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Guiding Light Update Friday 8/25/06

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Written By Suzanne

Dinah is at the hotel and on the phone with Jeffrey. She tells him to back off and that Alan-Michael is an old friend of Blake's, so it will be tough for her to get his vote. As she hangs up, a delivery man comes up with a package for her. He apologizes for it being late and hopes it's in time for the wedding. She takes it and opens it. They are little keepsakes for the wedding reception that say "Always and Forever". Dinah looks at them in her room. She has a flashback to her and Mallet talking about the wedding. She looks very sad.

At Main Street, Ava, now working for Alan-Michael, gives him some paperwork and asks if there's anything else she can help him with. He asks if she wants an iced coffee, but she says that she has plans with Coop. Coop comes up and asks if she's off work, so they look at Alan-Michael, who does not say anything. They take his response as a "yes" and Coop thanks him for looking out for his girl. Coop and Ava decide to go to a movie. Alan-Michael gets a phone call from Dinah, who says she needs to talk to him and will be waiting at his room. When Alan-Michael arrives, she asks him if he wants to get dinner. He agrees after a minute. They trade barbs but go inside his room. She tells him that she thinks Spaulding should endorse Jeffrey's candidacy as he fixes her a drink. He asks her some questions and then asks, "What are you willing to do to make it happen?"

At Company, Buzz phones Ashlee, who is supposed to be working, and wonders where she is. Olivia is on her laptop, looking again at the Springfield Burns website. He comes up and reminds her that she is supposed to be moving on. She says that she just wanted to see if it was still there. He suggests that she stop looking at it. She declares that whoever is behind this is a jerk and they'd better hope she doesn't find out who it is. She apologizes for obsessing over it. He can understand why she is upset about someone dredging up her past but suggests that she just let it roll off her back. She doesn't know how to do that. She is worried that they will bring up some other skeletons from her past. They discuss why this person is doing this, but he says that they shouldn't care. He thinks she needs a distraction and tells her to come with him, but she thinks that she has already left the babysitter there too long. He says she can wait a few more hours, so Olivia gives in and phones her babysitter. Buzz takes Olivia to a movie. She is shocked but agrees to the date. She gives him a kiss and thanks him for the distraction. Then she asks him to sit in the back row with her, so naturally he agrees. They are heading in when her cell phone goes off. It's her babysitter. They have to leave the movie because her babysitter has an emergency at home. Buzz sees Ava and Coop, so he suggests that Olivia get them to baby sit. He reminds her that she wanted to learn to trust and be more like the Coopers. She is not too keen on the idea and wonders if this is some sort of cruel test. He states that it's a way to put all the ugliness behind them. Buzz and Olivia asks them to baby-sit Emma. Ava looks shocked. Later, we see that Olivia and Buzz had a wonderful time at the movies and are now eating ice cream. They sit at a table in Main Street. She says that it was one of her top five dates. He is surprised, but she says it was just so nice. He gives her a bite of ice cream, and then he kisses her. She thanks him for putting her life in perspective.

Ava reads Emma story, but Emma refuses to go to sleep afterwards. Coop jokes around with them. Emma says that she smells good, so Ava bargains with her that she will give her a squirt of her favorite perfume and then she will go to bed. Ava gives her a squirt, so Emma leaves to go upstairs. Ava tells Coop that he has to leave because she doesn't want Olivia to walk in on them. He objects but then agrees. He kisses her goodbye. Meanwhile, Emma steals the bottle of perfume from Ava's purse. Later, Olivia and Buzz return. Ava tells them that Coop went home and that Emma is sound asleep. Buzz thanks Ava while Olivia goes to check on Emma. She comes out with Emma in her arms and screams, "What have you done to my baby?"

Gus finds Mallet at the police station on his day off. Mallet says he is doing research on Jeffrey because he is worried about him and Dinah being so close. Marina shows him a laptop with the Springfield Burns website. It has a picture of Dinah and Jeffrey, saying "Back in the saddle again". She tells him she's so sorry. Marina has made up a bulletin board with photos of each of the people that the blog has told secrets about, and underneath is a list of people that person has pissed off. Remy, Gus, and Mallet look at the board with her and discuss it. Marina says they just have to find the common enemy for all of these people. Gus tells Marina to keep up the good work. Mallet asks Gus if he still has contacts at the FBI. Gus knows that he is trying to dig up dirt on Jeffrey and wonders if he is the blogger. Mallet knows that Dinah has some dirt on Jeffrey and that's why he bailed her out. Gus says flippantly that maybe they are sleeping together. Gus goes on and on about it in a speculative way, annoying Mallet. Marina shows them another blog entry. It has a video of Alan-Michael and Dinah in his room. He takes off his jacket. They figure out that the video is live, so they rush over to the hotel room.

Alan-Michael and Dinah sit on his bed, chatting and having drinks. They talk about supporting Jeffrey over Blake. He says he was going to endorse him anyway, but he wonders what she's getting out of it. Alan-Michael answers the door when there is a knock--it is the police. They rush in and open his laptop, which has a camera pointed toward him and Dinah. Mallet asks him if he would care to explain. Dinah asks if he is the one who put them on the website. Marina figures out it is not coming from the computer but from another hidden camera. They asks Alan-Michael who has access to his room, but he replies that only hotel staff do. Alan-Michael finds out that the video has been on for about an hour. Dinah thinks the blog people have been following her, but Alan-Michael reminds her that the camera is in his room. He demands to know who is in charge, but both Gus and Mallet tell him that they're not official in charge. Marina steps forward to admit she is in charge of the case, so his demeanor softens. She tells him that they are monitoring the site and that their tech person will try to find where the video is originating from. He offers his help, saying that the Spaulding tech people are top-notch. Mallet is glad to see that he's taking it more seriously now, since he's a target. Alan-Michael orders everyone out. Dinah tells him before she leaves that she will draft a press release (about Spaulding supporting Jeffrey). Gus and Marina leave. Mallet chats with Dinah about how he is protecting her. She thanks him for coming to warn her. He tells her that Gus tried to convince him that she and Jeffrey were sleeping together, but he knows what they have is too strong for that. She says that she has to go and meet Jeffrey.

Lizzie and Tammy chat about how Tammy almost married Jonathan. Tammy explains that when Jonathan is afraid he's losing something he wants to hold on even tighter. Lizzie wonders why Jonathan thought he was losing Tammy, so Tammy admits that it was because of Lizzie. They discuss this.

Jonathan has Ashlee phone her mother and tell her that she is taking a little trip with him. As expected, Doris hits the roof. Jonathan laughs at her reaction. Doris demands to speak to him, so Ashlee gives him the phone. He tells her not to worry and that he and Ashlee will have a blast, and that he will have her back home sometime next week. Doris yells at him, but he hangs up, saying they have to go. Both he and Ashlee laugh their heads off. Ashlee goes on and on about how fun it was to piss Doris off. They joke around. She tells him that she would do anything for Lizzie, or him. He looks at her, wondering if she is getting the wrong idea, but she assures him that she knows he's not in love with her. They joke around some more. She tells him that she thinks it's really cooling how he is doing this for his baby. He tells her that she's really cool, too. She loves her mom, she says, but she knows this is harmless and she just wants her mom to see him how she does--the guy who would give up anything for people he cares about. He says it was easier when he didn't care about anyone. He gets her purse and asks her if she's ready for Plan Two, so she laughs that she is.

Doris phones Tammy to order her down to the police station, saying that her psycho boyfriend kidnapped her daughter. Tammy and Lizzie go to the station. Doris asks her when she last saw Jonathan. Tammy tells her it was about an hour and a half ago, but that doesn't satisfy Doris, who makes all sorts of threats. Lizzie whispers to Tammy that maybe they should play along with whatever Jonathan is trying to accomplish. She starts to say that Jonathan was kind of desperate, but then Jonathan and Ashlee walk into the station, hand-in-hand. He asks what they missed. Doris grabs him by the lapels and attacks him. Ashlee steps up and defends Jonathan, saying it was as much her idea as his. Jonathan tells Doris that they were trying to show Doris what it was like to have someone threaten her child. He accuses Doris of only going after Lizzie because she's carrying his baby. Doris denies it and threatens to lock him up. Ashlee and Jonathan are determined to make her see what she's doing. Tammy tries to get Jonathan to drop it, but then Alan walks up. He is there to see Doris and pulls her aside. Tammy tells Jonathan that he's insane for what he did. He says that he just can't let Lizzie go to jail. Lizzie thanks him, but she's worried about why Alan is there. Ashley loves how the four of them are working together. Tammy tells her in no uncertain terms that she is not moving in with them. Jonathan laughs and hugs Tammy. Doris and Alan return to tell Lizzie that the charges are dropped for now. Lizzie thanks Doris, but she tells her to thank Alan, not her. Lizzie is surprised that Alan told her not to press charges. He says it was just a misunderstanding, so Lizzie thanks him, reluctantly. Doris warns Jonathan never to pull a stunt like this again and tells Ashlee that she wants her home early. Ashley says she has to work. Jonathan laughs and thanks them all, including Alan. Alan says jauntily that it's nice to see Lizzie happen, but it's too bad it won't last for long. Doris thanks Alan for being supportive. She does add that she's not in the business of letting children be harmed or letting shooters go Scot free. Alan says he isn't, either. Later, Alan goes back to the room that he had set up as a nursery. He says to himself that soon, this room will be put back the way it's supposed to be and that Elizabeth will be coming home with her baby.

Tammy, Jonathan, Lizzie, and Ashlee go back to Outskirts, laughing and making fun of Doris. Lizzie says they should celebrate, so Jonathan passes out drinks for everyone. They toast to Lizzie's freedom and then toast Ashlee. Lizzie toasts to their engagement, too. Ashlee is shocked to hear it and says she is very happy for both of them. Ashlee and Lizzie watch jealously as he pulls Tammy onto his lap. Ashlee has a fantasy about taking Tammy's place, and so does Lizzie. Lizzie gives Tammy a ring for her engagement, to thank them for her help. They are not sure, but Jonathan says she could wear it until he can get her something else. Lizzie gives it to her and Tammy thanks her. Later, Ashlee babbles on, annoying Lizzie, so Lizzie suggests that she leave before her mom has a fit. Jonathan suggests a group hug, so they all hug. Ashlee leaves. Tammy says they should leave, too. Lizzie tells Jonathan that she can't believe he brought Ashlee into this. They laugh that their kid is going to be a terror. A process server stops by and gives Lizzie papers. Alan is taking her to court to prove that she's an unfit parent.

Back at the station, Remy asks Marina if it's tough being at Alan-Michael's place like that. They joke around. Gus asks them to check the website again. It has a sign that says, "$100,00 bounty for the head of the Springfield Burns website". Meanwhile, Alan-Michael looks at the website and says that he is going to get the person who did this.

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