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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/15/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Dinah phones Mallet and tells him that she's worried about him, since he didn't come home last night. He is on Main Street and tells her that he had to do police work and that's why he was out all night. He asks her to come down and meet him. Mallet speaks to a fire inspector, who thinks the fire at the Beacon is suspicious. Mallet asks if he knows if anyone took out his clothes after the fire, but the inspector doesn't know anything about that. Mallet jokes that someone probably stole them since he is such a snazzy dresser. Mallet and Dinah meet. She is very cheery, trying to pretend nothing is wrong. He shows her his new shirt, saying that he bought it since all of his clothes must be at the cleaners, since he couldn't find them at the Beacon. She suddenly tells him that they need to get him all new clothes. She flirts and then hugs him to further distract him. They leave to go shopping. they have lunch instead and then prepare to go shopping, but the fire inspector shows up to talk to Mallet. Mallet clearly regrets talking to him earlier. The man tells Mallet that they check into his missing clothes in his room. He says it looks like the mattress pad and bed clothes were also missing. Mallet postulates that perhaps someone stole them, but the man thinks they were deliberately taken to hide the ignition site (where the fire was started). Mallet tries to cover up awkwardly, saying the clothes may not have even been there in the first place.

The inspector recognizes Dinah and says he'd like to ask her some questions. Mallet looks nervous. She wonders if Mallet asked him to question her, but he assures her that Mallet didn't. She asks to have a moment alone with Mallet. She gives him a hard time, accusing him of pointing the fire inspector in her direction. He tells her everything is under control . Whispering, he tells her that he hopes to protect her. She is angry, so he asks her again, since she was so angry the night of the fire, did she torch the Beacon? She tells him angrily that she won't answer that question without counsel present. She stalks off while Mallet sighs heavily. He finds her at Company and asks her to be straight with him about the fire. The fire inspector comes in with a cop and asks Dinah to come with him. Mallet says he won't let Dinah do this. She tells him to stop being so protective. They put handcuffs on her after she says some sarcastic things. Mallet tells her to shut up because he wants to help her, but it's all out of his control. They lead her away as he looks helpless.

Tammy comes out of the bathroom wearing a new bikini. Jonathan is on the bed in his swim trunks. They flirt and she asks him if he's ready for the beach. Lizzie runs in, acting weird, and says the black car downstairs is still there. She thinks it's watching her or following her. Jonathan tells her to relax because it's just the car service that Olivia uses for hotel guests. Lizzie is still very paranoid and upset. She learns that they are going to the beach, so Tammy invites her (reluctantly). Lizzie says that she would rather be kidnapped than look like Inflate-o-girl next to Tammy in her bikini. She rushes out and is very upset still. Jonathan and Tammy are stunned; he asks her how long she thinks this hormone thing will last.

Joshua and Cassie return to town. She is a little skittish about running into people they know, but he is confident that it will work out. He reminds her that they are taking it one day at a time. He asks her to go inside to get a table while he phones Reva. He gets her voice mail, since she is on the phone. He doesn't want to leave her a message this way but tells her that tearing up the divorce papers was a mistake. She left town and moved on, and he is now moving on, too. He adds that he will always care about her and asks her to call him back. He finds Cassie inside, waiting for him. Buzz comes up and jokes about Josh having all of his business plans and stuff, but Josh tells him that this is not for business. He tells Buzz that they would like a nice quiet table for two. Buzz asks him pointedly how Reva is. Cassie wonders if Josh told Reva about them, but he plans to tell her that in person. He strokes her face gently just as Buzz comes up with their food. Josh gets a page and has to go outside. Buzz is quizzical, so Cassie tells him that Reva is out of town with Billy. He is surprised to hear that. She babbles to him about how she and Josh grew closer when Reva abandoned Josh during his time of need. She gets going until she is almost yelling at Buzz, telling him not to start with her. Josh comes up and calms her down. Josh tells Buzz that life is short and he doesn't plan to live another day unhappy. He decides they're not hungry, so Josh and Cassie leave. Buzz looks stunned, since he barely said two words to them.

Outside, Cassie realizes that Buzz didn't actually say anything to set her off. They feel bad about the way they acted and wonder if they are the ones making this into a big deal when it's not. Josh is most worried about Reva's reaction. Later, they share some cake at an outdoor place on Main Street. Cassie asks him if she reminds him of Reva. He compares them, saying that Cassie has a calmness. He stops himself from talking about Reva. They kiss.

Reva is on the phone with Marah, telling her that she had a great time with her and wishing her a safe flight. Reva tells her to always remember that she loves her. Reva talks to herself in the mirror, telling herself that she did it. She tries to talk herself into going home and facing Josh and Cassie. While Reva is packing, Dylan and Hawk stop by to say goodbye. Things are awkward because she delays answering the door by saying she overslept (so she can hide her medicine), and then when Dylan brings her breakfast, she says that she already ate. She ushers them in to distract them from the lies.

Hawk tells Reva to let him know if she needs anything (meaning to have a talk with Josh). She promises to let him know. He gives her a quick kiss. They plan to go downstairs, but Reva asks Dylan to stay for a chat. Dylan is glad that she is finally going to tell him the truth. He thinks that Reva and Billy are getting back together again. Reva laughs and tells him that is not the case. Reva and Billy praise each other. Reva is tired, so Billy ushers Dylan out. She asks him to remember that she loves him. She is tearful as they hug. Billy tells Reva that she needs to go home and settle things. He helps her pack and urges her to get up, since she is very tired. She gives him a kiss for his help and support. He goes to see Dylan off while she finishes packing. Reva gets dizzy, so she goes to get water, but instead she falls to the floor. Billy returns and finds her that way, so he wakes her up. He wants to call 911 and then Josh, but she asks him not to. She asks him to help her to the bed, so she does. Billy says that Dylan said he will see her at Thanksgiving. She is proud of the way she acted just like the person they all knew. Billy tells her that she acted like a pro. She adds that it's too bad she fooled Josh, too, because now he thinks he's married to a wife that doesn't love him any more. Billy says that it's time to go back to Springfield and set everything straight, but she says she won't do it. She wants to wait until she is stronger. Billy begs her to let him call an ambulance, but she won't. She is just wiped out from seeing her kids. She admits she couldn't stand to see the pain on their faces if she told them the truth. Billy wonders how long she can afford to wait to see Josh and Cassie. She assures him that she will go back and kick their butts. He lets her rest. Reva finally sees that she has a message from Josh.

Lizzie is eating at Company when she sees a young man. She asks Buzz if he knows him, but he doesn't. Later, she is on main street and sees that man again. She runs off, and he looks after her, then follows. Lizzie frantically runs back to her room, drops her purse and keeps looking for her keys, dumping everything out. She pounds on the door, yelling for Tammy and Jonathan. The man comes up and says her name in a questioning manner. He reaches into his pocket, but she runs off frantically. She goes up to the roof, where he follows. She begs him to leave her alone, saying she is pregnant. She declares that she won't let him hurt her baby as he smiles. She backs up against the wall along the edge of the roof. Then she runs toward the door, but he stops her. Lizzie screams, so Jonathan comes running.

He throws the guy up against the wall. When they ask him if Alan sent him, he says he doesn't know who that is. The man seems a bit mentally disabled. He shows them Lizzie's wallet, which she dropped outside Company. He just wanted to return it, he says. Lizzie is very sorry and tells him so, but he leaves quickly. Jonathan points out that the man just wanted to do her a favor but has learned his lesson. Lizzie starts spouting more paranoia about maybe Alan sent this guy after all. Jonathan tells her that she seems way off. He thinks they should go tell Tammy things are ok since she was worried. Jonathan and Tammy console Lizzie, who is upset about the way she acted. Jonathan takes Tammy to talk about how weird Lizzie is acting. Lizzie freaks out again, saying she hears footsteps outside the door. Jonathan goes to the door and doesn't find anyone. Jonathan and Tammy think she is losing it. They hope they can protect Lizzie from Alan and from herself. Lizzie tries to take a nap, but she keeps hearing things. She tells herself that she won't let Alan do this to them. She tells her baby that she is safe and she will do whatever she has to in order to protect her. Meanwhile, Alan is readying a room at the house for Lizzie's baby. He says to himself that Lizzie and her baby will be fine...very soon.

Hawk spies Josh and Cassie kissing and starts yelling at them. Cassie and Josh are shocked to hear that Reva is in New York and meeting with her children. Josh tells him that he wasn't invited and is not happy to hear that Billy was there. Hawk keeps berating them for cheating on Reva. Cassie asks how Reva was, so Hawk tells them that he doesn't think she's fine. He thinks Reva was "dulled down" because of Josh and Cassie's being together. Josh informs him that Reva hasn't been there in months and doesn't even know about them. Cassie reminds him that he saw Reva in the airport, so maybe she does know. Hawk keeps yelling at them. When Hawk says that Reva would never steal her sister's man, Josh points out that Reva slept with and married both his father and brother. Cassie adds that she didn't steal Josh. He argues that Reva was good to her and welcomed her. Josh takes Hawk by the arm and escorts him away. He suggests that Hawk leave town and find out from Reva that their marriage means nothing to her. He says that Reva is too much of a coward to end it like an adult, so instead she ran off with Billy. Josh rants and raves about Reva and her moods and how he's moving on. He tells Hawk to go to hell if he doesn't like it. Hawk says, "Reckon I'll see you there" and tells Cassie that he's glad her mama is not there to see this. Later, Cassie sarcastically says "that wasn't so bad". They talk some more about how their relationship will affect Reva. She worries about his family, but he warns her not to walk away from him because she wants to save him. They kiss.

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