tying up loose ends so they can move forward into the future together. Cassie tells him to just go. Josh leaves.

At the cabin, a man dressed in military uniform knocks on the door asking for Josh. He tells Reva about the ceremony for the HB Lewis Center in Tulsa. He tells her that Mr. Lewis is being honored in New York City today. He adds that Mr. Lewis’s itinerary is listed in the folder in front of her. She thanks the Colonel for the information as she walks him to the door. Reva looks through the folder and finds two airplane tickets; one for Josh and one for Cassie. Suddenly, Josh enters the room and the two stare at the other. Josh whispers, “Hello, Reva”. He looks at her with intensity and says, “Wow”. Reva just stares without speaking. He tells her that he is glad she is all right and in one piece. He tells her that he was worried that she could be dead. Reva tells him that is always the first thing he says and is interesting. She adds, “If I were you, the first thing I’d want to say is, ‘I’m sorry for cheating on you with your own sister for it was a low down despicable thing to do’”. Josh tells her he knows that Hawk had to tell her. Josh tells her he is glad that is out of the way. She tells him that HE should have told her. She says, “All you had to do was keep your pants zipped”. He laughs and tells her that she has a whole lot of indignation. He reminds her that she slept with and married his brother and father. She yells, “Married being the operative word here”. He tells her that he is sick and tired of the years of her selfishness; always leaving him behind holding the bag. She says sarcastically that he is holding a whole lot more now. Josh just rolls his eyes. She tells him that she saw Cassie and him with her own two eyes. Josh looks confused and realizes that Reva was in town that day at the creek. She tells him that yes; she needed to tell him something important. Josh asks why she didn’t say anything and Reva tells him that she was shocked, hurt and now, mad. Josh tells her that he is mad, too. She asks if he was with Cassie just now and Josh doesn’t answer. She stops and tells him that his travel arrangements arrived; the plane tickets for him and his girlfriend to go to New York. She tosses the folder at him and tells him to go and enjoy the pomp and the singing of his praises. Josh tells her it is enough and that he isn’t going anywhere until they can straighten some things out about them and her sister.

At her room, Cassie paces the floor. She turns on the television and sees Reva and Josh’s picture advertising the ceremony-to-be. She turns off the television and leaves the room.

Back at the cabin, Josh tells Reva there is nothing that she can say about him that he hasn’t already said about himself. He tells her that he wanted her, but she shut herself from him. He adds that they swore this would be a new beginning and then she left. He says, “Just up and took off with my brother”. He tells her that he needed her more than ever and she left. Reva tells him that she told him she would be back. He says that he waited and waited because he couldn’t imagine her to betray him. Reva just stares at him. Josh tells her that the past three months have been cruel and he was hurt, sad and lonely. He says that he wanted someone to share life and Cassie was there, caring. Reva says, “And, young and pretty”. Josh tells her it wasn’t about physical attraction, but emotional. Josh starts to cry and tells her that he wanted that with her (Reva) but she was not there. He says that Cassie needed him back, too, and made him happy. Reva yells, “I’m sure she made you happy more times…” Josh interrupts and tells her it was more than sexual and adds, “For the record, we have not slept together”. Reva cries. He tells her that they have come close, but didn’t because it would be a betrayal to her (Reva). He tells Reva that Cassie and he still love her. Reva turns around and continues to cry. Josh tells her he has a plane to catch and it is a proud day for him. Reva doesn’t speak. Josh continues and tells her that he had hoped she would be by his side at the ceremony, but the fact is…..he pauses and says, “What happened happened. There’s no going back”. Reva calls after him and says, “Joshua, wait. There’s something I have to tell you”. Josh says, “Goodbye, Reva”, and walks out of the cabin. Reva stands alone.

On Main Street, Cassie leaves a voice message for Josh when Reva walks up. Reva says, “Things were just great for you, Cassie. Maybe if you hurry, you can get your claws into him before he realizes what a HUGE mistake he’s made”. Cassie tells her that she is sorry and wants to go someplace to talk. She asks Cassie if she is afraid someone will find out she stole someone’s husband. Cassie defends herself and asks Reva if she really thought she could take off and everyone would forgive her. She asks if she (Reva) ever stopped and thought about Josh’s feelings. Reva whispers that she thought about Josh every day. Cassie tells her that she (Reva) vowed to share everything with her husband. Reva yells, “You want to talk about rules, Cassie? How about, ‘thou shalt not covet’”? Reva tells her that now she knows what all of this is about. Reva says, “It’s about Richard, isn’t it? I take yours away from you so you take mine away from me”? Cassie raises her voice and tells Reva that Josh needed her and she failed him utterly and completely. Reva tells her that maybe that is why she did what she did and thanks to her (Cassie), she was there to pick up the pieces. Cassie says, “Maybe I was”.

In a bar, Billy finds Reva having a drink. He asks her if she saw ‘them’. She tells him she did. He looks on Reva’s face and says, “I’m sorry”. She tells him that she wonders if she hadn’t taken off if Josh and Cassie would have found each other. Billy asks what she plans to do and Reva tells him she doesn’t know. Reva tells Billy that she kept visualizing Cassie and Josh in bed together, but that’s not how it was at all. She tells Billy that she could lose Josh to Cassie.

Meanwhile, in her room, Cassie tells Josh about the meeting with Reva. Josh tells her that he is sorry for pulling her into this mess. Cassie tells him there is no point in feeling sorry. They both agree they thought they were prepared for this. Cassie asks what they should do now and Josh tells her that he doesn’t know why Reva left for Reva never explained. He does tell Cassie he doesn’t think it was about Billy for Reva was too self-righteous. Cassie tells him that Reva all but called her a slut. Josh shakes his head and tells her he is sorry for that. Josh hugs Cassie and they talk about silly things. Both have sadness in their eyes. Josh tells her that now, the ceremony doesn’t seem right anymore. Cassie talks to him sternly and tells him that she will not let him place this aside. Josh smiles at this.

Back at the bar, Reva tells Billy that she cannot bear not having Josh with her ‘in the end’. She cries and tells him that the last thing she wants to see before her eyes close for good is Josh’s face. Billy tells her it will all be okay. Reva tells him that Josh is to be honored today and she needs to go to this. Billy tells her okay. She adds that afterwards, she will tell him everything including how much she loves him. She says, “I will tell him how much I need him”.

In New York City, the ceremony begins on the “Fighting I” ship. Josh, Cassie and RJ are mesmerized with the sites. Josh looks at HB’s medal as RJ runs on the deck. RJ exclaims that the ship is cool. All three are welcomed aboard. They all discuss the foundation that is there. Josh grabs Cassie’s hand and they walk around the ship. Reva arrives and finds the ceremony site. Reva asks a uniformed officer about Josh’s whereabouts. He shows her to Josh’s room on the ship, opens the door and finds no one in the room. Suddenly, Reva becomes faint and the officer catches her in his arms. Later, he fans her as Reva tells him it is just a stressful day. Reva turns and sees on the television, Josh being honored. Josh delivers his speech about how he found HB’s blueprints for the ‘dream’. Cassie stands to the side and smiles. Reva watches the presentation and smiles, too. Josh continues his speech. He says, “Who am I doing this for”? He thanks his audience. Reva proclaims to the officer that she has to get to Josh. She walks to the platform and sees Josh, Cassie and RJ thanking the audience. Reva cries silently. Josh takes RJ’s hand and RJ takes Cassie’s. The three smile at the other. Reva cries and watches in silence. Later, RJ sees Reva and is so happy to see her. Reva hugs Josh and says, “You were so good, Bud”. Josh is totally surprised and tells Reva he didn’t know she was there. Reva tells him that she knows he needs to go to the party and says, “Congratulations”. Reva walks away in haste. Josh and Cassie just stare at each other, confused.

Later, Reva walks away….alone….in the shipyard….fades to nothing. She looks out over the ocean….a far away look in her eyes and cries.

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