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Guiding Light Update Friday 8/4/06

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Written By Michelle

At Jonathan and Tammy’s place, Jonathan walks in on Lizzie in the shower, mistakenly. Lizzie seems mortified but Jonathan who thought she was Tammy thinks it’s funny. When she tells him to avert his eyes he says she has nothing she hasn’t seen before. He adds that anytime he wants to see her naked all he has to do is close his eyes. He says he is going to leave her to finish shaving her legs or whatever she was doing and she says wait.

At the farm, R.J. tells Cassie that he’s been invited to the carnival on Main Street by a few friends. Cassie reminds him that he was supposed to go with her and Uncle Josh. R.J. says that she and Josh can go together and they’ll probably have more fun without him. Cassie says ok, R.J. thanks her and leaves. Cassie remembers being saved at the pond by Josh and asks herself if she’s going on a date with Josh.

At Cross Creek Cabin, Josh comes in a sarcastically greets Billy. Billy says he’s there to find out if there’s anything new with Josh, he asks if he’s going out on a date. Josh says it’s none of his business. Billy says if he is going out, its Reva’s business which makes it his business as well. Billy tries to stop Josh from leaving. Josh jumps at his touch and asks what the hell he wants from him. Billy says he wants to stop Josh from making the biggest mistake of his life.

At Reva’s hotel room, Colin has stopped by to update Reva on her latest test results. Reva is going on about Josh possibly seeing Olivia. Colin doesn’t want to hear it and wants to discuss what’s happening to Reva, her future. Colin tells Reva he’s “so sorry”.

At Jonathan and Tammy’s, Jonathan tells Lizzie that her holding his arm makes it hard not to look at her, and he’s definitely looking. She asks if he’s looking and he says no. Lizzie says she stopped him from leaving because she doesn’t want him to be “weirded out” by what just happened. They all live together and she doesn’t want any awkwardness. Jonathan says it takes more than a naked chick in the shower to weird him out. Lizzie reiterates that Jon and Tammy have been good to her and she doesn’t’ want to ruin that. Lizzie asks Jonathan, because he’s not weirded out by her naked body, how she’s looking now that she’s pregnant. She goes on to explain that she knows she’s not supposed to care how she looks and it’s supposed to be about the baby but she’s not feeling too attractive. Jonathan assures her that she has nothing to worry about, she still looks great. Tammy comes in, clearly pissed and asks if there’s any room in there for her?

At the farm, Cassie stands in front of a fan. Josh comes through the door and says he couldn’t stay away. He says that people will say it’s wrong, that they’ll tear the family apart, but they feel right together. It’s Cassie fantasizing about Josh. They kiss and Reva comes in. Reva says it took them long enough to get together. Reva (sounding like a Stepford wife) says she left Josh because they “got back together” too soon and that wasn’t right. Reva tells Cassie that she and Josh always did damage to each other and that Cassie and Josh look beautiful together and she wants Josh to be happy. Reva says that they look happy together. Josh says they are happy because the relationship between he and Cassie is “joyful and easy, uncomplicated.” Reva tells Josh he deserves joy and that he and Cassie belong together. Cassie comes out of her daydream and says “then she’ll sprout wings and fly off to fairyland.”

At Cross Creek, Josh tells Billy it was Reva who left but Billy thinks he’s the bad guy, Josh doesn’t get it. Billy says there is a right and wrong way to handle things. Josh is tired of Billy taking Reva’s side. Billy says all he wants is to “not ruin what Reva and Josh have together” Josh doesn’t know what they have anymore. She walked out on him without looking back. Josh says if Reva has a problem with the state of their marriage she has no one to blame but herself. Billy asks if Josh has found a replacement for Reva and Josh laughs. He walks away.

At Reva’s hotel, she wants to know why Colin is sorry. Is he sorry she’s going to die, that he burnt the toast? She tells him to be specific. Colin tells Reva that her white blood cell count is not what he expected it to be at this point. Her body is not fighting the cancer. He tells her that though she had the best possible care, he body is not responding and now he doesn’t believe it was enough. He won’t do anymore treatments. He won’t take away who she is for whatever time she has left. Reva asks how long she has to live. He can’t be specific because everyone is different. Reva presses him, but he says he doesn’t’ know. Reva reminds him of the promise he made her in Minnesota. Colin said he would tell her when the end was coming so that Reva could say her goodbyes. Colin tells her that she should probably say her goodbyes.

At the hotel room, Tammy says it’s interesting and that it looks bad because Lizzie and Jonathan aren’t saying anything. Jonathan says he was there to give Lizzie a towel, Lizzie chimes in corroborating his story. Tammy throws a robe at Lizzie and tells her to put it on. Lizzie says she knows it looks bad but she’d never in a million years sleep with Jonathan. Tammy reminds her that it has already happened in the past year. Lizzie says she means never again. Jonathan thinks it’s all very funny, it’s crazy. He points out that Lizzie is pregnant and Tammy says some men find that attractive. Jonathan tells her he does not. Lizzie looks a little hurt by that comment. Tammy tells Lizzie she invited her to live with them because they care about the baby and to protect her. Lizzie says she’s grateful for all they did. Tammy tells her that they may share an apartment but that’s all they share. Lizzie leaves the bathroom but tells Jonathan to knock next time. Jonathan still thinks the situation is funny but Tammy doesn’t. Jonathan tries to joke his way out of the situation but Tammy isn’t hearing it.

Out side in the next room, Lizzie wonders what is happening to her. She says she didn’t plan this or want it to happen…did she?

At the farm, Cassie is telling herself that what’s between her and Josh is just business. Josh walks in, (another fantasy) and Cassie tells him he shouldn’t be there. He says he knows but Reva hasn’t been there for him for months. He says he’s tried and she says she knows he has and they kiss. Reva comes bursting through the door calling Cassie a back stabbing slut and wants to know how Cassie can do this to her. Cassie says Reva left Josh there and didn’t call, write. Reva doesn’t’ think it should matter. Cassie wants to know what Josh was supposed to do. Reva says “be faithful”. Reva tells Cassie she’s so needy that she needs to be with a man, and any man will do even her sister’s husband. Cassie denies it. Reva says everyone thinks she's so innocent but when given the chance look what she does.

At Cross Creek, Billy is trying to persuade Josh to have faith in his marriage and Reva. Josh wants to know why he’s there. Billy says he’s there to help. Josh says he is there to make him feel guilty. Billy tells Josh to call Reva, Josh says he’s tried. Billy tells him that there is no one else for Reva but Josh and that Josh knows that there is no one else for him but Reva. Billy says Reva is coming home real soon.

At her hotel room, Reva is in denial and asks Colin if there’s anything they haven’t tried a new drug or procedure. He says no. She says she doesn’t give up. He says he’s concerned about her quality of life and she’s fuller of life than anyone he knows. He says fighting the cancer now would be a battle of diminishing returns. He wants her to live her last days free, not in a hospital bed fighting the cancer. He doesn’t’ want to leave her alone. She tells him to get out. She breaks down when he leaves and Billy walks in and holds her and comforts her while she cries. Reva tells him what Colin says. Billy says they can try another doctor. Reva says no, she fought the good fight and now it’s time for her to live her life. Billy suggests some things Reva hasn’t done, skydiving, etc. He breaks down and begins to cry. Reva tells him she couldn’t have done any of the things she’s done without him. With his help she gave Josh and her kids more time and Josh was able to follow his dream. Reva says she needs to find Josh and tell him everything.

At the farmhouse, Cassie is still fantasizing about Josh. She tells fantasy Josh she never imagined being so happy, she adds that RJ is also happy that Josh is in their lives and adds that RJ has always wanted to be “a part of Josh” and now he feels he is. Josh says they are a real family now, with no drama or agendas, etc. Then Reva comes in and apologizes to Josh for how she treated him. She can’t live without him and doesn’t care what went on between him and Cassie as long as there is still a Josh and Reva. Cassie chimes in that it does matter, that the last few months have been magical and she and Josh are together now. Cassie says they need to see where it goes. She then says “right Josh?” and Josh is looking into Reva’s eyes. He tells Cassie he’s sorry, but Reva’s right. He said that he and Reva’s relationship isn’t normal, Reva says its destiny. Josh agrees and says they can’t fight it and he kisses Reva. Cassie comes out of her fantasy and asks says she’s kidding herself, and it’s not right to go after Josh.

At Cross Creek, Josh is on the couch looking at his phone and Reva is calling. He remembers Billy saying that Reva loves him and is coming home really soon. Josh someone and says he’s afraid he has to cancel.

At the hotel, Jonathan can’t believe that Tammy would think something could happen between him and Lizzie. Tammy said they act like it can’t happen but it already has and she’s been burnt by Lizzie before and she wasn’t expecting it. She’s not letting it happen again. Jonathan tries to convince her, but Tammy says it’s painful to watch. She says she never believed that he could be with Lizzie but not only was he with her but he got her pregnant. Tammy says she pushed for them to live together but there are limits to trust. Jonathan says he would not cheat on her and he never realized how much he was going to miss “them together” when he lost her, he wouldn’t risk it again. Tammy tells him to take his clothes off. She starts to undress him when he doesn’t’. Jonathan is confused and asks if Tammy is mad, she says she is, not getting in the tub with anyone else unless it’s her. They kiss and begin to make love.

In the other room, Lizzie is talking to herself. She’s not a bad person and how was she to know Jonathan was going to walk in there on her in the bathroom? She realizes that Tammy is her best and only friend and she can’t mess that up by going after Jonathan, even if he is the father of her baby. Lizzie rationalizes by saying she has more in common with Jonathan than Tammy. She remembers Tammy saying “you can’t help who you fall in love with…and it’s not like she’s exactly giving Jonathan a baby.” Lizzie paces back and forth and says she needs to move on with her life and put the past behind her. She takes off Coops engagement ring, smiles and says “bye Coop”. She welcomes her new life and says she can do things herself and she’s not going to try and take Jonathan, not that she could because Jonathan is always saying that “Tammy is his life”. Lizzie surmises that as long as that’s true, no one will have anything to worry about.

At Reva’s room, Billy insists on going with Reva to talk to Josh. Billy says she’s weak and tired and her doctor would kill him if he let her go out alone. Reva reminds Billy that Colin is no longer her doctor, there’s nothing he or anyone can do for her. Billy says there’s always something more that can be done. Reva tells Billy that he’s not a screw-up and that he makes people feel safe. Billy says it sounds like she’s saying goodbye and he doesn’t want her to say goodbye just yet. Reva says she has to find a way to tell Josh that she’s dying and she has to do it alone. They actually laugh and Reva walks out leaving Billy alone.

At the hotel, Jonathan and Tammy come out of the bathroom laughing and Lizzie hides in the closet. Tammy seems to need Jonathan’s reassurance that she’s the only woman he wants, Lizzie hears this, and she seems hurt and watches them together. Jonathan wants to get back in the shower, Tammy says no they have to go to the Main Street Festival and she’ll meet him there after running errands. Lizzie looks sad sitting alone in the closet after what she’s heard.

At the Main Street Festival, Reva comes in looks around and spots Josh, he doesn’t see her. She says she hates dropping this on him.

At the hotel, Lizzie says “damn” and Jonathan wants to know what’s wrong. She says she forgot the doctors’ appointment for a sonogram and her car is in the shop. Jonathan jokes “you want to look at that baby again??” Lizzie says she has to go because her doctor says it’s important because of genetic markers and the doctor wants to look at her blood. Jonathan says he thought they already did that. Lizzie says it must be a second round of tests, which concerns Jonathan. He says he’ll take her to the appointment. Lizzie says she thought he was busy. He says he is still going to meet Tammy after he takes her to her appointment, he’ll drop her off and she can take a cab home. Lizzie says as long as Tammy won’t be mad. Jonathan says Tammy will be ok if he’s a little bit late. Lizzie smiles on the way out of the room. She’s accomplished what she set out to do.

At the Main Street Fair, Tammy pours herself a drink and wonders where Jonathan is. She turns around to see Alan. Who asks if she’s surprised to see him and asks what she knows about airport security.

In Reva’s room, Billy finds a small bottle of vodka. He stares it down.

At the Street Fair Reva spots Josh buying flowers she assumes they are for Olivia and gets angry. She sees Josh walk towards someone but the crowd is thick and she can’t make out who it is. Josh walks right past her but doesn’t see her. Josh gives the flowers to Cassie and tells her she looks beautiful. He tells Cassie he canceled manning the Lewis construction booth to spend time with her. The crowd parts and Reva sees it’s Cassie whom Josh has given the flowers to.

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