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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/21/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

In Jonathan and Tammy's room, Jonathan is a bit annoyed that Lizzie is spending so much time in their part of the rooms.  Lizzie lounges on the bed reading a magazine, not phased by Jonathan's anger.

In Reva’s hospital room, she’s dreaming of Josh. She wakes up saying his name and the young girl who is a rooming next to her, Gretel, says she only said one name in her sleep. “Joshua”. Reva tells the girl that’s her guy.

In a car, centimeters from kissing Josh pulls away from Cassie, who is breathing heavily. Josh says he was trying to get her to see she can’t get involved with Jeffery and the only reason she’s interested in Jeffery if because of what’s going on between them. Cassie is skeptical and asks if Joshua was going to kiss her knowing what he knows. Cassie says she hates herself for the way she feels and doesn’t get why Josh was going to kiss her to make a point. Josh says that’s not why he was going to do it.

In the operating room, Billy wakes up to find while he was a preliminary match, his bone marrow was compromised by years of drinking. Billy is distraught.

In her hospital room, Reva talks to Josh’s picture telling him she’ll be back soon, she promises.

In the operating room, Billy is told his alcoholism is the reason that the treatment didn’t work. Colin says Reva does not need to know why the procedure didn’t work. Billy feels she should know because he let her down.

In her hospital room, Reva asks Gretel if she’s old enough to hear “this story” and Gretel asks for the PG-13 version. Reva tells Greta how she met Josh. Reva was a young housekeeper’s daughter out to prove to the world she was better than that. Gretel points out that being the “housekeeper’s daughter” gave Reva self esteem issues. Reva tells her she’s wise beyond her years. Reva tells her that she fell in love with the cutest, richest, boy in town. They were soul mates; she had a falling out with that boy and married his brother, his father and then him (Joshua). She tells the girl that everything begins and ends with Joshua. She tells Gretel that she made Josh’s life painful but Josh never stopped loving her. Gretel asks where Josh is now. Reva says he’s probably wondering when he’ll see her again. Billy overhears all this from the door.

In Josh’s car, he tells Cassie that he wasn’t trying to kiss her to prove a point. She asks why he did it. He says he didn’t want her to leave, he thought kissing her would feel right. Cassie says it would feel right but it’s wrong and they both know it. It’s wrong for them to be there and feel those things, and she can’t imagine how devastated Reva would be. Josh says he doesn’t’ know where Reva is and doesn’t care. Cassie says Reva has to have an explanation. Cassie reminds him that he loves Reva. Josh says he does, but loving her is one hurt after another. Cassie asks if he thinks loving her would be easy and painless and Josh says he does.

At the hotel, Jonathan brings Lizzie and drink and says that Tammy’s been gone for awhile. Lizzie asks if Tammy has to check in with him every couple of hours. Jonathan is worried about her. Lizzie thinks he’s trying to avoid her question. She wants to know what he wants from her and the baby. Jonathan is upset that Lizzie always makes everything about her and he feels they need to be looking for Tammy. Lizzie says she cares about Tammy too. Jonathan says if anything happens to Tammy Lizzie is out of the room. Lizzie says he talks a good game but she doesn’t’ think he’d leave her or the baby.

At Company, Gus comes in as Company is being robbed and Tammy and Harley are being held by two men who inadvertently give their names to the captives. They claim to want the register, Gus who is very cool in this situation tells them to take it and to let the women go. Gus and Harley pretend to argue and distract the robbers and agitate the robbers. They get the upper hand with their distraction and fight the robbers. They run the off, ask if Tammy is ok. Tammy is holding her head but says she’s ok. Remy comes in and says he’s there to respond to the call. Harley tells him there were two guys robbing the place. Harley’s phone rings and it’s Dinah about the board meeting. Just as Harley is leaving, Tammy collapses.

At the hotel, Lizzie says that Jonathan is starting to care about the baby. Jonathan says he’s only putting up with her is because of Tammy. Lizzie doesn’t believe him. He says that Tammy is the only thing he cares about. Lizzie says “for now”. Jonathan and Lizzie get a call from Remy that Tammy has been hurt. Jonathan rushes out with Lizzie on his tail.

In Josh’s car, Josh tells Cassie that what they have is “complicated” but being with her and caring about her is easy. Cassie says there’s nothing easy about their situation, that he cares about her but it isn’t love. Josh says what she has with Jeffrey isn’t’ love either. Cassie agrees and says she’s not going to run to Jeffrey. Josh is happy about that. Cassie wants to know what they should do now. Josh says “fight it”. He tried to pretend that “it” wasn’t there and “it” wasn’t real. Cassie says it won’t go away and Josh agrees and says they let things go too far, but it can’t happen. Cassie agrees, they agree to stay apart and Josh will get Reva back. Cassies’ phone rings with news of Tammy. They rush to Cedars.

At the hospital, Billy comes into the hospital room. Gretel asks if he’s one of the “guys”. Reva tells her that Billy is the brother she talked about. Gretel excuses herself, leaving Reva alone. Billy tells Reva the donor fell through and the transplant is off, he’s sorry to let her down.

At Spaulding, Harley and Gus arrive for the meeting. Gus guards the door while Harley changes into business garb. They discuss their fight with the robbers. Harley is exhilarated by it all. Gus tells her she’s been in the corporate world and fights in a different way. Harley is about to tell Gus something when Dinah comes in with reports.

At the hospital, Reva asks Billy if the bone marrow donor wasn’t a match. Billy tells her there was a problem with the marrow. He repeats that he’s sorry he let her down. Reva tells him to stop, and it’s not as if they were sucking the marrow out of him. Billy says the marrow wasn’t viable because of years of drinking, his drinking. Reva realizes that he was her donor. Billy tells her he was proud to be her donor. He wanted to take care of Reva, but his alcoholism made his bone marrow not good enough for her and feels he’s not good enough for her. It’s always been her and Josh and she needs him now more than ever and she’s got to call him.

At Cedars, Cassie rushes in and asks a nurse about Tammy. The nurse says she has no word. Josh reassures Cassie that Tammy will be fine.

Also at Cedars, Jonathan and Lizzie come bursting in. Jonathan is ranting that he knows Alan is behind what happened to Tammy. Lizzie disagrees but Jonathan says that Alan did shoot her father, and married her mother and never spent time in an insane asylum or jail. Remy tells them that Tammy was caught in the middle of a botched robbery at Company, she hit her head but everyone thought she was fine until she collapsed. Remy says she has a brain contusion and is unconscious and has been for an hour. Out in the hall Lizzie thanks Remy for his help. Remy is going to follow up on the robbery. Lizzie turns to see Alan who says he heard that Tammy was in a horrible accident.

At Spaulding, Harley greets the board members and thanks everyone for making the past year successful and the company is wealthier thanks to them. She says because of them she has reached her full potential. She thanks them for helping her through the darkest time of her life. She says when she came to Spaulding her mission was erase all the things Spaulding stood for, but the Company changed her. Spaulding has brought her a lot of joy, and she says she can’t wait to see what the Company does next year but it will be from a distance because she’s stepping down as CEO. Everyone is stunned.

At Cedars, Lizzie wants to know how Alan knows about Tammy. Alan says he was at the hospital for a checkup. Lizzie interprets that as he was there checking up on someone. Alan asks Lizzie what her question is. Lizzie tells Alan he has a “tell” and that her father showed it to him. Lizzie says that Phillip told her how to tell when Alan is lying. Phillip told her that it’s when his lips are moving. Alan says it sounds like something Phillip would say. Lizzie then says she knows Alan is the reason that Tammy is in the hospital. He couldn’t stand that she wasn’t depending on him and turned to Jonathan and Tammy and he did something to hurt Tammy. Alan says she’s lashing out because Tammy is hurt. He denies hurting Tammy, and says that trouble has followed Tammy since she began seeing Jonathan. Lizzie issues Alan a warning, she tells him she’s not a kid and he’s not bigger than life to her anymore. Alan asks how much she cares for her friends. Alan tells her that she must come home with him or she’s responsible for what happens to her friends next. Lizzie is shocked.

In Tammy’s hospital room, a nurse tries to get Jonathan to leave. He tells her that she will need security to get him to leave. He talks to unconscious Tammy, asking what Alan did to her. He says that she probably wishes she never met him, there would be no drama. That the baby isn’t hers and Alan is threatening them. Lizzie walks in and sees Jonathan stroking Tammy’s face.

In the hallway of the hospital, a nurse tells Cassie she can see Tammy. Cassie comes in and is very distraught. She wants to know if the doctors have told Jonathan anything. Josh comforts Cassie who thanks him for being there. Josh asks Cassie where else would he be.

Back in the Minnesota hospital, Reva tell Billy that she is sick of hearing that nonsense that he’s not good enough for her. Billy says he’s failed her. Reva says he’s given her things more important that marrow love and support. Billy reminds of her the deal they made about telling Josh when things got bad. Reva says that its Billy’s guilt that is making him want to tell Josh and she says she still doesn’t’ want to tell Josh about her cancer. Reva goes on her rant about doing things without Josh. Colin comes in and tells her playtime is over, they tried it her way but now it’s time to reach out to her family for donors. Billy and Colin both tell her she needs to call her family. Billy tells her that the first call has to be to Josh. Reva stubbornly says that she’s not going to tell Josh because the cancer happened to her and not him. Billy says Josh doesn’t have cancer but she’s killing him just the same and that she’s out of choices. He asks if she wants to live or die. Reva looks like it may have sank in.

At Spaulding, Harley tells the stunned crowd that she knows she’s said it before but this time she’s leaving. She didn’t wake up thinking she’d resign. She says she thought she did great things for the company and has made an impact on the larger world. She thanks them again. She says she’ll leave the company in trustworthy hands, she says she’s going to name her successor.

In Minnesota, Reva reaches for the phone and calls Josh. In Springfield, in Tammy’s hospital room, Josh tells Cassie it’s Reva on the phone. Cassie tells him to answer or he’ll regret it. Josh steps into the hallway.

In another part of the Cedars hallway, Alan calls his hired thug and wants to know why he did not kidnap Tammy as planned, after all this is what he paid for. The thug apologizes and says that there were complications. Alan says that they were incompetent but there message has been delivered.

In Tammy’s room, Jonathan begs Tammy to come back to him and says he doesn’t know what he’ll do without her. He glances towards the door and sees Alan looking into the room sinisterly. Jonathan glares angrily.

Outside Cedars, Josh says “Hello” to Reva. Reva says “Bud, I’m sorry but I need your help.”

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