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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/7/06

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Written By Jonathon
Pictures by Boo

We start out as Lizzie is explaining to Jonathan that she forgot to get her car out of the shop and has an appointment for a sonogram. Jonathan asks very hatefully "You are going to see the baby again?" Lizzie offers to cancel, but Jonathan says he will take her and be late for his date with Tammy, but she would have to take a cab home. Lizzie tries to object, but Jonathan tells her to stop talking and start moving. Lizzie says its only 6 and her appointment isn't for another half hour. Jonathan says he'll drop her off and she'll have to wait. Lizzie tells Jonathan she wants him there so their little girl will know her real father is there.

Cut to Tammy. Tammy wonders what is keeping Jonathan. She hears footsteps and before looking asks "Don't you know not to keep a lady waiting?" She turns and sees Alan. He tells her he doesn't care who he keeps waiting and what does she know about airport security. He wants to know what Tammy, Lizzie, and Jonathan wanted to accomplish by having him held for a day or two. Alan tells Tammy she is probably wondering what he is going to do next. He throws his hand at the door beside Tammy. Tammy gasps. Tammy slides under Alan's arm and asks what is next. Alan tells her the options are endless, grabs Tammy by the arm and takes her "somewhere they can talk about what is next.

Cut to Reva watching Josh and Cassie. Josh is complementing Cassie while giving her flowers. Reva tries to tell herself that the medication is making her see things.


Back to Jonathan and Lizzie. Jonathan tells Lizzie he isn't going to stand up Tammy. Lizzie suggests that he call Tammy and tell her that he wants to see the baby and that she needs him there. Jonathan says he's getting used to the idea about the baby. Jonathan jokes with Lizzie about being the regular "father" type. He then says he knows what Lizzie is up to.

Back to Alan and Tammy, now in Outskirts. Tammy asks so what are you going to do know send a ransom note to Jonathan and that she isn't afraid of him. Tammy then offers Alan a drink. Alan tries to turn Tammy against Lizzie, but Tammy is strong and refuses to listen to Alan's examination of her situation. Alan tells Tammy she has spunk, but she isn't being smart because she isn't taking him seriously and that is very bad. He tells her that no one is here and no one will be for hours. He then asks if she screamed would anyone hear her. He then grabs her arms.

Cut to Coop, Ava, and Buzz. Coop is hateful to Buzz and calls Buzz "nonsense." Buzz wants to know if Coop wants to be reasonable. Coop tells him that when they where in the burning building it was the scariest and proudest time of his life. Buzz agrees and says he feels the same way. Coop says they risked everything and they'd never leave anyone they love in that building, but says that Olivia did. Buzz then tells him that there is two sides to every story. Coop says "So Ava is lying?" Buzz says that he didn't say that, but Coop says that he thinks it.

Cut to Josh, Cassie, and Reva. Josh is still complementing Cassie, while Reva calls Billy. Josh and Cassie start dancing with a group of people . Reva asks Billy who Josh is dancing with. Billy says Olivia, and Reva tells him "NO CASSIE." Reva wants Billy to tell her that she is imagining it. Reva tells Billy her actions don't have consequences and hangs up. Billy comes and catches Reva before she has time to go confront Josh and Cassie. Reva tells Billy that it is just too much.

Cut to Tammy and Alan. Tammy tells Alan he really isn't that bad, because if he was Lizzie wouldn't love him so much. Alan reaches into his coat pocket. Tammy panics, but Alan just lays money on the bar and tells her the next round is on him. Tammy says that its her bar and the round is on her. Alan says he admires Tammy's courage. Alan tells Tammy that Lizzie will wear out her welcome and they will be begging him to take her away. Tammy says Lizzie has changed. Alan says his granddaughter needs a lot of a attention and that Tammy and Jonathan can't take care of Lizzie and the baby. Tammy still insist that she is changed.

Cut to Jonathan and Lizzie. Lizzie says "You're on to me? Do you think I want to get you in the shower again and hang onto your muscles?" Jonathan laughs at her and tells her that she really knew the doctor's appointment was. Lizzie tells him that he does nothing and Jonathan says he protects her from Alan. Jonathan tells her that she is in his world now and no games. Jonathan tries to call Tammy, but no one answers. He assumes Alan has found her and goes to look for her. Lizzie tells her to go look for her and to meet her later for the doctor's appointment.

Cut to Buzz and Coop. Both are fussing over Olivia and Ava. Coop starts coughing and Ava tells him they are going to the doctor.

Cut to Josh and Cassie. Some lady recognizes Cassie and invites them to an event at the Greek festival.

Cut to Billy and Reva in her hotel room. She still thinks she is imagining things. Billy tells her that he can't tell her that she is imagining things because he thinks she is right. Reva know accepts the fact that she isn't losing her mind and realizes that Josh and Cassie have been together since she's been in Minnesota. Reva starts breaking things and breaks down and cries.

Cut to Josh and Cassie. Josh tells Cassie that he's glad Billy didn't change Josh's mind. Cassie asks what Billy said. Josh tells Cassie that Billy told him that Reva stills loves him and she's coming home to him.

Cut to Lizzie and a nurse at Cedars. Lizzie asks who her papers have the father listed. The nurse tells her that it has Henry Bradshaw. Lizzie asks her to change it to Jonathan Randall.

Cut to Alan and Tammy. Alan is still trying to convince Tammy that she will be neglected when the baby is born. Jonathan busts in and attacks Alan. Tammy stops him and explains everything Alan has been saying.

Cut to Reva and Billy. Reva says screw Josh and Cassie and screw you too Billy. She explains to Billy her dream about Josh and her after he finds out she has cancer. She makes Billy leave.

Back to Jonathan, Tammy, and Alan. Jonathan and Tammy kiss in front of Alan. Tammy says no more fighting. Alan says that they have it all for know.

Cut to Lizzie talking to her baby. She is trying to think how she is getting Jonathan to the hospital. She calls someone and says that she needs the person to track someone down.

Cut to Coop, Buzz, and Ava. Buzz asked about Coop and they told him that the doctor told him that Coop would live. Buzz told Coop he felt the same way about Olivia as he did when they left for the doctor. Ava is concerned about Olivia and Coop tells her there will be no Olivia.

Cut to Josh and Cassie. Josh says so what if Reva still loves him. Cassie wants to find out when Reva is coming back. Josh gives in and says they can talk about it.

Cut to Reva. She is packing to go see her children and leaving town. She says she needs no one and busts Josh's picture against the wall.

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