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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/4/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At his house, Rick talks to Michelle. His dad gets on the line and Rick tells him he has things all ready for the BarBQ. Rick finally tells his dad that he will talk to him later. Leah comes in and tells Rick that Mel is getting ready for work and will not be at the BarBQ. He finds Mel and asks her how she could miss this day. Leah walks in on their conversation and Rick tells Mel that everyone will know she isn’t there. Mel leaves anyway. Gus arrives out back and picks up Jude. Harley looks at Gus and just smiles at him as he holds Jude. Lizzie, Beth and Lillian arrive in the kitchen. Beth says that she really doesn’t want to spend the day with Rick and Lizzie says that she doesn’t want to see Ava hang all over Coop. Beth and Lizzie start to leave and Lillian pulls them back into the room. She tells both of them to just get over themselves. Remy walks in and tells Lizzie she is glowy just like when Mel was pregnant. Leah comes in the room and Beth is surprised that she is all grown up. Remy notices that Leah is sad and Lillian tells her to smile and enjoy herself.

At Company, Ava and Coop prepare to go to the BarBQ. Frank comes in and looks all down. He tells Coop that Olivia might not make it to Company to leave with everyone for the Bauer’s. Coop, Ava and Frank leave and Olivia runs in, too late to go with them. Buzz is there, too, and offers to give her a lift on his bike. An excited Olivia graciously accepts.

Outside Company, Tammy and Jonathan want to go in, but realize the place is closed for the BarBQ. Jonathan wants to go home and Tammy wants to go to the BarBQ. Tammy asks him if he signed Alan’s papers and he says he did, but hasn’t given them to him yet. At St. Gabriel’s Island, Alan arrives and hollers for Jonathan. He finally realizes that Jonathan is no where to be found and throws his coffee cup in the mirror, breaking it. Back outside Company, Jonathan says, “Happy Independence Day”. Jonathan tells her that he will meet up with her at the Bauer’s after he goes to Outskirts. Tammy leaves and Jonathan calls Reva, who is still at the cancer center.

She is surprised that Jonathan has her number and he explains that he got it from Billy. Reva tells him the lymph node surgery went okay and she will now wait on the stem cell procedure. She asks about Tammy and the baby and Jonathan tells her that things are better with Tammy, but he feels nothing for Lizzie’s kid. Reva tells him that love has a funny way of creeping up on somebody. Jonathan tells her no more baby talk and she tells him she gets to pick the topic. Jonathan tells her that if he spends time with the baby, Tammy will feel left out. Alan walks around the corner and listens to Jonathan talking to Reva. He walks up to Jonathan, shakes a finger in his face, grabs the phone from him and says, “You are not going to be a part of Elizabeth’s’ child’s’ life, do you hear me”? Alan talks to Reva and she tells him they are going to be family. An irate Alan tells her not if he can help it and adds, “Elizabeth’s child is off limits to you, your son and your entire hillbilly clan”.

Back at the Bauer’s, Harley tells Gus that she is glad to see him. Jude wants Gus to be with him in the potato sack race and suddenly, Rick comes up and takes Jude from Gus. Harley tells him that Rick is just concerned. Cassie and RJ come in and she steals away Harley from Gus. Cassie asks how Gus is and Harley tells her he is fine. Harley asks her about her love life, Josh walks up, and Cassie tells her it is fine. Coop, Ava and Frank arrive. She asks Frank if he is okay and he asks her why he wouldn’t be. Suddenly, Buzz and Olivia arrive and he hears Olivia giggling. Coop walks around a corner and runs into Lizzie. He walks right on by and she stares him down. Jeffrey arrives and tells Blake that he didn’t think she would be here this year. She tells him that she has three kids who love the BarBQ and that the Bauer’s are like a second family. Rick walks up to her, says hello, and Blake stares at him. He tells her he is glad she’s there and tells her that he misses Ross. Blake holds up her hand and tells him not today.

Leah talks to Remy and tells him that her mom will not be there for the fireworks. She tells him that she doesn’t feel well and adds, “I hope I’m not coming down with something”. She gives him a wink. Tammy arrives and Blake asks Cassie how Tammy is. She tells her that Tammy is okay. Ava notices that Frank is bothered by Olivia and tells him that sometimes, women take advantage of a good guy. Olivia and Buzz talk about Frank and Buzz tells her that Frank is a good guy. Frank and Ava watch as Buzz and Olivia talk. Buzz tells Olivia to show Frank how wonderful he is. She walks over to Frank and tells him that Buzz gave her a ride over. Frank says, “Well, that was mighty big of him”.

Meanwhile, inside, Harley tells Rick that Gus will not do anything to hurt Jude and is getting it together. As Rick tells her that he doesn’t want Jude near Gus, Gus listens outside. Back outside, Ava takes off her shirt and reveals her gorgeous figure in a bikini. Lizzie looks at her and makes gagging motions in disgust. Tammy walks up to Lizzie, who is eating, and asks how she is feeling. Tammy tells her that she and Jonathan are trying to work things out. Tammy tells Lizzie that Alan bribed Jonathan to give up rights to the baby. Lizzie asks her if it worked and Tammy tells her it did. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Frank she wants to talk about the house. Frank, very sad, tells her that he doesn’t think the house is in their future. Olivia tells him she doesn’t understand and he tells her that he was trying to convince himself. She protests and tells him that he is what she needs. Frank looks over at Buzz and tells her that he (Frank) was hoping that she would choose and realized that she has already chosen. He tells her that he has worked hard on their relationship, but she needs to face the facts that he is not what she wants. He walks away and leaves a shocked Olivia staring at him. Olivia grabs her jacket to leave and Buzz runs after her.

Back outside Company, Reva tells Alan he will listen to her and Alan tells her no for Jonathan and he have a deal. Jonathan tries to get his phone back and Alan holds fast. Alan tells her that Lizzie’s baby will not suffer due to Jonathan and Alan threatens that he will stop at nothing to protect his family. Alan tells her that she will not be a part of the child’s life and Jonathan grabs the phone. Jonathan screams after Alan as Alan leaves. He asks Reva if she believes that joker, Alan, and she doesn’t respond. Jonathan is now concerned and Reva’s phone lies on the floor.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the BarBQ, Rick asks to speak to Beth alone. He tells Beth that he appreciates her coming and she tells him not to read anything into it. She walks off. Jude walks up to Gus and tells him it is time for their race, but Gus tells him that he hurt his ankle. Harley tells Gus that he didn’t have to do that and he tells her yeah, he did. Josh grabs Cassie and tells her that he thinks she is trying to avoid him. She asks if he has spoken to Reva and Josh says adamantly, no. Coop and Ava are lovey-dovey and Lizzie looks as if she will vomit watching them. Leah suddenly tells Rick that she doesn’t feel well and her stomach hurts. Rick is very concerned, tells Lillian he wants to take her to the hospital and leaves Lillian in charge. Alan walks up and Lizzie asks if he took care of Jonathan. Alan tells her not to worry about it.

Meanwhile at Company, Reva finally gets back on the line and tells Jonathan that she dropped the phone because she got so mad at Alan. She tells him not to do anything and he tells her it is too late, and then hangs up on her. Reva yells, “Jonathan, Jonathan”!

Back at the BarBQ, Coop asks Frank where Buzz is and he says he has no idea. Lillian has run out of hotdogs and Ava volunteers to get some more at Company. Josh talks with Cassie and says he has gotten used to missing Reva. She tells him to call Reva and Josh says later, as he looks at Blake. Josh gets everyone’s attention and announces to all that he wants to take a moment to remember Ross. Josh goes on to say, “It is very easy for us to forget how very blessed we are in this country. We have the opportunity to make our own way. Men and women have given their lives and still do so that we may experience that kind of freedom”. Josh goes on to say how Ross worked his whole life for the same. Josh proposes a toast to Ross and all raise their glasses. Blake cries and hugs Josh and says, “Thank you”. Cassie approaches Josh and tells him that was very nice. He says he doesn’t have Ross’s way with words and Cassie says, “That’s okay. You don’t have to”. She touches his chest and Josh looks at her hand and then at her. In another area of the festivities, Harley tells Gus that Jude really wanted to do the race with him and Gus tells her that he didn’t want to cause problems with Rick. He asks her if she trusts and believes in him and she says yes.

At Cedars, Mel and Rick examine Leah. She gives them conflicting symptoms and suddenly, Mel and Rick realize that Leah is faking. They start telling her she will need to have many tests and blood transfusions. Leah finally admits that she was faking. They ask her why and she tells them it is the Bauer BarBQ and they did not need to be apart today. She giggles as Rick nods in agreement.

Back at the BarBQ, Jonathan suddenly barges in, runs past Tammy and yells at Alan. He shows Alan the papers where he signed away his rights to the baby. Jonathan goes ballistic and says, “You threatened my mother; my family”. Then, he rips up the papers in Alan’s face. The crowd stand by and watch this, all shocked. Jonathan rushes Alan and Josh holds him off. Jonathan yells, “You have made a mistake when you messed with Reva for now you are stuck with me; all of you”. Lizzie tells her grandfather good going. Tammy, after they go inside, tells Jonathan that he stood up to Alan and that she is proud of him. She kisses him

Outside Company, Olivia sits on the bench. Buzz follows her on his bike and she is very evasive with him. He touches her cheek and tells her she has been crying. She tells him it is over with Frank. They walk inside Company and she tells him that Frank has changed his mind and that she is embarrassed. Buzz holds her to him and kisses her long and deep. Ava is watching this from outside. Buzz, after the kiss, asks her what they are doing. He tells her let’s take it slow and quickly grabs her again for another passionate kiss.

Back at the BarBQ, Leah, Rick and Mel arrive. Mel announces to the crowd that their daughter reminded them of what today is about; being with friends and family. Rick tells all Happy Fourth of July. Fireworks explode and everyone is amazed at the beauty. Smiles abound around the crowd. Frank stands alone and looks sad. Back at Company, Buzz and Olivia watch the fireworks, look into each others eyes and smile. At the cancer center, a sad Reva sees and hears fireworks from her window. Back at the BarBQ, Cassie smiles at Josh as he sadly watches the fireworks display. Coop hugs Ava. Beth embraces Lizzie. Alan looks highly irritated. Gus watches the display as Harley takes his hand.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!

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