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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/29/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At his apartment, Mallet and Dinah share a post love-making moment. She remembers Jeffrey’s words that if Mallet finds out about the file and finds out the truth, her insurance policy goes out the window. She comes back to reality and proclaims to Mallet that she just cannot do this. Mallet looks confused. As she dresses, Mallet asks her if last night was not great. She tells him that sex has never been a problem. After dressing, she tells him that last night was wonderful. Mallet asks if she is leaving and she tells him the only reason she came is that she felt lonely. Mallet tries to appeal to her and tells her they have something special. Dinah casts down her eyes. Mallet tells her that he has not stopped loving her and can tell she doesn’t want to leave. Dinah tells him that she does not want last night to be the last night. Mallet promises that he will not give upon them. Dinah tells him to take a shower and they will discuss it over breakfast. Mallet leaves the room and Dinah looks at the file on her desk.

In their room, Jonathan tells Lizzie and Tammy that he has checked for Alan and they should be gone before anyone finds out. Jonathan tells them he has fake IDs for them, too. Lizzie asks what they will do for money and Tammy tells them she can pawn her engagement ring. Jonathan kisses Tammy and Lizzie looks on; she appears jealous. Tammy tells everyone they have to get out now. Jonathan finally tells her that she cannot pawn her ring. Lizzie tells them that she did give the ring to them, as she stuffs her mouth with food. Jonathan says, “Took three of us to get engage and three to decide to skip town”. Tammy adds, “Took two of you to make the baby in the first place”. Suddenly, the room is silent and each look at the other. Jonathan tells them he will sell his bike. They tell him no. Lizzie puts down the food and announces that she is almost finished packing her bags. Jonathan yells, “Bags? As in plural?” Jonathan continues to plan their escape and tells Tammy that she now needs to visit her mom to tell her goodbye.

At Cassie’s house, Josh is making repairs and hits his hand with a hammer. Cassie soothes his injury by kissing his hand. Josh laughs. They start to move in closer to each other and finally kiss, slowly. Later, Cassie tells Josh that she is the worst mother on the planet. She tells him that RJ refuses to go to New York with them and will not talk to her. She adds that RJ is upset with her and Josh’s relationship and that Richard is his father. Josh tells him that RJ is just hurting. Cassie tells him that she could kick Hawk for dumping all of this in RJ’s lap. Suddenly, RJ appears and says, “Excuse me, are we going or not?” Josh takes RJ from the room and tells Cassie they will be back later.

Meanwhile, in her room, Reva packs. Billy walks in and tells her he sees that she hasn’t changed her mind. Reva tells him that she is ready to kick butt; first by kicking her sister out of her husband’s bed. She starts to stumble and Billy assists her upright. They leave together.

At Main Street, Dinah pitches the file on a table in front of Jeffrey. She tells him that he managed to ruin her night. Jeffrey picks up the file and tells her that he doesn’t enjoy seeing her miserable. She asks him if he will help her and he tells her that he will, but has been trying to survive himself. Dinah turns to walk away and he grabs her arm. He walks with her as she tells him that she wants him to delete what is in the file. Jeffrey tells her it isn’t that simple and adds that they must find a way to co-exist. He tells her that if he releases information about the fire, she will go to prison. He reminds her that when he helped her in prison, she was bound to him. He reminds her as well, that they will always be looking over their shoulder. Dinah tells him that she knows him better than anyone and that he taught her that anything is possible. She warns him that if he gets in her way, she will take off his head. Jeffrey asks her how much of a problem she will be and she tells him that he cannot afford to find out. Meanwhile, in his room, Mallet walks out and cannot find Dinah. He realizes the file is missing.

Josh takes RJ to a cemetery. RJ is less than thrilled and tells Josh that he does not want to talk. Josh tells him that is fine for the reason he brought him to the cemetery is to talk to his dad. RJ tells Josh that his dad is dead. Josh tells RJ that he used to come to a cemetery and sit with his own dad after he died. He tells RJ that even if their dads are not with them anymore, they can listen and help them. RJ listens and scrunches up his nose. Josh asks if he can talk to his dad and RJ tells him he can. Josh bends down and starts to talk to Richard. He tells Richard that he will never hurt Cassie or her children. He promises that he will fix everything. RJ smiles. Josh tells RJ to talk to his dad. RJ bends down on one knee and says, “Hi, dad. I miss you”. Later, Josh and RJ share a piece of candy. Josh tells RJ about how he used to play in a cemetery as a child. RJ is intrigued. They sit down together and talk. RJ tells him that he gets sad a lot. Josh tells him that in his heart, he will always have him (Josh). RJ says, “Cool”. He tells Josh that he will go to New York with him and Cassie. Josh tells RJ that he has Yankee tickets, too. RJ is excited.

Back at her house, Cassie visits with Tammy. Tammy tells her that Alan is trying to have Lizzie committed. She tells her mother that the three of them are leaving today. Cassie is shocked. Cassie tells her that she has options. Tammy tells her that they have to get away from Alan. Cassie finally tells Tammy that she realizes that she does have to leave. She tells Tammy that she is proud of her.

At Outskirts, Jonathan makes final arrangements for their departure when Billy walks in. Billy asks if something is going on and Jonathan tells him that when they get to where they are going, he will call Reva. Billy tells him he can do this now. Jonathan turns around and finds Reva standing there. Jonathan tells her that it doesn’t matter what she does for they are going to leave town. Reva says, “Over my dead body. How do you like that?” Jonathan tells her not to turn it into a thing. Lizzie tells Reva that her hair looks nice since it has started to grow back. Reva tells Jonathan that he cannot run away. Jonathan tries to explain that Alan is forcing his hand. Lizzie tells Reva that she did try to shoot Alan. Reva is appalled. Reva asks him not to do this and not to lose everything. She tells him that she has lost the man she loved. Jonathan asks her if she is sorry that she didn’t tell Josh about the cancer and she tells him no. She tells him that if he runs from Alan, that Alan will dictate his life. She says it makes no sense. Jonathan tells her that is the same. Reva tells him that she will be there for him and so will others. Jonathan laughs at this statement.

Back on Main Street, Dinah tells Jeffrey that she wants a second chance with Mallet. After Jeffrey leaves, Mallet runs up, grabs her, and demands the files from her. Dinah jerks back and tells him that he is causing a scene. He tells her that he is sick of her lies and that he knows she took the files. She tells him that she did, but has them no longer. He demands, once again, the return of the files. Mallet tells her that she used to sleep with him out of love but now does so she can rip him off. Dinah slaps him. He asks about the file again. He asks her to tell him everything about Jeffrey. Dinah says nothing. He tells her that she has a choice to tell the truth. Dinah starts to walk away and tells him that she cannot live in his world, then adds she wishes she didn’t love him so much. Dinah walks away.

At her house, Cassie gives Tammy money as a loan and tells her that she will be there for her. Josh and RJ return and RJ is excited to see Tammy. RJ tells Cassie that he went to see his dad. Tammy hugs Cassie goodbye and leaves. RJ tells Cassie that Tammy looks sad and so does she. Cassie tells him that no, she has two great guys with her.

Meanwhile, in a courtroom, a man walks in and tells Jeffrey that his running for mayor raises his profile too much. Jeffrey tells the man that he isn’t his boss anymore and that Springfield is his town. The man says, “Is that so?” Jeffrey tells him that he (the man) trained him and that he should know of what he is capable of doing. The man says that he knows on many levels. Jeffrey warns the man to get out of town and if he doesn’t, he will dispose of anyone who gets in his way. Jeffrey leaves the man to ponder this warning.

At Outskirts, Reva shows Jonathan a complete history of Alan Spaulding. She tells him that it includes decades of dirty work including the illegal adoption of Phillip, all the battles he did with Roger Thorpe, bribes, judges that he owns, and his wins and losses. Jonathan asks how she got all of this information and she tells him from friends who owe her. He tells her thank you and Reva leaves. Lizzie walks in and asks what happened with Reva. He tells her that Reva told him to stay and fight. Lizzie looks at him; Tammy walks in and asks what’s going on. Lizzie tells him it is insane. Jonathan tells them that it’s got to work. Lizzie tells him no judge will listen to him over the cha-ching of Spaulding money. Jonathan holds up the papers Reva gave to him and says, “Well, like I was thinking earlier….money isn’t everything”. Lizzie and Tammy look at each other.

At an empty cabin, Reva enters and calls to Josh. She looks at the mantle and says, “It’s so good to be home”. She finds the words, “Always….Forever”.

In her room, Cassie thanks Josh for standing up for RJ and being a father figure. She tells him that when she is with him, she knows everything will be all right. He asks her what she wants to do and they giggle. Josh kisses Cassie very slowly. They part and look into each other’s eyes. He smiles and tells her that she is beautiful. Josh starts to undo her belt and Cassie stares at him, passion in her eyes. She opens his shirt and they continue to kiss. Suddenly, Josh’s cell phone rings and he tells her he needs to answer it. He looks at the ID and looks back at Cassie. Cassie says, “What? Reva?” Josh says yes and answers the phone. He says, “Hello, Reva”. Reva says, “Come home, Joshua”.

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