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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/9/06

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

All of the Scenes today take place at the Beacon hotel where Jeffrey lives so I won’t label the location.

Jeffrey practices his campaign speech for his political rally later today. He is nervous and he paces back and forth as he reads his speech out loud.

Jeffrey turns on the television and sees the WSPR reporter who has scheduled an interview later today. The reporter promises the viewers that she will try to discover more about the past of the man who wants to be mayor of Springfield. Jeffrey delivers his campaign speech to voters and reports that all clap enthusiastically once he has finished his speech. Gaby the WSPR reporter arrives and wonders why Jeffrey won’t talk about his past. Jeffrey tells her that he has nothing to hide that his life is an open book. Gabby goes to talk to Blake about her interview and one of Gabby’s assistants asks Jeffrey if the Springfield burns story is true and Jeffrey answers her by saying what do you think about the story. The young lady warns Jeffrey that she has seen Gabby in action and she can be ruthless when she smells a story. When Jeffrey hears the young ladies words he recalls washing his face and looking in a mirror when he had longer hair and a different face. The interview begins and Jeffrey denies Gabby’s accusation that he will do anything to win the election. Gabby asks Jeffrey what he can offer the people of Springfield? Jeffrey tells Gabby that he thinks he can offer them hope for Springfield.

Jeffrey also thinks that this wonder wonderful city has always been a Beacon guiding the way for its citizens and if elected he will be a wonderful steward of this wonderful city that is Springfield. Gabby asks Jeffrey about the Springfield burns scandal. Jeffrey says that those were to consenting adults having a relationship and he has no regrets about it. Gabby also asks Jeffrey how he feels about the fact that he has gone up in the polls and his opponent Blake Marler has gone down in the polls because people thin he is virile and Blake should be in mourning for her husband a bit longer. Jeffrey tells Gabby that it is Blake’s decision how long to mourn her husband. The reporter next asks Jeffrey about his past as a federal agent and impersonating Richard. Jeffrey explains to Gabby that it was just one of his many jobs when he worked for the government. Jeffrey recalls a conversation with Richard where Richard told him that he had a dark soul. Jeffery was surprised by Richard's words to him. Richard also wanted to know who he was before he came to San Cristobel to impersonate him. Jeffrey tells Richard that he was nobody and didn’t say anything more about the subject.

Gabby takes a commercial break and a flustered Jeffrey gets up to stretch his legs. Cassie arrives to tell Jeffrey good-bye because she has decided to take a job in San Cristobel. Gabby meets her and runs to get her camera hoping to get a comment from Cassie. Jeffery thinks Cassie is running away from her feelings for Josh. Cassie tells Jeffrey it is a complicated situation. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he will miss her. Cassie also tells Jeffrey she will miss him and gives him a kiss on the cheek and wishes him good luck in the election. Once Cassie leaves Jeffrey remembers being in jail with his different face and a man who worked for a secret organization came to visit him and told him he was in big trouble. Jeffrey tells Gabby that Cassie had to make travel arrangements and she told him she was sorry she couldn’t stay for an interview. Jeffrey tells Gabby and the rest of the reporters he must leave now because he is very busy.

Jeffrey goes back to his room to try to relax and calm his nerves because of the memories of his old life. Jeffrey watches the interview on television and Gabby apologizes to her viewers for not finding out anything new about Jeffrey’s past.

Blake arrives and wonders why Jeffrey is running for public office if he is such a private man. Jeffrey explains to Blake that he was drawn to her because she is living in the moment right now and that is the way you should live life in the moment. Blake tells Jeffrey he can’t go through life thinking things don’t matter it isn’t healthy. Jeffrey asks Blake to leave because he has a speech to prepare. Jeffrey recalls more of his past as he reads his speech out loud. Jeffrey recalls when the man who visited him at the jail reminded him that he had a long list of impressive crimes and the organization could keep him out of jail because they need him. Jeffrey signs autographs after his speech but stops suddenly when he thinks he sees the man from his past in the crowd. Jeffrey decides his mind is playing tricks on him and starts to sign autographs again.

One of the voters in the crowd offers to give him her daughter’s phone number and says he would be perfect for her because who couldn’t trust that face. The older lady touches his face and Jeffrey recalls being in a hospital with bandages on his face because he had slept with the wife of a very powerful and dangerous man. The man caused Jeffrey to have an accident that left his face unrecognizable. The man from the organization thinks Jeffrey must have a death wish to jeopardize the case and almost get killed just because he slept with the man’s wife. The man from the organization tells Jeffrey that his accident has given them a unique opportunity and he shows Jeffrey a picture of Richard and tells him a plastic surgeon is going to make him look like Richard so that he can protect the prince and he warns him not to sleep with his wife this time.

The man reminds Jeffrey he is puppet for the organization and his only job is to follow orders. If he refuses to do this job the organization will put him back in jail unless he has a fatal accident before he gets to jail. The reporter tries to interview Jeffrey but the mysterious man arrives to show his support for Jeffrey.

Jeffrey introduces him as an old friend and rushes him to his room to talk. The man asks Jeffrey to drop out of the election because they can’t afford to take the chance that reporters will find out about his crimes and what they did to cover them up. The man reminds him that if the program is put in jeopardy then they will ruin Jeffrey’s life and he will lose everything. The man reminds Jeffrey that they own him and suggests that he find Blake and tell her he is dropping out of the election.

Jeffrey sits at the bar and thinks about what to do and Cassie sees him and explains that she was just leaving a note for Tammy to explain why she is leaving town. Jeffrey tells Cassie he will really miss her and thanks her for sharing part of her life with him. Jeffrey tells Cassie he was at his best when he was with her. Cassie tells Jeffrey he is a good man and she hopes he will get everything he wants in life. Jeffrey remembers the first time he saw Cassie in San Cristobel and after Cassie leaves the room Jeffrey tells Richard that he loves the way he talks to Cassie about love and life. Jeffrey tells Richard he never needed love he just does what he has to do. Richard tells Jeffrey it is important to have the respect and love of family, friends and co – workers.

Dinah arrives and tells Jeffrey that she understands about trying to start a new life and putting what they did behind them. Dinah tells Jeffrey that he finally got what he always wanted the respect of others. Dinah thinks Jeffrey is looking for redemption but Jeffrey says that is impossible. Jeffrey remembers when he took the bandages off and he saw himself with Richards face. The man from the organization told him that he was neither Richard nor Jeffrey instead he was nothing now. Dinah tells Jeffrey that she s only doing what he asked because she can’t go back to jail again. Jeffrey tells Dinah he will call her to talk about the endorsement. Jeffrey finds Blake at the bar and invites her to hear his speech because she will be very interested in the speech. When Blake calls him a born leader Jeffrey recalls when Richard said the same thing about him. Jeffrey told Richard that he thought he was getting too deeply involved in this part. Jeffrey remembers how much he loved to see the respect and trust in people’s eyes when they thought he was Richard. Jeffrey again recalls Richard telling him the respect and love of family, friends and co- workers is what matters in life. Jeffrey tells Richard he is nobody.

Jeffrey gives his speech and tells the people that after much soul searching he knows this was the job he was born to do.

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