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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/31/06

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Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Alan-Michael is in his room talking on the phone.  Beth arrives at the door and tells him that she has missed her flight and Alan needs his help.  Beth informs him that Lizzie planted a weapon in Alan’s carry-on and he was arrested.  Alan-Michael tells her she has to admit, the situation is a bit funny.  Beth agrees, but she says she does not have a sense of humor when it comes to Lizzie running off with Jonathan.  Alan-Michael suggests just leaving Lizzie alone.   He also asks why she needs him.  Beth tells him that he can make the whole think go away.  Alan Michael doesn’t give a yes or no answer so Beth tells him to just forget it and she’ll tell Alan how helpful he was.  Alan Michael then tells her that he is the head of the family and will make some calls to protect the Spaulding’s.

Jonathan and Lizzie are in their room.  Jonathan is praising Lizzie for Alan’s arrest.  He also apologizes for all that he’s done before.  Jonathan tells them that when Alan gets out of jail he is going to furious.  Jonathan decides to find out how long Alan’s going to be on ice.  He leaves Tammy and Lizzie alone.

Ava and Coop are at Company.  Ava can’t believe that she can kiss Coop whenever she wants.  Buzz walks up and says, “ooh, young love.  I remember it well.”  Coop tells him that he’s living it right now with Olivia.  Buzz tells him that he’s not sure Ava has forgiven him yet.  Ava explains that she loves how close he and Frank are and she doest want Olivia to mess that up.  Alva also tells them that Olivia offered her a job and she hopes she’s not going to make any trouble.  Buzz says she wont and the two hug and renew their friendship.  Buzz then asks if Ava could help the customer.

Alan-Michael is at Company talking on his cell phone.  He hands up to order and his phone rings again.  While on the phone, he tells a woman named Candy that he is not able to make their date because he is flying to Brussels.  He tells Ava his order and his phone rings again.  Jonathan then arrives and asks what they are going to do abut his old man.  The two go outside to talk.  Jonathan asks him to help them keep Alan away from the baby.  Alan-Michael tells him that it’s not his job.  He also tells him not to take on the Spaulding.  They stick together and protect their own.  Jonathan asks if he is serious.  Alan-Michael tells him that if he declares war on Alan, he declares war on him. “And I do a lot more than cancel your credit cards.”  Jonathan tries to strike a deal.  He tells him that Spaulding enterprises has been getting a lot of bad publicity, “mostly due to your old man.  So why not stop him? Stop him, before he forces me to do something really, really stupid which might embarrass you.  How’s that for a deal?”  He also tells him that in return he will get to live his life without worrying about Alan coming after him, Tammy, or his baby.  Alan-Michael agrees to his terms. 

Reva is at Cassie’s house.  She calls for Cassie, but she doesn’t answer.  Reva’s phone rings.  Colin tells her that he’s sorry for leaving Minnesota so quickly.  Reva informs him that she’s back in Springfield.  Colin asks if she’s told Josh yet.  She says no, but she’s at Cassie's.  Colin tells her she needs to be resting, and he hopes to see her at a checkup.  Reva hangs up the phone and plans to tell Josh about her cancer.

Cassie and Josh are in the pond.  Cassie is explained to Josh that she was swimming and got a cramp.  She also thanks him for saving her.  Cassie tells him that she’s been trying to avoid him and ignore her feelings, but she cant.  She then backtracks and tells him that it can’t happen.  Josh tells her that no matter what they do they’d be pulled back together again.  Cassie says that she feels bad kissing her sister’s husband.  Josh tells her that he’ll take her to his house, where there’s poser, and they can work things out there.

Tammy and Lizzie are in the hotel room.  Tammy tells Lizzie that Jonathan was really worried when he thought she was going to Italy, and the baby is starting to mean a lot to him.  Lizzie tells her that she doesn’t understand how Tammy could be so nice to her.  Tammy tells her that she doesn’t hate her; she just tries not to think about that night.  Lizzie admits that Jonathan is so much more than people think he is.  Tammy agrees and says that he is going to be a great father.

At Cassie’s house, Cassie gets a phone call from Cindy who tells her that R.J. is spending the night at a friend’s house.   Josh asks her again to spend the night at his house, but Cassie refuses.  Josh confides that he really thought he and Reva were going to work things out this time, but they didn’t.  He tells her that it’s two late and it’s not their fault how they feel about each other.  “It happened.  It’s here, and it’s real. And it’s not going away.”  Cassie decides that the solution is she and R.J. leave Springfield.  Josh tells her no.  “I’m not going to let you leave me, too.”  Tammy then comes in.   Tammy says that she was released from the hospital and thought she would surprise them.  Josh tells her that sometimes they release patients before they’re ready.  Tammy says she feels fine.  Josh then decides it’s time for him to leave.  Tammy tells Cassie that, “I kind of feel like maybe I’m the last person you want to see right now.  Except for maybe Aunt Reva.”  Cassie tries to change the subject by offering Tammy something to eat.  Tammy then just comes right out and says it. “There’s something going on with you and Josh, isn’t there?”

Reva arrives at Josh’s house.  She calls for him, no answer.  She looks around the house and notices that one of his pictures has no frame.  She assumes it fell and continues to worry about how she is going to tell Josh.  Billy walks in and Reva is overjoyed to see him.    She says that she couldn’t face Josh looking like the person she is right now.  She says that she doesn’t think she can tell him.  She doesn’t want to burden him with the news, but Billy tells her that she’d be giving him his wife back.  “No, no, I’m not his wife.  I’m not even a shell of that woman.”  She says that she wants to check with Colin to see if she’s getting better before she tells Josh.  She also is worried about telling Josh because after their last phone conversation, he might be finished with her.    As they talk, Josh sees them through the window. 

Alan Michael is at his house.  Ava arrives with his take out.  Alan-Michael says that he got a message from Tokyo and had to leave.  Ava said she thought he left because of Jonathan.  Alan-Michael says no.  He pays for his take out

Jonathan arrives at their room looking for Tammy.  As he yells for Tammy, he wakes up Lizzie.  He asks her where Tammy is and she tells him that she’s at Cassie’s house.  Jonathan tells her that Alan won’t be coming after Lizzie or his baby.  Lizzie laughs because it’s the first time he’s said “our” baby.

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