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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/2/06

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Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

n her room at the Beacon, Dinah reloads the Springfield Burns website repeatedly. She seems more than annoyed at the new title – “Marler whacks another fiancée.”

Meanwhile across town at Company, Mallet looks at the infamous website as well. The headline about him gets him furious, and he calls the website creator a freak.

Buzz happens to be walking by Mallet’s table and sees the opening page on the computer screen. He stops when he notices that his photo is on it as well. Buzz startles Mallet as he asks what the website reveals about him. Initially, Mallet closes the laptop and refuses to show him. Eventually he gives in after some prodding by the restaurateur. This headline features Buzz, Olivia, and Frank. It includes photos of Buzz and Olivia in an embrace and makes rude comments about ‘keeping it in the family.’ Buzz looks dejected, and laments that things were already complicated enough without his family problems being made public. As Mallet assures Buzz that he has nothing to worry about, Coop too, lets his father know that no one pays attention to internet gossip.

On the other side of town, Blake watches the video of her and Jeffery once more. She slams the computer screen shit, and announces to herself that there is only one way to handle things.

Blake storms over to Jeffery’s suite, and demands to know what they are going to do about the video. He assures her that he plans on prosecuting the webmaster to the full extent of the law, once they find him. Shaking her head, Blake announces that there is only one way to save both campaigns. Jeffery looks stunned when she explains her idea – “Go public with our relationship.”

Jeffery looks confused, and reminds her that they don’t have a relationship. “We slept together, a couple of times, and had fun.” He tells her. “But I don’t think it is anything either of us really wants to be coming out with.” Jeffery laughs, clearly uncomfortable, while Blake looks completely embarrassed. He goes on to tell her that perhaps they should just ignore the whole thing, instead of responding to it. He urges her to basically pretend it didn’t even happen. Blake nods and heads out of the room, without really saying much of anything.

Elsewhere in the Beacon, Olivia is in her office looking at the notorious website as well. Completely frustrated by what she is reading, she raises the laptop above her head getting ready to smash it on the ground. Ava walks in and yells at her to stop immediately. She grabs the computer, and tells Olivia that although the website may be trashy that no one should complain. “Any publicity is good publicity – right?” She asks naively.  Glaring at her, Olivia becomes irate and accusatory. She immediately wonders if Ava is the one behind the website.

Dinah is in her room at the Beacon. She is still enraged over the contents of Springfield Burns. In a fit of anger she decides to burn all of her wedding items, which have now been heaped upon her bed. She starts by lighting a magazine on fire, and then watches as the rest of the wedding paraphernalia goes up in flames.

Suddenly, the phone rings. Dinah answers it and realizes Mallet is on the other end. He tells her that he needs to talk with her immediately, and asks where she is. Dinah explains that she is at the Beacon as their call is cut off. She clearly thinks that he hung up on her. Angered, she decides that she doesn’t want to stay in their room anymore. Grabbing a vase, Dinah attempts to put out the flames with the water from the flowers. She then smothers the remainder of the blaze with a blanket before walking out, obviously thinking that there are no longer any flames.

On his way out of Company, Mallet runs into Marina, literally. She tries joking with him, but sees that he is in a foul mood. Seeing her immediately sparks an idea, and he asks if she is good with computers. Marina nods, and explains that she knows Remy is much better, but that she can hold her own. Smiling, Mallet lets her know that the two of them are on the case and that he will talk to Frank about clearing their schedules. Puzzled, Marina is still trying to figure out what the case is about. Mallet leaves before answering her question and Marina wonders to herself if she is being put on the Springfield Burns case.

Inside the restaurant, Coop and his father talk about how empty the place feels without Ava there. They joke that she is in the line of fire working for Olivia, and discuss why she even got the job. Buzz seems to think that eventually the two women will get along, that they both had to get where they are by working hard. Coop, on the other hand thinks that Ava is screwed, especially with Olivia’s temper and the newest addition to Springfield Burns. They both exchange looks, and agree that perhaps they should go check on Ava to make sure that everything is going well.

Back at the Beacon, Ava is defending herself to her new boss. She doesn’t understand why Olivia would think that she would do something as immature as create a website to merely trash the reputations of everyone in town. Olivia attacks her, reminding her that she is privy to lots of gossip working at a restaurant, and that she did have a major problem with the way Buzz and Frank handled their love lives.  The two women continue yelling and arguing, until Ava sniffs around a bit. “Do you smell smoke?” She asks Olivia looking worried.

Blake is in the hallway near her room berating herself for using the word ‘relationship’ with Jeffery. She clearly feels stupid for the way she handled herself when she suddenly sees an immense amount of smoke. “Oh, my God. Fire.” She screams. “This way, go out this way.” She tells others in the hall as she heads toward safety herself.

Olivia is on the phone checking to see if the smoke is simply a small kitchen fire. The line goes dead, and Ava begins to freak out. Olivia remains calm, and reminds her that no fire alarms have gone off yet. Coughing, Ava clearly wants to get out of the room. She begins to open the door, when it collapses on her. She begs Olivia to help her, claiming that she is pinned down. Worried about her daughter, Olivia tries to make some phone calls to locate Emma. When she realizes what happened to Ava, she tries to help her but can’t as the wreckage is too heavy. Ava tries to wiggle out as well, but nothing works. Olivia realizes that there is a serious fire happening in her hotel and heads off to make sure Emma is fine. She explains to Ava that she needs to protect her daughter, and promises that she will send in help for her.

Mallet is outside his room, coughing from the smoke. He hopes that Dinah still isn’t inside and heads in to make sure. When he gets inside the room he sees something on the bed engulfed in flames. Thinking it is Dinah he tries to save her. Slowly, he realizes it is definitely not a human being. Mallet continues to call out of her, making sure that she got out safely. When he realizes that she is gone, he too begins to leave. Before he can get to the doorway a part of the ceiling caves in. Mallet falls to the ground.

At the docks, Dinah is by herself. She dips her feet into the water, and apparently decides that she wants to go swimming. She strips her clothes off and jumps in. A few minutes later, Jeffery comes by. Dinah has submerged herself, so all he sees is the clothes. He picks them up, just as she comes up for air. “I’m going to need those in a moment.” She tells him laughing. The two joke back and forth. They exchange comments about how they have had a previous relationship, and seen one another nude before. Dinah mentions that Mallet would ‘beat him up’ if Jeffery saw her naked again, which leads Jeffery to ask if Dinah & Mallet are still together. Dinah diverts the conversation, and mentions that she saw the video as well, so perhaps he should shut his mouth.

The two continue to joke around, and eventually Dinah pulls him into the water with her. They begin to seriously talk, and she confesses that she headed into the water so that she could forget everything. As they are talking they see smoke. Jeffery realizes something is seriously wrong, and they get out of the water to head over to the Beacon.

Outside the Beacon, Coop and Buzz are shocked to see the fire. Buzz wants to go in and save Ava, reminding his son that he’s had experience with fires before. He clearly doesn’t want his son to risk his life. Despite his father’s protests, Coop heads in anyway behind Buzz. Once inside they split up, hoping to find Ava and Olivia.

Olivia is on the fire stairs, and can’t get out the door. She is screaming for help when Buzz hears her. Her first concern is Emma, and Buzz assures her that Emma is safe in the parking lot. He lets her know that he will find a way to get her out. Crying and coughing, Olivia tells him that she loves him. Buzz looks worried, and wonders to himself how he is going to get her out. He tells her to get low, and cover her nose and mouth while he figures out what to do.

Ava is still struggling to get out from under the door, when she notices her cell phone nearby. She manages to grab it, and tries placing a call. Nothing goes through, and in a moment of frustration she throws it out into the hallway. Someone yells ‘Ow!’ and a moment later Alan-Michael is there. He assures her that he’s going to get her out of the hotel. After some struggling, Alan-Michael manages to get Ava out. He picks her up, and lets her know that no one will be dying.

Mallet continues to cough, and tries to get to safety by crawling. He sees a photo of Dinah, and is thankful that she wasn’t there. Finally he collapses on the ground, without moving. 

Blake is almost out of the Beacon, when she sees that a news station has shown up. She heads back inside, where she sees a bellhop nearby, and assures him that she will get him to safety. Although he assures her that he is fine, she grabs him and carries him to safety. Once outside, she makes a big spectacle about saving the bellhop, who was trapped and getting him medical attention. She then claims that she wants to go back inside to save more people. The EMS workers refuse to let her go back, and it is then that anchor woman picks up on what is happening behind her. The news station asks Blake what happened, and she gives her rendition of the events. Marina stands by, seeing through the story, and shakes her head.

Buzz grabs a pipe and busts open the door. The two embrace. Olivia is shocked that he didn’t leave her. Buzz hugs her, and assures her that the two of them are going to get out of the Beacon alive. He reminds her that she has to trust him. They head out through a doorway of fire, with a sheet covering their heads.

Outside, Dinah and Jeffery have arrived at the Beacon. She wants to head inside, and explains that Mallet was on his way home. She’s afraid that he may still be inside. Marina comes over to Dinah, and explains that if Mallet is inside that the firemen will get him out. In front of both Jeffery and Marina Dinah begins to cry. “No, no, no. I stayed in the room until it was over. This can’t be happening.” Jeffery looks at Dinah once more, realizing that she may be the one who started the fire.

Inside the hotel, a firefighter warns Coop that he needs to get out immediately. Coop doesn’t want to leave, and tries explaining that he is looking for someone. The fireman explains that she could very easily be outside already. As they usher Coop out, one of the firemen sees Mallet lying inside his room.

The firefighters rush inside, and then radio for help. They begin CPR on him.

Coop stumbles outside, and sees Marina. He immediately asks about Ava. AS they are talking, Alan-Michael comes out carrying Ava in his arms. Coop rushes over to help her, and Alan-Michael turns to Marina.  She tells him that he needs to be checked out by the emergency workers, and stalks off. Before he heads away, Ava stops Alan-Michael. She thanks him for saving her life. She then turns to embrace Coop. Meanwhile, she stares after Alan-Michael as he walks away.

Buzz and Olivia are safely out of the building, and she thanks him for saving her. They smile at one another, as Olivia thinks of her daughter. She walks off to find her daughter, leaving Buzz alone.

Blake continues to give her interview. She stresses that she merely wanted to help people, and then ends the interview by claiming that she has to go help ‘bandage people up.’ Marina is standing by, and makes a snide comment about how Blake should go save some of the firemen when she’s done playing doctor.

Dinah sees the men bring out Mallet on a stretcher. She hugs him, and tells him that she never thought this would happen. Mallet remains unconscious.

Inside, Jeffery wanders around the smoldering building. He thanks a firefighter for all they have done, and then wonders what Dinah did.

Back outside, Dinah wonders how long Mallet has been unresponsive. The EMS and firemen remind her that they have to get him to a hospital soon. Dinah stands by, and prays for Mallet. “Just breathe, baby.” She whispers.


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