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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/30/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

In her Minnesota hospital room, Reva wakes from surgery and insists on calling Joshua. Dr. M doesn’t allow it, reminding her that she’s just gotten out of surgery. Reva tells him about her dream and says she really needs to speak with Josh right now. She’s afraid she won’t recover. Dr. M asks her to wait.

Outside of Company, Cassie runs into Josh and wants to know if Reva’s checked in yet. Josh says she hasn’t with him. Josh needs to talk to Cassie about the project. He says it might be easier for him to be in Tulsa managing the project. Cassie seems jarred by this news.

Inside Company, Tammy is reading a note sent by Jonathan. Remy wants to know what it says. Tammy is relieved that its not a goodbye letter, Remy seems perturbed that it isn’t. Tammy tells Remy that Jonathan says he needed time to gather himself but has left a ticket at the airport for Tammy to come and meet him. Remy can’t believe she’s going. Tammy knows what she’s doing and where she’s going. Cassie walks in and overhears her and asks where she’s going. Tammy says she’s meeting Jonathan so they can work some things out. Tammy leaves to meet Jonathan.

At a beach house, Jonathan paces, with his cell phone in hand. Alan comes through the door. He asks Alan where he’s been and what took so long. Alan asks if he missed him, Jonathan cracks that he won’t miss when he takes a swing at him. Alan thought a few days in paradise would have mellowed him, but he see it didn’t. Jonathan is agitated and wants to know where Tammy is. Alan assures him Tammy will be there soon, all he has to do is sign away his rights to his baby with Lizzie.

A top the Cedars rooftop, Lizzie is assuring baby Jenna she won’t hurt her as she straps the safety harness around her waist. She tells her baby she’s doing this to get “daddy Henry’s” attention.

At Cedars, Gus pulls out a slip of paper that shows where the narcotics anonymous meeting is. Just then a nurse comes and tells him there is someone out on the roof, planning to jump. He tells her to call 911, and gives her other instructions.

Outside of Company, Frank greets Harley. Franks points out that Gus has finished putting together Jude’s present. Harley is surprised because Gus doesn’t like doing things like that. Frank tells Harley that Gus is working hard to piece his life together and she’s surprised to see he’s defending her husband. Harley thinks being with Olivia has made him more flexible. Harley asks how they are doing as a couple, Frank says he’s hanging in there, they have ups and downs. Harley says Olivia’s lucky to have him. She then says she misses Gus and wants to believe he’s clean and will stay that way because she needs him. Frank says she could give him another chance. Harley is afraid she’ll be making a mistake again. Franks phone rings. He learns of the jumper at Cedars and they both leave. Harley comes with him she hears Gus called it in.

On top of Cedars, Lizzie climbs out onto the scaffolding assuring baby Jenna that Coop is going to come running to save them. She stands and then the scaffolding breaks, pulling away from the building and miraculously the rope wraps itself around her ankles. Lizzie is trapped and scared and screaming. She hears someone call out to her, its Gus. Lizzie is relieved to hear that Gus is there. She tells him she didn’t mean to do this. Gus calms Lizzie down and approaches her, gaining her confidence and calming her when the scaffolding fails further. Lizzie says she’s having a pain and that something’s wrong with the baby.

At the beach house, Alan assures Jonathan that Tammy is on her way and reminds him that he has to sign the contract and he’ll leave them alone. Jonathan wants to know what he did to get Tammy to come. Alan says he didn’t do anything, he says that Jonathan did it all, sent Tammy a plane ticket and a heartfelt text message asking her to come to him. Alan tells Jonathan to read the contract; Jonathan says he knows there’d be a catch. Alan assures him its nothing he can’t live with. He says the contract will make him set for life. Alan will deposit money into an account for him every week, Billy will take care of the bar, and he and Tammy can live there in paradise forever, all he has to do is sign away the baby.

On the rooftop at Cedars, Lizzie says the pain is better. Gus assures her nothing is going to happen. He asks Lizzie how she got into that mess. Lizzie explains that she was never going to jump, she just wanted to get Coop’s attention, she thought as soon as Coop heard he’d come running. She asks Gus how she’ll get past the pain of losing Coop, she’s hurting. Gus says he’ understands, and tells her she’s not alone. She says she’s lost almost everything.

At Company, Cassie asks Josh if she should be worried about Tammy. Josh is distracted and says no more than usual. Cassie wants to know what she’ll do without his advice if he goes to Tulsa. Josh asks her if she’s ok with his leaving and Cassie looks ambivalent and says she’s not ok with it and embraces him and says she would hate it. He’s the best part of her day she needs him. Then Josh startles Cassie out of her daydream. He tells her not to worry about Tammy, she’s following her heart and she’ll be fine. Cassie tells him to follow his heart and go manage the project from Tulsa. She tells him it’s a good idea with Reva away. She says she’ll miss him. Josh leaves and Cassie looks defeated.

In Minnesota, Reva wants the phone. Collin says no. Reva thinks that he believes that if she calls her family and something goes wrong, Collin thinks she’ll sue. Collin reminds her that he wanted her to tell her family all along. He tells her that it’s a spur of the moment decision, and he thinks she isn’t prepared for what’s next. Josh will jump on a plane to be with her, and he’ll be there comforting her day and night. (Like there’s something wrong with that.) Reva looks like she agrees with Dr. Collin. Collin goes on and says for most people that would be a good thing, but asks what she thinks. Reva takes the phone, starts to dial and tells the person on the other end of the phone she needs them. It’s Billy who wants to know how things went. Reva tells him she’s ok but needs his help. Billy says he’ll do whatever she needs.

At the beach house, Jonathan looks over the contract he adds one condition, that Reva gets to see her grandkid. He tells himself that he’ll get his life back and Reva will get to see her grandchild, everyone’s happy. He signs the papers and Tammy is at the door. They look at each other longingly. He can’t believe she came, she says she had to because he asked her to.

Atop Cedars, Lizzie is being talked in by Gus as she screams and caterwauls. Harley tries to assist Gus but Frank pulls her back saying Gus has to stay focused. Harley remembering her police training agrees. Frank leaves to make phone calls, and Harley watches Gus. Lizzie hears the sirens and worries that the news will get a hold of the story and make her into “crazy Lizzie” again. Everyone will know what a mess she is, she begins to panic and the scaffolding breaks a little more. Gus tells her to calm down.

At the Cross Creek Cabin, Billy asks what Reva needs. She wants Billy to keep an eye on Josh; she wants his focus on the project. If he asks about her, change the subject, Billy tells her he’ll try. He calls out Reva’s name in time for Josh who is walking through the door to hear it. He wants to know why Billy is talking to Reva; Billy says it’s not what he thinks. Josh says explain it to him. Then Josh tells him not to say anything he’s tired of Reva’s excuses. Billy wants to know if he’s mad or worried. He tells Josh when Reva gets back everything will be fine. Josh reveals he’s going to Tulsa until the project is finished. Billy doesn’t want him to go, and says when Reva’s back from Minnesota visiting her friend everything will be back to normal. Josh is taken aback, and says “friend?” Billy wants him to stay and let Reva make things better when he comes back. Josh won’t wait for Reva he’s leaving, he has to pack.

In Minnesota, Collin takes Reva to the atrium in her wheel chair. She’s happy and thanks him. Reva wants to know why he’s out with a bald headed woman on a beautiful day. He says he likes the outdoors but it’s private and quiet there and like the outdoors. Reva begins to talk to him about how detached he seems from his patients and points out that he spends all his time trying to fight to save them. She doesn’t get it she wants to know how he got there. He says he got there because of someone like her.

At the beach house, Tammy is checking out the house, Jonathan boosts that it has a view of the water from every room. Tammy wants to know who owns the house. Jon acts as if he doesn’t’ hear her at first, she then asks why he left without telling her and asks if he thought she was leaving him when she asked for time to deal with the “Lizzie” situation and she wants to know if he came to a decision about the baby. Jonathan evades her and asks if she came to be with him, and tells her he came there to clear his mind and that he also needed time to think about how he could get her back. He insists that Tammy has to be in his life and nothing else matters. She reminds him of the baby and he says he wants a life with her. He wants to know if Tammy forgives him, Tammy says they have to fix “this” and Jonathan says he confessed to being the father of Lizzie’s baby and everyone knows it was what Reva wanted. He just wants Tammy, Tammy embraces him.

On top of Cedars, Gus tells Lizzie everything is going to be alright but she doesn’t believe him. Gus tells her the emergency crew below is just doing their job. He tries to free Lizzie from the rope and talks to her. Gus talks to Lizzie about love and getting over the pain of a broken heart. Gus tells her to breathe and make it to the next moment. Think about the people who love and need her and breathe, it will take her from moment to moment, he reminds her of the baby and how it’ll need her. Harley is touched as she watches and listens. Lizzie says she’s a disaster and will probably be a terrible mother. Gus tells her he believes in her and Lizzie smiles. Gus eventually frees Lizzie.

At the beach house, Jonathan and Tammy kiss like lovers who have been separated for some time. They tell each other how much they’ve missed each other. Tammy is distracted and wants to know whose house it is. Jonathan says it’s theirs, Tammy wants to know how when they could hardly pay for their room at the Beacon. He tells her he mortgaged the bar and they can stay as long as they want. Tammy says they can’t. She reminds him that she didn’t have a father until Cassie married Richard and says his baby needs him. Jonathan says what about him and his needs? He asks Tammy if she wants him tied to Lizzie and the crazy Spaulding’s forever. She says there’s nothing he can do about that now, she thinking about what’s best for the baby in the long run for him and the baby. She says that’s why she took Lizzie to the hospital. Jonathan is alarmed when he hears this and asks if they are ok. Tammy says she’s sure now that he cares about his daughter. She tells him everything is fine with Lizzie and the baby.

At Cedars, Beth arrives and wants to know what happened. Lizzie says it was stupid but she won’t do anything like that again and begs them (Frank, Gus, and Beth) not to tell Coop. Frank is angry when she learns she did it for Coop. Gus takes up for Lizzie. Lizzie says the baby kicked when she was out on the ledge. Frank wants Lizzie to know that her stunt wasted manpower and police time and Beth offers to cover the costs by writing a check. Frank lets it go. Gus tells Lizzie that sometimes a person needs another chance. Gus takes his N.A. meeting notification out of his jacket pocket and says “another time” and walks off. Harley sees him.

In Minnesota, Reva tells Collin there’s no one like her. He says that Maggie was a handful and that she was his twin sister and best friend. She died on their twenty fourth birthday. He got the call just after midterms, grad school, chemistry exam. Reva guesses that he wasn’t going to be doctor. Collin says nope, and that he applied the next week. Reva says that he wanted to be an oncologist to help people. He says he wanted revenge against the cancer that took his sister. He sees an opportunity when sick people come to him, for battle, maybe this time he’ll win. Reva says he’s not as cold as he wants people to believe he is. He says she’s not as tough as she wants people to believe she is what’s her point? She says her point is she doesn’t want to die. He says good because he’s not going to let her.

At Gus and Harleys’ house, Gus straps on a tool belt and begins working. Harley comes in and he stops.

At the beach house, Jonathan says he made a big mistake and so did Lizzie but he wants the baby to be ok. Tammy agrees and says she would never make him choose between her and the baby. Jonathan wants to talk it over later. He just wants to be with Tammy now, because they’ve been apart for awhile and now they are there alone. They proclaim their love for each other and kiss, beginning to make love. The camera pans to the custody agreement partially underneath a pillow.

At Cedars, Alan rushes in panicked. He wants to know if the baby is ok, Beth says she is. Lizzie apologizes. Beth says they are waiting for Lizzie to be examined and that Frank Cooper insisted on a psych evaluation as well. This makes Alan angry but Lizzie says she wants to do anything it will take to assure her daughter will have a good life. She says when she thought she’d die the baby kicked and it changed everything in her and she understands now that the baby is real. Alan looks frightened for Lizzie. A nurse comes in and needs to examine Lizzie. Alan and Beth step into the hall as Lizzie says she will not do anything like that again.

Outside in the hall, Alan wants to know how “this” happen and says that Lizzie put the baby’s life on the line. Beth reminds him that both of their lives were on the line. She’s glad they are both ok. Alan is afraid Lizzie will do it again, Beth says there won’t be a next time and Lizzie isn’t up to being a mother. Alan agrees saying she’s a child herself. Alan says he talked to Jonathan and he’s sure he’ll sign the baby away. Beth says it’s what they all want.

At Gus and Harley’s shell home, Gus and Harley talk. He tells her he’s clean and she says she can tell. She tells him she broke into his hotel room; Gus says the blowup doll is for the carpool lane. She says she knows. Gus welcomes Harley home.

In Minnesota, Reva tells Collin his secret is out, she’s a battleground against cancer. He asks if she thought she was special. She says she was hoping and she’s not letting go. She thanks him.

Cassie comes to Cross Creek. Josh wants to know what Reva’s message was to Cassie before she left town. Cassie says she told her she’s working on a story for WSPR. Josh says Billy knows more than he’s letting on, that he said Reva’s gone to visit a friend. Josh says he thinks both of them are lying. He knows Reva is hiding something.

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