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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/11/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Buzz tells Olivia that Frank knows about their kiss. She asks him what they will do and Buzz tells her that Frank says to go for it. He explains that Frank gave his blessing to the two of them. Buzz tells her that he has hoped for months that he could have her (Olivia). He goes on and tells her that he craves her and has been denying himself. He says, “I think I could handle you”. She says that he could and Buzz says, “That’s not going to happen”. Olivia storms out the door. Buzz follows and she tells him that he wanted her first. Buzz asks how it will work and she says she doesn’t know. He tells her that he doesn’t have money like Lewis or Spaulding and tells her that the restaurant is all he has. Olivia sighs. He asks will they build a relationship together after hurting Frank. She says no and they part; both look crushed.

At Company II, Frank asks Ava if she and Olivia had a talk. She apologizes for causing any problems. He tells her that it is okay and that she has a very big heart. She tells him that Olivia thinks she is on a mission to drive her from the Cooper family. Coop hears this and asks, “Ava, are you”? She explains that she only saw Buzz and Olivia kiss and Frank says she didn’t mean any harm.

Coop tells Frank he is sorry for what happened but should have seen it coming. He tells Frank it has always been Coop and Olivia and love will always win. Ava looks at Coop admiringly. Later, Coop and Ava make small talk. They kiss and laugh. She asks him if he really meant that love always wins. He tells her that he believes you are with the person at the right time and ‘this’ (he takes her hand) is meant to be. Olivia walks up and orders a decaf coffee. Ava steps up from under the bar and faces Olivia. Olivia tells her that she is feeling bitter.

At the peer, Marina and Remy go swimming. He is surprised that she would come down at night. She says, “Excuse me, I’m a cop”. She tells Remy that she thinks something is going on between Olivia and her father. She tells him that if Olivia isn’t in love with her dad, to just let him go. Remy laughs at her. Marina tells Remy that she will prove to everyone that she can be a happy and independent woman on her own. Remy says, “If you say so”. Marina tells him that if he was so pro-love, he would hook up with one of the 3 million women who call the station everyday looking for him. He tells her that he doesn’t want them only one will be fine. He tells her that he set her up with someone in Chicago and she tells him that he doesn’t know her type. She tells him, “Let’s go swimming again’. They laugh.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Alan tells the psychiatrist that he had a good session with Lizzie. Alan gives him a wad of bills and he thanks Alan. Beth walks up and asks what that was all about. Alan tells her that Dr. Baker is helping to keep their home safe. She asks where Lizzie is and he tells her that she is safe and that is all that matters. Meanwhile, Lizzie phones Jonathan and tells him that he is the only one who can help her. He tells her he will and hangs up. Outside Company, Tammy asks what that was all about and Jonathan tells her that he thinks maybe Alan Spaulding will be out of their lives for good. He tells her that he has to go to the Spaulding’s and Tammy is concerned. Jonathan explains that he is only going to talk about baby details with Lizzie. She hugs him and tells him to not make things worse. They talk about finally getting their lives back. Jonathan leaves. At her room, Tammy finds a paper from college about not being able to attend school. She also finds something of Jonathan’s regarding the fact he has no money. She says, “We’ll never get out of this”, and picks up her purse and leaves.

At the mansion, Lizzie paces back and forth waiting for Jonathan. Beth comes in and Lizzie tells her that her grand dad has her locked up as a prisoner. Beth tells her, “Let’s go out and have some mother-daughter time”. Lizzie tells her she doesn’t want someone hovering over her. Alan comes in and tells her that he wants to keep her safe and stay away from Jonathan. Beth takes her aside and whispers to her to just agree with Alan. Lizzie does this and Alan says, “Who can take care of you better than your mother and me”? Jonathan lurks outside the window. Lizzie notices him and smiles. She walks to the window and says, “I think I felt a draft”. She closes the window. The maid walks in and Beth leaves to attend to something. Lizzie tells Alan that she is tired and he tells her that she can now rest knowing that Jonathan is far away. After Alan leaves, Lizzie talks to Jonathan. She begs him to stay and asks if she will be safe going out the window. She tells him not to cop a feel and Jonathan giggles. She begs him not to drop her, and then goes back for her bag, Roxie safe inside. Jonathan laughs at her. He takes the bag and lifts her out the window.

Meanwhile, in another part of the mansion, Tammy visits Beth and says, “Your husband and my boyfriend are starting a war and it will only hurt Lizzie and the baby. I came over here to see if you and I can stop that from happening”. Beth listens and appears very intrigued.

Outside the mansion, Lizzie and Jonathan get in his car. She tells him, “Punch it”. She asks where they will go and he tells her to relax and enjoy the ride. She calls him a jerk and he mocks her. He tells her they are going to drive around the lake and get a nice meal. Suddenly, Jonathan shrieks, “Oh, no, not now”. Lizzie asks what, looks out the window and says, “Just great”. Jonathan gets out and investigates under the hood. He finds something.

Back at the mansion, Tammy tells her they both have something in common; with guys who do not follow the rules. Beth picks up her knitting and knits away. Tammy tells her that Jonathan will fight Alan with everything he has and that she has come there to appeal to her as a woman and a mother. Beth asks if Jonathan wants to be a part of the baby’s life and Tammy says, “I think he will”. Beth cocks her head and says, “Oh, you do”? Alan walks in and Tammy stands up. Alan tells her that he doesn’t want her here. Beth knits and tells Alan it is all right. Alan tells Tammy that he plans to squeeze harder, and then leaves. Tammy asks Beth if they are on the same team and Beth says, “This isn’t a game. You and your homicidal boyfriend will stay away from my daughter and her baby or whatever Alan does to you will be a day at the ballet compared what I will do to you”. Beth’s eyes shoot daggers and Tammy stands in fear.

Back at Company, Coop tells Buzz that he just ran into Frank and he told him. Buzz tells him that he has just left it in his heart and that everybody is miserable. Buzz laments about having to watch Olivia walk away. Coop tells him that everyone is so pig-headed they feel like they have to do the right thing or die. He tells Buzz to not be a fool and just go after Olivia. Buzz stares at Coop; wheels turning in his head. Buzz tells him that it will not work. Coop tells him that Buzz has always wanted to be with Olivia and to just be with her. He asks Buzz what the big deal is and Buzz says he ripped out his son’s heart. Coop explains that Frank will not take back Olivia and he should take Olivia. Buzz says, “NO”. Coop explains that he needs to follow his heart; Ava is the one for him and Olivia is the one for Buzz. He tells Buzz that Olivia is delirious with him. Buzz says some people’s happiness is more important than others. Coop sighs as Buzz walks away. Back at Company II, Olivia and Ava pass sarcastic remarks. Olivia tells her that she is ignorant and naïve’. Ava tells her that she (Olivia) always ends up alone, then walks off. Olivia makes a face behind Ava’s back.

At the mansion, Beth tells Tammy that she is clueless. Tammy asks why everyone can’t come to some agreement. Beth tells her that they don’t want any part of her and Jonathan. She tells her that Jonathan is not here and that he is toxic. Beth seethes and says, “He’s cancer. And, if you want that in your life, go ahead. But, my daughter survived cancer once and I’ll be dammed if she will go through that again”. Beth dismisses Tammy and calls for Hilda to show her out. Beth adds, “You made your bed in this town with your family, but leave my daughter out of the equation. Next time you plan an end-run around Alan by coming to me; the weak link. Think again, it’s insulting”. Beth leaves and Tammy picks up Beth’s knitting. She looks at the doorway and unravels Beth’s work.

Meanwhile, back at Company, Frank walks in to find Buzz. Buzz drops his head. Frank says hello and Buzz doesn’t respond. Frank asks what they are going to do about Olivia and Buzz says that he isn’t going after her. Buzz tells him that Olivia is a great woman, but he doesn’t want her. Outside Company, Ava and Coop kiss and talk. Buzz watches from the window. Frank sees this, too, and says, “That’s nice”. Buzz tells him that he doesn’t need one like that. Frank says, “Right”. They sit in silence and watch Coop and Ava. Buzz places his arm around Frank’s shoulder.

At her room, Olivia talks to her daughter. They both say, “No boys”. Olivia tells her that they will be self-sufficient and in self-control. Olivia plays with her and tells her that she is glad to have her, sadness in her eyes.

Somewhere on the road, Lizzie asks where Jonathan was and that she is hungry. Jonathan tells her there is a candy bar in the car. Jonathan walks out of earshot and phones Alan; then tells him, “Hello, Alan, it’s ten p.m.; do you know where your grand daughter is”. Alan stops, opens Lizzie’s door, looks around and says, “Is she with you”? Jonathan laughs and says, “I told you she would be”. Alan asks what he wants and Jonathan says, “You ready to bargain, grand pa”? Alan threatens Jonathan and tells him that if anything happens to Lizzie……Jonathan interrupts and tells him that he understands. Jonathan is very sarcastic and tells Alan that when the mother of his child calls, he comes. Alan asks where Lizzie is and Jonathan tells him that she is on the road at the far side of the lake. Alan is horrified. Jonathan tells him that next time it might be in Michigan or St. Louis. Alan tells him there will not be a next time. Jonathan tells him to not count on it unless he gives back his and Tammy’s lives. Jonathan hangs up on Alan. He walks back to the car and yells for Lizzie. She doesn’t answer for she is no where around.

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