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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/3/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the cancer center, Reva sees Josh, Cassie and Jonathan. They all tell her she needs to come home to them. Suddenly, their voices are the voice of Colin. She tells him that they were so real and he tells her it is time to face reality. Colin tells her the test results are not back yet. He tells her that every time he stops by to see her, she is talking to various members of her family. She tells him it keeps her connected. Colin tells her that as things drag on, patients go through depression and such and can get in the way of recovery, but he can help her. She asks how and he tells her support group. Reva is less than enthused. She tells him that she will go if he takes off all his clothes, streaks up and down the halls of the hospital, and flaps his arms like a bird. He laughs.

At the cabin, Josh tries to figure out in his mind, where Reva is when there is a knock on the door. It is a smug Alan asking if Reva has heard from Jonathan. Josh tells him to allow Jonathan and Lizzie to make their own decisions. Alan tells him that he will be damned if he stands back and allows Jonathan to destroy his family.

An anxious Beth runs to Company and tells Coop that Lizzie tried to hurt herself. She cries and tells him that Lizzie climbed onto the roof of the hospital. Ava pours her a glass of water and Beth tells him that Gus saved her. Coop, very tenderly, asks where Lizzie is now and she tells him that she is at the Beacon. Meanwhile, at the Beacon, Lizzie rubs off her makeup and messes her hair. Beth suddenly tells Coop that it isn’t his problem and she walks away. Coop asks Ava when this stuff will end and she tells him to go to Lizzie. After he leaves, Beth looks at Ava, who has her back turned to her, and makes the okay sign.

At their house, Jonathan and Tammy kiss. He tells her that nothing exists outside their house. She says, “Even your baby”? He tells her that she is enough for him and they can stay there for the rest of their lives. As he kisses her, he attempts to hide the papers drawn up by Alan. Tammy stops him and asks him if this is where he wants to live the rest of their lives. He makes her look around and take in the ambience of the house and surroundings. He tells her the house is theirs and they will be away from the crap. Tammy sees some dolphins and she runs to look at them outside. Jonathan picks up Alan’s papers and hears Alan’s voice saying, “All you have to do is sign away all rights to Elizabeth’s baby”.

Jonathan phones Billy, who is at a restaurant, and tells him that he is away and sorting things out. Jonathan asks where Reva is and Billy tells him about the surgery and that Reva is worried about him. Billy tells him the baby is one of the reasons she is going on.

Billy visits Josh at the cabin. Josh tells him that Alan paid a visit about Jonathan and he needs Billy to get a message to Reva. Josh asks if Reva is in Minnesota and Billy clams up. He tells Billy that he is a liar and Billy says nothing. Josh looks very concerned and asks Billy what is going on in his marriage. Billy tells him that Reva is doing what is right, right now and to just believe in her. Josh tells him that he wants Reva by his side and that Billy knows what Reva is struggling with. He yells at Billy and tells him that if he had stayed out of this, Reva would have turned to him. Billy tells him Reva can be hard sometimes. Josh says, “You say that like Reva has forced you to be in this”. Billy tells him that he didn’t have a choice and that Reva needs Josh.

Coop visits Lizzie at the Beacon and tells her that he knows what happened. Lizzie tells him that she is really lonely and what she did, she had no choice. Coop tells her that she isn’t alone and that she promised him that she would take care of herself and the baby. Suddenly, Alan walks in and says, “I assume Elizabeth has told you about her ordeal on the hospital roof”? He goes on and says, “It was an ordeal until we found out the truth”. Coop says, “The truth”? Lizzie tries to get Coop to leave and Alan says, “Elizabeth did tell you the real story; Elizabeth’s ordeal was all an act. She did it all for you”. Coop stares at her in disbelief and she just shakes her head. Lizzie tells Coop not to believe anything Alan says, but Alan tells Coop that Lizzie faked an accident thinking that he (Coop) would come and rescue her. Coop tells her that is sick to use the baby and that he is done caring. Lizzie tells him that Jenna still can be his. Coop says, “Goodbye”. Lizzie begs him to come back, but Coop leaves. Alan tells her it is better this way. Lizzie screams at Alan and says, “How could you do this to me”? Alan says, “How could you do this to your baby”? Lizzie looks horrified.

Back at their house, Tammy tells Jonathan all about the dolphins. She says that she could be happy here and they kiss. Suddenly, she finds Alan’s papers and realizes the house belongs to Alan. She reads it and also realizes he signed a contract giving up the baby. Jonathan says, “For us”. Tammy tells him that she doesn’t want him to do this. She reads the part about giving up parental rights and he tells her that he made sure Reva has rights. He explains that now they have a life together with no hassles away from Springfield. Tammy tells him that she wants to be with him, have a baby of their own, but if he gives up the child, he will regret it. Jonathan says that he if he was giving something up, he would feel it. Suddenly, the phone rings and it is Coop asking Jonathan if he cares about what is going on right now. Jonathan says, “What, what’s going on with the baby, what happened”? Lizzie watches as genuine concern spreads over Jonathan’s face. Jonathan listens as Coop explains about how Lizzie was pretending to jump and almost fell. Jonathan tells him that it isn’t his problem and Coop tells him the baby is his and it is time for him (Jonathan) to step up. Jonathan tells him to back off and Coop tells him to be a man. Outside Company, Ava listens to the conversation and asks why Coop did that. He tells her that the little baby deserves a father and he (Coop) cannot take care of the baby for she (Ava) is his prime focus. Back at their house, Tammy tells Jonathan that he does care about the baby. He tells her that she is what he wants and she tells him he has her, but don’t make a deal with the devil for he has a choice and can choose the baby.

Colin takes Reva to a meeting and she tells him that if she shares this with a lot of people, it becomes more real. There are three ladies seated at a table and they welcome Reva. Reva sits down with them and asks how “this” works. One lady tells her they do anything they want and ask her if she deals. Reva starts to explain how she is dealing with the cancer and they tell her they meant dealing cards. Reva laughs, picks up the deck and says, “I’m in”. They play cards and talk about buying wigs. They laugh and Reva ends up winning the game. Suddenly, she starts to cry and tells the ladies that she didn’t want to be there and think of herself this way. They allow her to talk and Reva talks about working really hard to do all of it on her own, but she is lonely. They all laugh about having Colin as a doctor. Reva thanks them for making room for her and making her realize how she needs to fight to get home to Josh.

At the Bauer’s house, Alan asks what Lizzie is doing. She shows him a pie that she baked and will prove that she is domestic and maternal. Alan tells her that Coop isn’t coming back and it is over. Lizzie refuses to believe this. Alan tells her that she is a Spaulding and needs to think about the baby’s future before it is too late. Lizzie finally breaks down and weeps in Alan’s arms.

Back at the cabin, Josh tells Billy that he and Reva just found each other again, but she chose him (Billy). Billy tells him that what Reva needs right now is to take things day-by-day. Josh tells him good luck with that and adds, “Brother, don’t get too comfortable for one day this phase for her will be over and she will dump on you like she has dumped on me; you will not see it coming”. Billy stares at him and Josh adds, “So, you get back to me when that happens, okay, and we will talk about it. After you figure out you love her more than life itself, and that no matter how long you try, you will not be able to get inside her head for she will not let you do that”. Billy walks out the door without saying a word and Josh slams the door behind him. Billy stops in the hallway and lets out a huge sigh. Back inside, Josh picks up the phone, scrolls down to Reva’s number and stops.

Back at the cancer center, Reva thanks Colin for taking her to the group. Colin makes a joke that time has stopped for she has admitted her doctor knows what is best. Reva tells him that to admit that, he must live up to his bargain and tells him to drop “them”. Colin is mortified and says no. She begs him to take it off and Colin is shocked. He goes to another room and Reva taunts him. Later, he emerges, naked all but his socks. She tells him to take his time and to “Go on”. She makes him go to the hallway, naked, and yells, “Dr. McCabe is in the hallway, come on out people”. She cracks up laughing. Later, Colin tells Reva that she is crazy. He hurriedly leaves the room for Reva’s results, looks them over and says,” It says that, things look promising; very promising”. Reva giggles like a school girl.

At the cabin, Cassie visits Josh and tells him that Time Magazine wants an interview next week. Josh makes no comment. He tells her that he has a phone number for Reva, but he is done chasing her. Cassie cannot believe this. Josh tells her that he cannot bring Reva home against her will and that Reva is on her own. Cassie shakes her head in disbelief.

Back outside Company, Coop tells Ava there is no more baby and will be only them. Ava laughs and asks him if he is scared and Coop hugs her. Back at the Bauer’s, Alan walks with Lizzie and tells her that her family have her best interests at heart. Lizzie becomes irate and tells him to leave her alone.

Back at their house, Jonathan tells Tammy that no matter what Lizzie does, he knows what he wants and no one can guilt him; even Reva. He holds up Alan’s papers and tells her this is their future. Tammy says, “You really believe this”? She tells him she isn’t going to hide on the island and he says she is right. His phone rings, it is Alan, and he tells Tammy he never heard of him. He doesn’t answer the phone and they leave.

At the Bauer’s, Alan makes a phone call and tells says, “Yes, have my jet prepared; it looks like I’m going to have to go back to St. Gabriel to make sure that Jonathan is towing the line”.

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