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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/19/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Dinah – Inside the Light

In her room, Dinah thinks about her up-and-coming wedding to AC Mallet. Later, she and Mallet walk out of the movies. He is excited about the action movie and Dinah thinks it was stupid. She tells him movies about relationships are the best. In the car home, Dinah jams to the radio listening to dance music. Mallet changes the channel to classic rock and she changes it back to dance music. They do this back and forth and finally Dinah says, “And, we fight”. At Company, they argue about what to order. Again, she says, “And, we fight”. Later, on Main Street, she and Mallet kiss and hug. She says, “And, then we make up. WOW! Do we know how to make up”. She then says, “But, there is more to us than that. One of the things I love most about sleeping with you is sleeping with you”. At the police station, Dinah brings Mallet something to eat and later in their room, they kiss.

Dinah looks in her mirror and things about when Vanessa told her with the right kind of love in her life, good things happen. On Main Street, Dinah talks to herself about her not-so-pretty-past and sees Cassie, then Jeffrey. She says, “Buh bye”. She almost walks under a ladder and a black cat runs across her path. She tells herself to stop being superstitious and calls for the black cat, a pensive look written all over her face.

At the mansion, Dinah arrives dressed in sweat pants, shirt and baseball cap. She talks to Alexandra who tells her that she cancelled all of her appointments and wants her to plan a perfect wedding. Alexandra tells her that the wedding will represent Spaulding Enterprises. Dinah tells her that her mom will pay for everything and Vanessa will not skim on costs. Alexandra tells her that she thinks she (Dinah) has come a long way from her past and has figured out how to go top notch without breaking the bank. She hands her a paper about the Vickie Wong show which will be today. Alexandra tells her to bring a girlfriend along for things can get nasty.

Meanwhile, in her room, Dinah phones a friend to be at the Vickie Wong show. She wakes up Mallet who wants to know what she is doing. She tells him that she and Harley are going to look for a wedding gown. She tells him it is Vickie Wong, the biggest designer who has crazy half-price shows. She tells him that she has to get there early. Mallet makes excuses about not going and she tells him that is okay for she is on it. He wishes her luck that some chick doesn’t beat her to the dress she wants. They crack jokes back and forth.

On Main Street, Dinah looks at the huge crowd of women all clamoring. Harley elbows her way through the crowd to the front with Dinah. Dinah shows her the dress she wants. A man announces no pushing, no hoarding and no refunds. The gates open and Dinah and Harley run from dress to dress as do MANY other women. Harley finds a dress and it is snatched up by another woman.

Dinah cannot find Harley and phones her. Harley talks to Dinah on the cell phone and they finally find the other in the river of women. Dinah finds the dress she wants and another woman grabs it from her. The woman tells Dinah, “Sorry sister”. Dinah looks so disappointed and highly irritated. Harley tells her that she is proud of her for not tackling the woman. Dinah asks Harley if she is feeling weird about standing up for her at the wedding and Harley tells her no. Harley receives a phone call and has to leave. Dinah stands amongst the crowd and says to herself, “I have this thing under control”.

Later, at Company, Olivia shows Dinah samples of floral designs. A lady arrives to talk about the flowers and shows Dinah samples. Suddenly, Dinah starts sneezing uncontrollably. The lady becomes indignant and tells Olivia that she cannot work this way. Much later, the lady tells Dinah she needs to go with silk or scent-free varieties. Dinah gets upset and starts to throw the book at the lady. Olivia stops her and shakes her head no. Later on Main Street, Dinah runs into Blake. Blake tells her that she is just fine with her marrying and will be a bridesmaid if she needs one. Dinah tells her that’s fine, but it is a done deal. Blake tells her that she looks horrible, eyes red and face puffy. Dinah tells her that she is allergic to every flower there was. Blake tells her that she knows a good baker. The baker arrives with a tray of pastries. The baker asks her if she is any relation to Ross Marlar and Dinah tells him he was her father. The baker starts to leave and tells Dinah that his mother had a gambling problem and her father sent her to prison. He makes fun of Dinah and calls her “deadly Dinah”. Dinah reminds herself to remain calm and tells the baker they can handle all of this. The baker calls Dinah a murderer. She grabs the pastries and starts to smash them in his face.

Later, at the police station, Mallet asks Dinah about the incident with the baker. She admits to what she did with the pastries. She hears Vanessa tell her that it will be a piece of cake. Dinah tells Mallet that the baker insulted her father and he laughs. She asks what if the baker presses charges and he tells her that he will have to charge her. Blake arrives and tells her that she got the baker to drop the charges but, that he will not cater the wedding. Dinah says that is good. Dinah tells Mallet that she has had a bad day. Then she tells him that she doesn’t have the energy to answer the question if there will BE a wedding.

At her room, she talks to herself again. Mallet comes in with an arm load of bridal magazines. He tells her to go back to the drawing board and she tells him that she is done. They raise their voices with one another. Dinah tells him that even though Alexandra and Vanessa say there is nothing to this, it is. He says, well call it all off. She tells him that she thought of that and after he asked her to marry him, she woke up the next morning and was in a panic. He tells her that he was, too. She is surprised he has felt the same way and asks him why he never said anything. He tells her that she was so happy. He tells her that he is cool with a 40 or 50 year commitment. Dinah calms down and then tells him that she will look cute in a one-of-a-kind-gown. He tells her that if the wedding planning stuff stresses her out again, they will elope. They agree on a code word, jigsaw, if the stress is too great.

Dinah hears Vanessa tell her that she doesn’t have to listen to the advice, but to follow her instincts. Dinah hugs Vanessa and tells her that she loves her. Back to reality at Company, Dinah tells Mallet that it is back to square one. She tells him that she will find a wedding dress and florist as well as a baker. He tells her he wants the “orgasmic” cake. Suddenly, she sees the woman who grabbed the wedding dress. Dinah, a mischievous look in her eyes, stands up and approaches the woman. She asks the woman why she is crying and the woman tells her to go away. Dinah tells her there are more important things in life than dresses.

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On Main Street, Dinah holds her wedding dress and kisses Mallet goodbye. Her cell phone rings and it is Olivia who tells her she has her flower problem solved. Dinah calls her a genius. After she hangs up, Dinah says, “Well, what do you know. I think things are finally looking up”. At her room, Dinah has her dress spread over the bed. She envisions her wedding day, beautiful in her gown. Narrating, she says that she blossomed into a respected member of society, a successful business executive and the prettiest bride there ever was…

Meanwhile, at the police station, mallet looks online and reads the headlines of the “Springfield Burns”: “Which Spaulding Executive isn’t just shopping for a wedding gown – but for her boss’ husband? What else are they hiding?” Mallet takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. He looks next at pictures of Dinah and Gus, kissing while lying on a bed.

In her room, Dinah looks in her mirror and holds her wedding gown up to her body. She says, “…and the only thing that stood between her and happily ever after was her fear that somebody would come along and take it all away”.

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