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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/10/06

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Olivia arrives and whispers to Buzz because she wants to know if it’s safe. Buzz tells her the coast is clear so she comes inside and gives buzz a small kiss. Coop arrives and gets some supplies so Buzz asks him if he is still mad at him. Coop tells Buzz he made his choice to believe Olivia’s version of what happened in the fire so that is the way things have to be. Coop tells Buzz he will be at CO2 and leaves company. Buzz is sad so Olivia tells him it could be worse Frank could be there too and just then Frank arrives home from his convention.

Outside Company, Ava is worried about Coop’s relationship with Buzz but Coop gives her a kiss and tells her not to worry. Coop and Ava head over to CO2.

At Lewis construction, Josh arrives and checks the machine and finds out he doesn’t have any messages from Cassie or Reva. Lillian arrives and gives Josh a list of potential donors for the veteran’s hospital. Lillian informs Josh that Cassie called and asked her to take over her responsibilities because she was leaving town. Josh thinks Cassie is trying to run away from their relationship but he tells these things to himself and Lillian doesn’t understand why he is so distracted.

At the Beacon, Cassie leaves R.J. in a room with Mrs. Chitwood his nanny just until she gets settled in San Cristobel and then she will send for him. R.J. doesn’t want to leave because he will miss Tammy and his friends and Uncle Josh. Cassie tells R.J. he will get to play with Will all the time and he will enjoy San Cristobel just like he did when he was little. Cassie assures R.J. that this move is the best thing for both of them.

At the hotel room, Reva plays Josh’s message for Billy and agonizes over if she should call Josh or just leave things alone. Billy tells Reva he saw Josh and he advised him to call her because he still loves her. Reva tells Billy calling her wasn’t Josh’s idea so she won’t call him. Reva is positive Josh wants to tell her he has feelings for Cassie and doesn’t love her anymore.

At Lewis construction, Lillian tells Josh she thinks Cassie needed a break because of the disagreement they had about the project. Josh tells Lillian that he and Cassie didn’t disagree over the project. Lillian tells Josh she would be more then happy to be more involved with this wonderful project.

At the farm, Cassie tells herself she is doing the right thing because Josh is Reva’s husband and she continues to pack her bags.

At Company, Frank tells Buzz and Olivia he got back from the convention yesterday. Buzz tells Frank about the fire at the Beacon and Frank tells Olivia he read some of the reports and he will do his best to find out the cause of the fire. Olivia and Buzz nervously try to tell Frank they decided to have a relationship.

A beautiful girl arrives and asks Frank if he is ready to go and Frank introduces her to Buzz and Olivia as his new friend Courtney. Frank tells Courtney to go get a table and wait for him. Frank explains to Buzz and Olivia that he met her at the convention and he wants to see how things go with her. Frank also tells Buzz and Olivia he already knew about their relationship because a police chief knows everything. Frank wonders why Olivia would leave Ava inside a fire. Buzz explains that Olivia was worried about her daughter and got stuck inside her looking for Emma. Frank tells Buzz he doesn’t know what to think since he hasn’t read all the reports but there are always two sides to every story. Frank starts to leave and Olivia tells him she feels badly that Buzz and Coop are fighting but she didn’t leave in the fire on purpose. Frank tells Olivia she has only caused trouble in his family first between him and his father and now Buzz and Coop. Frank warns Olivia if she breaks Buzz’s heart she will answer to him.

Josh goes to the farm to look for Cassie but she isn’t home.

Cassie sits at CO2 writing a note for Josh and Reva.

At the hotel, Reva wants to think that Josh and Cassie were only close friends who leaned on each other for companionship and support. Reva continues to struggle to find the right words to say to Josh when she calls him on the phone. Reva finally decides its best to go talk to Josh in person.

At CO2, Ava draws a mustache on a picture of Olivia in the newspaper to make Coop laugh. Ava encourages Coop to stop fighting with Buzz and Coop decides that once Buzz gets over his Olivia phase things will go back to normal in the family. Coop wants to close CO2 so he and Ava can have their first real date. Coop tells Ava to go home and rest and get dressed and meet him at outskirts. Coop tells Ava he will just close up and meet her at outskirts later.

At the Beacon, Josh leaves a message for Cassie while Reva stares at him from her hiding place. R.J. sees Josh and runs to him to ask him to tell his mother not to make him move to San Cristobel. Josh asks Mrs. Chitwood to tell him Cassie’s plans but she doesn’t tell him anything. Josh tells Mrs. Chitwood he will just find out the information from R.J. and do anything he has to do to stop Cassie from leaving town.

At Outskirts, Ava arrives for her date and is surprised by Alan-Michael who jokes with her that ever since he saved her life they seem to meet everywhere. Ava tells Alan Michael that Coop is on his way so they can have their first real date. Alan- Michael offers to get Ava a drink and keep her company while she waits for Coop. Ava agrees and goes to sit down while Alan- Michael goes to get the drinks and calls a friend and asks him to do him a favor.

At Company, Buzz tells Olivia they should stop seeing each other because he doesn’t want her to get hurt by his family. Olivia wonders if Buzz thinks she left Ava in the fire on purpose. Buzz gives Olivia a kiss and smiles because he had her going for a minute.

At Outskirts, Alan – Michael brings Ava a drink and they make small talk Ava wonders why a Spaulding would save a common person from a fire. Alan- Michael yells Ava his mother is a Bauer. Alan- Michael explains that he has always lived life on the edge. Ava laughs because that is a corny line and Alan – Michael tells Ava that isn’t a line but it has worked on women.

At The Beacon, Josh promises R.J. that he will talk to Cassie so they won’t move away.

At the farm, Cassie shows the realtor the house and listens to a message from Josh that says he talked to R.J. and he is upset about moving away. Cassie ignores the message and tells the realtor to sell the house quickly.

Reva cries tears of anger because she knows Josh has feelings for Cassie.

At Company, Buzz is surprised to see Olivia cleaning and witnessing at the restaurant. Olivia makes it clear to Buzz she doesn’t want to give up on their relationship because they need each other. Olivia assures Buzz she can handle his family and Buzz gives her a kiss.

Outside Reva’s house, Reva tells Collin about Josh and Cassie and she tells him she doesn’t have the strength to fight anymore she just wants to meet her kids in New York and say good-bye to them. Collin goes to get the car to drive Reva to the airport.

At Outskirts, Alan- Michael offers Ava a job as a secretary at Spaulding because he needs someone with a pretty face and a good body to be his secretary. Ava decides to turn down the job offer because of the bad blood between the Spauldings and the Coopers. Alan- Michael asks her to think about the job and give him an answer later. Coop arrives and Ava gives him a kiss Alan- Michael asks Ava and Coop to have dinner with him but Coop tells Alan- Michael he and Ava want to be alone.

At the farm, Cassie leaves a note on the table for Josh and Reva and takes one last look at the house before she leaves for the airport.

Outside Josh and Reva’s house, Reva turns to leave and Josh sees her and calls her name.

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