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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/29/06

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Written By Siri

At Cedars, Lizzie gets ready to be discharged. Alan comes in and asks how the baby is and Lizzie tells him that the baby told her that Coop still loves her. Alan tells her that she needs to forget about Coop, but Lizzie protests that. Alan tells her that Jonathan will not make a claim on the baby and will never bother her again. Lizzie asks him just exactly what he did and adds that she knows Alan will help her get Coop back, too. Alan looks less than thrilled. Lizzie leaves and suddenly, Ashley walks up to her. She tells Lizzie that she is sorry the wedding was botched and that she heard that Jonathan is the baby’s daddy. Lizzie validates this and Ashley is grossed out. Lizzie tells her that she doesn’t want Jonathan and that if she wants him to go find him. Ashley is elated and tells Lizzie that she will always be there for her. Ashley makes a phone call.

At the cabin, Tammy tells Josh that she needs to talk to Reva because Jonathan left. Josh says, “Funny thing, she’s gone, too”. She asks where she went and he tells her Minnesota and went by herself. He asks why Jonathan left and Tammy said because she needed to think. Tammy obviously wants to discuss Jonathan and Josh is preoccupied with the project. He tells her that Reva didn’t tell him anything. Josh tells her that she (Tammy) is proud of Jonathan right now. She tells Josh about Lizzie almost miscarrying. Tammy talks about hearing the baby’s heartbeat and Josh tells her that Jonathan is lucky to have her (Tammy). Tammy tells him, after she looks at his sad face, that Reva will be back soon.

At the cancer center, Colin prepares to perform surgery on Reva. Before she is put under the anesthetic, she tells him that if there is a problem.....then Colin interrupts and tells the anesthesiologist to put her out. Colin begins the surgery and Reva, under the anesthetic, talks to Josh. She tells him there is something he should know and hopes he will forgive her if she doesn’t…..she pauses and Josh says, “In case you don’t what”? She suddenly hears the heartbeat monitor and Colin continues with the surgery. One of the nurses asks Colin how long he will be staying and he tells her until Mrs. Lewis recovers. The staff looks at each other without saying anything, and Colin says, “She WILL recover”. Reva tells Josh that she will recover and Josh asks from what. She finally tells him that she found a lump in her breast that was cancer, had a lumpectomy and chemo and knew this since she came back from Paris. Josh is shocked and has to sit down. He says, “And, you didn’t tell me”? Reva explains that she was going to beat this on her own and not interfere with the Veteran’s Project. Josh stares at her and says, “You didn’t tell me? What if those last few months that we weren’t together ended up the last months that we have”? Reva tells him that Dr. McCabe gave her a clean bill of health and that the cancer is gone. She grabs and hugs him and tells him she is free and they have all the time in the world. Josh suddenly breaks from her embrace and says, “No, I’m sorry, Reva, I’m sorry. Too little too late”. Reva grabs her head in horror as she hears the monitors grow louder and louder.

Back at the cabin, Josh is talking to someone who obviously tells him to forget the “Fountain of Remembrance” for the Veterans. He tries to explain this is Reva’s idea and that she wanted the names of heroes at the front of the hospital. Josh looks at a picture of Reva and turns it face down. He hangs up the phone after telling the caller that Reva is unavailable. Josh picks up a bat and swings it, crashing Reva’s picture across the room. Josh picks up Reva’s picture from the broken frame and says, “When are you coming back, Reva”? Reva hears the monitors and tells Josh they just got back together. Josh tells her they barely see each other and asks her did she think he would just wait. He gets angry and tells her that this is the way it has been most of their lives with her in one place and him and the kids in another. He screams at her and tells her that he sees her now in an entirely different way. Colin’s voice breaks through and says, “Hold on, Reva, just a little bit longer”. Reva tells Josh to hold on and Josh asks her does she really want him to place his life on hold. He tells her that life has a way to move on without Reva Shayne. Reva hears the monitors, looks at a picture of their wedding, and tells him that she didn’t want to be his sick wife. He tells her that sick wife is a hell of a lot better than no wife at all.

At Company, Harley comes in and finds Ava and Coop kissing. He tells her that things are a little different and hugs her. Buzz comes in and says hello and asks where the boys are. She tells him they are still with Lucy and that she has seen Gus, but is trying to gauge to see if he is ready to see her. Ava and Coop go outside and plan a weekend away. Lizzie walks up and interrupts their happy time together. She tells Coop that Jenna is doing great and that Coop’s visit made her stabilize. Lizzie asks Coop if he would be Jenna’s Godfather. Coop looks at her in amazement as Ava just looks perturbed. She tells him that all he has to do is look after the baby’s best interest. Ava tells them she will go so they can talk. Coop tells her that she has the whole Spaulding family to help her and adds, “I’m not the father”. He tells her that he cannot be anything to her baby. Lizzie tells him that he is leaving her baby and Coop tells her to go home and get some rest. Coop adds that he doesn’t want anything to happen to her or the baby and makes her promise to go home and rest. He walks away and Lizzie picks up the phone and calls Ashley. “Ashley, if you are my friend, you will do exactly what I say”, Lizzie says sternly.

At the site of the construction, Gus is throwing things and yelling. Rick lurks by out of site and listens as well as watches as Gus throws a tantrum. Frank walks up and tells Gus, “Hey, I found it”. Gus asks where he found it and Gus is amazed. Gus tells him that he is genetically incapable of putting anything together and Frank tells him that he will help put Jude’s bike together. Frank tells him that he is proud of Gus getting off the pills and Gus tells him that he wants his badge back. Frank just looks at him.

At Gus’s apartment, Buzz takes Harley in and she finds his room in shambles. Buzz is appalled and she squeals, “Don’t you get it? He’s going to be okay”. She finds Chinese take-out containers that Gus rinsed out, clean underwear, and other items. She picks them up and is so happy. Buzz finds a toupee’ and is grossed out. Harley tells him that is from his first “collar”. She is amazed there are no ashtrays and is so excited. But, when she opens the door to the bathroom, she finds a bottle of blue pills. Buzz tells her that he is sorry and Harley says, “It’s full”. She tells Buzz that Gus has a full bottle to keep in plain view to kick the habit.

At Cedar’s Tammy asks Alan about Lizzie. He tells her Lizzie is okay and that he didn’t mean to be hard on her (Tammy) the other day. Alan tells her that Jonathan didn’t do anything wrong and he would hate to see her walk away from Jonathan. Alan tells her that he doesn’t want any complications to surround Lizzie and the baby. He adds, “From what I’ve seen, Jonathan will give up everything for you”.

Back at Company, Harley is still excited about Gus’s progress. Buzz tells her not to get her hopes up too high. She tells him it is time now to go to the source (Gus). She picks up the phone. Back at the construction site, Gus and Frank work on the bike. He tells Frank that he will stay with the program. Suddenly, his phone rings and Gus says with surprise, “It’s Harley”. Frank tells him to answer it, he says, hi……and, back at Company, Rick grabs the phone from Harley. Gus tells Frank that Harley hung up after she said, “Gus, hi”. Gus is very disappointed. Rick tells Harley that he is sorry, but that he saw Gus acting like a maniac at the construction site. He says that there is no way he will allow Jude to share a home with an unstable man. Harley is indignant. Rick goes on to explain that he cannot forget this and that if she were honest with herself, she wouldn’t allow her children around Gus.

Back at the cancer center, Reva’s surgery continues. Colin says, “All the affected nodes have been removed. You can bring her out”. Reva tells Josh, “Bring me out. Wake me up, for this isn’t real, Joshua”. She tells him that she has cancer and now he is moving on and walking away. She asks him who he is. Josh grabs her and tells her that she never really knew him and if she did, she would have let him help; not shut him out. She turns around and tells him that she didn’t want him to worry about her and to come back to him whole. Josh looks like he will cry and tells her no. She sees lights and suddenly, Joshua is gone. Reva wakes up from the surgery and Colin tells her, “Welcome back. I should say you really did a good job, but you really should be saying that to me”.

At Cedars, Tammy tells Remy that Jonathon packed up and left. He says that sounds about right, but is sorry. He tells her that he has a sympathetic face and makes her laugh with a silly smile. He asks her to go with him to the Bauer Bar B Q. Suddenly, she receives a text-message from Jonathan.

On the roof of Cedars, Ashley runs up and finds Lizzie. The construction worker leaves and Lizzie tells her thank you for coming. Lizzie tells her that she wanted to share the view from the roof with her before sharing with Henry. Ashley asks how much will it cost her and Lizzie tells her she just wants Coop to see a note for Coop will come after he reads it. Ashley takes the note and tells Lizzie to be careful at the edge for it is a long way down. Lizzie sighs and says, “Tell me about it”.

Outside Company, Gus brings Jude’s bike, all ready. He watches through a window as Rick and Harley talk. Rick tells Harley that it will be a long time before Gus is in any shape to be around the boys. Harley says that she will decide that. Rick says, “NO you’re not and if you are thinking about bringing them back, Harley, I will take you to court. I will do anything to keep him away from our son”. Gus continues to watch the two and Harley just stands there with her mouth open. She tells him that he wouldn’t take Jude away from her and Rick says that he doesn’t trust Gus. He adds that he will take her to court if he has to. Gus finally walks away. Harley tells Rick to go right ahead for they will win. She walks outside and finds the bike Gus dropped off, but she doesn’t see Gus. .

At the cancer center, Reva starts to recover from the anesthetic. Colin tells her the surgery went well. Suddenly, Reva says she needs a phone to call Joshua. Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Josh is making arrangements for the jet and a hotel room for as long as the project will take. He says, “I will stay for as long as the project takes onsite in Oklahoma. What about Reva? Well, that’s a hell of a good question”.

Back inside Company, Coop tells Ava that he refused to be the Godfather of the baby. Ashley walks in and hears Ava say that Jonathan is gone. Ashley suddenly tears up the note and says, “Jonathan is gone”?

On the roof, Lizzie places a belt around her waist and says, “Don’t worry baby, Jenna, mommy wouldn’t dream of hurting you. We just need to remind daddy Henry of how much we mean to him”. Lizzie views the site below.

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