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Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/20/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Reva waits in the hospital's transplant recovery room. Billy is there with her, in a mask, and they both have on hospital gowns. She has had stem cell injections and is waiting to see if her immune system gets back to normal again. Billy is very cheery and complimentary. He has a nurse wheel in a slideshow projector and shows past pictures of her, like "This Is Your Life". Her mouth drops open. Billy narrates the slideshow. She is confused about why he's showing her the pictures. He says that he just wants to remind her what a great she has, how many memories she has, and how many more she will have. It doesn't seem to cheer Reva up any. Billy keeps trying to be upbeat, saying that if this stem cell thing doesn't work, Colin will try something else. She has him stop on the picture of her and Josh on the beach with their kids. He says they are beautiful and wonders who wouldn't fight for that. Colin arrives, so she says it's about time that he showed up. She was starting to think that he was ignoring her. He asks if she wants the good or bad news first, so she asks for the bad news. He tells her that they have not been successful so far. Billy asks what the good news is. Colin replies that they have other options. He suggests that she needs a bone marrow donor--they need to find her a match. She looks at him dourly. Colin tells her that the best match for a donor would be a sibling, parent, or child. Reva refuses to consider this. Billy sits her down and tries to talk sense with her. She tells him that she definitely wants to live, but she insists on getting well before she will tell Josh or the rest of the family. Colin tries to argue as well. He tells her that he's taken a lot of stupid chances since he met her, but he won't take a chance on her life, recovery, or future. She counters that her family and children are her life. They argue, but Billy intervenes. He asks Colin to go outside to talk, while Reva thinks it over. Colin turns off the projector to demonstrate how quickly her life can end, then he goes out with Billy. Billy tells Colin that he is a match for bone marrow, showing Colin the paperwork. Colin is grateful but says he has to test it out himself and explain the risks. Billy urges him to hurry and save Reva's life.

A girl's voice asks Reva to leave the slideshow on. Reva rolls up the screen and sees that there is a little girl in a room behind a window. The little girl is in a hospital gown, so she is obviously another patient there. She tells Reva that the slideshow was the best entertainment she's had in weeks. Reva finds out that the girl's name is Gretel. Gretel notes that Reva's family is nice and tells Reva that she doesn't have any family. Reva is sorry that the girl has no family, but the girl replies that she's used to it because in a few days it won't matter anyway--nothing will. Reva tries to cheer up the girl and make her feel hopeful. The girl talks about Reva's children and asks her when they're coming to visit. Reva explains that she is not telling her family about her illness. The girl thinks that's weird and that she would give anything to have a family with her now. Reva concludes that it's hard to change because she's been doing it so long this way. Colin returns with mask and gown; he pulls down the screen to give them some privacy. He tells her that there's a match. She worries that he phoned one of her family, but he tells her he didn't, so she is happy about it and tells him to get started. She asks who the donor is, but he tells her that the brave donor wishes to be anonymous. Billy flirts with the anesthesiologist while she puts him under. Colin comes in for the procedure.

Reva chats with Gretel again. She asks if Reva is scared. At first Reva replies, "Me? Heck no!" then she admits that she is lying. She tells her that it must mean she's still human. Gretel says she must be very human because she's very scared, for both of them. She begs Reva to come back and show her more boring slides. Reva jokes with her and says she will definitely come back. Gretel knows that Reva can't keep that promise, but Reva says she's not like most people. She always keeps her promises. Meanwhile, Colin has to stop the procedure, saying it's no good and they have to stop.

Josh looks at a picture of Reva on his desk, looking unhappy. Cassie arrives, so he tells her that he was putting together a proposal for Jeffrey (another veteran's center, maybe in Springfield). He was going to fax it but asks that if she's going to see Jeffrey later anyway, she can give it to him. She takes it and says she will. She tells him that she's going to see Jeffrey this weekend. Josh thought they were working this weekend. She tells him that Jeffrey asked her to go away with him over the weekend, so she said yes. She babbles on about how he can reach her by cell, but he stops her and wonders why she is running off with Jeffrey when she has barely spoken to him in months. She says that she saw Jeffrey yesterday and realized she made a mistake by breaking things off. He hopes she's not just reacting to the situation between them and the things they said. She says that what they feel made her figure out that it's not weird and they are just human. They acknowledged it and now they're going to move past it. She wants to take a look at her feelings for Jeffrey. She thinks it's the best thing for both of them. He doesn't say much but wishes her a great weekend. He assures her that both him and the project will be waiting there for her when she gets back. She thanks him for being himself and then leaves. It was a tender moment for them and both of them stand still on each side of the door, thinking.

Harley sits at Company with Zach. She tells him they will go to the park in five minutes, after she finishes her paperwork. He asks her to look at the turtle he drew, but she is too busy and snaps at him to eat his pancakes. She discovers, to her horror, that he drew his turtle on her report. She quickly changes her attitude and tells him it's a beautiful turtle, and she helps him make the graph into tall skyscrapers. Alan-Michael comes up and comments that this is what she thinks of the company's quarterly finances. She does not back down to his sarcasm, but he surprises her by sitting down and helping them color. Harley watches them curiously and comments on Alan-Michael's behavior. She can't believe that he would be the type who likes to hang out with kids. He tells Zach to tell her that he likes kids and that he even used to be one. Harley asks Zach to go wash his hands, then she becomes frosty Alan-Michael. She thinks he's putting on an act. He swears that he's just spending time with his nephew. He reminds her that he's family and says that he is jealous of how she can juggle home and work life. She watches him, not believing a word of it. He says he used to think that was a weakness when he wanted her job, but now he knows that she's keeping her priorities straight. She comments about "way back when he wanted her job". She wonders if he's still trying to steal her job. He doesn't reply but instead asks for another crayon. She gives it to him and their hands touch. She figures that his being nice to her is only about the board meeting. He ignores it, but she presses him. He says she has nothing to worry about from him, but she doesn't believe him. He points out that maybe he was wrong about her being able to balance it all and notes that she's becoming like every other hard-driving CEO. She keeps looking at him skeptically. Harley tries to argue with him, but he goes to the kitchen, saying he's eating cookies and milk with his nephew.

Mallet wakes up at home, with Dinah in bed next to him. He looks disturbed. He goes to his computer and checks the "Springfield Burns" website, which says, "Which Spaulding Executive isn't just shopping for a wedding gown - but for her boss' husband/ What else are they hiding?" Then it shows a picture of Dinah and Gus kissing. Meanwhile, Dinah wakes up behind him and goes over to say hello. She puts her arms around him as he closes the laptop to hide it. He urges her to go back to bed. She asks what he's looking at, and he replies, "Nothin'", but she can tell he's not being honest, so she gives him a look. He shows her the picture of her and Gus kissing on the bed and says that he doesn't know what it is, but someone's trying to hurt her. Dinah says, "talk about lousy photography". He can't believe that she is taking it lightly and points out that someone has been watching her. She sits down with him and tells him that she told everyone that means anything to her that the picture only happened because of Gus being on his pills. She also jokingly adds that she's incredibly attractive. He doesn't think the situation is funny. He wonders if someone is making trouble for her and Harley because of the board meeting. She is not worried and asks him to leave it alone. Another screen comes up that says, "What other secrets are there at Spaulding?"

Josh goes to get coffee. Jeffrey and Blake are nearby campaigning. She comes over and gives him a sticker, saying it would look great on his lapel. Jeffrey says that Josh is already him his support, but Josh disagrees, saying that he is keeping an open mind. Jeffrey looks nervous while Blake says that's all she asks for and bats her eyelashes at him. Jeffrey, confused, says that he wonders how he could have been wrong about Josh's support. Josh makes veiled comments about Cassie, saying that his support is based on trust. He wants to make sure that no one will be pressured unfairly or gets hurt. Jeffrey and Blake agree to that. Jeffrey suddenly gets the idea that Josh is not talking about politics. Josh mentions lies, so Jeffrey asks him what lies he's talking about. Just then, Cassie comes up behind Jeffrey, looking shocked at the confrontation. She asks Josh what he's doing there. Jeffrey comments that Josh is interfering in her life, as usual. Cassie says to Josh that she thought that he was ok with them going away for the weekend. Josh tells her that he thinks she is making a big mistake going back to what she walked away from. Blake tries to take Jeffrey away, but he insists on staying. He points out that Josh is a married man trying to tell his wife's sister how to run her love life. Cassie does not respond when Josh tells her that he wanted her to know what he thought, so Jeffrey lets Blake lead him away to the reporters. Cassie tells him that he has no right to interfere. He knows that he doesn't, but he adds that he doesn't want her making this decision because she's running away from him. They argue, which ends with them yelling at each other. Finally, Josh picks Cassie up and throws her over his shoulder, while the people in the town square watch. Josh carries her to his car and puts her in the passenger seat. He tells her that he's taking her to the farm house. She argues, saying that this is an abduction. He says it's more like an intervention and he wants to keep her from making a mistake. She counters that she already make a big mistake by telling him how she feels. He gets in the car and asks her if what she told him was a lie. She says that it wasn't. He says there is definitely a connection there and they can't go back. He laughs, saying it started in a car (during the blackout). She claims she doesn't remember, but he knows that she doesn't. He sweet-talks her but then asks her if she wants to go back to the darkness. He tells her that if she does, she should get out of the car. After thinking a moment, she opens the door. He stops her, saying "No!" and then they kiss.

Dinah and Mallet arrive at Company and wonders why Harley is looking so discontent. She asks them if she seems like the kind of person that is driven and not nice to people any more...as she babbles on, Mallet and Dinah notice that she is not listening to them. Mallet forces Harley to look at a printout from the Springfield Burns website of the picture of Gus and Dinah kissing. She wonders what it is about. Mallet says that he thinks someone is trying to get her to lose everything at the board meeting. She wonders who, so then Alan-Michael walks out. He makes a comment to Zach about how they should have saved Harley a cookie. Harley takes her kid outside with his kite and asks him to wait for her a few minutes. Mallet accuses Alan-Michael of taking the picture. Alan-Michael makes his usual snarky comments but says that they've already convicted him of it. Mallet has Dinah hold his badge, then he punches Alan-Michael in the face. Alan-Michael makes nasty comments about Mallet and his two women. As he leaves, he picks up not only his newspaper but the picture that Mallet was showing Harley. He tells them that he will see them at the board meeting. Mallet, Dinah, and Harley agree that they will be prepared at the meeting and have nothing to fear. Harley urges them to get on with their wedding plans, and she plans to go fly a kite. Later, Harley comes back, saying she wants a cheeseburger, but no one is there. Suddenly, a man comes up behind her and puts a gun in her back.

Mallet and Dinah are back in their room. She unplugs her computer, saying she doesn't want to hear any more about board meetings or anything like that. She reminds him that they have an engagement party tonight. She kisses him and jokingly says that people are going to be desperate to know what "pattern" he likes. She kisses him for each one, and he asks her to run them by him again, so she has to kiss him some more. He says he likes number three.

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