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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/22/06

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Written By Suzanne

Jeffrey has bailed Dinah out of jail. He yells at her through the bathroom door to hurry up and get out so she can help him get votes. He hopes she's not sulking. She comes out in a pretty dress, saying it's her secret weapon to get her votes. He admires it. She says that she will be able to get everyone's vote except for Mallet's. Jeffrey urges her to stay upbeat, but she can't, so he tells her to just call Mallet. She says that she and Mallet are through and she is through with every other man on the planet as well. She declares that "love sucks". Mallet suddenly knocks on the door, saying he knows that he knows she's in there and to open up. She opens the door but won't let him in. She wants to know what he wants and is very angry that she's been in jail for arson. He's sorry that she's in jail, but she doesn't want to hear it. She keeps berating him for spying on her and getting her arrested. He asks Jeffrey to give them a minute alone, but Dinah insists that he stay. Mallet wants to know what's going on between them, so Dinah says sarcastically that they are having a torrid affair. She warns him to stay away from her or he will get burned. Then she shuts the door on him. Jeffrey asks her if she feels better now, but she replies quietly that she feels awful.

Mallet runs into Blake in the main street area when she is getting coffee. He apologizes and asks her how she's doing. She talks about how her polls having fallen with women voters since the sex video was put on the internet. He talks about Dinah and Jeffrey. She wonders for a moment about them but then says there isn't anything to worry about.

Later, Dinah asks Jeffrey why he wants to be mayor. He is evasive, but she guesses that he wants to be powerful and admired, like Richard. He doesn't answer but leaves instead. She tells herself that she plans to put the past behind her. She has a flashback to being chained to a prison wall when Jeffrey came in and asked her to pretend to be his wife. Back to the present, she walks outside and Mallet grabs her from behind. He tells her that he's not ready to give up on them yet. He knows she started that fire and he wants her to be honest about it. Then he kisses her head. They go into a linen closet to have their talk. Dinah tells Mallet how she felt the night of her engagement party when she saw the website. He starts to protest, but she makes him sit down so she can finish telling him how it all led up to the fire. She felt that all of the wedding stuff was mocking her, saying that she would never have a normal life. She piled it all up on the bed and set fire to it, including his clothes, to get rid of every reminder of him. She thought she had put the fire out. He is happy to hear that and thinks they can get her out of the charges. She refuses to make any deal or go to court and says she will deny it all. She will not risk going back to jail and reminds him that Jeffrey already got her out of trouble. He wonders why they are so close, but she tells him Jeffrey is just helping her out. Mallet tries to get her to work things out with him and the law. When he says again that he doesn't want to give up on them, she says that he already did give up on them and that he should just let it go.

Blake gives Jeffrey a hard time about Dinah when he walks by in Main Street. She thinks he has some ulterior motive for helping Dinah, but he accuses her of being jealous. She denies it and he tells her that they ended it. She says they don't agree on anything and that's what makes them so much fun together. Then she propositions him, saying she will meet him in a room at the hotel. After she whispers something lewd in his ear, he follows her. Later, he sits in bed while she gets dressed. He tells her that he doesn't agree with the polls that said she needed a make-over. She is glad to hear it. He is glad that they agree about their non-relationship. She jokes that she could tell Dinah about them. She wonders about Dinah; he assures her that Dinah is just a "valuable friend".

Later, Blake tries to chat with Dinah, but she just wants to be left alone. Blake warns her that hooking up with Jeffrey will make her miserable. She says that Jeffrey always has an agenda. Dinah won't discuss it with her and starts to walk away. Blake also warns her that Mallet is like Ross and that if she lets him go, she will regret it the rest of her life. Dinah knows that Blake just wants Jeffrey for herself. She wishes her luck as she finishes leaving.

Mallet visits Jeffrey at his room and sees that he is getting dressed to go out again. Mallet warns Jeffrey that he'd better not hurt Dinah. Jeffrey assures him that Dinah and he have a mutually-useful relationship. Mallet wonders what Dinah has on him, but Jeffrey denies it and says that his life is an open window.

In his hospital room, Alan tells someone on the phone to keep tabs on Lizzie as soon as she leaves the hospital. Beth comes in and yells at him for faking it as she snatches the phone from his hand. They argue. She looks at him like he's crazy when he explains that this was all for the baby. She is horrified that Alan wants to steal Lizzie's baby and that Lizzie could go to jail. He just thinks that Lizzie will seem "troubled". Beth realizes he knew that the gun had blanks and that he deliberately broke in to scare her into shooting him. He doesn't deny it but says Lizzie is the one who pulled the trigger. Alan tells her that Alan-Michael visited and told him about Lizzie wanting a gun to protect herself. Alan told him to put blanks in the gun because he was worried that she would hurt herself or someone else. Beth keeps yelling at him, but he insists that he's not a monster for what he did. He says that Lillian and Alexandra agree with him that Lizzie is not stable enough to raise the child. Beth says he is definitely a monster for pushing Lizzie over the edge and wanting to control his family. He thinks that he is right to do it, as usual. She thinks this is the worst thing he's ever done, as much as he tries to convince her otherwise. He even says he's doing it for her, so he can give her the child she wants so badly. Beth can't believe he feels this way. They talk about how she felt losing the baby; she tells him that they can't just replace their baby with Lizzie's. Alan keeps trying to convince her that he's doing the right thing for Lizzie and her baby and that Lizzie is acting like Phillip. She warns him that he will drive Lizzie away, just like he did Phillip. He doesn't think so and points out that he still has Beth, even though he didn't treat her well for years.

At the hospital, Tammy tells Lizzie that everything will be all right. Tammy urges her to just tell the truth and tell the police that she thought she was shooting an intruder. Lizzie admits that she knew it was Alan and shot him anyway. She maintains that she was just doing what she could to protect herself and her baby from him. She still seems very paranoid. Tammy doesn't understand how she could have seen him in the darkness. Lizzie says she didn't know it with the first shot but saw him fall in the flash of light and knew who he was, so she shot him two more times. She confesses that she wanted him dead.

Jonathan finds Gus on his way to see Lizzie, asking if he is there as a cop or her uncle. Gus replies that he has to investigate the shooting. Jonathan reminds him that the gun had blanks, so it has to be an accident. Gus says he still has to figure that out. Jonathan is worried because Lizzie is pregnant and scared. Jonathan tries to stop Gus, but Gus tells him to back off. Gus asks Lizzie how she's doing, but she knows that he's there to question her. Lizzie tells Gus that Alan wants her baby because Beth lost hers. She goes on and on about Alan. Gus still wants to talk to her, but Jonathan keeps interrupting, telling him that Alan broke in and giving him details. Gus takes Lizzie out, away from Jonathan, saying that Jonathan is just making things worse.

At the police station, Lizzie sees the gun in a plastic bag on a police desk. Gus sits her down and asks her to describe everything that happened tonight. She asks him how bad this could get for her and the baby. Jonathan and Tammy follow them. He is annoyed that he and Tammy got engaged, but once again they are focusing on Lizzie and the baby. He rants about all of the things that keep coming up, like Reva. She wonders what he means, but he tells her it is nothing. They walk up just as Gus asks her if she knew there were blanks in the gun when she pulled the trigger. She doesn't answer, so Gus asks her again. Jonathan tells them that he is the one who got the gun for her, so it's his fault. Doris Wolfe walks in and says that makes Jonathan an accessory in attempted murder. Jonathan argues that the gun had blanks and that Alan broke in. Lizzie says that Jonathan is just trying to help and didn't have anything to do with this. Gus advises her not to say anything else without a lawyer. Doris paints a picture of Jonathan setting his sights on the rich girl, getting her pregnant and convincing her to kill her rich grandfather so he could get a chunk of the Spaulding fortune. Jonathan laughs at the idea while she goes on and on, including trying to make Tammy get jealous. Lizzie insists that Alan came after her and she can prove it. Lizzie tells them about a nursery that Alan built that has bars on the windows and maximum security, where Alan plans to take her and keep her locked up. They look at her disbelievingly, but Gus thinks they should check it out. Doris thinks she's nuts but agrees to go with Lizzie to look for the room. They all go to the Spaulding Mansion. Lizzie takes them to the room. it is locked, so Jonathan and Gus kick it in. However, it's just a room with boxes, not a nursery. Alan has changed it. Lizzie gets upset. Doris tells her she's under arrest, so Gus has to read her rights and take her away.

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