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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/8/06

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Dinah tells Mallet that their wedding is back on schedule Mallet jokes that he thought Dinah burned her wedding dress because she was mad at him.  Dinah recalls burning her wedding dress and some of Mallets clothes but tells Mallet that she knew they would reconcile.  Mallet tells Dinah he still wants to discover the person behind the Springfield burns website.  Dinah asks Mallet to forget about that website and concentrate on their wedding.

Josh calls Cassie from Main Street and tells her he hopes she will decide to come back and spend the day with him.  Josh knows that Cassie is home listening to his message on her machine so he says he will be on Main Street waiting for her.  Cassie decides to go out for a little while. 

At the hotel, Reva talks to Billy as she packs and tells him that she hasnít decided what to do about Josh and Cassie she just wants to save her strength to make the trip to say good-bye to her children.   Jonathan and Lizzie arrive and Lizzie tells Reva that she is sorry about her cancer. 

Reva is angry that Jonathan told Lizzie she was sick.  Lizzie tells Reva Jonathan didnít tell her she just guessed and she also promises to keep her secret.  Lizzie encourages Reva and tells her if she beat cancer when she was a little girl she (Reva) can beat cancer too.  Reva doesnít tell Jonathan and Lizzie she is dying.  Lizzie invites Reva to go to the sonogram with them and Reva smiles a little and accepts the invitation. 

On Main Street, Blake asks Josh for Lewis constructionís endorsement in the campaign.  Blake also tells Josh that she knows how he and Cassie feel about each other and encourages him to have a relationship with Cassie.  Blake explains that when she took Ross away from Holly it seemed wrong but it turned out so right and in the end Holly accepted their relationship.  Blake also tells Josh she doesnít regret one second of her relationship with Ross.  Blake also points out that Cassie has been there to support him and his new project while Reva is off on another of her adventures without him. 

At Outskirts, Cassie asks Billy if Reva is back in town.  Billy tells Cassie he canít say anything but Reva will tell everyone when she is ready.  Cassie blasts Billy because everything is always about Reva and she doesnít care about Josh or the rest of her family.  Cassie thinks its time that she and Josh didnít care if Reva gets hurt. 

At the hospital, Jeffrey demands that Dinah secure the Spaulding endorsement for him or he will make sure she goes back to jail.  Jeffrey goes inside  Malletís room to talk to him and tells Dinah to get to work on the Spaulding endorsement.  Mallet tells Jeffrey he needs to ask him some questions about the fire.  Jeffrey sees Dinah leave so he tells Mallet the fire was ruled an accident.  Mallet suspects it was arson and the arsonist is the person behind the Springfield Burns website. 

At Outskirts, Cassie admits to Billy that she and Josh do have feelings for each other but they have not acted on them because of Reva.  Billy warns that she will get hurt because Josh and Reva always end up together. 

Dinah arrives and drinks a beer as she tells Cassie that Billy is right.  Dinah explains to Cassie that she finally learned not to chase after someone elseís man because she kept getting hurt.  Dinah is glad she finally waited for Mallet and after he almost died in the fire she realized how much she loved them.  Dinah tells Cassie she wonít let anyone or anything come between her and Mallet.  Dinah tells Cassie that if she and Reva were trapped in a fire Josh would always save Reva.  Cassie asks Dinah if she should take the job offer in San Cristobal.  Dinah tells Cassie that would be the best way to fight her feelings for Josh. 

At the hospital, Jonathan wonders why Reva is so distracted but she tells her she is fine.  Reva cries and tells Jonathan he makes her happy.  Reva looks at the sonogram and smiles as she looks at her granddaughter.  Jeffrey tells Mallet to concentrate on getting better and not worry about the case because he will take care of it. 

On Main Street, Billy asks Josh not to make a decision without all the facts.  Josh demands that Billy give him his cell phone so he can talk to Reva and get all the facts.  Billy hesitates at first then hands Josh the phone.  Josh leaves a message for Reva to come home because life is too short and there are some very important things he must tell her.  

At the hospital, Lizzie gives Reva the babyís sonogram picture so she can keep it.  Lizzie tells Jonathan to stay with Reva and talk because she doesnít look well.  Lizzie tells Reva she can tell she isnít well and she should tell Jonathan the truth.  Reva cries and tells Jonathan the bone marrow transplant didnít work.  Jonathan cries tears of anger and frustration because he thinks he messed up again and his bone marrow hurt Reva.  Jonathan tells Reva he wanted to give her something good and special to show her how much he loves her.  Reva tells Jonathan he has given her love, loyalty support and a granddaughter.  Reva tells Jonathan that out of all her children she identifies with him the most because he messes up just like her.  Reva tells Jonathan that she is so proud of him because he has finally grown up.  Blake takes a picture with Mallet and promises pay raises for the police department.  Jeffrey arrives and promises the same thing but before he can take a picture with Mallet the nurse kicks Jeffrey and Blake out.  Outside in the hallway, Blake tells Jeffrey that since he has decided not to have a personal relationship with her she will do anything to beat him in the election.  Blake leaves and Jeffrey calls Dinah who says she is working on the endorsement.  Jeffrey reminds her that IF Spaulding doesnít endorse him in the campaign she will go back to jail. 

At the Farm, Cassie calls to book a one-way flight to San Cristobel. 

At the hotel, Lizzie tells Reva that if she needs to talk or forget about the cancer for a little while she can always call her and she will tell her stories about the pregnancy and her swollen ankles.  Once Lizzie is gone Jonathan hugs Reva and encourages her to keep fighting to be around for her new granddaughter.  Jonathan also thinks its time Reva spoke to Josh and told him the truth.  Jonathan leaves and starts to cry again so Lizzie gives him a hug and tells him she understands his pain.  Lizzie tells Jonathan she will do anything she can to help him.   Reva listens to Joshís message asking her to please come home because they need to talk

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