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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/12/06

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Written By Siri

Tammy and Lizzie – Inside the Light
“Three’s Company”

At Tammy and Jonathan’s room, Tammy packs and sternly says to Jonathan, “That’s it. All the fighting and back and forth with Alan is ruining our lives”. Jonathan is shocked. He stares at her in disbelief. Lizzie sits on the bed and looks back and forth from Tammy to Jonathan. Tammy adds, “I can’t live like this anymore, Jonathan. We have to change”.

“Jonathan - Tuesday Night”

At the car, Jonathan talks on the phone and tells Alan where Lizzie is on the road at the lake. He tells Alan to back off him and Tammy. Jonathan goes back to the car and yells for Lizzie who has disappeared. He yells and yells. Suddenly, Alan comes up and asks where Lizzie is. Jonathan tells him that Lizzie split. He sarcastically tells Alan that he didn’t hurt Lizzie, but the only problem he had was deciding what to do with the body. Alan tells him he is playing a dangerous game. Jonathan grabs Alan and Tammy arrives to break up the fight. Tammy tells them that she saw Lizzie on Main Street and that she is fine. Alan leaves and Tammy asks Jonathan what he said to Alan. She asks him if he threatened Lizzie and Jonathan tells her that he is trying to get back their lives.

Outside Company, Jonathan tells Tammy that he told Alan if he tried to break up their lives, he would do something. He tells Tammy that all he wants is her but will not be pushed to sign over all rights to the baby for the baby is important to Reva. Tammy reminds him that Lizzie could have been hurt climbing out of her window. She tells him that he isn’t as cold as Alan and must try to make things right. Tammy asks him where all of this will end and Jonathan finally says that he will go look for Lizzie.

Back at the car, Jonathan phones Lizzie and tries to locate her. He runs into Coop and Ava who are having a picnic in the park. He asks them if they saw Lizzie and they say she was there and probably headed back home. Jonathan asks if Lizzie looked okay and they say she looked funny. Coop and Ava leave after Jonathan is sarcastic. Suddenly, a tough guy walks up and asks Jonathan his name. Another one walks up, and they both proceed to beat up Jonathan.

“Jonathan - Wednesday Morning”

At his room, Jonathan takes off his shirt, obviously beaten. He winces at the bruise on his chest. Tammy slowly sits up and asks him when he got back. He said it was late and tells her that he needs to go out for something. Tammy sees his black eye and asks what happened. He tells her he fell and Tammy says, “Fell on what”? He tells her a fist or two and leaves the room. Before he walks down the hallway, he places a key between his fingers, weapon style. Jonathan proceeds to the mansion and tells Alan that it was beneath him to send two thugs to beat him up. Alan denies knowing what he means. Jonathan tells him that Alan cannot buy him off or cut him off. Alan tells him that he doesn’t know when to quit. He asks Jonathan what he wants for it isn’t the baby. “You want to beat me and put me in my place”, Alan says. He tells Jonathan goodbye and leaves.

Back in the hallway of the Beacon, Tammy tells Jonathan there is someone in their room because she knows she shut the door. Jonathan grabs his keys again and breaks open the door. Lizzie is sitting in a chair and Jonathan tells Tammy all is okay. Tammy asks Lizzie if she is okay and that she is glad she is here. Jonathan starts to apologize to Lizzie and asks why she ran away. “Who cares? None of that matters anymore”. Jonathan asks what she means and a tearful Lizzie says, “It’s over; all of it. It’s over”. Tammy and Jonathan stare at her in disbelief.

“Lizzie - Tuesday Night”

In the car, Lizzie watches as Jonathan talks on the phone. She overhears Jonathan telling Alan that next time, it might be Michigan or St. Louis. She tells Roxie, “That’s it. It’s never going to change”. She grabs Roxie and leaves. At Main Street, Tammy finds Lizzie, crying. Lizzie tells her that she has something in her eye. Tammy asks her if Jonathan had anything to do with her crying. Lizzie tells her to ask her boyfriend and she leaves. Lizzie finds Coop and Ava on the picnic at the park. She listens as Coop tells Ava how he felt being around Lizzie and there is no comparison with Ava. Ava says that she feels sorry for Lizzie and Coop tells her that she will be fine. They both say it feels weird to be together and if feels like Lizzie will pop out of the bushes at them. Roxie barks suddenly and Coop asks who is there. Lizzie walks around and tells them to forget she is there. Coop asks why she is out so late and Lizzie tells them she has to go. She tells them to get back to their picnic. Lizzie goes home and, in her room, she hears Alan knocking on her door. She tells him that he doesn’t care about her. Alan tells her that isn’t true and that Jonathan will regret what he did. Lizzie tells him that Jonathan is the baby’s father and Alan tells her to open the door so he can cheer her up. Lizzie, sad and alone whispers, “Nothing can make this better. Nothing”.

Lizzie – Wednesday Morning

At the mansion, Lizzie wakes up and says sadly, “I know what I have to do”. At a Family Planning Center, a nervous Lizzie sits. A worker walks up to her and asks her how far along she is. Lizzie hands her the medical charts. The worker tells her that she is sorry she had to come there today and asks Lizzie if she is sure she wants to do this. Lizzie nods and says, “Yeah, I am”. She walks to the back with the worker.

At Jonathan’s and Tammy’s room, Lizzie finds Jonathan’s shirt, torn. She sits down and says, “I’m doing the right thing. This is the right thing”. Suddenly, Jonathan bursts through the door. Tammy is surprised to find Lizzie there and tells her that she is glad that she is there. Jonathan starts to apologize and Lizzie says, “Forget all about it for it doesn’t matter anymore….it’s over. All of it. It’s over. I didn’t want this baby anymore, so I took care of everything”. Tammy painfully says, “My G-d, what are you saying”? Crying, Lizzie says, “I am saying that my little girl won’t be a problem for anyone anymore”. Jonathan and Tammy look at each other in horror.

“Tammy – Tuesday Night”

Tammy phones Jonathan and leaves a message for him to call her. She finds Lizzie sitting on a bench on Main Street and asks her what is wrong. Lizzie says that she doesn’t want to talk to her. Tammy asks if Jonathan had anything to do with her crying. Lizzie tells her to ask Jonathan. Tammy goes to the car and breaks up the fight between Jonathan and Alan. Outside Company, Tammy tells Jonathan that Lizzie is pregnant with his baby and he cannot use that as leverage against Alan. Jonathan tells her that the baby is important to Reva and that he will not be forced to sign over all rights. Tammy asks about Lizzie’s rights and tells him that Lizzie could have been hurt. She tells him that when she saw Lizzie, she looked hurt. Tammy looks deeply in his eyes and tells him that he needs to make all of this right. Jonathan tells her that he only wants to go home. Tammy stares at him and he finally tells her that he will go look for Lizzie. Jonathan leaves and Coop and Ava come out the door. They are going on a picnic in the park. Tammy listens as Ava says, “Life without Lizzie’. Tammy looks sad and says, “What’s that like”? In bed in her room, the clock reads 1:27 a.m. and she realizes that Jonathan isn’t in bed. She props up on a pillow and waits.

“Tammy – Wednesday Morning”

In her room, Tammy sits up to find Jonathan getting dressed. He tells her that he got in late. She asks about his eye and Jonathan tells her that he fell on a fist or two. He leaves and Tammy makes a phone call saying, “Hi; I need to talk to you. I don’t know who else to go to”. At his room, Tammy hugs Josh and he asks her about Alan making Lizzie a prisoner and Jonathan using Lizzie against Alan. Tammy tells him that it is war. She cries and tells Josh that Jonathan really doesn’t know what he wants and that the baby is really about Reva. She tells him that Jonathan is scared, but it is a turf war. Josh tells her that Jonathan has a lot of difficult choices to make and that she will be caught in the cross-fire or Jonathan will take responsibility. He adds, “That creates a whole different set of problems in your life. Either way, Tammy, you end up collateral damage”. Tammy lurks outside her door at the Beacon and tells Jonathan that someone is in the room. She makes a phone call as Jonathan breaks down the door. She hangs up, enters the room and finds Lizzie. She asks Lizzie if she is okay and that she is glad she is there. Jonathan starts to apologize and Lizzie says, “Forget all that. It doesn’t matter anymore…It’s over, all of it…I didn’t want this baby anymore so I took care of everything”. Tammy says, “Oh, my G-d, what are you saying”? Lizzie says, through tears, “I’m saying that my little girl will not be a problem for anyone anymore”. Jonathan looks at Lizzie and says, “Lizzie, what the hell did you do”? Lizzie says, “Don’t look at me like that. I could never abort this baby. I love her and I’m the only one who does”. Tammy breathes a huge sigh of relief. Lizzie tells them that she had to be sure the baby would be all right. Tammy tells her that she just said that it is over and the baby won’t be a problem anymore. Lizzie says, “She won’t be. I’ve decided to give her up for adoption”. Jonathan and Tammy stare in silence at these words. Tammy asks her how she could think of giving up the baby for adoption. Jonathan asks her what made her do this. Lizzie tells them that she used to have a life and more than a piece on the game board for Jonathan and her grandfather to push around. She says that she loves her little girl, but if she has the baby she will be alone and no one will want to have anything to do with her. She raises her voice and says that she will be alone in the house with her mother and grandfather. Tammy tells her it doesn’t have to be this way. Lizzie tells her it is the best thing for all of them. Jonathan shakes his head and says, “Uh, uh. I won’t allow that to happen”. He tells her he doesn’t agree with the adoption thing. Lizzie tells him that her dad was adopted and he was happy. Jonathan says, “Yeah, until he went crazy and kidnapped all the kids in town”. Lizzie tells him that she has made her decision and it is fair for everybody. Lizzie leaves and Tammy calls after her. Tammy tells Jonathan to go after Lizzie and he stalls. Tammy gets in his face and tells him that he spent his whole life wondering where his mother was. She says, “Go after her for you know it’s the right thing”. He tells her he will go because she asked. After he leaves, Tammy does, too.

On Main Street, Lizzie strolls by as Alan grabs her. Jonathan shows up and tells Alan to back off. Tammy tells Lizzie that she cannot give up her baby. Alan says, “What are you talking about; give up the baby”? Jonathan gets in Lizzie’s face and tells her that he is her little girl in the future and to look at him. Alan yells at her and tells her that they are raising the baby. Jonathan tells her to not listen to Alan. Lizzie grabs her temples. Alan tells her that she needs psychiatric help. Jonathan tells him that Lizzie will be a great mom. Lizzie looks at Jonathan, smiles and says, “Thank you”. Lizzie turns to Tammy and Jonathan and says, “Let’s go”. Alan screams, “Elizabeth, you will regret this”. Jonathan, Tammy, and Lizzie walk away hand-in-hand-in-hand.

Back at the Beacon, Jonathan runs in his room and yells, “Ow, the look on Alan’s face; I wished I had a camera”. Lizzie asks now what and tells Tammy and Jonathan she is worse off than before. She asks where it will get her for they (Jonathan and Tammy) will go on with their lives. Lizzie tells Jonathan that all he did was to complicate things. Tammy says, “This can NOT go on like this; I am done”. She prepares to pack and tells them that Alan is ruining their lives. She says, “I can’t keep living like this, Jonathan. Something has to change. We have to change”. Jonathan yells, “Are you leaving me? HEY, Tammy, are you leaving me”? Lizzie watches and listens. Jonathan starts to throw all of Tammy’s clothes on the floor and screams, “Why? Why are you doing this? I made the baby a priority and went after Lizzie. You are not going to do this”. Tammy calms him and tells him that she isn’t moving out. She explains that they all are moving and to make this work, they must do it together and find a place. Jonathan laughs with relief. Lizzie says in surprise, “You want to move in with me”? Tammy tells her that Lizzie feels insane and Jonathan feels pressured, and then adds, “And, me, I have reached my limit”. Jonathan says that it has to be a better way and Lizzie agrees. Tammy says there is no other way. Jonathan tells Tammy it is a bad idea and Lizzie agrees again. He takes Tammy’s hand and Lizzie says tentatively, “What about Roxie”? Tammy says, “Roxie, too”. Tammy asks Lizzie if she is with them. Lizzie takes Tammy’s hand and says, “We’re with you”. Tammy makes Jonathan take Lizzie’s hand. In a circle, Lizzie, Tammy and Jonathan hold hands in silence.

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