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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/21/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Olivia, Buzz, Coop, and Ava read the Springfield Burns headlines, including her picture: “Family First, Huh? Not for this Springfield mom. Remember Labor Day?” Buzz asks her what it means and Olivia faints into his arms. Olivia comes to and says that she forgot to eat. Olivia stares at Ava with suspicion and Ava says she doesn’t know anything about the website. Buzz tells her to take it easy and asks Olivia what the webpage is all about.

In her room, Lizzie is sleeping and becomes startled by a noise. She calls to Roxie and suddenly, the door opens. She calls to Jonathan and Tammy and no one answers. She yells, “Oh, my G-d. Stop! Who’s there?” She grabs the gun from her purse and yells stop to the person entering the room. Suddenly, she raises the gun and fires a shot into the intruder, screaming as she fires. She turns on the lights and has a horror written all over her face as she faces the intruder. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Jonathan chastises Josh and Cassie for their relationship. He tells Josh that they wouldn’t be doing this if he knew what was going on with Reva. Josh raises his voice and tells Jonathan to tell him what IS going on. Suddenly, they hear shots ring out. Back in well-lit her room, Lizzie fires two more shots into the intruder’s chest; it is Alan. Alan grabs his chest and falls to the floor as Lizzie sobs. Josh, Cassie, Tammy and Jonathan run to Lizzie’s room. Jonathan goes to Lizzie, takes the gun from her hands, and asks what happened. A sobbing and very upset Lizzie says, “I killed him”. Cassie phones for an ambulance. Josh says that he cannot find a pulse. Jonathan asks her why Alan is there and why she has a gun. Lizzie tells him that Alan-Michael gave her the gun for she didn’t feel safe and had to protect the baby. She tells Jonathan that she thought it was Jonathan coming into the room, but when no one answered, she didn’t know what to do and had no other choice. Josh looks up from Alan’s prone body and says, “His heart’s beating. He’s alive”. Lizzie sobs.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia tells Buzz that she didn’t faint because of the website and fainted because she was upset with Ava. In another part of the room, Coop tells Ava that he thinks Olivia is part of the website. Coop asks the two to leave and they do. Olivia stands up and Buzz kisses her. He tells her that he is just paranoid about the website and everyone is upset. He goes to the computer and tries to turn it off. When he turns around, Olivia is gone.

Back in Lizzie’s room, Josh and Jonathan remark that there is no blood. Josh asks where she hit him with the bullets and Lizzie says she doesn’t know for the room was dark. Josh turns Alan over and suddenly, Alan comes around. Lizzie goes to him and asks him if he is okay. Jonathan opens the gun only to find blanks. He says that is why there is no blood. Josh tells Lizzie that Alan-Michael filled the gun with blanks. Jonathan says, “Good move”. Alan says, “You shot me, Elizabeth”. Lizzie yells at him and asks why he came into the room for he scared her. He reaches into his pocket and tells her that he only wanted to give her a check to make things right between them. Lizzie yells at him and tells him that she is afraid of him and that Alan only wants to lock her and the baby up. She begs Alan to tell them it is the truth. Suddenly, Beacon security shows up and yells, “Drop your weapon”. Alan smiles a wry smile at an obviously upset Lizzie.

In his room, Jeffrey calls to Dinah to come out of the bathroom and get ready to campaign for him. When she emerges from the room, he is impressed with how she is dressed; in acute light green sundress. She tells him that the dress is Mallet’s favorite and she becomes melancholy. Jeffrey quickly tells her to just call Mallet. Dinah tells him that she is no longer with Mallet and has given up on every other man on the planet. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door; it is Mallet.

At his hospital exam room, Alan tells the person on his cell phone to follow Lizzie. Beth walks into the room and asks him what the hell is going on. She admonishes Alan for faking while Lizzie thinks she almost killed him. Meanwhile, in the hospital waiting area, Tammy tells Lizzie to tell the police the truth that she thought she was shooting an intruder. Lizzie says, “I can’t say that. I knew it was grand dad, that’s why I shot him”. Tammy asks her if she did it on purpose and Lizzie tells her that she would do anything to protect herself and the baby. Tammy is shocked.

Outside the hospital, Gus arrives and Jonathan asks him if he is there as an uncle or as the police. Gus tells him a little bit of both. Jonathan tells him not to do an investigation for there were blanks in the gun. Gus tells him that he is there to find out. Jonathan starts to stop Gus from going to Lizzie and Gus stops him and says, “Don’t; not with me”. Meanwhile, Tammy tells Lizzie that she couldn’t see in the dark and Lizzie says that she saw Alan in the flash of the gunfire and then pulled the trigger two more times. Lizzie adds, “I wanted him dead”. Gus walks in, a stern look on his face. Lizzie stares at him. He asks her how she is doing and Lizzie asks if he is there to question her. She tells Gus that Alan wants to replace the baby he lost with her baby and doesn’t care how his rules affect everyone else. Jonathan starts to tell Gus that Alan broke into the room and Gus tells him that he needs to hear it from Lizzie. Jonathan ignores this and continues to tell the story about the shooting and how Alan is trying to take everything away. Gus finally tells Lizzie that he needs to take her to the police station for her version of the story. Before he leaves with Lizzie, Gus tells Jonathan that he is making everything worse.

In the exam room, Beth is obviously upset and tells Alan that he is making things worse. Alan tells her that the incident of the night was possibly the best thing that could happen for Lizzie might now realize she is not stable enough to raise the baby. Beth is shocked and tells him that Lizzie loves the baby. She stands, mouth agape as she listens to Alan tells her that the baby is not a reality to Lizzie and Jonathan Randall is not equipped to raise a Spaulding heir. Beth says, “Do you realize Lizzie could be brought up on charges?” Alan tells her that Gus will not let that happen. Alan says, “She (Lizzie) comes out looking troubled. Remember, the gun was filled with blanks. No one was harmed”. Beth is horrified and says, “You knew, didn’t you? You knew you would be facing blanks, not bullets”. Alan calmly says, with a smile on his face, “We put that gun in Elizabeth’s hand. She’s the one that pulled that trigger”.

Back in Jeffrey’s room, Dinah answers the door and tells Mallet she is busy. Mallet asks her what she’s doing and she tells him that she is handling being arrested for arson and trying to clear her name. She is very sarcastic to him. Mallet asks to explain things. She starts to close the door in Mallet’s face and he stops her. He looks at Jeffrey and asks what is going on. She tells him that they are having a torrid affair and better stay away for he might be burned. Mallet steps into the hallway and Dinah shuts the door. Jeffrey asks if she feels better and a sad Dinah says, “No, I feel awful”.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Gus brings in Lizzie, who looks frightened as she looks around the room. She spies the gun on Gus’s desk and he ushers her from it. Gus asks her about the shooting and Lizzie asks him how bad it can get. Jonathan and Tammy walk into the police station. Jonathan tells her that they were getting engaged tonight and now there is stuff going on with Lizzie, Josh and Cassie and Reva. Tammy stops him and asks about Reva. He says nothing and changes the subject. Meanwhile, Gus asks Lizzie if she knew there were blanks in the gun. Lizzie looks at him, mouth open and searching for the words to pass through her lips.

On Main Street, Mallet literally runs into Blake, spilling her drink all over him. He asks how the campaign is coming along. She tells him that 73% of the female voters think her reputation is shot since the Springfield Burns thing and she needs a make-over. Mallet tells her that she looks fine to him. She tells him that he is male and what does he know about women. He pauses and says, “Obviously nothing”. He tells her that Dinah was in Jeffrey’s room and she shut the door on him. Blake says, “So, Dinah was in Jeffrey’s room. Do you think something is going on between them?” He tells her that it looks that way and asks what she thinks. She says, “I don’t think there is anything to worry about”.

Back to his room, Jeffrey and Dinah get prepared to leave. She asks him why he isn’t interested in the DA’s office. He tells her that he isn’t interested in a career. She tells him that he is trying to become the man he always wanted to be like Richard. Jeffrey stops her and says, “Well, I didn’t say that”. She tells him that she remembers how much fun he had being someone else. Jeffrey leaves. She says to herself, “I think that I need to clean some slates; put Mallet in the rearview mirror. The quicker I do that, the smoother the ride will be”. She has a flashback when she was in shackles in prison. Jeffrey speaks to her then and says, “I have a proposal for you. I need a wife”. Dinah tells him a change of scenery would be nice. Dinah comes back to reality and leaves the room. In the hallway, Mallet waits on her, grabs her and hugs her tightly. She asks what he is doing. Mallet tells her that he isn’t giving up on them and he knows she started the fire.

Back at Cedars, Alan tells Beth that Alan-Michael came to him and was concerned about Lizzie wanting a gun to protect her from Alan. Beth asks if he went along with the plan and he tells her that he told Alan-Michael to put blanks in the gun for Lizzie is capable of hurting herself or someone else. He tells her that if there had been blanks in the gun, Lizzie would have killed him. Beth, through clenched teeth says, “And, maybe she would have done all of us a favor”.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Gus asks Lizzie again if she knew about the blanks and did she shoot to kill. Before she can answer, Jonathan tells Gus that maybe he needs to blame him for he got Lizzie the gun. Lizzie smiles. Suddenly, Doris Roberts walks up and tells Jonathan that this makes him an accessory to the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding. She adds, “I should have known your were in on this”. Jonathan and Lizzie look at each other. Jonathan tells Doris that she will not be able to make a case for the gun had blanks in it. Lizzie stands up and tells Doris that Jonathan had nothing to do with any of it. Gus tells Lizzie to not say anything until she has an attorney. Doris tells Jonathan that he set his sights on the richest girl in town, got her pregnant, planned to get rid of Alan Spaulding and walk away with a big chunk of the money. She tells Tammy that her boyfriend will walk away with the money and leave her behind. Jonathan cackles and tells Doris it is too early to be drinking. Lizzie stops the conversation and tells Doris that her grand dad came after her tonight and she can prove it.

Back at Cedars, Alan tells Beth that he is not a monster. He tells her that Lizzie is not capable to emotionally or mentally raise a child and that Lillian agrees. She tells him that he is deliberately trying to push Lizzie over the edge and is indeed, a monster. He admits to pushing, but not so much as not to be able to pull her back if needed. He tells her that he is trying to keep Lizzie safe from Jonathan. Beth is outraged. He explains that it is the best thing he has ever done and now can give her the child she wants so badly. Beth is, once again, outraged.

Back on Main Street, Jeffrey arrives. Blake speaks to him and says, “I heard you saved Dinah from jail”. She asks him why and Jeffrey tells her that he did it for her to keep from having to go through anymore family heartache. He adds, “Besides, after you lose the election, it will be nice to have Dinah around to comfort you”. Blake calls him a liar and tells him that this has nothing to do with the election, but has to do with something. He tells her that she is jealous. Blake scoffs and tells him he is insane. Jeffrey tells her that he and Dinah are not romantically involved. Jeffrey tells her that there is no ‘us’ even in his and her (Blake’s) relationship. Blake lowers her voice and tells him that if their relationship were ended, she would not be going to his room right now. He halts in his tracks and looks confused. Blake whispers in his ear and walks away. Jeffrey quickly follows her.

At the Beacon, Mallet takes Dinah to a utility closet. He tells her to admit that she started the fire. Dinah asks if he is wired and starts to search his body. She tells him that the fire started in her mind the night she saw that stupid website and knew he was making a report to the feds in secret. She tells him she knew he would never trust her again. Mallet tries to explain and she makes him stop. She tells him that she knows people are mocking her and think she will never have anything. She tells him about placing all his things in a pile on the bed and set them aflame. She tells him that she thought she had put the fire out. Mallet is elated and tells her that now they can get her out of this if she goes to the police. Dinah tells him no for she will never go to prison again. She also tells him that Jeffrey is handling everything now. Dinah says, “You look me in the eye and tell me if you could have hidden evidence against me to keep me out of jail”. He tells her that he doesn’t know, but wants for her to give them another chance. Dinah tells him that she knows she cannot have love and compassion and their relationship is only memories. Mallet tries to tell her that now they can look forward to the future. He asks if Jeffrey O’Neal is part of her future. Dinah tells him that Jeffrey and she are close and understand each other. Mallet tells her that he isn’t giving up on them. Dinah tells him that he has already given up on them and walks out of the room. Mallet slams the door, angst ridden.

At the police station, Lizzie tells everyone that Alan has built a nursery with locks on the doors and will keep her and the baby locked away. No one says anything and Lizzie begs for everyone to believer her. Gus takes Doris aside and tells her they need to investigate the room. Doris tells him that even still, Lizzie might be looking at attempted murder. Doris faces Lizzie and says, “Okay, Miss Spaulding. Let’s take a little field trip to the Spaulding mansion”. Lizzie has a satisfied look on her face.

At Cedars, Beth covers her mouth with her hands. She tells Alan that he cannot replace the baby she lost. Alan corrects her, “We lost”. Alan asks her if she has a void inside her. Beth cries and tells him of course. She tries to explain that just because she lost the baby, he cannot replace it like an appliance. Alan tells her that the responsibility of a parent is to give support and that is what they can do for Elizabeth. He reminds her that Elizabeth’s behavior has become unbalanced like Phillip. He tells her that Phillip had to take a bullet to stop him. Beth says, “Lizzie is not going to end up like Phillip”. Alan says, “If we act now”.

In his room, Jeffrey tells Blake, who is dressing, he doesn’t agree with the poll that she needs a make-over. Blake continues to dress and Jeffrey tells her that he doesn’t want there to be any awkwardness should Dinah return. She asks about Dinah and he tells her that she is a friend only.

At the mansion, Lizzie finds the door to the nursery locked. Jonathan kicks open the door and all see the room, not a nursery, but a room filled with boxes. Lizzie looks to everyone, confused.

Meanwhile, on Main Street, Dinah sits on a bench. Blake walks up to her and aks her if she wants a cup of coffee or a drink. Dinah tells her that she wants to be on her own right now. Blake tells her that hooking up with Jeffrey will make her miserable. Dinah tells her that she can understand his agenda. Blake asks what that is and Dinah hatefully tells her goodnight. Dinah starts to walk away and Blake tells her that if she lets Mallet go, she will regret it the rest of her life. Dinah tells her that she (Blake) just cares for Jeffrey herself and storms off.

Back in his room, Mallet pays Jeffrey a visit. He tells Jeffrey that he better not hurt Dinah and asks why they are together. Jeffrey tells Mallet that they have a mutually beneficial relationship. Mallet asks him what Dinah has on him and Jeffrey says, “My life is an open book, past and present”. Jeffrey leaves Mallet standing in the room.

At the mansion, a very confused and horrified Lizzie says that she doesn’t know how Alan changed the room and the locks so quickly. Doris says, “Elizabeth Spaulding, you are under an arrest for the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding”. She looks to Gus and instructs him to read Lizzie her rights.

At Cedars, Alan tells Beth that Elizabeth is not well, but it isn’t too late to save her. Beth tells him that he will push Lizzie away just like Phillip. Alan tells Beth that she married him by choice and didn’t care what anyone said. He adds, “Don’t fight me on this, Beth…the future is clear. I want you and Lizzie and the baby. That’s the way it’s going to be”. Beth, her back to Alan, looks unnerved with these words.

At the mansion, Gus says, “And, you have the right to a lawyer during questioning. Do you understand?” Lizzie stands, speechless, but nods in affirmation. Everyone leaves the room as Gus ushers Lizzie down the hallway.

On Main Street, Olivia runs and paces in frustration. Buzz catches up with her. She tells him that she wants to be alone. Buzz asks her what he was supposed to do. He begs her to tell him what is going on. She tells him that he cannot help her this time. She turns her back to him and says, “I did something”. He tells her that he will understand for he can give her a run for her money about mistakes. He tells the story about walking out on his pregnant wife and seven-year old son then remarks, “You can’t do much worse than that”. Olivia stares at him and whispers, “I killed my own mother”. Buzz tells her that he isn’t going anywhere. He asks her to elaborate on the story and Olivia says there is no excuse. He takes her hand and says tenderly, “Tell me”. She begins and tells the story (in flashback as a young teen) about how she and her mother always fought. Her mother tells her that she has always been the one with a set of rules for herself only. Young Olivia tells her that she is sick of her judging. Her mother gets upset, sighs and sits down, head in hands. Olivia continues and yells, “Go ahead and cry because I’m not apologizing. You are going to be stuck here being no one until the day you die. You don’t love me. You never have. You didn’t want me. I HATE you”. Her mother doesn’t answer. Olivia asks if she is going to stand up for herself. “Don’t ignore me, mom. Mom? Mom?” Her mother never moves. Back to the present, Olivia says, “There was a stroke”. Buzz sits down and continues to listen. Olivia tells him the last thing her mother heard was Olivia telling her that she hated her mother. She cries and Buzz holds Olivia who is heartbroken.

Outside Company, Coop goes on and on about Olivia and his father. Ava kisses him and tells him that she, too, hates Olivia. Ava tells Coop for them to find Buzz’s premium liquor she will whip up a couple cocktails to forget about Olivia. Coop laughs. They kiss again and he tells her he likes this. They go inside Company and Ava starts to prepare the drinks. Suddenly, Alan-Michael walks in. He tells her that since she will not work with him, he is heart-broken. She doesn’t buy it. He asks her if she will take the job and she tells him that she isn’t eye candy. Coop listens from around the corner. Alan-Michael tells her that he is serious about hiring her and needs her. Coop tells him that Ava will take it. Alan-Michael grins. She asks Coop if he will be okay with this and he tells her that it is a way to get out of being a waitress. Coop tells Alan-Michael that he has gone head-to-head with the Spaulding’s and is up for any encounter. Ava looks at Alan-Michael who is still grinning.

Back at Lizzie’s room, the security officer radios that there were reports of shots fired. Alan takes over the conversation and tells the officer that it was a simple family matter. Alan tries to get the officer to understand and starts yelling for him to back off. Suddenly, Alan grabs his chest and collapses. Lizzie screams and sobs as everyone in the room is in shock.

At Cedars, Mel calls Rick and leaves a message. Lillian walks up and informs Mel that a cardiac arrest is coming in. The paramedics bring in Alan and Mel starts the examination. Lizzie tries to go with him and Lillian tells her that she cannot go back. Jonathan tells her that she isn’t fine and needs to sit down. Outside the hospital, Cassie and Josh try to phone Beth. In the exam room, Alan tells Mel that his chest was tight and the pain is sharp. Alan, gasping, tells Lillian to find Beth. Meanwhile, Lizzie asks Tammy and Jonathan what she is going to do for the police will find out. Jonathan tells her not to worry about anything. Jonathan leaves for a glass of water and finds Josh and Cassie sitting together; he stares at them in disgust. They don’t say anything and Jonathan walks away. In the hallway, Billy phones Jonathan he and asks about Reva. Billy tells him that Reva looks better. Billy tells him that the last time they spoke, things were not good. Jonathan tells Billy that Josh and Cassie are together like a couple. Billy is silent. Jonathan tells him that he wants to tell them off and also about the cancer. Billy tells him that he can not say anything about the cancer. Billy tells Jonathan that Reva knows about Josh and Cassie but she needs time to get her strength back. Billy tells him to do it for his mother and Jonathan promises that he will. He hangs up and Josh walks up to him. He tells Jonathan that they didn’t finish talking. Jonathan tells him to walk away and then Josh tells him that Cassie and he know what they are doing. Jonathan tells him that they neither of them do and walks off.

Back on Main Street, Olivia tells Buzz she never told anyone about the incident and her mom’s death. She tells Buzz that she raised Sam and her sister, Marisa. Buzz is shocked that Olivia was so young. Olivia looks sad and tells him that she deserved the life she has lived and had to survive. She tells him that Marisa and Sam never knew why they had to live the way they did. Buzz tells her that her mother had a stroke and could have at any time. Olivia tells him that she knows what happened and that she realizes her mother wanted the best for her. She tells him that she figured that out when she had her own daughter.

At Cedars, Beth rushes to Lizzie and asks what happened. Jonathan stops the conversation and tells Beth that the important thing is for Alan to get better. Rick arrives. Mel comes out and says the ECG looks okay, but will keep him in the hospital for observation. Beth asks to see Alan and starts to go to him. Rick asks Mel how she is and she tells him that she left a message. She acts very cool to him. Mel tells him that she will see him at home and starts to walk away. Rick grabs her arm and asks how long he has to pay for what he did. Mel tells him that every week the Spaulding’s are at the hospital with a new drama or new crisis or she has to defend them and this is the family he risked his life for. She adds, “So now is not the time to ask me when I’m forgiving you for what you did”. Beth walks out and tells him that she is sorry. In his hospital exam room, Beth goes to Alan. He is glad to see her. In the waiting area, Lillian tells a sobbing Lizzie that all will be find. Lizzie nods half-heartedly.

Back at Company, Alan-Michael tells Ava what the job description is. Coop serves her a drink and she and Coop are cool, calm and collected. Coop helps with the negotiations including the salary requirements. Alan-Michael tells Coop that he has to be kidding about the amount. Ava grabs the sheet of paper with the salary amount and writes in another figure. Alan-Michael tells her it is more than what Coop had. She tells him deal or no deal. Alan-Michael stands up and tells her that he will see her tomorrow morning. Alan-Michael watches as Ava squeals with delight and thanks Coop for his input.

Back at Main Street, Buzz holds a calmer Olivia. He tells her that he has seen a shadow around her eyes and now he knows why. Olivia smiles and tenderly touches his face. She tells him that she expects to not hear from him soon. Buzz listens to her prattle and laughs. He tells her that she is wrong and that he doesn’t scare off very easily. He approaches her, they stand face-to-face and he kisses her very sweetly. They walk hand-in-hand and he asks her what she and her mother fought about. She tells him that he is a parent and it is the stuff kids and parents fight about. She casts her eyes down.

At his hospital exam room, Beth tells Alan that he needs to rest. Alan keeps telling her that Elizabeth needs to come home. Beth tells him again he needs to rest and she leaves. He watches her walk away.

In the waiting room, Cassie tells Josh that they should go. She tells him that no one will split them up either. Josh smiles at her and tells her that even if Reva walked through the doors right now, he would still choose Cassie. Beth hugs Lizzie and tells her that Alan is tired, but looks good. Beth leaves. Jonathan announces that he has to get out or go nuts. He tells Tammy he will go out side to wait on the cops. Lizzie says, “He is going to get better…He’s not going to let this stand in his way”.

In his exam room, Alan gets out of bed, obviously nice and strong. He picks up his cell phone and says, “Lizzie is at the hospital and will be leaving very soon. I want you to follow her”. He pauses and continues, “Me? Oh, I’m fine. Let’s just say the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”. He smiles an evil smile with these last words.

Back in the waiting room, Tammy tells Lizzie to try and relax and just tell the police the truth that she thought she was shooting an intruder. A very calm Lizzie says, “I can’t. I knew. I knew it was my grand dad. That’s why I pulled the trigger”.

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