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Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/27/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Alan uses some bugging equipment to listen in on Lizzie. Jonathan comes in and chats with her about Tammy. He brings her some food that she was craving, without her even asking for it. She is surprised that he knew, but Tammy told him. It is no big deal to him, but she is clearly touched. She points out when he says "the baby" rather than her baby. She sits down and asks if he cares about her now and wants to be part of her life. He says that he does. He says he hasn't figured it all out yet, but he wants to make it work. She is shocked but realizes that Reva must have affected him. She says Tammy must be excited, since this is what she wanted. He admits that he hasn't told her yet because she's been mostly asleep in the hospital. Lizzie wants to give them a gift--she got Outskirts back for her and got Tammy back into Springfield University. He is shocked. Alan is not too happy to hear it. He has to cover up the bugging device when the maid Katie comes in. He learns from Katie that Lizzie spent the night; the news pleases him.

Lizzie tells Jonathan that she was able to use Spaulding money to get those things for him and Tammy. He is not pleased to get things with bribery, but she assures him that it is fine. He wonders if Tammy will have to study at the Lizzie Spaulding dorm, but she half-jokes that she could only afford to get her name on a freshman dorm. He gives her a quizzical look like he's not sure if she's joking or not. Jonathan gives in but says he will pay her back. She gives him a hug. Alan says to himself that he's figured out how to lure Lizzie back home. Jonathan asks Lizzie if she wants to go visit Tammy with him, but she says she might see him there later. He learns that she was thinking of going to the orientation for the birthing class. She is reluctant to go, since Tammy was her partner. He asks where it is, so she quickly tells him that she wasn't trying to pressure him into going. He says that he will stop by, and then he throws his car keys to her, saying it's too hot for her to walk (rich Lizzie has no car? Hmmm....). She reminds him that he just had the bone marrow transplant, but he says he will take his bike. Then he leaves.

Alan visits Lizzie; she is not happy about his showing up. Alan gets to work on her, trying to make her feel like she's the third wheel with Jonathan and Tammy. He tells her that he knows she spent money to buy back Outskirts. She informs him that she gave it to Jonathan, so he "guesses" that Jonathan told her he didn't want it and would pay her back. She looks at him suspiciously and then gets angry at his insinuations. He tells her that he and Beth are going to visit Italy. She is shocked that they might not return in time for her giving birth. He tells her that they would like her to go with them. She says she can't because she is there with Jonathan and Tammy. He tells her that their situation reminds him of "Three's Company" but that it wasn't real...it was TV, and Jack didn't get Chrissy pregnant. She doesn't know what he means, so he explains that this is a fun situation for now, but it's not real. He lays out the example of how wonderful her and her baby's life could be. She tells him that Jonathan wants to be part of the baby's life. He says that they just want her money and will always put each other first, but not her. Lizzie looks doubtful. On his way, out, she asks Alan what happened to Chrissy on the show. He says eerily that she had a few good seasons and then they replaced her. He has an evil, satisfied smile outside her door.

R.J. and Josh return from swimming at the pond. They joke around with Cassie. R.J. gets them both wet with hugs. R.J. goes to get cleaned up, leaving them alone. Josh helps her clean up the water from the floor, but she protests. She feels that he is helping her too much, but he tells her that he wants to be there and enjoys being there. She has errands to run, so he offers to give her a ride. She is not sure, but he points out that they spent the night under the same roof and nothing happened, so things must be back to normal. She agrees to take the ride with him.

Colin looks at some paperwork while Reva waits in her bed. She teases him about the way his eyebrows are going up and down and asks for the information about how she's doing. He says her blood count is up and she is doing well. She is surprised to learn that she can leave. He tells her that he's done all he can for her and it's up to her now. She has trouble taking it all in, so he explains it further. She feels a bit abandoned by him and pressured to get well on her own. Billy comes in, saying she's got him. Both Colin and Billy are wearing gowns and masks to protect Reva's immune system. Billy tells Reva how he prepared her cottage for her immune problems. She is overwhelmed at his foresight and tells him that she's eager to go. After he leaves the room, Colin tells her that it's ok to be scared. She claims she's not scared and is looking forward to leaving Club Cancer. When she mentions going "home", she says she's not ready for that yet. Colin tells her that she needs to go home to Springfield, but she doesn't have the extra energy to spare to keep the lies going. Once again she refuses to consider telling her family about it. Later, Colin tries awkwardly to talk to her "as a friend", which surprises her. He talks to her about how she will need support from her family and how important it is for her to stick to her recovery regimen. He says that he doesn't generally lose patients while they're in the hospital--he loses them after they leave. They share a tender moment of caring.

Blake runs into Cassie at the hospital. Cassie is still annoyed with her about her comments the previous day, but Blake keeps asking her questions about her relationship with Josh. Blake mentions that she saw Cassie and Josh at Company, to which Cassie replies that Blake was there with Jeffrey. Blake tells her that she knows that she bailed out on her weekend with Jeffrey because of Josh. Cassie protests that they have just been helping each other out, but she gets angry and takes it out on the vending machine. Blake knows that Cassie is angry at Reva for throwing Josh away. She urges Cassie to go after Josh if she wants him. Cassie talks about how she and Josh started growing closer during the blackout last year. They discuss their relationship and Reva. Cassie thinks it's too ridiculous to consider, but Blake points out that she stole Ross from her own mom, who was the love of her life, and she eventually came around.

Cassie phones Reva to tell her that she needs to come home right away. Reva is relieved to hear that Tammy will be okay. Cassie tells her that she and Josh need her now. Reva won't tell her why she can't come back, so Cassie gets mad and hangs up on her. Later, Colin makes pointed comments about Reva's family as she looks at their photos. Billy arrives and asks if she's ready to leave.

Back at Company, Jeffrey picks a fight with Josh while both are trying to pay their lunch tabs. At first, Josh does not want to get into it with Jeffrey, so he leaves. Outside, Jeffrey deliberately starts getting physical with Josh, so they end up tackling each other and get on the ground, fighting. Then they both realize they are too old to do this and help each other out. They joke around about it while Jeffrey worries about the publicity. They have a heart-to-heart about Jeffrey's lying to Cassie. Josh tells Jeffrey that Cassie is only her sister-in-law, but Jeffrey knows that Josh loves Cassie. He points out that Cassie will never be with either of them because he's played her husband and Josh is Reva's husband. Josh goes back to Cassie's place to find that the air conditioning died. She hands him some water and explains about it. Josh has brought R.J. a medal from HB as good luck for his swim meet. She tells him that R.J. isn't back yet. He offers to help fix the a/c, but she protests again. As they are arguing about it, the power goes out and they smile at each other.

Jonathan visits Tammy. She is sleeping, but he talks to her anyway. He tells her that he wants to be a daddy to his kid. She doesn't wake up, so he tells her that once Lizzie pops the baby out, he's going to need to her help to make sure he doesn't screw it up. Just then, she smiles, so he realizes that she's been awake the whole time. They happily joke around about it. She tells him that aside from a headache, she's fine. He wonders if she's really okay about the baby, but she assures him that it is. She is pleased that he knows she was right all along. They talk about his decision to be part of his baby's life. He tells her that Reva convinced him but not the details. Jonathan just doesn't want his kid to know that he didn't want her. He also wants to make sure that the Spauldings don't warp her. Tammy is amazed that Jonathan actually said something nice about Lizzie (that she's trying really hard) and even more amazed when he tells her what Lizzie did for them.

Lizzie goes to the hospital for the birthing class orientation, waiting for Jonathan. She wonders why he's late but then sees him in Tammy's room, having fallen asleep on her shoulder. She gets angry and leaves, upset. She phones Alan to ask him about Italy. He wonders if that means she'll go with them to Italy. She replies that she'll get back to him.

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