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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/25/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

In their room, Dinah tries to hurry Mallet to get ready for the engagement party. He is viewing the Springfield Burns. She tells him that it is under construction and maybe shut down. She tells him that Alan-Michael is behind this, too. They talk about their up-and-coming marriage and kiss. Suddenly, the website starts to load, but they do not notice.

At Company, Harley and Gus arrive for the engagement party. She asks Buzz if he is surprised about her giving the CEO position to Alan-Michael. Gus tells Buzz that Harley wants to go back to the police force. Outside Company, Olivia takes a drink from a flask and spits it out. Back inside, Vanessa finds Blake, who looks very sad.

Vanessa asks her what is wrong and Blake tells her that no one takes her seriously running for mayor. She says, “I don’t have anyone to talk to. Dinah doesn’t want me in her wedding party”. Suddenly, Dinah and Mallet arrive. Everyone applauds. Mallet checks out the cheese balls. Harley takes him aside and asks him does he have a problem with her going back on the force. She asks him to talk to Frank about it. Gus walks up and whisks her away. Olivia arrives and appears drunk. Vanessa says hello and asks Olivia who the lucky man is these days. Olivia tells her that she is officially single. Olivia asks her where her boy toy is and Vanessa invites her to take her best shot. Ava grabs Olivia’s arm and ushers her outside. She says, “What are you trying to do. Stop it. You’re trashed”. Olivia touches her nose as if to say, “bingo”.

At Cassie’s house, Josh tells Cassie that she needs to dress for Dinah’s party because that’s what Tammy wants. RJ tells her to do the same. The three of them dance around the room and Cassie falls on Josh who falls on the couch. They stare in each other’s eyes. Later, Cassie is dressed for the party. She tells RJ and Josh that she will check on Tammy, too. After she leaves, she turns to listen at the door. Josh and RJ share a cold glass of goodness and Cassie smiles at them.

Meanwhile, outside Company, Ava tells Olivia that she is Dinah’s bridesmaid and not to embarrass her or Buzz for that matter. She tries to tell her that she has caused enough trouble. Olivia tells her that it isn’t easy for her to be there. Olivia tells her that she needs her. Buzz watches from the window. Back inside, Jeffrey asks Cassie if she lost his number. He asks her does she want to cancel their get-away and she asks how he knew that. He says, “How could I not know after seeing you with Josh”. She stands with her mouth open. Cassie tells Jeffrey that the Josh-and-her-thing is getting old. Jeffrey tells her that Josh doesn’t want her with him. Jeffrey changes the subject and tells her to just enjoy the party. He walks away. In another part of the room, Dinah tells Harley about getting all the arrangements for the wedding. She giggles and appears happy. Dinah starts to show Harley, Gus and Mallet her website for the arrangements when suddenly the Springfield Burns site comes up. Dinah says, “What the hell is this”? Mallet looks shocked as well. Everyone sees on the monitors placed in the room a surveillance report on Dinah. She whispers in an irate voice to Mallet, “You tell me this isn’t a report you wrote about me”. He tells her that he can explain. She goes on, “How can you explain this”? He tells her that he can explain, but Dinah runs away. Mallet yells for her and chases her out the door. Back inside, Matt says that this cannot be made up. Cassie and Blake talk about how Tammy is doing better. Cassie tells her that Josh is sitting for RJ. Blake takes her aside and says, “Josh is babysitting”? She continues, “You are going to send him home to a dark house”? Cassie tells her yes. Blake tells her that it would be nice if one of them scores tonight and Cassie says, “Well, it’s not going to be me”. In another area of the room, Harley asks Gus if Mallet is writing a report on Dinah. Gus evades the question. She takes food out of his hand and tells him it’s time to go home.

Outside Company, Olivia tells Ava that she cares about Frank and Buzz and made a mistake, hurting them both. She tells Ava that she just wants to be friends with them. She then tells Ava that to get back in Buzz and Frank’s good graces is to get back in hers. Olivia tells her that she is good with people and Ava asks, “Are you offering me a job”? Ava tells her that she is shocked. Olivia tells her that this will show Frank and Buzz that she is sorry. Ava tells her that she is self-serving. Olivia stops her and tells her that she is smart and can recognize a golden opportunity. She tells Ava there will be no more groveling for tips and Ava tells her that she will think about it. Ava walks back into Company. Olivia makes a phone call to her office and is very sober. “Hey, this is Olivia. I may be hiring a young woman as a favor to a friend. I want you to find her an entry level job……with long exhausting days”. She hangs up and turns to find Buzz standing behind her. She asks, “How long have you been standing there”?

At the lake, Dinah pants as Mallet walks up. She tells him that she is furious with him. He says, “Do you think I liked filing those reports on you”? He pants and tells her that it was the FBI who made him do this. She asks why they are interested and he tells her that ever since she tried to shoot Edmond and pitch him off a cliff. She asks how long he has been doing this and he says, “I didn’t have a choice”. She says, “The whole time we have been together”? He tells her to listen and Dinah slaps him across the face. He asks her to hear him out. He tells her that if he had not filed the reports, she would be in prison now. He adds that he saw her and thought that she needed a chance. Her voice breaking, she says, “What, did you look on me as a charity case”?

He says no and that he told the FBI that he could vouch for her. He says they made him file reports and thought he was helping and protecting her. She cries and asks why he didn’t tell her. He explains that it was the feds and couldn’t. She tells him that the reports make her look like a common criminal. She continues to cry, huge tears running down her face. Mallet holds his head in his hands and says that he is sorry. Dinah tells him that she just might hit him again for he makes her sound like a crazy person. She says, “You kept tabs on me and you knew it would hurt me”. She adds, “You don’t have a clue how I feel inside. You have always wanted me to be something else. She screams this at the top of her voice. She continues and tells him that he doesn’t trust her. She wipes her face and tells him that she will never be what he wants. Dinah cries again and tells him that she needs him to trust her. “But, this whole thing was a lie from the beginning”, she sobs.

Meanwhile, back inside Company, Jeffrey sits down beside Blake. She asks him just what she is and Jeffrey looks puzzled. He tells her that he takes her very seriously. Blake lowers her voice and asks him what he is doing the rest of the night.

At their room, Harley tells Gus that she knows why he doesn’t want her as a partner. They talk about reasons and he says, “Are you going back to keep me off the pills”? She tells him no. Gus tells her that he just doesn’t want to get too used to her. This shuts her up. Harley asks if he will get tired of her and he says no. He explains that they have a life apart at work and come home and can talk and go to bed together. He tells her that he wants to be with her, but at the same time if he’s with her all day long, he can’t touch her. She says, “You know what? How it is after all this time, I want you more and more”. They kiss and Gus says “Yeah”.

At her house, Cassie walks to RJ, who is sleeping on the couch with Josh, and whispers to him it’s time to go to bed. A car backfires and RJ jolts awake. He asks, “Was that a gun”? Josh tells him no. RJ tells them that he had a bad dream about Tammy getting shot. Cassie tells him that Tammy is fine. She tells him it’s time to go upstairs to bed and that Josh can go home. RJ protests and asks for Josh to stay. Josh says that he will. RJ asks him to stay the whole night. Josh and Cassie just stare at each other after hearing RJ’s words. Cassie finally asks him if he is sure and Josh says yes. Cassie tells Josh that she will get his bedding and Josh says that he will tuck RJ in bed.

Back at the lake, Mallet tells Dinah again that he is sorry for not telling her about the reports. He tells her that he just wanted to protect her for he loves her. Dinah shakes her head and tells him that she was humiliated before her friends and her mother. “Do you understand how hard I’ve worked to change my life”? She tells him that in one stupid move, he undid all of it. She says, “Even you (Mallet) have zero faith in me”. He tells her that isn’t true, but she says that everyone will say that she hasn’t changed. Mallet tries to tell her that isn’t true and stands up to approach her. She suddenly shoves him in the lake, fully clothed.

Back outside Company, Buzz tells Olivia that he knows she wants to fix things with Frank and him. Olivia tells him that it’s scary how he knows her. She starts to touch him and he says, “Oh, no, I’m taking myself inside”.

Back inside Company, Jeffrey asks Blake if she is suggesting what he thinks she is suggesting. Blake asks him if he has other plans. She tells him that her children are away and she is alone. Jeffrey tells her that if they leave together, it will cause a scandal. She agrees. He says good and leaves the room. Blake sighs and looks at the table, Jeffrey’s keys lying in front of her. She smiles.

Meanwhile, at Cassie’s house, Cassie has Josh’s couch bed ready. He tells her that he doesn’t actually sleep and Cassie says she doesn’t lately. She thanks him for doing this for RJ and tells him that she is going to sleep. Josh tells her that he is wiped out and will go to sleep, too. They look at each other and Cassie walks away. She turns and asks him if they can stick to the promise and ignore whatever. He tells her they can. Cassie leaves the room.

At Company, Blake picks up the keys and smiles. From outside, Olivia watches Buzz through the window; he sees her and quickly walks away. In their room, Gus and Harley make love. At the lake, Mallet wrings out his wet clothes, lies back on the dock and stares up at the heavens. In her room, Dinah packs her clothes in a fury. She throws the chair across the room, grabs her bag and leaves. Blake arrives at Jeffrey’s room and looks at him sexily. At Cassie’s house, Josh and Cassie are awake. Cassie tosses and turns. Neither sleeps.

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