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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/5/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Gus – Inside the Light
“A Good Foundation”

At a drug-rehab meeting, Gus talks to the group and tells them that Harley loves him, but doesn’t trust him. He says he doesn’t blame her and doesn’t know if he trusts himself. He adds that he is learning. As he says these words, he reflects on building Harley’s house.

As she is sleeping, Harley hears drilling at a construction site calls the manager and realizes she was dreaming. At the construction of the house, Harley arrives and asks Gus what he is doing. He tells her that he is finishing the house and she says, no. He tells her the contractors will not be building the site and no one will be touching the house but him. Harley raises her eyebrows in surprise. He continues to build and she tells him that he is only trying to prove something to her. Gus takes a book about construction and tells her he has things to assist him in building. She tells him it will take years and is out of his mind. Gus tells her that he doesn’t appreciate her lack of faith. She tells him the house needs a lot of things and he asks her what. She asks him what makes him think he can do this.

At Company, Harley tells Buzz that what Gus is doing is dangerous. Buzz tells her that Gus is sober and going to meetings and will give up his whole life for her. Harley is exasperated. Back at the house construction, Gus finally gets the door hung and starts looking at plumbing books.

At her room, Jude tells Harley that he wants to see Gus. She tells him they will go for just a few minutes. Back at the construction, Jude and Harley arrive.

It is dark now and Gus is so surprised to see Jude. Harley is surprised to see that he is trying to install the plumbing. She hears knocking and starts to laugh at him for she says she knows he hired a real plumber. Suddenly, Buzz walks out and in his giddy way, tells Gus that he found the correct valve. She tells them that Jude is spending the night at Rick’s and she will leave them with everything. Gus is a klutz dropping things and Harley rolls her eyes as she leaves.

Back at her room, Harley wakes with a start and looks around the room. She gets up and appears confused. She finds a nail and smiles. Back at the construction site, Gus and Buzz pull an all-nighter. Gus asks Buzz if he has an ulterior motive for staying and Buzz tells him that he is a remarkable man and has sacrificed himself for his daughter, but he has hurt his daughter repeatedly and he is mad. He tells Gus about not knowing Harley as she was growing up for he wasn’t there, but Harley forgave him after many years.

He tells Gus that he feels lucky about that and that he is rooting for Gus. Later, Buzz tells Gus to hold on and Gus prays and says, “Please”. Suddenly, Gus hears water running and Buzz and he hug. Gus says it is better than the Super Bowl and Buzz says, “It’s the Toilet Bowl”. At Company, Dinah tries to talk to Harley. Harley, holding the nail, tells her that Gus is setting himself up for a fall. She questions the fact that Gus will crash when problems come about. She tells her that if bad weather comes, all the hard work will be for nothing. Dinah asks her if she is talking about the house. A distracted Harley says, “Huh”?

Outside Company, Harley finds a book on insulation and thumbs through it. She makes faces at what she reads. Back at the construction site, Buzz ambles out and Gus says he looks tired. Buzz tells him to call an electrician for the rest and Gus ushers him out the door. Gus thumbs through a wiring book. He locates the electrical panel and says, “A piece of cake”. He then reads about much technical things and gets confused. Mallet and Dinah arrive and Mallet tells Gus that he hasn’t a clue of what he is doing. Gus asks him if they just came to harass him. Dinah tells him they came to help. Gus tells her that she punched him in the face and she tells him it was for his own good. Mallet tells Gus to forget the book and tosses it in the trash and then that he once worked for an electrician. He tells Gus that if he helps to finish the house and they do a decent job, maybe they can be partners again. Gus looks shocked.

Later, Harley prepares a package of food for Gus at Company. Frank tells her that she just wants to see Gus and she tells him to quit giving her a hard time. Coop tells her that she should be with him and that Gus is more of a victim than a criminal. Frank tells him that he (Coop) didn’t see what Phillip and Mallet did to Harley. Harley tells him that she is scared to believe in Gus, but loves him. She tells both that to lose Gus would be a lot worse. Frank holds up his hands and lets Harley leave. Coop and Frank shake hands, hug and Frank says, “Bingo”, after Harley walks out the door.

Later that night, Harley arrives at the construction site and looks for Gus. He is silly and flashes a light in his face. He tells her that he shut down the generator for they do not need it anymore. She goes inside and he shows her a light switch. He tells her to flip it, she is hesitant, but does. Lights come on and she is surprised. She says, “Oh, you did it”. He tells her no, “We did it”. Mallet, Dinah and Buzz yell, “Surprise”!!!

The next day, Gus and Mallet continue to work on the house; up on the roof. Mallet asks him if he brought all of the shingles up on the roof and Gus tells him to quit looking at him like that. Gus starts to slip down the roof and Mallet grabs him. Gus tells him that it is a good thing they are getting along or it could be a dicey situation. Mallet tells him that yeah, “You or I could get hurt; just be sure it’s nobody else”. Gus snickers and asks him if he is trying to protect Harley from him. Mallet tells him that he thinks he (Gus) is a screw-up on many levels and an addict, his roofing sucks, but he gets what Harley sees in him. He tells Gus that something else that is unbelievable is that he will finish the house. Mallet tells him that he needs his help to finish the house. Mallet, as he moves down the roof, tells Gus, “Hey, Gus, what we said on this roof…”, Gus interrupts and says, “Yeah, yeah, stays on the roof”. Gus and Mallet find Harley preparing something to eat, but Mallet says he has to leave. After Mallet leaves, Harley says, “So you guys were on the roof together and nobody got thrown off”? Gus tells him that he dangled him from his ankles a little bit. Harley laughs. She tells him that she can’t believe what he has done already. Gus tells her he is ready to keep going and cannot turn back now. They kiss and Rick arrives with Jude.

Rick tells Harley something came up and they need to talk. Gus takes Jude aside. Rick is impressed with the house. He asks if she and the kids will be moving in with Gus after the house is finished. She tells him they haven’t talked about that yet. Rick tells her that it is much safer for Jude to live with him and Mel right now until Gus is all better. He gives her papers drawn up by Mel amending their custody. Harley looks at him and says, “This is garbage and I can’t believe you have the nerve to come over here and suggest something like this”. Rick tells her that he can’t believe he would let their son live with a drug addict. Gus lurks and listens.

Harley tells him that this is coming from the man responsible for killing Ross Marlar. Rick tells her that he is a good father and would do nothing to hurt his son. She tells him that he used poor judgment and a man died, but Gus is only hurting himself. Rick says, “For now”. Gus hangs his head. Rick asks her if she trusts the kids with Gus. Gus walks back in and tells Rick that he understands what he is saying. Rick tells him that no, he doesn’t. Gus says that he is clean and is going to meetings everyday. Rick tells him that he understands for he was a drug addict in med school and the pills burned a hole in his pocket. Rick says, “Fine, I’m not comfortable”. An irate Harley finally says, Get out of my house”. Rick turns to her and tells her not to be an unreasonable parent. Rick says, “Fine; Jude it’s time to go home”. He picks up Jude and the two leave. Gus shakes his head at Harley and tells her that she defended him and doesn’t have to. He tells her that he realizes that deep down; he knows that she cannot trust him. Harley ignores him, picks up a bag of insulation and tells him that insulation keeps the people from getting cold. She adds that Frank taught her all about putting in insulation. Gus looks at her, no emotion in his face.

Later that night, Gus and Harley continue building. Gus asks her about the house she built with Frank and she admits it was a dog house. Thunder rumbles in the background. Lightening strikes and they realize the storm is very close. Gus admits that he and Mallet ran out of shingles and didn’t finish the roof. He tells her they need to put a tarp on the roof. They get on the roof and clumsily put on the tarp, rain pouring down.

The wind is high and fast and blows the tarp. Harley worries that she will fall and Gus tells her to hold on to him. She tells him this is crazy and he agrees, and then tells her to let him do it by himself. She tells him she will do it with him. Lightening continues to strike. He tells her that they have to finish for when you put your love into something; you have to see it through. Harley tells him that she is quitting and is going back down, but she realizes the ladder fell over. They huddle under the tarp and cower in the storm; roof uncovered. Later, the storm seems as if it is passing. They peek out from under the tarp and Gus tells her they made it and are still there. Suddenly, Harley finds the ladder up against the house. She yells to no one below, “Thank you”. She descends the ladder and Gus quickly follows. He takes her face in his hands and tells her she is a champion. Dinah meets them at the door and Mallet tells both of them there is food for all. Frank, Buzz and Coop walk out, too. Frank tells everyone that Buzz fixed the roof from the inside and there are no leaks. Frank tells everyone it is a work party and they will work through the night. Rick comes back. Harley asks why he is there and he tells her that he came back to help. Harley is speechless. Buzz whispers to Harley that Rick might be reconsidering things about Jude. Everyone listens to the music, eats the huge spread of food, laughs and has a good time. Everyone pitches in and works on the house. Gus hugs Harley.

The next morning, Harley and Gus are on the roof again. She tells Gus that the only way the boys and she will move in this beautiful house is if he moves in with them. Gus sighs. She tells him that she might not have always believed in him, but she did believe in “us”. Gus tells her they can make a lot of fresh memories in the house. She says, “A clean slate”. They kiss and she adds, “You are gonna paint it right”? Gus replies in between kisses, “There’s no money for that”. She, between kisses, says, “Okay”.

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