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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/24/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the Spaulding press meeting, Harley announces that her successor will be Alan-Michael. EVERONE is shocked, especially Dinah. Alexandra tells him that she is proud of him. Harley goes on and tells the press that she has the company’s best interests at heart. She invites Alan-Michael to stand by her side and they embrace. He asks if this is for real and she nods. She takes a press break. Harley tells him there are a few small strings attached.

At the cancer center, Billy hands Reva Josh’s picture and asks her does she want to live or die. She phones Josh who is at Tammy’s bedside with Cassie. Cassie tells him to answer the phone and he leaves the room to do so. Reva tells him that she needs his help and he sarcastically says, “What seems to be the problem, Reva”? He asks her if she is with Billy and Reva tells him that she is alone. She tells him that she needs to tell him something, but doesn’t know where to start. Josh tells her not to bother for he is at Cedars with Tammy, who has been hurt. She sits upright in bed and asks what happened. Josh laughs and tells her that Tammy walked in on a robbery, but Harley and Gus stopped it. He tells her that Tammy took a blow to the head and is still unconscious. He tells her that everyone is here but her. Reva tells him that she wishes she could be there. Josh asks her if she is this selfish. Reva starts to cry and tells him to look after everyone and tell Tammy she loves her. Josh says that he always does and hangs up on her.

In the hallway outside Tammy’s room, Alan phones someone and tells him/her that he/she almost ruined everything, but the message got across. In Tammy’s room, Jonathan holds Tammy’s hand and tells her to come back to him. He sees Alan outside the door runs out and screams, ”Hey, you did this”. Alan tells him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Jonathan tells him that all Tammy wanted was for Lizzie to have a safe place to live. Alan sarcastically tells him that Springfield is getting more dangerous everyday. Jonathan asks him does he have a death wish. Lizzie comes out of the room and asks what’s going on. Jonathan tells her that he never wanted to have anything to do with her or her damn kid.

Lizzie yells and tells him that she didn’t want this to happen. Suddenly, Cassie runs out of the room and asks what the hell they are doing. Tammy slowly opens her eyes. She calls to her mother. Alan meanwhile, tells Lizzie that Jonathan is as cold as ice. She tries to defend Jonathan and Alan tells her that she needs to come home to him. Alan continues to tell her that Jonathan doesn’t care about anyone but Tammy. Lizzie stands alone in the hallway and cries. In Tammy’s room, Jonathan tells Tammy that he is glad to see her. She asks him what the yelling was about and Lizzie comes into the room. Jonathan tells Lizzie to get out and Tammy tells him that Lizzie is part of the team.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Cassie tells Josh that Tammy is awake. He is elated and runs to tell the doctor. She stops him and asks him about Reva’s call. He says, “Forget Reva”. At the cancer center, Reva tries to get out of bed to leave. Billy stops her and she cries and tells him that Tammy is hurt. She tells him that she doesn’t like to be so sick and needy.

At the press conference, Harley hands Alan-Michael a contract. She tells him that she wants to ensure Zack’s part in the Spaulding legacy and Dinah’s job as his second. She hands him a pen to sign the contract. He takes it and signs it. Harley smiles and tells him that he is the boss. She introduces Alan-Michael as the new CEO. Everyone applauds. Alan walks in and asks Alexandra what he missed. She tells him that Harley is stepping down as CEO and appointed his son. Alan says, “So she’s plugging Gus”. Alexandra chuckles and says, “Your other son, dear”. Alan smiles. Harley tells Alan-Michael that she has faith in him. She goes to Gus and Dinah and says, “Tell me that I didn’t just make a huge mistake”. Alan congratulates Alan-Michael and he glares at Alan.

Back in Tammy’s room, Lizzie tells Jonathan that she is going back to the Penthouse. Tammy tells them both that she wants them to live together at the Beacon until she can come home. Jonathan and Lizzie look at each other in exasperation. She tells them that she wants them to all live together and they need to stop Alan. Jonathan tells her okay and to get better. Lizzie tells her that she needs to get well and then they will get back on track. Tammy tells Jonathan that she will not give up on this. Jonathan and Lizzie say they will do this. Tammy makes Jonathan take Lizzie home. Lizzie goes out and Jonathan tells Tammy that he was scared about what happened to her. Mel walks in and tells her that she is glad to see her awake. Jonathan leaves and finds Lizzie. They stare at the other and walk off together. Mel tells Cassie that she needs to examine Tammy alone. Cassie and Josh leave the room. Cassie tells Josh that Tammy looks pale. She asks again about Reva’s call. He tells her that Reva isn’t coming home and Cassie looks perplexed. He laughs and tells her that his priority is taking care of Tammy and Cassie. She wants to know why Reva even called and Josh tells her that for the first time in his life, he doesn’t care.

Back at the cancer center, Billy helps Reva back to bed. He tells her that maybe they need her at home, but she needs to be there and be able to spend time with them. She tells Billy that she never got to tell Josh why she called. He tells her to at least phone Roxie or Shayne or Hawk. She says no and to promise that he will not call either.

At the press conference, Harley asks Dinah and Gus if they are mad. Dinah says that it is fine by her for she is going to be married. She adds that she needs to go get ready for an engagement party and leaves. Alan hands Alan-Michael a drink and tells him that he likes to enjoy a Cuban cigar when laying out a strategy like making the CEO of Spaulding the most powerful man in Springfield. Alan lights up and Gus and Harley stare at the two plotting. Harley walks away with Gus and they kiss un-noticed. Alan-Michael tells Alan to hit him with the strategy and tells him that he (Alan-Michael) has won.

Alan tells him about Jonathan and how he is making a mess of things. He challenges Alan-Michael to use his new-found power to help the next generation. Alan tells him that the board has to confirm him. Alan-Michael asks if it is a threat and Alan tells him no. Alan-Michael tells him that he works alone.

At Company, Harley and Gus come to eat. Harley tells him that what she did was the right thing. Gus tells her that he only wants her to be happy. He asks what she will do with all the free time and she says, “Maybe the police department will hire me”. Gus rolls his eyes. He asks her why she wants to jump from the frying pan into the fire. She tells him that she realized this today when they foiled the robbery. He tells her that he supports her. She hugs and kisses him again and calls him partner. Gus looks skeptical.

At the Beacon, Jonathan places the keys in the drawer and says, “Here we are; Mommy and daddy”. Lizzie tells Jonathan that she feels stupid. He asks if she needs anything for her cravings and she says no. She offers to cook and then laughs. She adds that she can’t cook. He places a pillow under her feet and she tells him to stop. Lizzie tells him that Tammy only tolerates her being there and he tells her that yes, things are pretty messed up. She tells him that she knows he blames Alan for Tammy being in the hospital. She says that he and Tammy will kick her out and he tells her that he and Tammy will not do that. He hands her some tissue as she cries and looks at her sweetly.

At Cedars, Mel tells Cassie and Josh that Tammy will make a full recovery. Cassie hugs Josh and they laugh. They break away slowly. She tells him that he needs to go home and he offers to go to Company to get food for her and Tammy. She laughs and asks for an order of fries. RJ walks around the corner and is worried about Tammy. Josh tells him that Tammy will be fine. He hugs RJ.

Meanwhile, in his office, a somber Alan-Michael looks around the room eyeing his newly-appointed power. In her room, a worried Dinah looks online at the Springfield Burns. She looks at the pictures of her and Gus in bed kissing.

Back at Cedars, Cassie waits on Tammy. Tammy tells Cassie to go on to Dinah’s engagement party. Tammy closes her eyes and Cassie kisses her on the forehead, and then leaves the room. Josh is talking with RJ and RJ is excited to see Cassie.

He peaks in on a sleeping Tammy and is worried that Tammy isn’t moving. Cassie reassures him. Josh tells him that he will stick around the house to be with them. Cassie tells him that isn’t necessary. RJ begs to let Josh come to the house. Finally Cassie says that Uncle Josh can come home with them.

Back at the cancer center, Colin asks if any blood relatives will come to be a donor. Billy tells him no. Colin cannot believe this and Billy tells him that Reva made him promise not to call anyone. Colin calls him a fool. Billy turns his back on Colin. Colin walks in Reva’s room and checks on her. She says, “Another lecture”? He tells her no. Outside her room, Billy says, “Alright that’s it. You can hate me for ever, Reva, but I’m not going to stand here and watch you waste away”. He phones and leaves a message for Jonathan to come to his mom for she has taken a turn for the worse. Billy goes back to her room and says, “Sorry darling. But I did it for your own good”. Reva looks up and sees Josh. She says, “Joshua, hi. I’m so glad you are here”. She hugs Billy who holds Reva. He looks sad.

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