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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/28/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Reva’s cottage in Minnesota, Billy and Reva arrive. Reva is hesitant to come through the door, she’s considering going home.

At Cassies’ farm, Cassie and Josh argue about his wanting to help her restore the power to her home. It’s very hot and she believes the problem is with the power company and that there is nothing for Josh to do. They fumble around each other awkwardly while looking for a flashlight; Cassie can’t find candles or matches. Josh says these things happen, and Cassie brings up that this isn’t there first time in a blackout together. Outside the farmhouse at the fuse box, Blake is shown tampering with things. She says that this is the best thing for Josh and Cassie and herself.

In Tammy’s hospital room, Jonathan is restless he wants to know what is taking the nurse so long to discharge Tammy. Jonathan crawls in bed with Tammy and they talk about Reva’s reaction to Jonathan wanting to be a part of the baby’s life. Jonathan says she was elated, Tammy tells him he is doing the right thing. Outside the room, Lizzie is peering through the window observing Jonathan and Tammy when Alan strolls up. Lizzie is surprised to see him. Alan has come bearing Lizzie’s airline ticket to Italy. Lizzie is surprised to see they are flying commercial and not taking the private jet. Alan informs her that Aunt Alex has the jet. Lizzie reminds Alan that she never officially agreed to go to Italy with him and Beth. Alan starts in on how Jonathan is only doing things for Lizzie because Tammy wants him to. He says that the only reason Jonathan and Tammy pretend to care about Lizzie is because she paid their bills and got Tammy back into school. Lizzie says they really do care about her and the baby. Alan tells her that if she comes to Italy with him and Beth she’ll have their unconditional support with no strings attached. He reminds her that the plane leaves in a few hours and she needs to make a decision. If she turns him down she and the baby will be alone. Lizzie peeks in at another Jonathan and Tammy make out session and looks apprehensive.

In Tammy’s hospital room, Jonathan wants to take off without the nurses discharge papers. He says there are things they can do at home that they can’t do in the hospital bed. She reminds him that Lizzie is living with them. Jonathan says he can be quiet, but isn’t sure if Tammy can be. Tammy says he never changes. Jonathan says he has changed for her. She says a little. They discuss the fact he’s going to be a father. Jonathan says he can take becoming a father but only in small doses. Tammy says she wants to open a joint bank account with Lizzie. Jonathan wants to know why. Tammy wants to share equally and pay all the bills from it. Jonathan says if she thinks it’s a good idea he’s ok with it.

Outside the room, Alan is trying to persuade Lizzie to come to Italy with him when Jonathan spots them from inside the room and confronts Alan. Jonathan tells Alan to stay away from Tammy. Lizzie stands up for Alan saying that it’s not what Jonathan thinks. Jonathan asks if he’s threatening her and Lizzie says no. Jonathan threatens to have Alan thrown out; Alan reminds Jonathan he’s a large donator to the hospital and on the board. He doubts anyone will ask him to leave. Lizzie wants the men to stop fighting for the baby’s sake.

Jonathan tells Lizzie that they’ll be leaving soon as they can find a nurse. He also tells Lizzie about the joint checking account idea. Lizzie doesn’t like it and says she’s going to Italy with her granddad and she’s having the baby there.

At Reva’s cottage, Billy is catering to Reva’s needs. He asks if she’s having second thoughts about staying in Minnesota at the cottage. She says she does want to go home but doesn’t want Josh to see her weak like that. Billy tells her she’ll heal and then go home to Josh. Reva is restless and decides she wants to go back to the clinic to see Gretel. She didn’t say goodbye to her. Billy wants to wait, but Reva insists on going. Reva says she needs to give Gretel a book she promised her. Billy prepares to take her back.

At the farmhouse, Josh suggests that if the lights don’t come back on, Cassie and RJ come stay with him in town. (As if Cassie doesn’t have the funds to stay at a hotel.) Cassie says she wants to stay at the farm, Josh asks her why be miserable. She says she’s miserable, hot and cranky and it’s not because he’s there. Cassie notices there are lights on down the road and asks Josh to check the fuse box. He goes off to do so. Cassie calls the light company and asks them to turn her power back on.

She goes out to the fuse box and tells Josh the power company says the problem is at the farm house. Josh figures as much. The flashlight is flickering and Josh and Cassie bicker about the fact she doesn’t have another flashlight or batteries. She says he should have one in his car, he says he had his car cleaned recently and hasn’t seen it since. Josh again suggests she and RJ stay in town. Josh tries to make an adjustment to the fuse box and it sparks causing them both to shout and move away from it.

At the clinic, Reva walks in to find Colin packing his things to return to Springfield and he’s not returning to the clinic. Billy is upset and accuses the doctor of cutting and running. Colin says he’s done all he can for Reva and now it’s up to her body to heal. He says he’ll still monitor her but Billy remarks that maybe Reva should find another doctor, one who doesn’t run. Reva says she understands that Colin has other patients but didn’t expect him to be leaving so soon. Colin suggest that Reva return home to her family but Billy chimes in that she’s not ready yet. Reva hugs Colin goodbye. Reva is teary eyed and says she wasn’t expecting him to leave. Reva wants to see Gretel, she turns to face Gretel’s room and sees the bed is empty and made up, Gretel is no where to be found. Reva panics and says “no”.

At Cedars, Alan is still trying to persuade Lizzie to leave with him. Jonathan can’t believe Lizzie wants to leave but she says she’s been thinking about it for awhile. Jonathan wants to know how she would travel with a man she’s afraid of. Jonathan wants to know if Alan is threatening her. Alan says Lizzie came to her own senses about him. Jon wants to know what Alan has told her. Lizzie says Alan didn’t have to tell her anything that it’s obvious that Tammy and Jonathan are using the baby to get to her money. Alan agrees and encourages Lizzie’s tirade. Jonathan says the joint account was Tammy’s idea. Tammy says it’s about everything. She’s the outsider because he and Tammy are so close. She accuses Jon of wanting to take the baby away from her for good. Jonathan tells her that she needs to be worried about Alan taking the baby from her, not him. Jonathan says he just got used to the idea of the baby, and that Alan is manipulating her. Alan says he’s family, Jonathan says he is too. Alan says he’s not family anymore. Alan calls a goon to make sure that Jonathan doesn’t leave the hospital.

Alan and Lizzie are instantly at the Spaulding mansion where Beth asks Lizzie how she’s doing. Lizzie assures her that she’s fine. Alan chimes in that he would never allow Lizzie to be in danger. Beth can’t believe Lizzie agreed to come with them. Lizzie tells Alan she wants to leave right away, Alan says they have time. Lizzie reminds them they are flying commercial and have to go through screenings, check in. Alan says they are already packed and it won’t take long. Lizzie says she needs to pack, Alan says Hilda has already packed for her. Lizzie doesn’t look happy, and Beth offers to go upstairs with her but Lizzie says she can manage on her own. She hugs Alan and thanks him for being on her side. When Lizzie is gone, Beth tells Alan she’s amazed that he got Lizzie to agree to go to Italy with them. Alan says he helped her to see the light. Beth asks about Jonathan and Alan says he’s been detained. Beth is delighted to her it. Alan says he’s glad Beth is back on his side. She reminds him that he still has a lot to make up for. Alan says once they get Lizzie to Italy she’ll see things their way and the baby will have the best parents possible, Alan and Beth.

At Cedars, Jonathan bursts into Tammy’s hospital room screaming that Alan is trying to take his baby away from him. Tammy looks understandably shocked. The goon is standing outside the door. Jonathan says that Alan has never messed with him before and he’s not going to get away with it. Jonathan explains things to Tammy, and says Lizzie thinks they are after her money. Tammy doesn’t understand why Lizzie would think that. Jonathan says he doesn’t care if she’s gone. Tammy wants him to go after Lizzie. Jonathan says the goon won’t let him out of their, Tammy offers to help him. Jonathan says it’s too late that Lizzie made up her mind. Tammy tells Jon that if he doesn’t go after the baby now, he may never get to see her once she’s born because Alan won’t allow it. Jonathan says that he didn’t want to care about the baby, he only wanted to care about one thing, her. He knew something like this would happen if started to care about the baby.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan is on the phone with Randal, his attorney telling him that he wants to make sure Jonathan never leaves the country. Beth wants to know what he meant about them being the parents to Lizzie’s baby. Alan says he may have overstated things. Beth disagrees. Alan says Lizzie is too young and fragile to raise a baby but he plans to let Lizzie be a part of the process. Alan tells Beth how devastated he was when they lost their baby. He lost an opportunity to redeem his past and make up for his past mistakes with his other children. Beth is wary of Alan’s plan. Lizzie appears and asks if they are ready to leave, Alan is clearly pleased she is on board. Alan says he’ll have Jeremy prepare their bags. Lizzie says that his bags are already taken care of. Beth asks to speak to Lizzie alone. Alan is worried but Beth assures him that everything is fine. Once alone, Beth tells Lizzie that how proud they are of her and how Alan loves her as much as Phillip did.

At the clinic, Reva is relieved to hear Gretel call out her name. Gretel has been released and she’s ready to go home. Gretel says they both got their wish. Reva and Gretel say their goodbyes and laugh and cry a little. Reva is really touched by the way Gretel is embracing life. Gretel apparently full of energy runs out of the hospital. Reva realizes she needs to go home to be with her family.

At Cassie’s farm, Cassie is trying to bandage Josh’s fingers. They argue more, he doesn’t want her to. Cassie apologizes to him about things. Josh thanks her, Cassie comments on how hot is it, and Josh agrees. Cassie says she’s going for a swim and asks Josh to stay behind in case RJ comes home. Cassie goes off to the pond.

At Cedars, Tammy offers to call Lizzie but Jonathan says no. Tammy tells him it’s ok to care about the baby. Jonathan says he’s done with all of it. Tammy knows he is not. Jonathan begins to say he can’t imagine living his life without the baby and Lizzie walks in and hears him. Lizzie says she had to think fast, and that Alan is at the airport with her mom waiting for her to come back from the bathroom. Lizzie wonders how long it will take them to figure that’s she’s left.

At the airport, Alan is fretting, wondering what is taking Lizzie so long in the bathroom. Beth says she’s pregnant and public restrooms are hard to navigate. They begin to go through security, removing shoes, placing items in the carryon caddies. Alan is stopped by the NSA officer who asks if he is aware that it’s illegal to carry weapons onto flights. Alan laughs and says no he wasn’t aware. He is asked to step outside the line, Alan becomes belligerent and says he won’t step out of line because his shoes are off and he’s not getting his feet dirty on their filthy floor. The officer pulls Alan aside physically at which Alan says that if he gets his briefcase he’s going to reap “untold havoc and mayhem”. Alan is arrested.

At the clinic, Reva says that Gretel has the right take on things. She wants to live her life and Reva is afraid of living and is waiting to die. Billy tries to talk her out of leaving, reminding her how hard she’s worked to keep her secret. Reva says she’s sure about her decision to leave; she needs her family, all of her family.

At the pond, Cassie, clad in her bra and panties, is floating on her back thinking about Josh. She remembers Blake’s encouraging her to go after Josh. She suddenly gets a leg cramp and goes under (although she wasn’t swimming). Josh is there to save her and soon they are face to face.

At the airport, Beth says the guard can’t hold Alan forever, the guard disagrees. Alan threatens to call his lawyer and the guard says he might want to as there are many charges pending against him. Beth tries to play the “do you know how important this man is” card. But the card isn’t hearing any of it. They insist it’s a mistake. Alan says he has no idea how the meat cleaver got into his luggage. The guard says he admitted to having plans for it. Alan says he was joking. The guard says hijacking isn’t a joking matter. The guard arrests Alan, and he realizes Lizzie did this.

At Cedars, Tammy, Jonathan, and Lizzie are laughing about the meat cleaver. Tammy says she took a big risk. Jonathan picks Lizzie up and kisses her on the mouth in his excitement. Lizzie looks like she doesn’t mind at all.

At the pond, Cassie says she feels so stupid, she was swimming and had cramps. She and Josh are breathing heavily, Josh explains that Jason’s mother called and says she was running late with RJ and Josh saw her struggling. Cassie says she’s a strong swimmer and nothing like that has ever happened to her. Josh “saved” her. They begin to make love in the water.

At the farmhouse Reva comes home looking for Cassie.

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