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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/14/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Jonathan is sleeping on the bed with all of his clothes on. Lizzie walks over and puts her hand on his head. He grabs it and asks what she's doing. She claims haughtily that he had dirt on his face. He laughs while she pretends to have a cramp in her leg. He puts some cream on her leg roughly and rubs it on there. She tells him that she appreciates it. Beth and Alan barge in with gifts, then stop at the sight. Alan says he hopes they're not disturbing anything. Jonathan orders them out. Alan says they come in peace. Lizzie says she invited them so she could talk to them in a safe place. She demands her money back, but Alan tells her that he doesn't think she's mature enough. He informs her that there is a clause in her father's will that says he can keep her money away from her if she is not in her right mind, and Beth backs him up. Lizzie worries that they will send her away to a place like where Philip went, but Alan says she'll be sending herself. Jonathan assures her that she won't be going to any place like that. Beth tries to calm her down for the baby's sake, but Lizzie yells at them. Alan points out that Lizzie has been acting "dangerous" lately, making Lizzie very upset as she feels trapped. She gets hysterical as Alan keeps working on her. She yells that Alan was not doing what was best for her when he shot her father, or when Beth married him.

Alan says he is afraid that Lizzie is starting to revert to her old behavior, so she grabs their packages and starts throwing everything around, ripping it up and yelling, "Is this crazy enough for you?" as they all watch, shocked. Then Lizzie starts cleaning up the mess, still upset, yelling at Alan and Beth about how she did have problems when she was younger, but it was all Beth's fault. She swears that she will be a much better mother because she puts her daughter first. Jonathan holds her back and yells at them to get out. Lizzie keeps yelling at them, saying she hates them. Jonathan calms her down and she cries as they both sink to the floor. Lizzie apologizes to him for seeing her freak out like that as he gets her some water. She is still very angry at Beth and Alan. He tells her to lie down. She is worried that Alan will come after her and her baby. She is acting very scared and worried. Jonathan looks at her like he's worried about her sanity.

Back at the house, Alan hands Beth a drink as he asks her if she thinks he's exaggerating. They both agree that Lizzie is in trouble and acting a little like Philip.

Dinah and Jeffrey are negotiating with each other about blackmail when Mallet comes up and interrupts. Mallet talks about the fire and catching the person who did it. She says too enthusiastically that Mallet deserves a medal. Jeffrey says goodbye to them both. Mallet wonders what Dinah was talking to Jeffrey about, but she deflects him with sexy talk and a kiss. As they are walking by, a man with a laptop recognizes Mallet from the Springfield Burns website. Mallet insists on looking at the site, which says that while he was heroically trying to save Dinah from the fire, she was seen suspiciously hanging out with Jeffrey at Miller's Pond. Dinah shuts the laptop and tells Mallet that she can explain. She tells him that she was swimming that night and ran into Jeffrey then. She swears she didn't know there was a fire. Mallet looks doubtful and asks if she trusts him. She says she does. He says that even though she thought he let her down, she loves him. He asks if she loves him, and she replies that of course she does. He asks her to be straight with him and then asks what she knows about the fire. She tells him again that she was at the pond with Jeffrey, but nothing is going on between them. She claims that Jeffrey is just trying to get the Spaulding endorsement. She begs him to go home. He kisses her, relieved, and tells her to go back to the hotel and he'll meet her later.

Mallet goes to the hotel and pokes around the fire. He wonders what Jeffrey and Dinah are hiding about the fire. He finds her wedding veil and then looks around. He figures out that his clothes are missing and wonders where they are.

Reva asks Billy if the red dress she is holding up is ok, so he tells her it's great. She says nervously that it may be the last dress they ever see her in. She asks if there is any sign of her dad and Dylan, but he assures her that they will be there. He notes that everyone will be there except Josh. She just wants to say goodbye to her kids. They talk about how Reva wants her kids to remember her until Billy lets her know that he will be there to support her. Reva tries not to think about Josh and Cassie; she plans to deal with them later.

Dylan and Hawk arrive; there are hugs all the way around. Hawk notices that she looks tired, pale, and has a new hairstyle, but she lies her way out of it. They talk about Dylan's kids and why they're not there, then Hawk asks where Josh is. Reva pauses and then changes the subject. She sits down with Dylan and chats with him about how things are going. He can tell that something's going on. She talks about Jonathan becoming a father and says it got her thinking about parenting. She says that even though she didn't know him and Jonathan until they were grown, they both turned out fine. Hawk wonders if Jonathan really turned out "fine", but she asserts that he did. She talks about missing time with her kids, hinting that it might happen again. She asks Dylan to look out for the other kids, especially Jonathan. She asks him to promise, as a young dad, to help him out. Dylan, confused, agrees. Hawk remarks to Billy that he knows Josh and Reva must have split up again because he would never miss a family get-together like this. He asks Reva if Marah knows yet that Josh won't be there. Reva says she hasn't told her yet and contends that Josh's project is very important. Hawk insists on phoning Josh to give him a piece of his mind. Reva looks over to Billy for help, then he takes the phone out of his hand and says that Josh is busy with meetings. Billy takes Dylan outside while Reva chats with Hawk. Hawk still wants to know why Josh isn't there, but Reva shows him an old coin that he once gave to her in Tulsa. They remember the story from back then; Reva tears up as she speaks. She gives him the coin to hold on to for her. She says that even though he wasn't there every night, she wouldn't trade him for anything. She tells him that one day he may give it to her grand-daughter.

He is surprised to hear that Jonathan's baby is a girl but promises that he will be there for the little girl on holidays and such. They hug and say, "I love you". Later, she admires them all, standing there in their suits. Hawk and Dylan wonders why she is acting so strange. Billy changes the subject by asking them to go downstairs and get the cab ahead of them, so they leave. Billy urges Reva to let them in, and Josh, by telling them about her cancer. He asks her how she would feel if one of her kids had cancer and didn't tell her. She asks him not to say that because it will make her cry. Reva says she does intend to tell them, but just not yet. She talks some more about why she wants to keep them in the dark. When she says they will all do fine without her, he says tearfully that it's a lie. He asks her when she will tell Josh. She replies that she will tell him soon, when she's ready to face the truth about him and Cassie.

Josh and Cassie kiss. Cassie stops him and asks, "What about Reva?" He says this isn't about her and it doesn't matter what Reva decides. He turns her around and they kiss some more. She asks him some more about Reva and the phone call he made to her. He says that was because he was going to tell Reva about her. She tells him that's why she overreacted by selling his house and taking a job in another country. They discuss their relationship and Reva. He tells her that Reva is a part of him and always will be, but he realized that he deserves to be happy--right now, with someone who understands him and all that. She is touched by his speech. They smile at each other and then look seriously into each other's eyes. They talk about how long they've wanted to be together, then they hug. He asks her what she wants to do now, saying they can go anywhere and do anything. She kisses him in response. They head to the bedroom and start undressing. Mrs. Chitwood comes in to interrupt them but says she's sorry when she sees them. Cassie hurriedly puts on her shirt while they try to make lame excuses. Mrs. Chitwood asks if she can take R.J. to the beach, so Cassie agrees. Mrs. Chitwood says he also wants to visit a friend but they will talk about that later. Cassie says it's ok, and they can talk about it now. She and Josh grin foolishly at each other after Mrs. Chitwood leaves.

They joke around about being embarrassed. Josh gets serious and tells her that he's not afraid of them being together. They talk some more about their relationship; they decide to take things slowly. He suggests they go back to Springfield and spend the day together as a test to see how things go, and then take one day at a time. They sit on the couch together, with her lying in his arms, and they kiss.

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