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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/17/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Jonathan wonders how he and Tammy will find his credit card. They go in their room and find Roxie, but cannot find Lizzie. Tammy tells Jonathan that Lizzie is gone. Tammy tells him no one at the front desk saw Lizzie leave and Jonathan tells her that she probably went for a walk. He stops and realizes that maybe Alan got to her first. Tammy tells him that she is going to the Spaulding’s. He takes Roxie and reluctantly lets Tammy leave.

At the mansion, two guards drag Lizzie to Alan. She tells Alan that she has made her decision to live with her friends. Alan dismisses the guards and calls on the psychiatrist who tells her that she is paranoid. Beth comes in and Lizzie tells hers that she isn’t crazy. She asks Alan where they are sending her. Lizzie yells at Alan and tells Beth and Alan that she isn’t going to be committed. Suddenly, Tammy comes in and announces that they will not take Lizzie anywhere. Lizzie stares down Beth and Alan at these words. Tammy tells them she heard everything and they will not get away with it. The psychiatrist tries to take Lizzie from the room and she tells him to get away from her. Beth tells Tammy to leave and Alan yells that no one will take Lizzie anywhere for there is no room at Ravenwood. Lizzie asks why she is brought back here and Alan tells her that he wanted to apologize to her. He tells her that he has been selfish and controlling and to please forgive him. Lizzie listens, not convinced. Alan tells her that he will not stand in the way of her moving in with her friends. He says, “I want you to be happy”. Suddenly, Jonathan crashes in the window

At the cancer center, Colin shows Reva her new room. They discuss the new therapy. She tells him that the therapy reminds her about the movie with the person in the bubble. The procedure is stem cell treatment. He gives her a picture of Josh that Billy brought by.

On the side of the road, Josh tells Cassie that he has feelings for her and that he never thought he would. She smiles and sighs deeply then tells him that she couldn’t keep her feelings inside any longer. She looks at him intently and tells him the feelings were consuming her and that she never thought he would say the same thing to her. Josh tells her that he couldn’t hold his feelings in either. At the cancer center, Reva holds the picture of Josh lovingly. Josh says he doesn’t know what to do about all of this and Cassie says she doesn’t either. Josh tells her they cannot blame each other for what might happen. He tells her they didn’t ask for this and adds that his feelings kind of crept up on him. He explains to her that they were so connected and had a lot of things to deal with as a team. He laughs nervously and says all the stuff with Reva. She tells him that it isn’t fair what Reva is doing to him; that she loves Reva, but the look on his face is, “Here we go again”. She tells him that she respects him enough to care and the whole Reva thing is possibly why he has feelings for her. “She has been away so much and we are sisters. And, we are alike”, Cassie says. Josh looks at her and tells her that she is her own person, unique, loving and beautiful. He tells her the last few weeks being in a room together and saying one thing and feeling another. She nods in agreement. He says, “It is kind of a relief”. Cassie nods and agrees with this, too. He asks, “How can we put it behind us and move on”? Cassie’s eye cast downward.

Back at the cancer center, Billy asks Colin how Reva is and Colin says he will do the best he can. Colin tells him that if they don’t get the results they need, Reva will need a bone marrow donor. Billy tells him that Reva doesn’t want anyone knowing and Colin tells him to just put together the list. Billy goes to Reva and she thanks him for the picture of Josh. She tells him that she feels like a rabbit getting ready to go down the hole, and then gives him her wedding rings for she cannot take them in the room. Billy tells her that she doesn’t have to be brave for him and she tells him that the stem cells will wipe out all the cancer cells. She tells him that he is her model after how he beat is alcohol addiction. Colin comes back and tells her it’s time to go to the room.

Back at the car, Josh tells Cassie that not talking about ‘this’ makes ‘it’ bigger. She tells him yes, it should have never gotten this far. He says now it is in perspective and asks if she is relieved. She says that she is, but feels guilty. Josh tells her they have or had feelings but it doesn’t need to rule their lives. Cassie stutters around the words and asks, “Do we just let it go”? Josh nods and says softly, “Yes, we let it go”. Cassie looks so sad. She finally agrees and laughs that one day they might tell Reva about all of this. Josh says, “Probably not”. They laugh and say they will just let it go. Josh looks less-than-convinced and says, “Right”.

Meanwhile, at the cancer center, Colin and his nurse are donned in mask and gown. He asks her if she is ready and Reva says she is. He connects her to the IV tubing. They begin the treatment via her subclavian catheter. Colin checks the settings as Billy waits outside and looks at Reva’s wedding rings. Reva lies back on the pillow and appears to pray.

Meanwhile, at her room, Cassie walks in and takes a deep breath. She proceeds to review some work material and glances at Josh’s shirt on the couch. She suddenly picks it up and tosses it out of view. Back to her work, she has trouble concentrating and says sarcastically, “No, this isn’t gong to be tough to let go of”. She tries to get work done and is a klutz. Finally she picks up one of Josh’s brochures and looks at it. She then grabs her purse and work and leaves.

At Company, Josh runs into Jeffrey who asks how the Oklahoma project is going. He asks Josh how Cassie is and Josh asks why he wants to know. Jeffrey tells him that he isn’t trying to make a play for her and Jeffrey asks again how Cassie is. Josh curtly tells him fine. Jeffrey hands him a campaign pamphlet. He tells Josh that if he gets the chance to drop by Main Street there he will be campaigning. After Jeffrey leaves, Josh receives a phone call from Reva. Only it is Billy calling. Josh is sarcastic and tells him that he is now using Reva’s phone. Billy tells Josh that Reva is unavailable now, as he watches Reva from outside her room window. Josh asks Billy what the hell is going on between him and his wife. Billy tells him that he is just looking out for her. Josh asks why he called and Billy tells him that he needs Shayne’s cell phone number. Josh gives him the third degree and tells him he will have to email the number. He asks if there is any thing else he can do for him and to enjoy being with Reva. He adds, “She is your responsibility”. Josh hangs up on Billy. Billy looks very sad.

At the mansion, Jonathan grabs a rake and fends off Alan. He yells for Lizzie to get out. Alan tells him that he is making a mistake. Alan tells him that he didn’t kidnapped Lizzie. Jonathan is angry and tells Alan that he is going to commit her to an insane asylum. Alan tells him to put the past in the past and then hands Lizzie the keys to the Penthouse. He tells them they can all live together. He hugs Beth and tells Lizzie that her mother made him realize he will lose Lizzie if he doesn’t change. Jonathan is less than convinced. Finally, Lizzie, Tammy and Jonathan leave. Meanwhile, back in the mansion, Beth tells Alan that that was a nice gesture. Alan, smug look on his face says, “It was more than a gesture, Beth”. At Tammy and Jonathan’s room, Lizzie picks up Roxie and exclaims they will all be living together. She thanks Jonathan for rescuing her and tells them both it was way cool. Tammy looks at Jonathan and tells him that he was way cool. Jonathan giggles. Back at the mansion, Alan thanks the psychiatrist and dismisses him. Beth asks him why he had the psychiatrist bring Lizzie to the mansion and says, “You really wanted to call a truce”? Alan asks her if she remembers the story of the Trojan horse and hands her a walkie talkie. They listen to Jonathan and Tammy talk about how much they hate Alan. Alan and Beth smile. Jonathan tells Tammy that he will pay for damages to the window if it would mean getting Alan out of their lives for good. On the corner of the desk lie the Penthouse keys. Tammy picks them up and twirls them around her finger as she and Jonathan continue to talk. Beth and Alan listen. Jonathan tells Cassie he doesn’t care anything about the baby, but cares about her only. He laughs and Beth and Alan continue to listen. Lizzie walks back in the room and sees Jonathan and Tammy kiss.

On Main Street, Jeffrey campaigns and tells the voters he will not lose track of where he has been. Cassie walks up and grins at him. At Company, Josh looks sad and lonely. At the cancer center, Reva stirs in bed. She looks uncomfortable. Glancing over at Josh’s picture, she finds a note from Billy and a tape player. She turns on the music and listens to a peaceful song. Meanwhile, Billy goes to a bar and eyes the different liquors. He motions for the bartender who comes to him. Billy reaches for his wallet.

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