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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/28/06

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Written By Suzanne

In Olivia's place, Olivia has just discovered that Emma is not moving after Ava has been baby-sitting while Olivia and Buzz were out on a date. Ava figures out that Emma stole the perfume out of her bag. Olivia screams at Ava to stay away from her.

Gus goes to visit Mallet at his request. Mallet is looking at the Springfield Burns website some more. Gus gives him a hard time about obsessing about Dinah and Jeffrey. Mallet knows they are involved, but Gus still thinks they are sleeping together. The video on the website shows Jeffrey meeting with his mysterious government agent friend again, in Main Street. Mallet wonders what he's hiding. They both wonder who that guy is, but they can tell that he's not a fan of Jeffrey's. They think the guy looks like a Fed. Mallet asks Gus to phone and find out. Gus does and finds out that the man is a former director and that he used to be Jeffrey's boss. Mallet wants to find the man. Gus tells him he already did, so they leave.

Jeffrey meets Dinah at a bar, asking her how her meeting with Alan-Michael went. She has been drinking for a while and says it looks good for getting his endorsement. She is not happy that Jeffrey is still holding on to the evidence against her. He thinks she should just go back to Mallet, but she says he can't because he doesn't trust her. He goes over to some men sitting at the bar and tells them that they should vote for Jeffrey. Jeffrey watches her, wondering what she's up to. The men flirt with her. One of the men says he will vote for Jeffrey, but the other likes Blake. His friend kids him that he only likes her because he saw her on the website. She asks where they work, so they tell her that they work for Lewis. She tells them that she is an executive VP for Spaulding after she makes a joke about Lewis. She tries to talk them into working for Spaulding, as well, and buys them drinks as Jeffrey watches approvingly.

Gus and Mallet meet with Jeffrey's former boss, Mr. Ditkins, at the coffee place in Main Street. Mallet identifies themselves as cops. They claim they are working security for Jeffrey's campaign and know that Ditkins is his former boss. Ditkins at first pretends not to know Jeffrey. They want to know about Jeffrey's past so that nothing will come up and hurt his campaign. Ditkins is surprised to learn that Jeffrey has not dropped out of the race yet (not sure why he is surprised since he was there last week when Jeffrey gave his speech!). He won't tell them why he thinks Jeffrey should drop out, but he offers to let them look at his confidential file. Gus wonders why he would do that, so Ditkins replies that he owes Jeffrey. Mallet and Jeffrey jokingly pat themselves on the back for bending the guy to their pressure. Ditkins phones Jeffrey to remind him that he wants him to drop out. Jeffrey reminds him that he doesn't work for him any more. Ditkins tells Jeffrey that he is going to send Mallet his file, which makes Jeffrey "look like a monster" but doesn't mention Ditkins or his bosses' part in what happened. He hangs up on Jeffrey then.

Jeffrey pressures Dinah to get his file away from Mallet before he sees it. Dinah doesn't want to see Mallet, but Jeffrey tells her that if Mallet sees that file, he won't be able to keep her out of prison any more. She still refuses to see Mallet. They argue. Later, Dinah shows up at Mallet's door. He is very surprised to see her. She lies that she wanted to talk about wedding cancellation stuff and pick up some of her things. He reminds her that it burned up, so she asks if anything made it out of the fire. He laughs that he thought he was the only one coming up with lame excuses to see her. She asks him what his were, so he admits that he was planning to phone her to see if she needed anything moved, like patio furniture or a piano. She sits down as he talks about other things he was going to use as excuses. He babbles on and then asks her to say something, so she says she has nothing to say. She goes to him and he holds her body (she is standing; he is sitting, so it is very intimate). She kisses him and then leads him to the bed, where they start to make love.

Jeffrey phones Dinah to bug her about why she hasn't gotten the file yet.

Beth runs into Alan in Main Street; he has more baby gift bags. She wonders what he could possibly still be getting. He's enjoying himself and she notices that he's in a good mood. He's happy that they are both on the same side again and working to get Lizzie and the baby. He tells her that her plan is now underway. She feels guilty about making Lizzie seem crazy. He reminds her that she won't really be crazy, just seem like it. Alan admits to her that he put blanks in Lizzie's gun and put bars on the nursery window, but he has no regrets. Beth walks away after that, so he looks confused.

Lizzie and Jonathan show Tammy the papers that were served to Lizzie (Alan is trying to prove that Lizzie is an unfit mother so he can take her baby). Jonathan is confident that they will beat Alan and he will still get married to Tammy. Lizzie objects to their wedding, worried that she will be alone. They assure her that they will stick with her and not kick her out. Lizzie hugs Jonathan gratefully as he re-assures her. They go to visit Mel at the courthouse. Jonathan tells the girls, who are in the hallway, that Mel will be down in a minute but says that Alan doesn't have a case. Lizzie still worries that Alan will win because of his money and power. She gets upset again when a cop walks by, taking a women out in cuffs, who yells that she has kids so they can't lock her away. Tammy assures Lizzie that won't be her. Lizzie goes to an empty courtroom to think. Tammy frets, but Jonathan comforts her.

Alan finds Lizzie in the courtroom. Lizzie realizes that Alan is still having her followed. Alan tells her to just come home where she belongs. They argue. Jonathan and Tammy walk in and tell Alan to leave her alone. Alan leaves, and Jonathan goes to find Mel. Outside, Jonathan tells Alan that he wants to make him a deal. They go somewhere to chat (the roof? or another room...). Jonathan tells Alan that all of this trouble is worth it to him because he will get Lizzie, her baby, and all the Spaulding money. Alan is not amused. Jonathan makes lewd comments about "bagging" Lizzie a few more times and trying to have another baby, until Alan grabs him and starts choking him. Jonathan keeps telling him that he will be shut out of her life. Alan sees Jonathan grab the side of the ledge and stops choking him. He tells Jonathan that he sees what he's doing. Just then, Lizzie, Tammy, and Gus arrive, wondering what's going on. Alan denies that anything was going on. He tells Lizzie he will see her soon, then he leaves. Gus guesses that Jonathan was planning on throwing himself off the balcony so that Alan would look psycho. Jonathan knows that Alan was very close. Gus tells him that he's going about it all wrong, and he advises Lizzie to phone a lawyer. He adds that they would have been better off if the gun had real bullets rather than blanks. Jonathan figures that they are completely screwed. Gus warns them not to pull any more stupid tricks. He tells Lizzie that she's not alone. He knows how she feels to be a target of Alan and asks her how she and her baby are doing. She assures him they are fine. He offers to hide her somewhere so that she can have the baby away from her family. She sighs and thinks about it, then she tells him that Jonathan has to be a part of this. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her to phone him if she changes her mind. They hug.

Jonathan tells Tammy that Alan is going to kill Lizzie on the stand and won't stop until he gets what he wants. He asks Tammy if she trusts him, so she replies that of course she does. He wants to protect his kid, he says as he takes out a suitcase. Tammy agrees that they have to flee. Lizzie comes in and wonders what's going on. Jonathan tells her that the three of them have to leave and that she has to have the baby elsewhere. Lizzie reminds him that there are four of them (including the baby).

Meanwhile, Alan plays with a jack-in-the-box (in a creepy way) back in the nursery as he says to himself, "Soon, baby, very soon".

Rick phones to leave a message on Mel's phone, wondering where she is. Ava, Olivia, and Buzz bring Emma in. Ava is unsure as to exactly when Emma ingested the perfume, so Olivia yells at her again. Rick asks them to leave so he can examine Emma. Olivia protests but they all go out. She is frantic and upset. Coop arrives and hugs Ava. Ava cries and blames herself. Olivia keeps worrying as she watches from the door. Buzz tries to calm her down, assuring that Emma will be all right. She nods nervously. Meanwhile, Coop does the same for Ava. Rick comes out and tells them that she is stable. They pumped her stomach, but she had an allergic reaction to that, so they put her on an IV. They are waiting for the blood work, so they still have to determine her toxicity level. Olivia asks if she will be ok. Olivia wants to see her but can't yet. Ava apologizes to Olivia, but she just yells at her some more. Olivia thinks that Ava is paying her back for leaving her in the fire. Ava denies it, shocked. Buzz tries to keep Olivia on track, but she is upset and wonders why she always loses the people she loves. Ava wonders why Olivia is being so mean to her. Coop says that Olivia is just taking her anger out on her. He swears that he will never let anyone hurt her. Buzz and Coop share a concerned look. They all wait some more. Coop gives Ava a pep talk about how Rick will bring them good news. She asks Coop to go to the chapel with her to pray for Emma, so they leave. Olivia tells Buzz that she is a bad person and that's why she's being punished by Emma's getting hurt. Buzz keeps telling her to have faith and strength. Olivia is bolstered and hugs him. Rick comes out to tell them that they can see Emma now. Olivia goes to Emma and tells her that her mommy's here. Emma is out of it, but Olivia talks to her anyway. She talks about the future to Emma, the plans she had for a dance recital and a sleep-over. Ava listens outside the door. Olivia asks Buzz to sit with her while she talks to Rick. Ava asks Olivia if she's okay. Olivia tells her that she hasn't woken up yet. She threatens Ava, saying she will make her pay if anything happens to Emma. Ava looks scared.

Beth confides to Rick that she did something to protect Lizzie, but she doesn't want her to get hurt. Rick reminds her that she's always made good decisions when it comes to Lizzie. She is happy that he made her feel better and praises how great he looks back on the job. He tells her how great it feels and also mentions helping Emma. He tells Beth that Mel said she wants to rebuild their marriage. She is less than thrilled and asks if that is with or without her. Once again they argue about whether to continue sleeping together or not. They both admit needing the other person, but Rick feels more guilty about it. He suggests they get together and talk about it, so she agrees and asks him to call her. They hug and share a semi-kiss.

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