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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/23/06

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Written By Siri

Rick – Inside the Light

“Doctor, Doctor”

At their home, Rick finds Mel in bed. He sits on the bed and starts to undress. Mel works on some papers and they talk. He tells her that he needs to sleep in the bed with her tonight and she tells him that it is okay for he has been on the couch a lot lately. He tells her it will be nice and she looks rather skeptical, but says, “Okay”. Later, Rick turns off the TV, Mel rolls over, and Rick kisses her on the cheek. Rick tells her he loves her. She does not respond. Hours later, Mel is still awake. She starts to touch him, but changes her mind. Rick is still awake as well, but lies very still.

In the morning, Rick cooks breakfast. Mel asks why and he tells the story about how his grandma, Bert, would get everyone together for a meal. He tells her this is a way to work out problems. Mel ignores him and Rick finally asks how they can work out their problems. She tells him she doesn’t have time today. Rick says that his hearing is today and if she will be there. She tells him yes, in an official capacity. He raises his voice and tells her that he was hoping that she would be there as his wife and they could start to rebuild their marriage. Mel raises her voice and tells him that he has kept a huge part of himself hidden from her. Rick tells her that Blake and Beth have forgiven him and that the one person (Mel) who has the least reason has yet to do so. She says, “That’s great. I’m sick and tired of being the least”. She storms out of the house and Rick yells that she is twisting his words again. Rick sighs and has a flashback to Bert. She tells him that she is blessed with a wonderful family and friends. A younger Rick tells her that yes; they do have a wonderful family. Back to reality, Rick talks with Leah who tells him that she will be with him at the hearing. She asks about Mel leaving. Rick, thinking of something else, holds her and says, “I hope not honey, I hope not”.

At Cedars, Mel speaks with a woman in labor. The woman desires her husband to be with her. Mel encourages her as she has contractions. She asks the woman does she want an epidural and the woman tells her not until her husband arrives. Mel has a flashback of when she delivered and Rick was at her side. Back to reality, the woman’s husband arrives. Suddenly, Mel tells the nurse to page Dr. Sedgwick to labor and delivery for she has somewhere to go; she rushes off. At Main Street, Rick and Leah stroll together and talk about general topics. She leaves for swim practice and he tells her he loves her. Lillian walks up and tells him that Leah is growing up. Rick starts to talk about how the best times in his life were with Phillip, Beth and Mindy. At the hospital, Mel talks with a man when she sees Beth in the hallway. Mel tells Beth that she realizes she (Beth) has supported Rick and is surprised. Beth asks her if she is relieved and cannot understand why she is so surprised. Rick and Lillian continue to talk and Rick tells her that his relationship with Beth, Mindy and Phillip was romantic. She agrees. He tells her that his past with them is something that he cannot find in the present. He says that he really misses them and now, they are long gone. Lillian tells him that maybe reality is much better and that many men would love to trade places with him and have a wife like Mel. Beth tells Mel that Rick is her friend and she had to forgive him. Mel, sarcastically, talks about the “four musketeers” and asks her how she can over-romanticize something over 20 years old. She tells Beth that she tires of this story. Beth is shocked and tells her that the past just wasn’t that simple. Mel tells her their relationship was based on lies and Rick holds it up like a trophy. Mel storms off and leaves Beth to wonder what is going on.

At Company, Mel arrives and meets the man (a lawyer) she was speaking with at the hospital. He tells her that he appreciates her meeting him. He tells her that he is from Ohio, but is living in Chicago now. He orders for them, including wine, and she is surprised that he knows what she likes. She asks him if they are on a date and he tells her if she has to ask him, he maybe is too subtle. She looks at her bare left ring finger, tells him it is flattering, but between her work and her daughter, she doesn’t have time to see people. She adds that she can’t see herself with a man right now. Suddenly, Remy walks up and tells the man that Mel is his sister and that Mel needs to leave. Remy is very stern. Mel leaves and Remy follows. He asks her where her wedding ring is for it isn’t on her hand. Mel tells him that she is sick of playing the perfect wife, mother, and Bauer.

At Cedars, Beth tells Rick that she and Mel had a little chat about forgiving him. He tells her that Mel is doing what she thinks is best and that she hasn’t reconciled with him. Beth tells him that is okay and that she spoke with Dr. Grant to reinstate him. Rick thanks her as Beth tells him that she will stand behind him and support him. Rick tells her that even Lillian thinks he is living in the past too much.

At Jeffrey’s room, Mel arrives as Jeffrey is very surprised. He asks her in and tells her that he is just finishing dressing. She starts to touch his shoulder and tells him that she is there to visit an old friend. He takes her face in his hands and tells her that she is exquisite. Mel backs away and looks uncomfortable. He walks behind her and rubs her shoulders, then starts to kiss her ear as he tells her that she is forbidden fruit. Mel listens, uncomfortably. She suddenly tells him he is a jackass and he stops. He asks her if she is having trouble at home and she tells about how Remy scared a guy away. Mel tells him that she doesn’t know who she is anymore and suddenly grabs Jeffrey and kisses him passionately. He returns the kiss. She stops and tells him, “No, nothing”. He looks confused and tells her good. She tells Jeffrey that she is more than the perfect mother, doctor or lawyer. Suddenly, Dinah walks out of another room and says, “Perfect lawyer? Isn’t that an oxymoron?” Mel is shocked to see her. Dinah tells her that she needs a perfect lawyer right now. Mel tells her that she doesn’t want to defend someone’s unjustifiable behavior.

Meanwhile, at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Rick steps up and tells his story about being addicted to pills. He also tells everyone that he is addicted to his past and has caused judgment lapses that led to bad things in his life. Gus is there and listens. Rick continues about his dear friends and that he misses that connection. Rick speaks so lovingly about the people who were always in his corner, no matter what. He tells everyone that he always had to justify his actions and his past was ruining his life and his marriage. At the end of the meeting, Gus approaches Rick and tells him that he is a hypocrite. Rick apologizes to Gus for judging him for he was afraid for Gus to be around his son. Gus asks him if his and Mel’s relationship is that bad. Rick tells him that the hearing should be the first step to healing. Gus tells him that he found out that Harley was cheating on him with Mallet and thought he could never forgive, but compared with his love for her, it didn’t matter. Rick listens.

Back at Jeffrey’s room, Dinah tells Mel that she did start the fire, but was burning Mallet’s clothes and the resulting fire was an accident. Mel asks questions about how one person betrayed her and she (Dinah) reacted. Dinah tells Jeffrey and Mel to let’s go get trashed. Mel thinks about this and nods. Later, in a bar, Dinah pours a drink for the three. Jeffrey makes a toast to life without commitment and Mel looks skeptical. Remy walks up and tells Mel that she missed her dinner with their mom. Mel tells Jeffrey and Dinah that it is hard to be a Bauer and if she were to divorce, it would be a first in the family. She continues and says that marriage is hard, stands up and says that she doesn’t want to be a part of their club anymore. She finds her mother and they hug hello.

At Cedars, Dr. Grant tells Rick that it is time to get things underway. Rick waits on Mel, who isn’t there. Time goes by and Rick apologizes for the wait. The hearing begins and Dr. Grant tells Rick that Harley speaks well of him and that no criminal charges have been brought against him. He adds that Beth Spaulding has dropped any call for an internal investigation. Dr. Grant tells Rick that it is his job to make sure that he follows hospital policy. Rick tells him that he understands. Dr. Grant admonishes him and tells him not to screw up anymore. He tells Rick that his father, Ed, is concerned as well. Rick tells him that it is his call whether to reinstate him.

Later, after the hearing, Rick tells Lillian that he is reinstated and will be working in the evenings. Lillian hugs him and tells him that she is so glad.

Later, at her house, Mel greets Remy, Leah and her mother. Remy and Leah plan on video games. Mel and her mother talk about the hearing. Mel tells her that she didn’t go to it for she didn’t want to have to tell that she doesn’t trust Rick right now. Mel tells her mother that she is trying to make a forward step right now by preparing a dinner for Rick.

Meanwhile, on Main Street, a sad Rick looks at his watch, dials the cell phone and says to the person on the other end, “I have to see you, right now”.

In a bed, Rick stares at the ceiling, rolls over and caresses Beth. She tells him that she is glad he called. He tells her that he needed her. Beth tells him that when Alan was taken to the ER, no one could find her for she was with him (Rick). She says, “I should feel guilty about that, but what a wonderful place to be. With you”. Rick whispers, “This has to be the last time. I just can’t do this anymore”.

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