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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/1/06

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Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Gus and Mallet are supervising Blake and Jeffery’s debate.  Jeffery and Blake walk up after Mallet says “All we’re doing is babysitting a bunch of student council want to be’s” into the microphone.   

Jeffery and Blake exchange some fighting words and prepare for the debate.  Gus asks Mallet why he’s so grumpy.  Harley walks up and says it’s because Dinah kicked him out.  Gus is surprised that they haven’t patched things up yet and suggest Mallet go on his hands and knees and beg for forgiveness.  Harley says that he did publicly humiliate her at her engagements party and she’s not going to just forgive him that easily.  Blake walks by and tells Harley that they’re ready for her. Gus tells him that he’ll look after things and Mallet should go try and fix things with Dinah. 

Dinah is at Company looking at the computer.  Buzz asks her if there is something wrong with her burger.  But Dinah says “imagine if your fiancé, the love of your live, the man you’ve entrusted you heart and soul to, if you found out that he was secretly filing reports on you like a low life criminal, do you think you’d want to eat?”  Dinah looks back at her computer; there is a new post.  She opens it and it says, “Honeymoon is over before it begins” and has a picture of her slapping Mallet.  Dinah is furious and slams down her computer.

Ashley comes in to Company and asks Buzz for a job application.  Buzz points to where they are, but doesn’t really pay attention to her.  He walks over to where Dinah is destroying the computer.  Buzz takes it away from her.  Dinah says that she wishes she knew who started that website.  Buzz says not to let it get to her. Dinah sees Ashlee on her phone and is convinced she’s taking pictures of her.  Dinah yells at her and asks everyone if they want a show.

She gets up on one of the counters and starts dancing.  Mallet walks in just as Dinah starts getting into it.  Mallet says that she’s giving the person taking the pictures exactly what they want.  Dinah refuses to stop so Mallet picks her up and kisses her.  Dinah stops him and walks out.  Mallet follows her.  Mallet tells her that he had to come up with something to keep her out of jail.   Dinah tells him that her priorities changed, but his didn’t. She tells him that she put’s them before her work, but he doesn’t.  Dinah refuses to forgive Mallet.  Mallet looks through the Company window and screams, “I love this girl!”  Dinah starts crying and says, “Maybe you don’t trust me.” Mallet walks away and says, “maybe I don’t.”

Tammy and Cassie are at Cassie’s house.  Tammy finds it hard to believe that Cassie innocently went swimming in the pond.  Tammy asks how Josh got into the picture.  Cassie gets defensive and explains how Josh saved her life.  Tammy asks if she’s in love with Josh. Cassie says she has feelings for him.  Tammy tells her that Reva and Josh are like a super couple and she cant mess that up.  Cassie says that she’s trying, but Tammy tells her to try harder. Cassie tells her that it’s not much different then Tammy’s situation with Jonathan. 

Josh returns to his house and sees Reva through the window.  He walks inside.  Reva has hidden in the next room and Josh demands Billy tell him where she is.  Billy doesn’t answer and Josh says to tell Reva things have changed.  Billy asks what things.   Josh has a flash back of him and Cassie almost kissing in the pond.  Josh then tells Billy to get out.  Billy leaves and Reva tell him she’s sorry.  Reva suggest they leave, but Billy says that they have no choice.  They have to tell him.  Reva starts to lose her balance and they go to the hospital.

Blake and Jeffery begin the debate. Blake tells everyone that she is one of them and will continue Ross’ legacy.  Jeffery begins to speak.  As he speaks of dignity, a video of him and Blake sleeping together appears on the screen behind him.  Unaware of what’s going on behind them, they continue the debate.  The crowd starts laughing as they discuss flexibility.  The start to wonder why the crowd is laughing.  They look behind them and Harley quickly tells them to stop the movie. 

Harley tells the crowd that the debate will be rescheduled.  Mallet tells Gus that he is going to personally prosecute the person responsible.  Harley says that they’re not just after Dinah, everyone is fair game.  Harley and Gus try to think of someone who would do this.  They first think its Alan, but decide it’s not his style.  Harley and Gus decide to be partners. 

Reva and Billy are at the hospital.  Billy insists she see a doctor.  Reva says she’s better and the two leave.  Tammy walks in right as Reva is leaving. 

Cassie arrives at Josh’s house.  He is excited when she comes.  He tells her that the Intrepid Fallen Hero’s fund is going to finance the completion of the project.  Josh tells her that she’s been by his side since the beginning.  Josh invites her to the Greek festival.  Cassie asks if it would be strictly business.  Josh asks what if it’s not.   Cassie is worried that people might talk but Josh says he can handle that.  Cassie says, “If you can, I can.” 

She begins to walk away, but instead walks up to Josh and kisses him.  She smiles and walks out. 

Mallet goes back to the debate.  He tells Gus and Harley that the people that took the pictures did a number on them.  Harley tells him that they need to hurry and find out who created the “Springfield Burns” website. 

Dinah returns to her room and throws her Bridal magazines on the bed. 

Cassie goes home, picks up Josh’s jacket and smiles. 

Josh is at home.  He stares at the pamphlet for the Greek Festival. He smiles.  Billy and Reva appear outside the window.   Reva says that she hasn’t seen him this happy in a long time.   Reva and Billy watch as Josh turns of the lights and goes up to bed. 

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