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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/14/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Reva’s new rental home in Minnesota, Billy walks up on Reva happily working in her garden and comments she’s up early. Reva was too excited to sleep and feels that she’s getting better. She thanks Billy for the gift of the house. Billy isn’t sure it’s a good idea for her to be in the sun, Reva thinks he’s a worry wart. She tells him that her recent test results will back and they are going to be better than the first ones. She says she’ll be back to Springfield, her kids and Joshua before she knows it. Reva embraces a worried looking Billy.

At the clinic, the nurse Colin dated brings him Reva’s latest test results. Collin opens them and looks worried.

Outside Josh’s hotel room, Cassie is talking herself into trying to lure Josh to Reva in Minnesota. She goes through many versions of her story to lure him away. She approaches his door to knock and Josh comes up behind her and startles her.

At the Spaulding mansion, the new maid is packing Lizzie’s clothes under Lizzies’ direction. The maid is kind of nasty to Lizzie telling her she won’t need any evening clothes as she’s big as a house and won’t be going out much in the future. The phone rings and the maid answers “Her Majesty’s line” and says it’s “Tammy Winston” Lizzie corrects her and when Tammy asks who it was that answered. Lizzie says the new maid who is “horrible”. Lizzie talks to Tammy, (who is at the hotel with Jonathan packing) while still directing the maid how to pack her things. Tammy hears her and is afraid she’s trying to bring too much to the loft. Jonathan overhears and agrees. Lizzie says she’s bringing the essentials. She thanks both Tammy and Jonathan for what they are doing. Lizzie thinks they are all going to be really happy and tells Tammy she’ll see her at the Penthouse soon. Tammy hangs up and exclaims she can’t believe its true, they are moving in with Lizzie. Jonathan says “can’t wait’ sarcastically.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie is still shouting direction to the maid. She sees Alan in the hallway who asks if she’s going somewhere. She looks scared but says that Alan obviously got her note. She left it thinking he was in a business meeting. He asks if she thought she could sneak away. Lizzie says she wasn’t sneaking away she left a note. Alan says a note he was to find after she was long gone. Lizzie says she can’t get upset right, but won’t let him control her life. Alan wants to know what living with Tammy and Jonathan will accomplish. Lizzie says she’ll be free. Alan claims she’s free to do what she wants there. Lizzie reminds him that he locked her in her room and wasn’t going to let her out. Alan then brings up Beth and the fact she’s lost her baby, how will Lizzie moving affect her, he asks. Lizzie balks when he claims Lizzie is deserting Beth and says he’s twisting things into something it’s not. Lizzie continues to pack. She hears something out in the hall and asks who is out there. It’s the psychologist. Lizzie gets irate and says she wants the doctor gone. The creepy doctor says he can’t leave, Lizzie threatens to call Beth. Alan all of a sudden wants to talk. Lizzie says of course he wants to talk, if he’s doing all the talking and she’s doing the listening.

At the hotel, Jonathan and Tammy are still packing. Tammy tells Jonathan she’s proud of him for moving in with Lizzie and taking care of his baby. Jonathan praises Tammy and says no other girl would want their man to do what he’s doing. She says she’s trying to do what’s right for the baby, but there are moments when seeing him and Lizzie bothers her but she doesn’t want him to miss out on any part of his daughter’s life. Jonathan asks, like her father did her life. Jonathan says she never talks about that. Tammy says it makes her sad that he didn’t want to be there, take care of her and watch her grow up. Jonathan says he’s here. He asks if it’s going to be a good idea when Lizzie moves in and they lose their privacy. She says it’s only for a few months. Jonathan whines and says he’s going to finish packing. He pulls Tammy close and says he needs something to remember her by so he won’t go crazy when they move in with “Lizard”. They begin to make love.

At Josh’s hotel room, Cassie asks how long he was spying on her. He says she was the one standing outside his hotel room talking to herself. Cassie claims everyone talks to themselves. Josh says if she says so. Cassie says they have important business to attend to, some thing came up and they have to go to New York. Josh says “right now?” Cassie starts packing and tells Josh that a guy in New York named Soto has a foundation with millions of dollars and he wants to donate to Josh’s foundation. Josh is suspicious and asks why he’s never heard of this guy. Cassie says she’ll fill him in on the plane. Josh says he didn’t pack Cassie says she did it for him; she went to Cross Creek and packed his things. Josh says he just can’t pick up and leave like that. Cassie wants to know what’s keeping him in Springfield, Josh says nothing and grabs his bag and says let’s go to New York.

At Reva’s house, she says after her first chemo session the smile of flowers made her nauseous and she’s missed them, she smells the fresh flowers she’s picked. Billy thinks that’s great, she’s feeling better. Reva accuses Billy of hovering, she’s fine. Billy doesn’t want her to get too excited about her test results because she still has to go back to the clinic for more treatments. Reva says she knows all that. Billy says he just wants her to know that she is not ready to go jumping back into Josh’s arms. Reva says that he found this house and stocked it full of her favorite things including him, let her enjoy the day. He suggests they enjoy it together. She wants to start with a big breakfast. She thinks she can keep one down now. They talk about what they will prepare. She tells him he’s going to need to eat all that to have energy to row her across the lake. Billy gets started on breakfast and Collin is at the door, dressed in his lab coat. He doesn’t look happy. Reva’s happy to see him and tells him he’s in time for breakfast. She notices the scowl on his face and says “maybe not.”

On the side of the highway, Cassie asks Josh why the cop stopped her, she wasn’t speeding. She begins to put on lip gloss and Josh asks what she’s doing and she says “guess.” She tells him this is his fault, because if he hadn’t been so resistant at the Beacon they’d have been at the airport by now. She sees the cop doing something in her rear view mirror and wants to know what he’s doing. Josh cracks that he’s probably making sure she’s not a convicted felon. Cassie doesn’t think he’s funny and steps out the car. Josh tells her not to, that cops don’t like it when you do that. He wants to know what’s wrong with her. Cassie says she just needs to get him to the airport. The cop approaches, Cassie apologizes and says she’s trying get to the airport and wasn’t speeding, could he give them a break. He says he does not give breaks. She insists she wasn’t speeding, the officer tries to speak but she cuts him off. She then plays the Princess Cassie card. He doesn’t care. He asks her to step out the car, she says no. Josh and Cassie look at each other.

At Reva’s house, Colin asks her to sit down. She doesn’t want to and asks why he had to do this today? Why today? He says it couldn’t wait and she knows that. She says she doesn’t know much of anything anymore. She guess that her cancer is spreading and Colin confirms it is. He was optimistic after her initial tests but now they need to “move on it” right away. Reva guesses that ‘move on it’ means going back to the clinic for massive doses of radiation that will kill the cancer and break down her immune system as well. Collin says yes and he’ll explain it all when they get back. He tells her to get her things. Billy comes out and invites him to breakfast. She says they don’t have to worry about breakfast and that it was good while it lasted.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie tells Alan she won’t let him bully her anymore. Things have always been his way or no way at all. She says he ruined her chances of getting Coop back forever. Alan says Coop wasn’t good enough for her and tells her to face the hard facts that Coop has moved on. Lizzie says she can’t blame him for not wanting to put up with her family. Alan claims her family is just very caring and she knows it. Lizzie says nothing says caring like a good lockdown. Alan grabs Lizzie by the wrist and says he did it for her baby. Lizzie says she would never hurt her baby. Alan reminds her that she was on the hospital roof and he says he has to wonder if she might not. Lizzie says he doesn’t care about her at all; it’s all about the baby. Alan denies it and says he’s concerned about both of them. Lizzie asks if he remembers when she was a little girl, she said that he said she was the future of the family. He took her to Spaulding and let her sit behind his desk in his chair. He gave her a briefcase and told her she’d need it one day. She begins to cry asking when that changed between them. She wants to know when he decided to write her off. He doesn’t’ see her anymore, he only sees the baby and she feels that her only purpose in life is to deliver her to Alan. Alan says it’s not about him, it’s about her. He wants to know why she wants to go live with Jonathan and Tammy. Lizzie says it’s because they support her and they believe in her, she’s never going to get that from her own family. She tells him goodbye and not to stop her. He steps aside and lets her leave.

At their hotel room, Tammy and Jonathan are basking in the afterglow. Jonathan tells her he keeps thinking he’ll lose everything again. Tammy says it won’t happen, he’s not dreaming this is real. They are real and she’s not going anywhere even if things change. Jon says nothing is going to change. Tammy says it will change, he’s going to have a daughter another life he’s responsible. He says he never said he was going to do that. She says he will whether he likes it or not, but she’s not leaving him, she loves him no matter what. They kiss.

At the Spaulding mansion, the psychologist asks where “Elizabeth” is. Alan says she’s gone and the psychologist says he’s surprised to hear it. Alan says he needs to think he just can’t lock her up again, that’s not how he operates.

At Jonathan and Tammy’s room, they are in bed and there is a knock at the door. It’s Lizzie and she’s early. They get dressed and let her in. Tammy asks if they were meeting at the penthouse. Lizzie says they were but she decided to come there instead. She looks at the unkempt bed and asks what they were doing but says don’t tell her she doesn’t want her morning sickness to return. Lizzie’s phone rings, it’s someone telling her the Penthouse was foreclosed upon. She tells Jonathan and Tammy the bank foreclosed on the penthouse. Tammy says that Alan didn’t know she was moving back in. Jonathan guesses that Lizzie told him. Lizzie says she sort of did by leaving a note for Beth and Alan. She thought they’d be all moved in before the got the note. Tammy says that Alan probably would have done the same thing if they had moved in and that now they’d have to find a new place to stay. Jonathan is upset and says that’s going to take weeks. They decide that they’ll all stay there in the hotel room. Lizzie says she’ll call the movers.

On the roadside, Cassie apologizes and tries to show the officer her license. He says he just needs her to open the trunk. Josh says that’s his bag. Cassie gets fresh with the officer and asks him if that’s the reason he pulled her over. He says he didn’t want her to lose whatever it was that was flapping in the wind. Josh thanks the officer and notices that Cassie’s suitcase is not in the trunk. Cassie says that “we’re” not going to NYC, you are. Josh asks “I’m going to NY by myself?” Cassie says no that he’s going to Minnesota on the last flight today. The officer chimes in that he grew up in Minneapolis. Cassie tells the officer that Josh’s wife is there. Josh insists that he’s not going to Minnesota. Cassie asks the officer if they are free to go, they are. She tells Josh to get in the car and he says no. He says he’s not going to look for Reva. Cassie says he has to before it’s too late. Josh looks confused.

Back at Reva’s home, Billy can’t believe the cancer is spreading. He tells Colin Reva looks good and feels good. Reva tells Billy that the house is great and spending time there with him has been great but she has to go back to the clinic now. He asks about breakfast. Reva says she’ll take a rain check and hopefully she’ll be around in the future to cash in on it. Billy doesn’t think it’s funny. She tells Billy to pack her things and bring they by the clinic later. She tells Billy she’s not giving up she’s going to fight her cancer dirtier than ever. Colin agrees saying “pulling hair, gouging eyes.” Colin leaves to start the car. Reva reminds Billy he was the one telling her not to get her hopes up. And asks when he can remember her not beating something that faced her. She says cancer is no different. She’ll beat cancer even if it means she has to live in a bubble for awhile, she’ll just be “Reva the Bubble girl”, she laughs. She says she’s going to win and she’s going to get back to her life, Billy, Josh and her kids. She hugs Billy and looks worried.

At Jonathan and Tammy’s room, Lizzie says the movers have moved in everything. Jonathan wants to know what all that crap is. Lizzie says she actually packed light, all her winter things are in storage at the mansion. The room is filled with boxes of her clothes and shoes and Jonathan reads off different packing labels angrily. Lizzie hangs her dog to Tammy who begins to sneeze. Tammy tells her she did bring a lot of stuff. Lizzie says she has to be comfortable. Jonathan yells there’s not a room to walk around in there. Lizzie tries to calm him by saying she’s going to unpack and he won’t even know she’s there. Jonathan yells “I’ll know.” And he sulks. Tammy sneezes a few more times and realizes she’s allergic to Roxie.

Beth walks into the Spaulding mansion flanked with shopping bags and Alan informs Beth that Lizzie is moving into the Beacon with Jonathan and Tammy. Beth calmly tells Alan that Lizzie is trying to prove her independence to him. Alan says this isn’t a time for her to be independent; Lizzie is young, pregnant and unmarried. Beth points out that Alan is hurting Lizzie by acting like she’s not important because the baby is coming. Alan says that Lizzie is important Alan says she’s a grown woman that’s about to have a child. Beth stops Alan and asks which Lizzie is to him, a grown woman or a child? Alan says she is what is she is. The damage is done and that Lizzie’s baby is their fresh start. Beth says she’s going to pretend that she didn’t hear him say that, if Lizzie is damaged goods Beth wants to know what she is, and what Alan is. Alan tells her she’s his strong and beautiful wife. He says he’s trying to find redemption and he will find it in the eyes of that baby. Beth pours herself a big drink and Alan tells her it’s too early to drink. Beth quips it’s too late. Alan says absolutely not, there is a lot ahead for them and that everything will fall into place, she’ll see. Beth looks skeptical and a bit frightened.

On the roadside, Josh insists he’s done following Reva around. Cassie says she needs him to bring Reva home. Josh says he has a life to live now. Cassie says he knows where Reva is and he should go to her. Josh says Reva knows where he is too she can come to him. Cassie says that he knows he wants to be with Reva, he should be with her then. Josh asks why she’s doing this and what is with the urgency. Cassie says it’s time. Josh asks what she was going to do at the airport; did she think he was going to get on the plane no questions asked? Cassie says she doesn’t know. Josh asks why she’s acting that way, he can’t figure her out. She says for him to stop trying to figure her out and to stop torturing her. He wants to know how he’s torturing her. She says she has feelings for him. Josh looks at her in disbelief. She says she didn’t mean for it to happen but they spend so much time together and he’s just amazing. She says she hates this because he’s her sister’s husband but she has to say it because he has to know. He has to go to Minnesota and get Reva so she (Cassie) will stop wanting him.

At the clinic, Reva doesn’t know why they made her get in the bed. Billy tells her to stop giving the nurses a hard time. Reva says it’s just that one nurse Lala who is pushy. Billy says the nurses have been good to her. Reva says the rules there are stupid. Colin comes in and Reva wants to know what’s going to happen next. Colin tells her the first step is to give her massive amounts of chemo to wipe out her cancer cells and her immune system. Then they’ll inject her with her own stem cells which were harvested during her last surgery and that will restart her immune system. Reva asks if she’ll be “good as new” Colin says that’s the hope but it’s a new procedure they just started with breast cancer patients so she has the option to change her mind. Reva says she’s going for it. Billy wants to know the alternatives if this don’t work. Colin says bone marrow transplant. Reva asks if she’ll be the bubble girl. Colin tells her that she will be and that the slightest infection could kill her. Reva says no more sun, no more outside. Colin says for now and that he’s leaving to set things up. Reva asks him to wait, she wants to say goodbye first.

At the Beacon, Lizzie can’t believe anyone would be allergic to Roxie. Lizzie says she just gave Roxie a bath. She offers to give her another, Jonathan says “do that and fill up the bathtub really high and stick her…” Tammy cuts him off and says it is crowded there and they are bound to snap at each other. She says it ok, she has money to burn and things won’t be like this much longer. She says she’s starving and offers to go out for food. Jonathan tells her to unpack and they’ll go get the food. Leaving her alone, Lizzie talks to Roxie and decides to watch television. There is a knock at the door, Lizzie answers it thinking it’s Tammy and Jonathan but it’s that creepy psychologist that Alan hired, flanked by goons who look to be dressed as orderlies. Lizzie looks terrified.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan looks smug as he lights and smokes a cigar, paces the room and pours himself a drink. He says “we have to protect your baby Elizabeth...”

At the clinic, in the solarium, Reva in a wheelchair tells Billy that today reminds her of the day she married Josh at Cross Creek. She’s not sure if it’s the lake or the flowers or the color of the day, the blue or the brightness of the sun. Then she says or how bright the future was. Billy reassures her and says she’ll be back to it soon and they’ll take the boat out. Reva asks him to get the doctor. Billy does but before he goes, he tells her she thinks she’s saying goodbye to her life but she’s really only saying “see you later.” Reva takes a deep breath looks around and Colin comes in and asks what’s going on. Reva says she knows he’s a doctor into numbers, probabilities and beating the diseases, she’s always up for a good fight but she’s been hiding her illness from her family for so long she doesn’t want to be a burden to them now either, but wants him to be honest with her. She asks if her time is over or if there is a time to give up, she wants him to let her know. She can’t go without saying goodbye to her family. Colin says she’s got a ways to go and if that time comes he’ll let her know. Reva looks away with tears in her eyes.

On the roadside, Cassie apologizes to Josh for saying what she said. She says it’s why she’s trying to push him to Reva. She had hoped to do that before any of that came out before she had a chance to embarrass herself or him. Cassie says it’s been so hard for her to keep it in but she still should have found a way to keep her mouth shut. She asks him to say something and Josh stands there. She says she realizes having feelings for him is stupid. He then says “It’s not stupid”. Cassie says “What?” Josh repeats himself and says it’s not because he feels it too.

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