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Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/6/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Mallet is sitting on the bed, wearing a red blindfold, with his shirt off. It sounds like a sex scene with Dinah, but really she's feeding him different types of wedding cake. He can't decide, so she tells him to hurry up because she has to give her mom an answer tonight. She says they need 9 months' notice for the cake. Mallet thinks her mother has gone overboard on the wedding idea, since they haven't even picked a date. She is glad that her mom is into it, especially given her track record. She thinks it's a good sign. He thinks they should tell Vanessa it's their wedding and they will do it in their own time. He puts the blindfold on her and gives her cake to try.

Vanessa and Matt arrive at their daughter's door. Matt thinks that the wedding planning is a waste of time because Dinah will sabotage her relationship before it gets to that point. She thinks he's being too cynical and that Dinah has changed. She says she's grown up and has found the man she loves. They knock on the door. Mallet answers, still half-dressed--he looks like he's caught, guilty. They go in and see Dinah, also half-dressed, with the blindfold on. She lifts up one eye and says "Hi, Mom!" She looks embarrassed, too. Mallet and Dinah tell them which cakes they like the best. Vanessa is a little stiff when she tells them that she's glad they are taking the cake issue so seriously. Matt says that marriage is serious business, as he throws their planning folders on the bed. Dinah wonders why they're there, so Vanessa explains that they have this big wedding to plan. She describes some of the things she bought for wedding ideas, invitations, etc. Dinah and Mallet are a bit surprised at her rushing all of this when they haven't set a date yet. Vanessa is surprised that they still haven't set a date. Things are a bit awkward as Mallet explains that they've just been really busy. Vanessa asks them in an icy way when they think they might want to pick the date, which is the most important one of their whole lives. They hem and haw a bit, saying they will get right on it. Dinah invites them to brunch, asking them to meet them downstairs in the lobby. Vanessa agrees, saying they will talk about the wedding. Dinah agrees to that. Vanessa and Matt leaves. outside, he whispers in her ear that it's not going to happen. Dinah laughs, somewhat nervously, about all the plans they're making. He assures her that things will be okay as he feeds her a little more cake.

Olivia goes to Company. First she looks in the window for someone, then she goes in. Buzz comes up behind her and says hi. She is surprised because she thought he was off today. He can tell she was leaving him a note with a bag attached. He says he's been trying to get hold of her since the barbecue. He wonders why she's been avoiding her. She reluctantly tells him that she may have overstated her situation with Frank. He is shocked to hear that she and Frank didn't really break up. She talks fast to try to explain what happened and apologizes for the kiss, saying it was wrong and that she didn't want to come between them. Buzz is livid with her and worried about Frank's reaction; he says she doesn't get to play the "poor confused Olivia" act and that it's going to stop right now. He doesn't want to hurt Frank again over her. He sees Frank outside, so Olivia runs out the back way to avoid being seen.

Ava arrives and looks at Buzz and Olivia through the window. She remembers seeing them kiss each other. Just then, Frank arrives and asks what's up. She acts very nervously and tells him that he can't go in. She improvises, asking him to help her move a planter. She then starts in on small talk, asking him if he had fun at the barbecue. He admits that he didn't because he had a fight with Olivia. He's worried that he hurt her feelings with what he said, but he assures Ava that he's not ready to give up on Olivia.

Frank and Ava walk into Company. Buzz nervously greets them. Behind them, Matt, Vanessa, Dinah and Mallet arrive for brunch. Buzz greets Vanessa and Matt warmly with a hug and tells everyone to sit down. Vanessa asks Dinah about the cake, so Dinah gives her a vague answer. Vanessa tells her that she knows she is pushing too hard about the wedding, but she just wants to know if Dinah has decided on what type of wedding she wants to have. Dinah doesn't know what that means, so Vanessa gives her some choices, such as indoor or outdoor, formal or casual, etc. Matt tells Dinah that she should just help her mom out by answering her questions, or better yet she should just admit that the wedding's never going to happen. Mallet is angry at Matt's attitude. He tells them about their high-pressure jobs that have been keeping them busy. Dinah tries to diffuse the situation a little by saying that Matt understands. Matt gets up, saying he's going to check on the coffee. Mallet gets up, too. Dinah tries to stop him, but he goes anyway. Mallet tells Matt that they need to have a little chat. Matt tells Mallet that he's known Dinah a long time and has seen her with a lot of guys, saying she's changed by love. He doesn't think it's any different this time and that she can't help being who she is. He says that the meltdown will be ugly. Dinah, having heard what he said, comes up and says she doesn't blame him for doubting her. She doubts herself every morning. Mallet tries to stop her from having to say this, but she says she is fine with being honest. She tells Matt that she loves Mallet more than anyone she's ever known, and so she will not mess it up. She urges Matt to stop worrying and be happy for them. Vanessa comes up and takes Matt aside. Matt tells Dinah that he's sorry that he's been less than upbeat and adds that maybe it's because of their own past. Dinah asks Mallet jokingly if he's ready for the in-laws. He jokes back that it will make things interesting at Thanksgiving. He wonders what past Matt's talking about. Dinah replies solemnly that it's ancient history. Vanessa apologizes to Dinah about trying to ram the wedding down their throats. She just wants the wedding to be perfect, she says. This sets Dinah off and she rants about how her life is not perfect, so her wedding can't be perfect. She says that Ross can't walk her down the aisle and her wedding will not be traditional. Matt offers to stand up for her if she wants. Vanessa offers to hang on the other arm. They have a good laugh which breaks the tension. Vanessa tells Dinah that it doesn't matter what kind of wedding it is because it'll be a great day because she's happy. Dinah has Mallet close his eyes and point his finger to choose a wedding date. He is fine with the date and they kiss.

Frank asks Buzz if he's seen Olivia since the barbecue. Rather than lie, Buzz asks why Frank is asking him. Frank tells Buzz about their fight. Frank wonders if she still has feelings for him. Buzz doesn't know what to say. Frank tries to pin him down on what he thinks. Nearby, Ava is listening so she drops a tray, causing a distraction. Then she runs out nervously to water the plants. Frank and Buzz wonders what's going on with her, so Frank goes out to talk to her. Ava doesn't want to talk to Frank, but he insists that they sit down to talk. He asks her what's bothering her. Ava tells him that she loves his family and she just wants to do right by him. She stops and says it's not her business. Frank advises her to either let it out or let it go. She says she can't let it go, so he tells her that he thinks it's about Olivia. Frank thinks she's just blaming herself for his wanting to cool things down with Olivia, since she doesn't like her. He tells her that it won't be forever, but Ava stops him by blurting out that she wants them to last forever. He looks at her curiously. Frank goes back in to where Buzz is and says he got the whole story from Ava. However, before he can explain, he is called off to the hospital because of one of his men being injured. Buzz tells him before he goes that he's sorry about Olivia. Frank replies, "Yeah, me, too" just as Ava comes back in. She looks guilty. A little later, Buzz asks Ava what's bothering her. She says she would normally talk to him about it, but she doesn't think that he wants to hear about it. Buzz looks worried.

Lizzie runs into Alan at the hospital; he is on the phone but then hangs up. She wonders why he's there, so he explains that he found out from Beth that she had a doctor's appointment. She feels pathetic to be there without a man and having her grandfather go there. He urges her to get used to the idea that Coop is not going to be around and to treat her child like a Spaulding, not a Cooper. She says thoughtfully that technically the baby is a Randall, and a Lewis, so maybe she should name her baby "Reva". He is not keen on that idea and is working on getting rid of Jonathan for good. She wonders how, but he tells her not to worry about that. She thinks that Jonathan would have left them alone if Alan hadn't started playing his games. Alan assures her that Jonathan will regret the day he came back to town. She tells him that he doesn't have to go to war over her baby. He swears that he will do anything to protect the child's legacy. She thinks it's her job, not his. She knows she's been "uncool" lately, but she just wants to do what's right for the baby now. He insists that Lizzie move back home so that the baby is surrounded by Spauldings. She laughs at the idea as he describes how he will guide her baby every step of the way. She looks a little unnerved at the way he is acting.

Later, Beth finds Lizzie and wonders why Lizzie wouldn't let Alan give her a ride home. Lizzie says half-jokingly that she was afraid he would lock her in the basement of the Spaulding mansion. Then she seriously asks Beth to talk to him because he's obsessed about the baby. Beth thinks she's exaggerating, so Lizzie tells her how Alan de-railed her latest attempt to get Coop back. Beth is shocked and wonders why Lizzie didn't tell her. Lizzie says she didn't think it mattered, but now she wants Beth's help in getting him off her back. She mentions that he wants her to move home, but Beth doesn't think that's such a bad idea. Lizzie complains about being pregnant and alone. Beth assures her that she's not alone. Lizzie confides that she's scared in how this baby is affecting Alan. Beth reminds her how Alan was devastated to lose their baby, so it's understandable why he's acting that way. Beth asks if she wouldn't rather have Alan stepping up to help her than Jonathan. Lizzie tells her that Jonathan doesn't want to have anything to do with the baby and only spoke up the way he did at the barbecue because Alan made him angry. She knows that Alan is the only one interested in the baby. Beth tells her that the whole family is looking forward to welcoming her little girl. Lizzie tells her to go home and leave her alone; she should start getting used to being alone. Beth looks frustrated.

Jonathan and Tammy are in the hot tub at the Bauer place, which is still decorated for the 4th of July. He jokes about how they broke in. She can tell he is avoiding the subject of what happened there yesterday. He's annoyed with Alan, but she assures him that he did the right thing standing up to him and claiming his baby. Jonathan is not into the idea of being a dad, but he's optimistic about their future and how Outskirts is going to do. He gets up to steal a beer from the fridge, but there is a process server there with a notice to give him. The paper tells him about foreclosure proceedings against Outskirts. He grabs the guy and throws him against the wall, saying he's not going to let him take his place from him. He threatens the guy and then lets him go. Tammy wonders what's going on and why he's so mad. Jonathan calms down a bit and tells her that the process server works for Doris Wolf. He says that it was just another warning from the D.A., but then tells her everything is fine and they should get back in the tub.

Alan is on the phone again about Jonathan's surprises. He tells his person that he is just getting started.

Jonathan and Tammy go to their room at The Beacon, kissing. She wants to take a shower and they joke around. She tells him to meet her in the bathroom for the shower. Jonathan sees an envelope that has been slipped under the door, so he opens it. He can't believe it, so he phones the front desk to find out why his credit card has been declined. He argues with him because his card was canceled. He is told that it can't be reactivated. Jonathan hangs up angrily, knowing Alan is behind that. Tammy comes out, wondering why he didn't join her in the shower. He shows her the bill, so she wonders what's up. He lies that it's just a mix-up and that he will take care of it. He is sorry that he missed the shower. She tells him that she would take another one with him, but she has some errands to run. They kiss and agree to meet later. Jonathan gets Alan's phone number and keeps trying to phone him. He warns Alan's secretary to call security because he's on his way over to the office. When he opens the door, Alan is there. He says hello and says he got his message. He wonders if Jonathan got his. Jonathan asks what he wants. Alan says that Jonathan started this war when he turned down his offer, but he intends to be the winner.

Tammy finds Olivia and asks her about Jonathan's hotel bill. They conclude that Alan must be behind it. They agree that Alan is trying to scare Jonathan off the baby. Olivia assures her that they can stay there as long as they want. Tammy tells her that they will pay her what they owe. Olivia admires the way that Tammy is hanging in there with Jonathan. She replies simply that she loves him and that he has made her a better woman. Olivia is glad to hear that and urges her to be careful because of Alan.

Olivia goes to her room and throws her purse down on the bed. She picks up the brochure for the house that she and Frank were looking at and looks thoughtful. Later, she finds Frank at the hospital. He just found out that his man that is injured will be ok. She tells him that she wants to go forward with him in their relationship and move in together. She thinks they should just go for it and not waste any more time. He tells her that it's a nice speech, but he knows everything.

Tammy sees Lizzie at the hospital, asking a Lamaze coach about the classes. When the woman says that she and her partner can practice at home, Lizzie says she doesn't have a partner because she and the baby's father aren't on speaking terms. Tammy comes up and says that could change. Lizzie asks her what she wants. Tammy repeats that she wants them to all get along. Lizzie thinks it won't work because Alan is on the warpath. Tammy wonders if Lizzie will just give in to everything Alan wants. Lizzie says no, she won't be doing that. Tammy tells Lizzie that she will be her Lamaze partner. Lizzie stunned that she would do that.

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