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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/3/06

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Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Tammy and Jonathan are in their room. They wake up Lizzie and tell her that half the hotel burned down and she slept through it. Jonathan starts getting worried but Lizzie hugs him and tells him she’s okay. Tammy watches. Jonathan tells Lizzie to go somewhere because he doesn’t want the baby to be a “wheeze box” because she inhaled all that smoke. Lizzie thanks them for being worried about her and leaves. Jonathan then explains to Tammy that he just wanted Lizzie gone to spend some alone time with her. The two start to kiss but Tammy pulls away because she has to pre-register for her classes. Jonathan jokes that he should have kicked Lizzie and her dog out for good. Tammy tells him he’s doing the right thing to let her stay with them. Tammy leaves.

Reva and Billy are in Billy’s room. Reva tells Billy that Josh is really happy and she needs to find out why. Billy thinks that Reva is going to go see him, but she’s just going to observe him. Reva walks out. Billy calls after her and says to himself “this is not a good idea.”

Josh returns to his house after jogging. He stares at a crumpled picture of Reva turns away and collapses on the couch. Reva is staring through the window at him.

Ava and Coop are at the hospital. Ava tells him that he should see a doctor. Coop says no, but Buzz walks up and says that he is. Buzz then goes to call Olivia and see how she’s doing. Ava tells Coop that Olivia left her to die in the fire. Coop says he can’t believe it. Ava says that she even accused her of creating the Springfield Burns website. “I wish I was writing it because I could tell everyone what an evil wench she is.”

Dinah is in Mallet’s room. He is still unconscious. Dinah tells him to wake up and that she’s so sorry. Jeffery walks in the room. Jeffery tells her, “Mallet is here because you put him here. You started that fire at the Beacon.” The two walk out into the hallway. Dinah denies it but Jeffery said that he knows the fire started in her room. Dinah then admits to starting the fire but it was an accident. She was venting her anger and thought she put out the fire but apparently didn’t. She looks at Mallet. “I would never hurt him.” Jeffery says he believes her then tries to take her down to the police station. Dinah refuses to go back to jail. Jeffery says that he can’t bend the law; Dinah says that he can. She goes back into Mallet’s room. He starts to wake up and asks who she’s talking to. Dinah doesn’t answer and says that she’s here. She tells him that he was stupid and he’s what’s important in her life. Mallet asks Jeffery what he’s doing here.

Jeffery tells him that he believes the fire was an accident. Jeffery leaves. Dinah tells Mallet how much she loves him. Dinah goes out to talk to Jeffery. She tells him thank you for not telling Mallet. Jeffery said she hasn’t heard what he wants in return yet. He tells her he’ll be in touch. Dinah goes back in to see Mallet.

Buzz is at the hospital. He leaves Olivia a message and Oliva and Emma walk up behind him. The three of them walk out to where Ava and Coop are. Ava tells her to get away from her. Coop explains that she left her to die in the fire. Olivia denies it. Buzz asks her if it’s true. Olivia takes Emma away. When she comes back she says that she left her there because she went to go check on Emma and was out of her mind. Buzz defends Olivia and they leave. Coop is shocked. Coop says that if that’s the kind of Olivia is, Buzz should know it.

Beth is outside of Company. Lizzie walks up. Beth is worried about the fire last night but Lizzie tells her she’s fine and lucky to have such great friends. Cassie walks up. Lizzie tells her that Tammy is fine, but Cassie says that she already talked to her. Cassie says that it’s lucky that none of them were in the hotel. Lizzie confesses that she was and slept through the whole ting. Beth starts getting worried and tells her that this is why she should move back with them; they can keep an eye on her. Beth asks what is so great about Tammy and Jonathan. Cassie says she would like to here that too. Lizzie tells them that they care about her and the baby and they’re like her family now. Cassie walks away. When she walks back Beth asks her what she thinks about the living arrangement. Cassie says that all they need is towels, and if they’re happy, then she’s going to get them those towels. Lizzie tells Beth that she should follow Cassie’s lead and stay out of it. She’s made her decision. Lizzie walks away. Cassie tells Beth not to cause any trouble and leaves as well.

Josh is at Main Street where they’re setting up for the Greek Festival. Reva watches from behind some balloons. Josh calls Cassie to make sure they’re still on for the Festival. Reva starts to get worried. Billy walks up; he asks if she’s feeling sick. She says yes, but not in the way he thinks. She tells him that Josh is seeing someone. She can tell because he’s jogging and getting haircuts when he doesn’t need them. She also tells him that she thinks she heard him ask someone on a date. Reva calls someone on the phone and asks for a favor.

Josh walks up to Tammy in one the booths. Tammy tells him that if he does have feelings for her mom, she’s not going to get in their way. Tammy clears it up and says that she thinks that he and her mom is a terrible idea. Josh says nothing happened. Tammy says her mother said the same thing. But she doesn’t believe it. Tammy talks about how she loves Jonathan and cant be swayed by what others think. Lizzie hears this and walks away. Tammy asks if he loves her mom like that. Josh admits to having feelings for Cassie. Tammy just asks him to promise not to hurt her.

Jonathan and Reva are at Billy’s house. Reva tells him that he’s feeling good and the Bone Marrow transplant worked. Reva asked if she’s seen Josh and if he knows what’s going on. Jonathan says he doesn’t know what’s going on. So Reva asks if he thinks he’s seeing someone. Reva asks if he knows who. Jonathan starts looking worried. Reva says there’s only one person who it could be. Olivia. Jonathan says they wouldn’t be having this conversation if she just would’ve told Josh. But she can fix it by telling Josh. Jonathan tells her she looks tired so leaves. Reva starts thinking about Olivia. She goes to sleep. Colin comes in and Reva tells him the bad dream she had about Olivia and Josh. Collin tells her he got the results back and they need to talk about her future.

Lizzie returns to the house. No one is there. She holds up Jonathan’s shirt and hugs it. Jonathan comes home and thinks Tammy is in the shower but it’s actually Lizzie. He starts taking off his clothes to take a shower with her. He says “hello gorgeous” and pulls open the shower. Lizzie screams and Jonathan starts laughing.

Buzz, Olivia, and Emma are at Company. Olivia tells Emma stories of how Buzz saved a woman in the fire. And how the woman couldn’t imagine anyone else saving her. Olivia warns that Coop and Ava are going to give him grief. Buzz says he doesn’t care and kisses her.

Josh returns home and Billy is sitting in the living room. Billy asks what he’s doing with his life. Josh just stares forward.

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