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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/18/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Jonathan yells at Lizzie to take Roxie to play somewhere besides his bed. Lizzie tells him that he is scaring Roxie. Jonathan tells Lizzie that she needs to get out and she is scared to leave the room because of Alan. Tammy tells her that she will take her out to eat. After Lizzie leaves the room, Jonathan tells Tammy that he wanted to spend some time alone with her and not her with Lizzie. At the mansion, Alan calmly listens as Jonathan tells Tammy that he hates that little girl and her ugly little dog and says, “Listen, Elizabeth. These are your best friends”.

On Main Street, Jeffrey notices Cassie as she walks up to listen to his speech. She tells him she enjoyed his speech and her cell phone rings. It is Josh and she stalls answering the phone. Jeffrey asks if she is going to answer and she says no. He asks her if she has had a change of heart and asks her if he can buy her a cup of coffee. She tells him no but he can buy her a drink.

At Company, Alan finds Josh. He tells Josh that he needs to talk to him about making a contribution to the Veteran’s project. Josh tells him that he doesn’t need his money. Alan tells him that everyone always needs money and what would happen if the largest contributors, who happen to be his (Alan) buddies, suddenly pulled out their support. Josh laughs. Alan tells him to forget the project and the money and start thinking which side he is on concerning the baby and Jonathan. Alan tells Josh that he (Josh) doesn’t like Jonathan and that he is only trying to protect his own family. Josh says that he, too, is trying to protect his family. Alan tells him that he needs to ask himself what Cassie would want him to do. Josh looks confused and asks him what the hell he is talking about. Alan tells him that he saw Josh all over Cassie in the park and no wonder Reva left town. Josh stares at him, speechless.

Meanwhile, at the cancer center, Colin walks in and tells Reva she came through the chemo like a champ. He tells her the next step is the stem cells. Reva just grunts. She sees Josh, Tammy, Billy, Jonathan, Lizzie and the newborn baby. Cassie is taking a picture of all of them. Josh tells everyone the christening at thanksgiving was great. He and Jonathan say that it is a shame that Reva isn’t there. Billy tells them that Reva didn’t want to be a burden. Reva smiles as Jonathan coos at the baby named Reva. Reva suddenly wakes up and calls for Billy. At a bar, Billy sits. The bartender tells him that he looks as if he could use something strong. Billy tells him, “Yeah, something strong would be good right about now”. The bartender sets down bourbon on the rocks and Billy touches it. He tells the bartender that the condensation from the glass felt good. The bartender asks if he has a relative at the cancer center and Billy tells him yes. Billy raises the glass and tells the bartender that responsibility is another guy.

Back at the cancer center, Reva asks about Billy. Colin says he hasn’t seen him and tells her that she was muttering in her sleep. She tells him about the dream and that everyone was talking about her because she was dead. Colin tells her that it is easy to analyze this because it was guilt she is feeling. He tells her that her family deserves to know what is going on and she tells him that her family deserves to live without the burden. After Colin leaves, she phones Jonathan. She tells him that she needs his help and find Josh to spend the day with him. Jonathan tells her he has too much going on and Reva begs him to spend the day with Josh. Jonathan asks her if all is okay and she turns up the music in her room and tells him that she is having a party. She asks him to find Josh and he tells her he will. She tells him she loves him and hangs up. After the phone disconnects, Jonathan looks as if he will cry and says, “I love you, too”. Reva touches her left ring finger and says, “Happy Anniversary, Bud. Always”.

On Main Street, Lizzie tells Tammy that she still cannot believe she got pregnant after one stupid night. Tammy tells her to just forget it. Lizzie tells Tammy that she is a good person. Lizzie tells Tammy that she misses being noticed by guys. A cute guy walks by and Lizzie tells her that she used to brush guys like that off all the time. Tammy finds a guy and tells him that her friend wants to know the time of day. The guy, who introduces himself as Nick, asks Lizzie if she needs a date. They make small talk. Lizzie asks him if he lives around there and he tells her yes and adds, “The women are hot, really in shape”. She stands up and rubs her stomach. Nick looks shocked and Lizzie says, “No, I’m not pregnant, I just like ice cream”. He runs off and Tammy and Lizzie laugh.

At his room, Cassie and Jeffrey arrive. She asks about the campaign and as he answers her, Cassie remembers telling Josh that she has feelings for him. Jeffrey continues to talk and Cassie realizes she hasn’t heard him. He asks what she wants and Cassie says nothing, just to share a drink and talk about old times. She almost drops a glass, Jeffrey grabs her hand, and Cassie kisses him. They break away and he asks her what is going on, but he isn’t complaining. She tells him that she has been doing a lot of thinking. She tells him that she isn’t excusing what he did, but understands the line that can be blurred between black and white when the heart takes over. She stares off in space and is obviously talking about someone else. He tells her that he did love her and still cares for her. He tells her that he hated himself for what he did to her and asks if she forgives him. She tells him yes and he asks her if she wants to try again.

Meanwhile, at the cancer center, Colin prepares Reva for the stem cell treatment. A weak Reva tells him to bring it on. Suddenly, Billy rushes in, dressed in gown and mask. She is happy to see him and tells him that she was afraid he wouldn’t make it. Billy tells her that he is there and is going to stay. She asks him where he has been and Billy tells her that the important thing is that he didn’t stay, is here, and doesn’t need breath mints. Reva smiles at him. Colin tells her that it is time to begin. Billy tells her not to be scared and will take care of her. She asks if he really believes and he says, “With all my heart”. She tells Colin to begin and Reva’s face has a look of terror. Billy stares at her, his eyes smiling.

Back at Company, Josh tells Alan that it is normal to dance with relatives and Alan tells him he, too, danced with his daughter-in-law and then married her. Josh tells him to leave and Alan says, “Guess I hit a nerve”. Alan tells him that it is none of his business about Cassie but wants them to come to an understanding about Jonathan. Suddenly, Jonathan comes in and sarcastically tells Alan hello. Alan tells Jonathan that if he needs any help with Lizzie that they are family and will help. Jonathan looks as if he will bust out laughing and then does. Alan leaves and Jonathan asks if the confrontation was about him (Jonathan). Josh asks why he is there and Jonathan tells him that Reva sent him.

Back on Main Street, Lizzie tells Tammy that when the baby kicks, she is reminded there is a real person in there. She tells Tammy that labor….then, she starts to holler out loud. Everyone looks at her and Lizzie says, “Too much hot sauce”. Lizzie asks Tammy if she will still be her birthing coach and Tammy tells her she will. Alan walks up.

Tammy stands up and tells Alan that he could hire someone to follow Lizzie. He tells Lizzie that he misses her and was hoping that his gift of the Penthouse was step in the right direction. Lizzie says it was. Alan asks her how Jonathan is treating her and then proceeds to say, “I pray that he does not feel you are an albatross ruining his life”. With that, he leaves and Lizzie asks Tammy if Jonathan…..Tammy interrupts and tells her that sometimes Jonathan gets cranky, but that he will come around. Lizzie says, “Or not”.

Back at Company, Jonathan tells Josh that Reva has reasons for him to be there. Josh says that it’s because of the baby. Jonathan tells him they don’t have to do this and Josh tells him to stay for they are still family. Josh offers to buy lunch and a couple of beers. Josh tells Jonathan that he probably is concerned about being a father and Jonathan agrees. Josh tells the story about Reva being pregnant with Marah and not being married. Jonathan tells him they worked it out and Josh tells him that today is the anniversary of their first marriage at Cross Creek. Josh continues to tell him that he, too, was worried and scared to be a father. Jonathan tells him that he is thinking like that, too. He tells Josh that he is only doing this because Reva and Tammy will not let up on him. Josh tells him that he will not regret it. Jonathan tells him that he isn’t like Josh. Josh tells him that when he sees the baby’s face and holds her, there is nothing better. Jonathan looks at him in awe.

Meanwhile, at Jeffrey’s room, Cassie tells Jeffrey that she didn’t plan any of this and was caught off guard. Jeffrey tells her that he knows that cannot recapture what they once had, but is glad she is there. He tells her that he wants her to go with him this weekend. She tells him she needs to think about that and really needs to go now. As she leaves his room, Jeffrey kisses her. Cassie walks away, pauses and turns to see Josh standing in the hallway. She looks shocked. He asks her if she was in Jeffrey’s room and she tells him that she came just to talk. He looks skeptical. She tells him that she needs to go pick up RJ and Josh still looks very skeptical.

Back at their room, Lizzie and Tammy arrive. Jonathan asks Lizzie if she wants him to make dessert. Tammy tells him about running into Alan. Lizzie tells him that for Alan to be nice is scary. She tells them that she wants Alan out of her life. At the mansion, Alan listens and says, “We’ll see who you need”.

Back at the cancer center, Colin tells Reva to think good thoughts and Billy tells her to rest for he will be there when she wakes up. Colin asks Billy about the bone marrow list and Billy is silent. Colin tells him that if the stem cell treatment doesn’t work, they will need a bone marrow donor fast. Reva grabs Billy’s hand and says, “Don’t even think about it, Billy”. She asks him what they were talking about calling relatives. Billy tells her not to worry about it and that he knows not to contact anyone. Reva tells him to get out and get some rest. She tells him to get out so she can rest and Billy says, “Okay, I love you”. After he leaves, Reva starts to cry and says, “Reva, you are in there somewhere. There is fight left in there”. Outside the room, Colin asks Billy again to call relatives. Billy finally tells him that he will do it. Billy looks at Reva through the window and says, “Sorry darlin’. This is a no brainer. I will do what it takes to save your life”.

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