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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/10/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the mansion, Jonathan visits Lizzie and presents her with flowers. He apologizes for the way he has been acting. Lizzie tells him the gesture is sweet and hugs him. Jonathan stares at Alan. Alan tells Lizzie that he is not going to leave her alone with Jonathan, but Lizzie tells him he’s not going to do anything. Alan leaves and Jonathan tosses the flowers to him and says, “Alan, put them in water”. He giggles as Alan leaves, perturbed. Lizzie asks why he is there and he tells her that Tammy wants him to make nice. Alan lurks outside eavesdropping. Lizzie tells Jonathan that it was sweet for Tammy to offer being her birth coach. Jonathan catches a glimpse of Alan in the mirror. Jonathan takes Lizzie by the hand and they giggle about how scarred the baby would be if she sees Jonathan first. He tells Lizzie that he will be the one to look out for her and get her family off her case. Lizzie tells him that he is self-serving, but giggles at the prospect. Alan seethes.

At Company, Tammy approaches a lady from the University. She tells the lady that she has been denied a place at the school and the lady tells Tammy that passing a bad check is against college policy and against the law. Tammy tells her that she was set up by Alan Spaulding and the lady is skeptical that the richest man in town would do this. Tammy pleads her case and the lady still doesn’t believe her. The lady starts to leave, Tammy accidentally knocks over some of the lady’s papers and the lady gets upset. She tells Tammy, “Get away from me”, and proceeds to phone the police.

At his room, Cassie and Josh share champagne. She starts to leave and tells him that she needs to go back to work. Josh takes her hand and tells her that all he could think about was Reva, but now, he is glad she (Cassie) is there with him. He whispers to her that he knows it is wrong, but he has to have her. Josh takes her face in his hands and kisses her. Cassie responds. Josh then clears a table and tenderly places her on the table. He bends over and kisses her again. Suddenly, Cassie comes to reality and shouts, “No”. Josh asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she cannot keep H.B.’s medal and that Reva should be wearing it. Josh tells her that Reva isn’t there. She starts to leave and Josh begs her not to go for he feels like a dog that has chased a truck one too many times and is about to be under the wheels. He explains that right now he is with someone who appreciates how important it is that his father is being honored. He gets emotional and tells her that if H.B. were here, he would kiss her. Cassie sighs. He apologizes for embarrassing her and she tells him that H.B. would not want just the two of them celebrating this way. Josh says she is right and tells her that H.B. would rather have burgers and brew with people around. She agrees and tells him for them to go celebrate H.B.’s way.

At the cancer center, Billy visits Reva. They embrace and she tells him it is good to see him. Reva tells him that she is going to grab every minute of life that she can. Reva tells him that she almost feels like herself. Billy tells her that it sounds as if she has been enjoying herself, or enjoying being away from Josh. Reva says that of course she wants to be home with Josh, but cannot until she is cleared. She talks about driving a race car, playing matchmaker and got kissed. Billy is shocked. She tells him it was Colin, but was just a ‘moment’. Reva tells Billy that she is waiting for her lab results when Colin arrives. She asks about them and Colin stalls.

She finally realizes that Colin is still drunk from their escapades that night. She giggles at him and Colin holds his head. He tells her that he really hasn’t seen the results. Billy tells both of them that this is some hospital; doctor gets drunk; doctor kisses patient. Colin leaves to get the results and stares at them in silence. He mumbles and finally tells her the operation worked and all is promising. Billy and Reva hoot and holler.

Back at Company, Remy arrives and the lady yells for him to arrest Tammy. Tammy tells him that the lady just flipped out on her. Cassie, who has just arrived with Josh, asks Tammy what happened and she and Josh are appalled the lady called the police. Tammy explains that the lady found out about the checks and called the cops. The lady tells Tammy to be quiet and Remy tells the lady he wants to get a statement from the accused. The lady is mad that he isn’t getting a statement from her. Remy asks her why she picked a fight and that this isn’t like her. She tells him that Jonathan might be involved, but it is all Alan’s fault. Josh grabs Cassie and tells her that Remy will help Tammy. She looks at his hand; Josh removes it, and then sighs.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Lizzie asks Jonathan if he is after the Spaulding cash and he tells her no. Alan still lurks. Jonathan tells her that he isn’t there to play daddy and Lizzie giggles. Alan finally walks back in and tells Lizzie that she needs her rest. Jonathan tells him that everything is cool and that he (Alan) is the one causing stress for Lizzie. Alan turns to Lizzie and asks her which one of them has the baby’s best interest at heart. Lizzie tells him that is easy, “I do”. Lizzie looks at Jonathan and tells him that she isn’t sure what he is selling, but she isn’t buying. She announces that she is tired and leaves. Alan tells Jonathan to leave, but Jonathan takes a cigar and tells Alan that he can come and go as he pleases for there are a whole lot of genes of his floating around in the baby. Alan tells him it is bold talk coming from someone who has lost their business and credit cards. Jonathan threatens that if he comes after him and Tammy, he will hit Alan where it hurts; Lizzie and the baby. Jonathan takes a long drag from the cigar and blows the smoke in Alan’s direction. Alan tells him that he enjoys the cigar and Jonathan tells him that he enjoys making a stink. Alan joins him with his own cigar. Jonathan tells Alan that he would use anyone or anything to make sure Tammy is safe. Alan asks him how happy Tammy will be if he goes after Lizzie and Jonathan tells him it isn’t a problem for he is just going after him. He explains that what Alan did to him about Outskirts and sabotaging Tammy’s college tuition, that he will fire off some of his own shots, then adds, “If Lizzie and that kid end up as collateral damage, oh well”. Alan tells him that he will never win Elizabeth over for she hates him. Jonathan fires one last parting shot, “Well, I got her to go to bed with me that one time, remember? Why don’t you ask her how much she hated that”? Alan’s eyes shoot daggers.

In her room, Lizzie talks to Roxie and says that Jonathan is up to something. She says that whatever it was, it was cool to see Jonathan sand up to grand dad. She looks around the room for Roxie and realizes she isn’t there. There is a knock on the door and it is a man holding Roxie. The man asks her if she prefers Lizzie or Elizabeth. She tells him Lizzie. He introduces himself as Steven Baker and that he has been looking forward to meeting her. He goes on and asks, “I couldn’t help but notice that you called Roxie baby; do you feel the same way about your own baby”? Lizzie’s face falls and then tells him that she is really beat. He goes on to tell her that some of his clients feel the same way and Lizzie realizes he is a “shrink”. She tells him to get out and starts to close the door as the man tells her that her grandfather wants him to talk to her. He places his foot in the door. He tells her that he understands she has been depressed and Lizzie becomes sarcastic. She tries to shut the door again and Alan walks up.

He tells her that because she was on the rooftop, he asked the doctor to see her. Alan tells her that both he and the doctor think it’s best for her to stay in her room for a couple days and be treated there and not somewhere else. She realizes they mean the place where Phillip was treated. She agrees to the treatment and Alan hugs her. The doctor tells her they will have their first session in the morning. Alan pats her on the stomach and he and the doctor leave. Alan locks her door. Lizzie holds her stomach and tells the baby that they need to get out. She dials the phone.

Back at the cancer center, Colin tells Billy and Reva the cancer isn’t spreading. Reva is so excited. She asks him if she needs the other treatment and he tells her that not at the moment. She tells both of them she wants to celebrate right now and go for ice cream. Billy agrees and they take Colin with them. Reva and Billy, in the park, giggle. Colin complains about the insects. Reva tells Colin that she is well enough to go home and that she will be fine if she can get home to Josh. She hears an ice cream vendor and leaves excitedly. Billy tells Colin that Reva isn’t herself. Billy receives a phone call from Cassie who is shocked when Billy answers. She stutters and tells him that she was trying to reach Reva. He tells her that he is just visiting and she asks where they are. He is evasive and tells her they are at a park. Cassie tells him that she and Josh are missing Reva. Billy tells her that he has to go and hangs up. Josh walks up and Cassie tells him that Billy is with Reva. Josh tells her that both Billy and Reva are lying to him. She tells him that she is sorry and he tells her to come inside Company for a drink. Back at the cancer center, Billy tells Colin that he wants to place Reva somewhere off the clinic grounds to help take care of her and Colin agrees. Reva comes back with ice cream for all. She is like a little kid and tells Billy that she has the feeling that Josh is close by. Billy tells her that she still has a lot of work to do, but he will be with her. She tells him to go home and Billy tells her, “No maam”.

Back at Company, Remy tells the lady that he will call her for her statement. The lady is irritated, but leaves. Jonathan arrives and Remy leaves. Outside, Cassie asks Remy if Tammy is really in trouble and he tells her that he can take care of this, but not Jonathan. Cassie sighs and Josh asks if she is okay. She tells him that she is cold and needs to head home. Josh tells her the night is young and will get his jacket. .

Back at the mansion, Alan asks Bruno, the chauffeur, if he has served time for assault. The man tells him that he was framed. Alan tells him that he might need his services soon. Alan says, “You know that young man that was in here, Jonathan Randall. You may have to teach him a lesson the hard way”.

Outside Company, Jonathan asks Tammy what happened in there and she tells him that Remy was being nice. He hugs her and tells her that she is all he needs. She asks him has he steered clear of Alan and Jonathan tells her that he sent a message with flowers as a peace offering just like she advised. She is glad. He tells her it was good advice. Jonathan’s phone rings and it is Lizzie. He tells Tammy he will call Lizzie back and Tammy asks him, “What if it is about the baby”? He sighs and answers the phone. Lizzie is in a panic and tells him that she has been locked in her room by Alan and the psychiatrist. He asks what he can do about it. Lizzie tells him softly that she needs someone who isn’t afraid of her grandfather and begs, “Please help me. You said that you would. You are the only one who can”. Jonathan listens and looks at Tammy.

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