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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/7/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Jonathan’s room, Jonathan tells Alan that he won’t be run out of town. Alan says Jonathan started the war between them and he intends to finish it. Jonathan says he’s not scared of Alan. Alan says he doesn’t’ care, he’s not going to stop.

At the Minnesota clinic, Reva asks Collin to take her out. She wants to show Collin how to live.

Outside Company, Josh is met by an Lt.Griggs. Josh didn’t realize they had an appointment. Lt.Griggs is there to present a medal awarded to H.B. Lewis to him, it’s a medal of honor. Josh is clearly touched. Lt. Griggs says the Secretary of the honor sends his apology that it took so long to present it. Josh misses Reva and wishes that she was there to share in this moment with him. He cries.

At Company, Buzz notices Ava is upset and asks if she has anything to confess. She tells him to go first. He’s the one who stole the woman his son is in love with. Buzz looks stunned.

At Cedars, Olivia attempts to find out what Frank knows about her and Buzz. Olivia reminds Frank she was ready to move in with him. Frank taunts Olivia saying that because he wasn’t ready to move in with her she jumped in bed with Buzz. She denies it and says even if she was tempted she didn’t do it. Olivia wants to know who told Frank she slept with Buzz. Franks says just because she fought temptation she doesn’t deserve a free pass.

Also at Cedars, Lizzie can’t believe that Tammy would want to be her labor coach. Tammy explains that she understands that Lizzie is going to be a part of her and Jonathan’s life and that she just wants them all to get along. She says she’s not crazy about the fact Lizzie is carrying her boyfriends’ baby but she wants to put it behind them. Lizzie is very happy and says that Tammy alone is the only person who has offered to do something for her without any ulterior motive. She hugs Tammy and says she’s the one who should hate her the most. Jonathan approaches and asks to speak to Lizzie privately, Tammy leaves them alone.

Once alone with Lizzie Jonathan grabs her by the wrists and tells her that if she and her family come after Tammy they’ll have to deal with him and things won’t turn out good for her and the little one. Lizzie is frightened and tells him to let go, he’s hurting her and the baby. Lizzie wants to know what’s wrong with him. Jonathan says that Alan has already taken his bar and his money but all he’s done has just gotten his attention. Lizzie asks what he wants her to do. Jonathan tells her to understand that he doesn’t back off. Lizzie reminds him that no one asked him to get involved; he yells that he is involved. Lizzie becomes hysterical and says she’s sick of the tug of war between Jonathan and Alan, she goes on to say he doesn’t even want the baby, and that everyone hates her and the baby. Lizzie turns her back on Jonathan and Jonathan grabs her around her waist and feels the baby kick while they fight. Suddenly his mood lightens.

At the hotel, Tammy is on the phone with her college emphatically trying to explain that her bill has been paid up. The person on the phone insists that it has not been and tells her it was rejected. She wants to know when the school started rejecting payments from students in good standing; she reminds them she’s on the deans list as well. She hangs up in angry and says the situation is crazy. Then as she thinks, she realizes that it was Alan who did this to her and picks up her things and leaves to talk to him.

At Cedars, Olivia insists to Frank that she and Buzz are friends. When he reminds her that whenever she has a problem she ends up with Buzz, she says they are “good friends”. Frank is willing to forgive Olivia for sleeping with Buzz at the Country Inn, but says they were ready to move in together this time. Olivia reminds him that she was ready to move in with him but that Frank put on the brakes. She apologizes for how she reacted to it, but says the truth is she had to sort out her feelings for him and Buzz and that it’s complicated and she’s human. She admits she had thoughts about Buzz but she said she and Buzz realized it was wrong. Frank is not happy to hear this, but Olivia feels it’s a victory because she didn’t act on those feelings and normally she would have. Frank reminds Olivia that he has heard from someone else that she slept with Buzz. Olivia guesses it was Ava, even though Frank says it doesn’t matter who told him. She calls Ava a lying bar witch.

At Company, Buzz tells Ava that he didn’t spend the night with Olivia. Ava says that lying will only make things worse. Buzz insists he isn’t lying. Ava says she saw Buzz kissing Olivia and Buzz tells Ava that they came to their senses neither one of them wanted to hurt Frank. Ava says sheepishly that it’s too late, Frank already knows. She says she has a hard time keeping a secret and apologizes to Buzz, she says Frank pried it out of her. Buzz says it’s his fault, he messed up. Buzz says there’s something worse, and Ava says don’t tell me you still have a thing for her. Buzz says he won’t tell her.

At Lewis Oil, Josh looks at H.B.’s medal and says now he has something wonderful to share with Reva and he can’t share it with his wife.

At a bar in Minnesota, Reva and Collin walk in. He’s greeted by a young nurse from the hospital. Reva has set up a date. The nurse thinks Collin asked her out. Reva leaves them alone. Collin stutters and fumbles Mandy’s name calling her Candy. Reva goes over to the bar and strikes up a conversation with the bartender when her phone rings. She sees its Josh on her caller id and hesitates. The bartender asks if she’s going to answer the phone, she says she’s working on it, she’s almost there.

Back in Springfield, Josh is ringing Reva when Cassie apologizes for walking in she has some things she needs to review with him. She turns to leave but Josh asks her to stay.

Back in Minnesota, Reva picks up the phone and says hello but Josh has hung up. Bartender asks if it’s a bad connection, Reva says yes, it happens.

At Lewis Oil, Cassie again apologizes. Josh wants her to stay. He tells her he was trying to call Reva then he changed his mind. He’s glad Cassie is there, he wants to show her something.

In Minnesota, Collin is nervously dining with the pretty young nurse. He’s eating spaghetti and a meatball rolls into his lap. The nurse laughs. Across the room, Reva explains to the bartender that watching Collin’s date is like watching a baby bird leave the nest. The bartender flirts with Reva saying she looks too good to be anyone’s momma. She tells him to be careful; she’s flirting with a bald headed woman. He says that she has the “big C” and that half their clientele have the same because they are located near the hospital they see a lot of cancer patients come in. Reva asks if the “big C” is a turn on to him. He says courage is a turn on. Reva tells him that they should put him on a poster to encourage women to seek treatment. He says he doubts cancer is Reva’s biggest problem. Reva looks surprised.

At the hospital, Olivia is angry to find out it was Ava who told Frank that she slept with Buzz. Frank defends Ava and says it’s not like Olivia pictures it. Olivia says Ava is lying to score points with Frank. Frank says not to blame Ava for what’s wrong between them. Olivia wants to just fix things between them, Frank doesn’t think it’s that easy and asks Olivia for some time apart. She agrees to let him have time, and thinks he’ll see they belong together. She kisses him passionately and tells him it’s not over between them and leaves.

At Cedars, Jonathan asks Lizzie if the baby moved. She confirms it saying it’s definitely his kid because it kicks her all day long. Jonathan laughs and is happy to hear the baby is tough like him. They share a light moment between them, discussing the baby. They both realize the baby is real and they are both freaked out by it. Lizzie says it’s nice to be needed even if the thing that needs her is half his. They recollect the night the baby was conceived, how they were both trying to forget other people and now they are going to be parents.

At the hotel room, Tammy hears a knock on the door as she’s trying to log on to her college website. It’s Alan who says he’s there to see her and not Jonathan. Tammy wants to know what he wants. Alan says they share something in common, the baby. They both want what’s best for the baby. Alan says he admires her loyalty to Jon and her sensibility. Tammy says if she was sensible she wouldn’t be with Jonathan. Alan says that Jonathan is volatile at times, and overly emotionally and irrational but says she was raised the daughter of Prince Richard Winslow and understands how power can be used for good or bad things. He then says Jonathans’ bar and credit cards are only a taste of what he can do to them, and if she’s smart she’ll get him to relinquish all his rights to Lizzie’s baby. Tammy reminds Alan the baby is Jonathans, by saying “his baby”. Alan says he’ll leave them alone only then. Tammy is angry and kicks things around the hotel room once Alan leaves. She stops herself from leaving after him.

At Cedars, Jonathan offers Lizzie a ride home on his motorcycle. She says that’s not a good idea and she jokes that she’s already a better parent than him but he says that’s not hard to do. Jonathan says that he’s heard having a baby changes you, Lizzie says wistfully that she used to be a size 0. Jonathan says who knows what else could change, they joke around and Jonathan leaves the hospital.

In Minnesota, the bartender asks Reva who was on the phone and she says “a guy”. He tells her to call back; Reva says she doesn’t know what to say. The bartender sympathizes with her saying once you hear you have cancer life changes forever. He says he once worked on Wall Street, long hours but that he’s just returned from a trip hiking in Costa Rica, he’s more alive now than ever and he plans on staying that way. Reva asks about his personal life. He says his wife left when he lost his hair, Reva looks stunned but he tells her his joking. What he really wants her to know is, there’s life after cancer. Across the room, Collin’s date wants him to call, knows he’s busy and kisses him on the cheek. He comes over to Reva and shows Reva the phone number he got from her. Reva jokes him about the meatball that fell into his lap. Collin orders another Brandy. Reva is concerned about him drinking saying she’s a pro. Liquor makes Collin a little bolder with Reva.

At Lewis Oil, Josh shows Cassie the Medal of Honor. Cassie agrees that it’s beautiful. When Josh says he wishes H.B. was there, she embraces him. Cassie says H.B would be proud and that’s she’s proud of him. They share a close moment, staring into each other’s eyes.

At Company, Olivia comes in looking for Ava and quickly finds her. Ava says she’s busy. Olivia says take a break, they need to talk. After everything she’s said about her, it’s the least Ava can do.

On the rooftop of Harley’s home, Buzz climbs up, comically. Frank follows. Buzz says “hi Harley.” Frank says “it’s the other one, the one who you were going to help land the woman of his dreams…” Buzz looks nervous.

At their hotel room, Jonathan comes home to Tammy who runs into his arms and embraces him. She wants to run back to the island and be alone. Jonathan knows something is up. He wants to know what happened. She tells him that Alan came by. Jonathan wants to know what he said. Tammy says that he took away her spot for school in the fall. Jonathan says he knew Alan was going to come after her next. Tammy says that Jonathan scares her when he acts like that. Jonathan says he’s not breaking anything, Tammy says no, it's when he gets real quite is when the smoke and fire come next. Jonathan says Alan can’t attack his “weak spot” and leaves saying that Alan has a weak spot too.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan walks into the parlor and tells Lizzie he was about to send security out to look for her and asks how the baby is. Lizzie says she’s fine they are both fine. Alan is glad to hear that. Lizzie asks why, doesn’t he think she is capable of taking care of her own daughter? Alan says he has his concerns. Lizzie says don’t be concerned and that he’s only going to make things harder for Jonathan and her. Alan bristles at Lizzie saying Jonathans’ name. Lizzie reminds him that Jonathan is the baby’s father whether he or anyone else likes it. Alan says he doesn’t like it. Lizzie tells him to back off. Alan asks what she’ll do if he doesn’t’ back off. Lizzie can’t believe Alan isn’t going to do what she tells him to do. Alan says he’s found chink in Jonathan’s armor and he’s going to exploit it “until Jonathan bleeds”. Jonathan walks into the room.

At Company, Ava apologizes to Olivia for jumping to conclusions. Olivia says she knows that Ava was trying to protect Frank and Buzz and that they are lucky to have a friend like her. Ava is surprised that Olivia isn’t mad at her, Olivia says she’s not really mad and she did think about coming there and tearing into Ava and exposing her for the backstabbing hypocrite that she is. But then Olivia says she thought about it and if anything ever happened to Frank or Buzz that Ava would never forgive herself. Ava wants to know what she means by that, if something happens to Frank or Buzz. Olivia says you don’t think that Frank would take something like this well, that she tried to stop Frank but he went after Buzz. They are very passionate men, Olivia says. She then tells Ava if something happens it’s not Ava’s fault.

On the roof, Frank crawls up the roof towards Buzz angry about what he’s learned about Buzz and Olivia. Frank says when he found out about them at the Inn, he asked Buzz if he had any residual feelings towards Olivia and Buzz said no. Frank wants to know why Buzz is lying to him. Frank grabs Buzz by the collar.

At Lewis Oil, Cassie breaks the moment between her and Josh saying she knows where they should put the medal. Josh already knows. Josh puts the medal around Cassies’ neck and thanks her for her hard work and support. He says it’s a good thing they aren’t French because he’d have to kiss her on both cheeks, Cassie smiles at Josh and says that it is a good thing.

Back in Minnesota at the bar, Reva tells Collin he’s a mess, he’s joking with her. She tells him she’s always been fearless but she’s been looking for spontaneity from him. Collin grabs her and kisses her. Reva asks how long he’s been holding that in. Collin says that Reva said be spontaneous and she asks “so you thought you’d kiss me?” Collin says yes, and he could get used to it. Reva says too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, just ask her husband. The bartender notices what is happening and asks Reva if she needs help with Collin. She says no, but she needs to get him back to the clinic before he starts kissing everyone in the room. The bartender says he’ll call them a cab. Collin says he can get them back to the clinic with no help. Then he says he dares Reva to tell him that there has ever been a better day than this. Reva says that every day she’s alive she’ll take that dare because everyday she’s there is a good day. Collin feels sick.

At Lewis Oil, Josh approaches Cassie who is deep in thought looking at the medal. Josh has two glasses of champagne. He tells her she looks preoccupied, she is but she’s happy for him and proud of him. Josh thanks her; Cassie says the only thing missing is Reva. Cassie says she knows he must be wishing she was there with them. Josh says he’s not. Cassie doesn’t know what to say, she says they should blame it on the champagne and goes back to work. Josh grabs her hand as she leaves. He tells her that when the days started and he got the medal, he couldn’t wait to share it with Reva, but he’s glad he got to share it with her.

On the roof, Frank and Buzz scuffle and when Frank nearly pushes Buzz off the roof. They come to their senses. Frank says he’s been lying to himself, he’s known that Olivia doesn’t love him. Frank tells Buzz if he loves Olivia then stop lying and go for her. Buzz looks confused, Franks leaves him alone.

At Company, Ava says she has to thank Olivia. She felt guilty for telling Frank about what she thought she saw and was ready to take responsibility for it until Olivia came in there with her passive aggressive crap. Now Ava doesn’t feel responsible. Olivia tells her she’s too stupid to be scared and that she’s going to get run over. Olivia tells Ava to think about Coop as she falls asleep tonight, how much she loves him and wants him and then about how much she’s going to miss Coop.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan says look who is here. Jonathan says he has something for him. Alan is frightened and Jonathan pulls a bunch of flowers from behind his back. He tells Lizzie he’s sorry that he’s been acting horrible and hopes that she gives him a chance to fix it. Lizzie is happy and hugs Jonathan calling him sweet. Her back is to Alan and Jonathan looks at Alan and smiles at him. Alan is seething.

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