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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/24/06

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Written By Suzanne

Beth runs into Rick at the hospital; she says she's been leaving messages everywhere for him. He says he's just been busy with his new work schedule. She says they should talk. He points out that they are in her husband's room so it's not right, but she tells him that right and wrong are relative terms. Rick tries again to end things with her. He mentions that he hasn't even seen Mel since yesterday and that she doesn't know he was reinstated. She pints out that Mel would know that if she had gone to his hearing. He reminds her that part of the reason is that they were at the hotel together late last night. Beth likes being with him because it reminds her of her youth and what she was like back then. She begs him not to make her leave that person. He says that she doesn't have to and suggests she leave Alan if he doesn't like her as she is. She says it's not that simple. They discuss her marriage. She wants to be both people and be with both men. She thinks Rick wants to have it both ways, too. Rick thinks that's not a very rational idea. Beth reminds him that he phoned her last night because he needed her. She adds that he can lie to himself all he wants, but he's nowhere near putting his marriage back on track. She also says that the difference between them is that he is ashamed of putting himself first, but she's not. She leaves so that he can think about what she said. He has a flashback to being in bed with Mel after the barbecue and what it means to him, and about Danny and Michelle's marriage. This leads to an argument with Mel.

At the police station, Lizzie thanks Tammy and Jonathan for bailing her out, and thanks Mel for representing her. Tammy tells Lizzie that her mother called, and she is surprised that Beth doesn't know that she was in jail. Lizzie reveals that she didn't tell her because she knew she wouldn't help her. Doris gives Mel the paperwork for Lizzie's case and says they are prosecuting her for attempted murder. They can't believe it, since Alan wasn't even hurt, but she points out that he is in the hospital. Doris adds that she will consider a plea. They are outraged, and Jonathan tells her to go to hell. Mel keeps her from attacking Doris and advises them to leave. Jonathan promises Lizzie that she won't go to jail for this.

Josh and Cassie meet up. Josh admires her dress until she points out that R.J. is with her. He is on the internet looking for his soccer schedule, but then he sees the picture from the Springfield Burns website--it is a picture of Josh, R.J., and Cassie on the couch. R.J. thinks it's cool that they are all on there, but Josh and Cassie are surprised to see it. It says "Who's Your Daddy?" and then "Josh Lewis is looking to get promoted from uncle". Cassie closes it quickly, telling R.J. that it's someone's idea of a joke. She suggests that he go watch the White Sox game while they work in here. R.J. leaves. Cassie rants and raves about whomever posted that. Josh thinks they should tell R.J. soon about them. She wonders if the time is right, but he points out that it's better if he learn from them rather than from a blog. Josh suggests that he talk to R.J., but Cassie says they should do it together.

Hawk sees the Springfield Burns website and curses Josh. He phones Billy and asks him if he knows what Josh and Cassie are doing. Billy says that he and Reva know about it. Hawk wants to know why Reva isn't back here giving them a kick in the butt. Billy tells him that the situation is complicated. Hawk is really riled up and intends to put an end to it.

Hawk goes to yell at Josh and Cassie. They try to quiet him down, but R.J. has heard him and rushes in to say hello. Hawk greets him back and says that he will be there as long as R.J. needs him. R.J. looks confused. Hawk says he must be feeling mighty confused right now...Josh usher him out, to stop him from trying to say anything to R.J., but Hawk blurts out that Josh is taking up with his mom while he's still married to Reva. R.J. wants to know what "taking up" means. Hawk realizes that they haven't told him yet, so he also blurts out that they have been lying to the boy. R.J. gets upset when he learns they have been keeping something from him. Cassie yells at Hawk and follows R.J. out so she can talk to him. Josh yells at Hawk for hurting a little boy. Hawk blames Josh and Cassie's behavior for his hurt. Josh says if Hawk weren't so old, he would be on the ground now. Hawk wonders what happened to Josh because he used to be a decent man. He doesn't know how he can rationalize adultery. Josh orders him out. Hawk says it stinks there so he is glad to leave. He slams his door on the way out. Cassie returns, telling Josh that R.J. is still upset. Josh starts to console her, but she pushes him away because she is worried that R.J. will come in. She reluctantly asks him to leave, so he does, assuring her that things will be fine.

Beth sees a 4th of July poster while she walks in Main Street. She has a flashback to an argument she had with Alan. She sits and looks down at her wedding ring. Meanwhile, Rick also looks at his. We see a flashback to when they ran into each other at a bar that same day. They both get drunk and complain about their spouses. Beth tells Rick that she has forgiven him for his lying about Phillip's death. She remembers how he was furious with her for helping Phillip take the kids, and yet he forgave her. They laugh together and have fun. When Rick says he has to go, she asks him not to. She worries that she's made a mess of her life. He consoles her and tells her that she hasn't. She kisses him, first to thank him, and then it turns into something more. They have sex. Beth says, "No regrets" and he agrees. They agree that this should be the only time. Back in the present, they run into each other again at the Main Street coffee place. After some small talk, she accuses him of avoiding him. When she says that what they have, she doesn't have with Alan. He suggests that they try and asks how she would be motivated to try with him to always fall back on. She points out that he must have that with Mel, then. He doesn't reply. She gives him a copy of their hotel room key. He doesn't want it, he says.

Alan pretends to be sick still in his hospital bed, but as soon as the nurse leaves, he gets up and looks at the newspaper. He hears Lizzie's voice, so he gets back in bed. Lizzie comes in and says she hopes he is up to a little heart-to heart chat. Mel comes in behind her. Alan says he is glad to see her but surprised she didn't come sooner. Lizzie tells him that she was in jail or would have come sooner. They argue and she begs him to tell the police about how he has been harassing her, so they will drop the charges. Alan feigns tiredness and asks her to let him rest. She asks him to phone the D.A., but he won't respond. Mel leads her away. Mel comes back and has a chat with Alan. She tells him that she has the power to help Lizzie. She reminds him that she is always talking about family, so this is his chance to show it. Rick and Beth walk in, looking guilty. Mel and Rick go outside. He asks if she got his note about him being reinstated, and she says she did. She congratulates him. He asks her out to celebrate, but she tells him she's working. He begs her to give them another chance. She tells him how she cooked a big dinner last night and invited everyone over, but he never showed up and never called (hmm, why didn't she call him? And why is Rick working during the day when he just said yesterday that he is working nights now?). He apologizes and lies that he was catching up on reading hospital policies. He asks her again to go out with him, if not tonight some other night. He just wants them to be together. She tells him again that she has to work, then she leaves. Rick looks at the hotel key.

Alan touches Beth's face and asks her what's wrong. She replies, "Nothing" very nervously. Alan tells her about Lizzie's stopping by and how she had been in jail. Beth is shocked and upset. They argue again about taking her baby away. Beth admits that he has a point about Jonathan not being fit to raise the baby, but she says his efforts have failed, so from now on they need to do things her way.

Tammy and Jonathan are on Main Street having coffee and talking about what will happen to Lizzie. He's sorry that this is coming between them, but she tells him that it's not his fault. She wonders if maybe they were naive to think they could do this. He suddenly gets the idea to get married right now. She smiles at the idea. Later, Jonathan says he found a justice of the peace to marry them. She is shocked that he found one so quickly but points out that she doesn't have all the other stuff like a dress, flowers, etc. He doesn't think any of that stuff matters. He just wants to show the world that they are united and will deal with anything that happens--together. He adds that they can have a party later on. She assures him that she wants this and agrees that the other stuff can wait. They kiss. They prepare to get married in their hotel room. The justice asks them to read their own vows. Tammy starts but then gets nervous. She grabs his hand and talks about how they will be married. Jonathan vows to take care of Tammy. The justice says they need a witness. Lizzie walks in and wonders what's going on. Tammy and Jonathan explain about their engagement. She wonders why they are getting married now instead of having a real wedding. Tammy says that stuff is not important now and asks Lizzie to be the witness. She agrees. Jonathan suddenly says they should stop the ceremony because he doesn't want Tammy to have such a disappointing wedding day. They should wait until they can have a big wedding with their families there. He pays the justice anyway and explains they are waiting. Tammy protests but agrees. They hug. Lizzie says it's been quite a day. Jonathan asks how things went with Doris. Lizzie says she is totally out to get her. She explains that she went to see Alan. Jonathan is not surprised that Alan did not help. He gets an idea and leaves, telling them not to worry. Tammy knows that they should worry...she worries where he will be. Lizzie is sorry for ruining their wedding, but Tammy says she didn't. They talk about their almost-wedding and about the baby. Tammy has confidence that things will work out, while Lizzie is confident that Jonathan will take care of everything.

Jonathan meets with Ashlee and asks for her help, saying that someone will take his kid. She pledges that she will help with anything he wants.

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